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(SeattlePI)   The best and worst candies rated. The best: Skittles. The worst: coffee-flavored candy. Get your sweet tooth on and argue about it to the right   ( divider line
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12795 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jun 2007 at 11:43 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-16 10:44:47 AM  
Bottle Caps since they stopped making Shock Tarts
2007-06-16 10:46:40 AM  
Necco Wafers and Circus Peanuts. you make little sugar sandwiches out of them. Yum.
2007-06-16 10:47:21 AM  
Spree and Gobstoppers. Yum.
2007-06-16 10:54:12 AM  
I flushed a bag of skittles down the toilet yesterday and watched a NASCAR race in 8 seconds flat.
2007-06-16 10:54:20 AM
2007-06-16 10:56:09 AM

2007-06-16 10:57:21 AM  
Any list of candy that involves skittles, circus peanuts or candy corn is a list of shiat I don't want anywhere near my mouth.

M&M's FTW.
2007-06-16 10:57:27 AM  
IMlifelike: I flushed a bag of skittles down the toilet yesterday and watched a NASCAR race in 8 seconds flat.

2007-06-16 10:57:52 AM  
I like coffee flavored candy! But I don't care for those Circus Peanuts. Banana flovored marshmallow shaped like a peanut? Who's brainstorm was that? On the plus side, most Jelly Bellys, including buttered popcorn, Gobstoppers, Bit O Honey, Sugar Daddy. And anything chocolate....mostly.
2007-06-16 10:59:38 AM  
This guy is a lunatic. Popcorn Jelly Bellys and Peeps rock your face off.
2007-06-16 11:05:10 AM  
Favorites - Starburst, Fun Dip (do they still make that?), Sour Patch Kids, Wax Coke Bottles

Not favorites - Raisinettes, Whoppers, Candy Corn, M&Ms
2007-06-16 11:06:58 AM  
IMlifelike: I flushed a bag of skittles down the toilet yesterday and watched a NASCAR race in 8 seconds flat.

2007-06-16 11:12:59 AM  
mmmmm skittlebrau
2007-06-16 11:13:30 AM  
My boss gave me a ginger-flavored chewy candy the other day. It was absolutely the worst candy I've ever had.
2007-06-16 11:14:28 AM  


Bonkers - greatest farking candy EVAR!!
2007-06-16 11:15:11 AM

'Nuff said.
2007-06-16 11:15:30 AM

....yeah they do taste like that
2007-06-16 11:17:38 AM  
Favorites: Reese's, fun dip (mmmmm. . .sugar), M&Ms (plain), Whatchamacallit, Swedish Fish

Feck off: Mounds, Tootsie (especially the pops)
2007-06-16 11:18:21 AM  
I flushed a bag of skittles down the toilet yesterday and watched a NASCAR race in 8 seconds flat.

2007-06-16 11:23:13 AM

also very good!
2007-06-16 11:27:00 AM  
Rasinettes the best. (and they keep you regular)

/Milk Duds a close 2nd best
/Horehounds by far the worst candy ever
2007-06-16 11:37:47 AM  
#2 Best: Coffee crisp.

#1 Worst: Coffee -flavored candies.

2007-06-16 11:38:17 AM  
All I got to say about candy is, if it doesn't have chocolate in it, I got no use for it.
2007-06-16 11:39:35 AM  
Nothing I love better than Junior Mints.

But every time i post that, someone has to slip in the seinfeld/ kramer pic.
2007-06-16 11:39:36 AM
2007-06-16 11:41:34 AM

Contents of 1 Fun Sized Skittles dumped on my mousepad. Skittles suck, at least in 'fun size' form. WTF is up with the flavour distribution?
2007-06-16 11:46:43 AM  
I refuse to tolerate any list of the worst candies of all time without even mention of the black jelly bean. I wouldn't give those to my worst enemy.
2007-06-16 11:47:48 AM
2007-06-16 11:49:15 AM  
Candy snobs
2007-06-16 11:49:59 AM  
kerowynsmom: But I don't care for those Circus Peanuts. Banana flovored marshmallow shaped like a peanut? Who's brainstorm was that?

i'm not sure, but you can blame the late general mills vice president john holahan for spinning them off into lucky charms in 1963
2007-06-16 11:50:27 AM  
Marathon Bar.
2007-06-16 11:51:07 AM  
No Caramello or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Worst...list...evar...!
2007-06-16 11:51:47 AM  
At least someone out there will eat my buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies. To what address do I mail them? My boyfriend's mother sends us giant bags of "Belly Flops," the Jelly Bellies that didn't pass quality inspection. Because two jelly beans stuck together is a travesty.

My favorite candy probably has to be Smarties (both the American sugar aspirin version and the better rest-of-the-world chocolate version). They're tart and small and dissolve well, unlike SweetTarts, and usually people were willing to trade their Halloween Smarties for Milk Duds or other such icky candies.

Oh, but remember when you were King/Queen if you had the most Pixie Stix?

Least favorite candy...probably the Reeses Peanut Butter cups, if only because the smell of peanut butter makes me nauseous. So that includes most peanut butter candies.

/is weird
2007-06-16 11:52:15 AM

That and like 99.997% of all the crazy chinese and japanese candies.
2007-06-16 11:52:44 AM  
Also, Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belies, while shiatty, do not compare it shiattiness to roasted garlic, black licorice, or pepperoni pizza flavors

/pepperoni pizza was later turned into Vomit flavor for Berti-Botts
2007-06-16 11:53:21 AM  
I haven't been able to find them recently, but when I was in elementary school the candy shop sold pickle flavored lollipops. Every Halloween I'd come home to find three or four in my bag. I tried one and yeah, it was pretty much as bad as you would expect. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to make them, much less what crazy old woman bought them. I suspect it was a way to make kids shut up about wanting candy.

/Love to find some... to torture the nephews
2007-06-16 11:53:22 AM  
No love for the peanut butter cup? This list is worthless.

Has anyone else noticed that there are two types of peanut butter in those things? The good ones have the grainy peanut butter. Bad ones have a waxy type of peanut butter. I think it is from the way the candy is handled. If it gets too cold or hot, it messes with the consistency.

Any idea how to tell the difference?

/Yeah, I put way too much thought into my candy..
2007-06-16 11:53:57 AM  

Haribo gummy bears, Skor bars, Starburst, and whatchamacalit

Not Favorites:

Black licorice, Good and Plenty, Cow Tails
2007-06-16 11:54:19 AM  
mmm....loving any blak licorice/anise candies. But chocolate beats all. Milk chocolate Hershey bar. niiiiice
2007-06-16 11:54:44 AM

yeah i likes me the black licorice... u gots a problem wit dat?
2007-06-16 11:55:01 AM  
Last I checked, fruit rollups weren't a candy...
2007-06-16 11:55:05 AM  

M&Ms and Reeses Pieces mixed together in a big bowl.

Least favorite:

Black licorice. BLEH.
2007-06-16 11:55:56 AM  
1- Skittles(the ones in the purple bag).
2- Regular Starburst(cept Lemon only oddballs like Lemon)
3- Jolly Ranchers(Cherry and Sour Apple only)

Everything else just tastes like plain granulated sugar to me.
2007-06-16 11:56:43 AM  
I flushed a bag of skittles down the toilet yesterday and watched a NASCAR race in 8 seconds flat.

Rarely do I literally laugh out loud while online, but this did the trick. Nice job.
2007-06-16 11:57:06 AM  
Pulled a filling on a Marathon bar at a football game in 1975, so it's out.

Formerly best: Three Musketeers
A close second: Milky Way "Midnight"
Current favorite: Take Five

I've made a conscious effort to switch away from M&M/Mars (Nazi past) and anything by Nestle's (unethical third world practices with another part of their business).

Nibs (cherry) and Lemonheads were always a treat, too. Milk Shake brings back fond memories as well.

/get off my lawn
2007-06-16 11:57:23 AM  

AngryTeacher: Any idea how to tell the difference?

Yeah, get Nestle's Treasures w/ Peanut'll never go back to Reese's.
2007-06-16 11:59:50 AM  
strangeguitar: Bottle Caps since they stopped making Shock Tarts

Wait, what?

I know the name was changed to SweeTarts Shockers, but other than that I think they're still the same.
2007-06-16 12:01:16 PM

/enhanced to show detail
//seriously, i can't set the height/width smaller, it gets rejected
///wtf is up with that?
2007-06-16 12:03:40 PM  
I'll punch my granny in the neck for a 1lb bag of m&ms.

I fuggin' abhor jujubees. I feel like a dog eating peanut butter when I'm jawing them.
2007-06-16 12:03:41 PM  
#2 Best: Coffee crisp.

#1 Worst: Coffee-flavored candies.


Coffee Crisps are a wafer candy bar, like baklava or Twix without the chocolate around it, with coffee-flavored syrup. They're really pretty good, but they're more like cookies than candy. So they shouldn't be on the list at all...
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