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(SeattlePI)   The best and worst candies rated. The best: Skittles. The worst: coffee-flavored candy. Get your sweet tooth on and argue about it to the right   ( ) divider line
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12793 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jun 2007 at 11:43 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-16 12:45:18 PM  
Red Vines, Heath, Fifth Avenue, midnight milky way,Hersheys Special Dark, dark chocolate Almond Joy
2007-06-16 12:46:58 PM  
Black liquorice rules. Fark all you haters.
2007-06-16 12:48:43 PM  
Skittles? Really? Jesus. I hate skittles.

Smarties (pops) are pretty cool, but I used to be able to this stuff loose, called winter candy or something similar, very English thing, basically boiled sweets flavoured with spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and the like. Gods that stuff was good.

I tend to like Brit candy, but Americans do stuff with cinnamon which the Brits don't tend to, which is weird 'cos it's lovely. Big Red rules!
2007-06-16 12:48:46 PM

One, please.
2007-06-16 12:51:16 PM  

Objection your honor; beer is not a candy but a food and therefore a necessity.

But this begs a question. Has anyone ever had meat cake?
2007-06-16 12:51:52 PM  
Rolo, Rolo & more Rolo

MMMMMM, chewy caramel in milk chocolate!!
2007-06-16 12:51:56 PM  
The new 3 Musketeers Mint bars are great.

It's like a mellow version of a York patty.
2007-06-16 12:51:57 PM

The best there is, was or ever will be. At least for candy bars. Chocolate Charleston Chew is a close second.

The best candy? I'd have to go with Starburst or Riesen chocolates.
2007-06-16 12:52:50 PM  
Dark chocolate truffles are awesome.
2007-06-16 12:52:59 PM  
Me likey the coconut.

Funny, it just so happens that I'm eating some of these right now that I stole from my son (they're maybe #10 in my top 10 list):
2007-06-16 12:53:41 PM

/Suck it America
//Caramilk is my fav though
2007-06-16 12:55:14 PM  
The best? Warheads. No question.
2007-06-16 12:55:17 PM  
If you mix a bag of Skittles with M&Ms, you get S&Ms.
2007-06-16 12:56:26 PM  
Popcorn Jelly Bellies are meant to be taken with Blueberry to have a combined flavour of Blueberry muffin. (It's quite good)

The list is missing Harry Potter jelly beans. I mean, would it kill them include a normal flavour? Earwax, Booger, Bacon, Black Pepper, Vomit, Dirt, Soap, Rotten Egg, Grass and Earthworm? YUM YUM.. you piece of SHIAT!

Other than what has been mentioned as far as 'good' is concerned.

Cookies n Cream Hershey Bar
Ruffles (any flavour)
Kit-Kat Chunky - MOST UNDERRATED CANDY BAR EVER. It was the Vanilla Coke of candy bars.

Aero Chunky : You feel like a woman while eating it. This was why all the Aero commercials had women, and Kit-Kat had guys.

Most Overrated: Bounty. It's just coconut people. Not that amazing
2007-06-16 12:58:07 PM

That's how I roll. Up in yo FACE with the duds.
2007-06-16 12:59:27 PM  
The best! I buy a bag for myself every Halloween...

The worst: I get my Mom these every Xmas cuz she loves them... Licorice All Sorts. Ugh.
2007-06-16 01:00:07 PM  

You ever go to the movies with a wrist-rocket and some milk-duds for target practice?
2007-06-16 01:01:46 PM  
My list of favorites:

2:Gummi Worms
6:Big League Chew
7:Shock Tarts
8:Rum Cordials
9:Cadbury eggs
10:Hershey's Kisses

....and my puke list:

1:Twizzler's Pull-N-Peel
2:Circus Peanuts
3:Those little chalky mint thingies that people usually have in bowls at wedding receptions or on the way out of a chinese restaurant
4:cotton candy in a bag
5:Those Disney choco-balls from the 90's that had other candy and toys and crap inside all of the packaging
6:White chocolate
9:M&Ms with peanut butter
10:Candy Corn
2007-06-16 01:02:28 PM  
It's not news, it's...

/Starburst FTW
2007-06-16 01:02:57 PM  
CaptainBeer SACRILEGE! The duds are for eating! *ahem* sorry - no, I've never done that. I like them too much, and not living anywhere you can buy them, I savour each one like a caramel-filled hug from a chocolatey Jesus.
2007-06-16 01:04:11 PM  
TOBLERONE I prefer the milk chocolate w/ honey and almond nougat variation
2007-06-16 01:05:32 PM  
Oh, and I also love:

Any gummies from Haribo
Any liquorice (black or red, equal opportunities etc.)
Anything sour (not bleach, though - tried, never again)
Any non-coconutty Cadbury's chocolate (fark hershey's right in the ear 'til it comes out the other side - cheap ass waxy tasteless bullshiat)
Most Kinder stuff
2007-06-16 01:06:31 PM  

When I was younger I was all about eating the red ones last. That, and I'd crush the yellow smartie so it was missing a 'slice' (1/6), then it would be Pac-Man eating all the other Smarties -- vicariously through me.
2007-06-16 01:06:34 PM  
I've been trying to find some salt water taffy for a bit. Its one of those things I only eat occasionally. Also does anyone have any recs for Japanese candy?
2007-06-16 01:07:48 PM  

Nothing I love better than Junior Mints.

Any thoughts on Andes mints? I think the Andes chocolate is better than that of the Junior Mints.
2007-06-16 01:09:11 PM  


1:Twizzler's Pull-N-Peel

Explain. (I like pullnpeel personally)
2007-06-16 01:11:15 PM  
Chocolate covered bacon
2007-06-16 01:13:36 PM  

Good call on Toblerone. That stuff is highly addictive and too farking delicious for words. A touch on the spendy side of the candy scale, but delicious none the less.
2007-06-16 01:14:37 PM  
Captain Hollywood Explain. (I like pullnpeel personally)

It's not so much the concept as the flavors they used, plus I thought the texture was just too chewy.
2007-06-16 01:18:28 PM  
Bottle Caps.
2007-06-16 01:19:25 PM  

Best fruit taffy candy: Original Starburst
Best chewy candy: Gummi Bears
Best hard candy: Original Spree
Best mints: Wintergreen Life Savers
Best chocolate/peanut combo: Reese's cups
Best chocolate/hazelnut combo: Mars Galaxy w/ hazelnuts
Best chocolate w/ mint combo: Nestle Aero bar (mint flavor)
Best novelty candy: Ring pops
Best pop/w candy center: Cherry Blowpops
Best classic candy: Tootsie Roll
Best holiday candy: Conversation hearts
Best candy overall: Take 5 bar


Worst taffy candy: Laffy Taffy
Worst chewy candy: Chewy Spree
Worst hard candy: Butterscotch candy
Worst mints: Ice breakers
Worst chocolate with peanut combo: PB Twix
Worst chocolate with hazelnut combo:unknown
Worst chocolate with mint combo: Andes
Worst novelty candy: Baby bottle pops
Worst pop with candy center: Jolly Rancher chew lollipops
Worst classic candy: Squirrel nut zippers
Worst Holiday candy: Cinnamon imperial hearts candy
Worst candy overall: Warheads

/put a lot of thought into that
//no one will read it anyway
2007-06-16 01:19:47 PM  
DUDE!! Pocky! (that technically counts as candy)

Or Almond Roca. That stuff's awesome.

Oh, and candy corn is good any time of year.

Worst candy: licorice sticks and circus peanuts.
2007-06-16 01:19:56 PM  
IMLifelike I couldn't find any skittle-toilet-Nascar on Youtube. I think the door is wide open for this new sport of yours, sir.
2007-06-16 01:20:10 PM  
I am a frozen Milky Way bar, and I'm getting a kick out of these posts.......

//Really, frozen MW kicks most other candy's asses...
//But not the "dark" one, that's altering perfection...
2007-06-16 01:24:20 PM  
Frozen haribos are the shiat on a warm day.
2007-06-16 01:25:00 PM  
Fun Dumpster a little spendy

yes, I buy the tubes of six and attempt to ration them, I play a game of hide and seek with my daughter or they dissappear!
2007-06-16 01:25:01 PM  
Almost forgot to include Creme Savers and DOTS.
2007-06-16 01:25:37 PM  
WTF ever happened to the Bar None? I live about 15 minutes from Hershey and haven't seen one in yeras. Those things were the shiz-nit.
2007-06-16 01:26:04 PM
Abba Zabba, you my only friend.

CaptainBeer: Objection your honor; beer is not a candy but a food and therefore a necessity.

www.mycarlislefun.comtastes like candy. (Delicious, try it if you've never had it.)
2007-06-16 01:32:50 PM  
Junior Mints, Milky Way, Runts, Dots, shiat, any candy is good. Except for black licorice.
2007-06-16 01:35:24 PM

Should've been number one. Mango flavored lollipops with chile rub...from Mexico.
2007-06-16 01:35:52 PM  
oldebayer: Any list of candy that involves skittles, circus peanuts or candy corn is a list of shiat I don't want anywhere near my mouth.

Hell motherfarkin yes.
2007-06-16 01:36:30 PM  
TeddyRooseveltsMustache - WORST:

Worst taffy candy: Laffy Taffy


While virtually all varieties of Laffy Taffy are awesome... There is no finer candy on God's green Earth than banana laffy taffy.

...and hey, it comes with jokes, too!
2007-06-16 01:36:39 PM  
A part of me died when they discontinued the PB Max. Those things were peanut butter cups on steroids.
2007-06-16 01:38:18 PM  
What are those little white canies you bite in half and swallow? Oh wait those are vicodin, I also like whatchamacallits, and I hate licorice and circus peanuts
2007-06-16 01:40:25 PM  
Horehound candy is amazing stuff. Tastes HORRIBLE.

When your throat is so raw and sore that you are in agony, the one thing that can give you real relief for hours is horehound herb. Just a few grains in your mouth, chewed, and your throat will be coated with the most soothing, wonderful lack of pain imaginable.

But it is one the most loathsome tastes out there. And that taste also stays with you for hours and hours. Sure, your throat won't hurt anymore, but even eating an onion like an apple won't make that taste go away.

Yep, if it is a choice between shooting yourself in the head because your throat hurts so much, and taking horehound, the horehound will win out. But keep the gun handy.
2007-06-16 01:41:27 PM  
Three faves:
1. 3 Musketeers
2. Reese's peanut butter cups
3. Wintergreen Altoids

Three candies I abhor
1. Good andPlenty
2. Skittles (Smarties over Skittles)
3. Liquorice in all its forms
2007-06-16 01:41:40 PM  
Holy crap, no love for the plain old Kit-Kat bar? What a travesty.

Oh, and the Symphony bar, too - the kind with the toffee in it. Mmm.
2007-06-16 01:41:43 PM  
Doctor Funkenstein: WTF ever happened to the Bar None? I live about 15 minutes from Hershey and haven't seen one in yeras. Those things were the shiz-nit.

Oh man, you just brought back some great memories!
2007-06-16 01:45:59 PM  
My brother-in-law is from London, so luckily about two times a year, he brings me those chocolate coated smarties. My favorite. Also, I loved bottle caps when I was a kid. The little mini-mart a block from my house recently started carrying them. Memories....those root beer bottle caps are like manna from heaven
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