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(Pravda)   The Pope and the communists   ( divider line
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2488 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Aug 2002 at 2:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-31 02:44:35 PM  
Pope sleepy.
2002-08-31 02:45:52 PM  
pope on a rope
2002-08-31 02:46:59 PM  
Pope, can you get your hand out of my crotch? thanks a bunch
2002-08-31 02:48:11 PM  
Does the Pope shiat in the woods?
2002-08-31 02:50:48 PM  
I believe the Pope is dead, the Vatican is just doing a Weeked at Bernie's bit. How long till he starts drooling all over himself?

/going to hell
2002-08-31 02:51:49 PM  
The Pope and the communists

... This Fall on the WB!
2002-08-31 02:51:55 PM  
I wish the pope had magical powers. I would be at confession more.
2002-08-31 02:54:51 PM  
Pope angry! Pope smash! He's a cool geezer though.
2002-08-31 03:02:01 PM  
You da pope!
2002-08-31 03:04:39 PM  
Does the pope crap in the woods?
2002-08-31 03:12:09 PM  
Judging by that photo of him he's long since lost any control over where and when he craps.
2002-08-31 03:13:36 PM  
Wow, Super Pope!
2002-08-31 03:20:10 PM  
this guise been dead since 'magnet and steel".. something is rotten in denland or polmark..
2002-08-31 03:28:08 PM  
Pope soap on a rope
2002-08-31 03:29:35 PM  
Aww, rats. I was hoping this was the title of a new Comic.

"Eat righteous mitre b beams, heathen commie!" BZZZZZT!
2002-08-31 03:35:08 PM  
If you don't follow the pope behind his rope, you then must be communist and be washed with the pope's soap and led by a goat.
2002-08-31 03:44:12 PM  
Wish I was the pope...I'd screw cathlicism up so bad...
2002-08-31 03:47:12 PM  
The pope is a fat whore.
2002-08-31 04:16:37 PM  
id rather be a commie than a pedophile
2002-08-31 04:26:23 PM  
does this article make sense to anyone?
2002-08-31 04:29:06 PM  
I wonder why this document was published just after the head of the Vatican completed his trip to Poland? What could this mean?"

I don't know.

Learn to actually conclude your news stories next time instead of just asking a totally nonsensical question.

Did anyone else notice the numerous different spellins of the Pope's name?
2002-08-31 04:29:42 PM  
Forgot the "g" on spellings. I'm sorry.
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2002-08-31 04:32:41 PM  

that was a pretty bad article. writen by a 12 year old i assume
2002-08-31 04:36:25 PM  
H0w can you read anything that assumes the Pope is an extraordinary person?

"...Pope John Paul II, is, of course, an extraordinary person..."

2002-08-31 04:54:09 PM  
Big Al it sounds fukt because it was taken from pravda... meaning it was in russian. coulda been translated from japanese:
Happy Lucky Pope Fun Dishonors Dirt and Adventurous Communists
2002-08-31 05:29:30 PM  
Okay, so the Vatican has ties to Nazis, the Italian Mafia, American scam artists, child molestors, and now Communists. What's next, al Queda?
2002-08-31 06:39:12 PM  
Hmmm. Yeah, I find it to be very surprising indeed that Soviets would plant spies inside occupied Poland. I find it even more suprising that the Soviets might threaten Priests to spy on their behalf.

Why would they do this? What does it mean?

Pravda... Gimme a damn break.
2002-08-31 07:33:03 PM  
When I was in Catholic school I used to tease the kids who ate the Eucharist. Catholicism teaches that the bread and wine 'transubstantiate' into the actual literal flesh and blood of Jesus. I used to tell the kids that they were hurting Jesus when they chewed on his flesh and then slowly digested it.

I also pointed out that if the blessed wine that was the 'blood of christ' was tested, Jesus would have an amazingly high blood alcohol level.
2002-08-31 10:17:12 PM  
Okay i read that twice and still dont understand it...

*leaves thread very, very confused.*
2002-09-01 12:22:38 AM  
What the hell is this tripe...pravda usually makes SOME sort of sense.

The material in the article must be true though, this agrees with the Southern bomb-throwing, abortion clinic shoting reactionaries has to say.
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