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2813 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jul 2001 at 8:29 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-16 08:45:47 AM  
What? Huh? I don't get it. Of course, it is fairly early on a monday morning.
2001-07-16 09:20:34 AM  
2001-07-16 09:44:49 AM  
alright Drew, what's your middle initial?
2001-07-16 09:50:28 AM  
2001-07-16 10:09:15 AM  
I saw Drew the other night on Screen Savers. He was wasn't wearing any pants. I guess that explains the jerky picture.
2001-07-16 11:08:41 AM  
See if this work...sorry if it doesn't

Drew's a criminal!!
2001-07-16 11:09:27 AM  
It work(s)!!
Everyone tell Drew what a bad person he is!!

2001-07-16 11:12:04 AM  
Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the law!

Hey Drew: I used to live on N. Locust Avenue. Okay, that was a random tangent.

2001-07-16 11:15:02 AM  
It was almost 4 years ago. Which would have made him 23. That's a good age to get a speeding ticket. But 30-34 mph over? That's pretty fast.
2001-07-16 12:07:17 PM  
That's a pretty stiff was a 30-34 mph zone, how fast were you going? It's missing from the report...maybe that's your way out!
2001-07-16 12:08:53 PM  
Zardoz: Thats 30-34 MPH OVER the posted speed!!
2001-07-16 12:18:56 PM  
Speeding on Freeway (30-34 MPH)
2001-07-16 12:39:06 PM  
Wow, license suspended is pretty stiff for speeding. A friend of mine got clocked doing 94 in a 65 here in Cincy, and he got a $240 fine and a couple of points. Of course, I guess Drew was going just a bit faster.

However, my friend did have an unpaid ticket when he was pulled over for running a red light in one of the local podunck towns (who's primary revenue comes from tickets). They actaully came and got him and took him in for it. It's a 15-mile drive for them, and both of thier cops went. They took him back to thier crappy police station. All of it was for a (after the took him in) $170 fine. The lesson here is to never drive thorough Owensville, Ohio.
2001-07-16 01:08:56 PM  
Yeah they got me for 31 over. I was doing 86 in a 55.

As for the suspended licence thing, I had no idea they suspended it. They forgot to let me know.
2001-07-16 01:18:14 PM  
Wow.. i submitted this link just cause i wanted to be able to say i linked @ fark. I didn't think Drew actually sped in my home state.. wow..
2001-07-16 01:32:14 PM  
When I saw it I looked myself up, and there I was.
2001-07-16 01:32:19 PM  
Dude... Wisconsin is one of the last states I would ever want to get caught speeding in.... they make catching and fining speeders one of the State's primary money-makers. They do it more for money than anything else.
2001-07-16 01:34:33 PM  
Yeah they cornholed me pretty good
2001-07-16 01:40:35 PM  
I got my license revoked by the state of Minnesota once. The neat thing was, I was living out of state at the time, had never even been pulled over in Minnesota, and had never been in an accident in that state... and I didn't even have a MN drivers license at the time.

I moved back to the state (MN is my home state) from the east coast and applied for a MN drivers licence, and they said "you should get it in 3-4 weeks".

Never came.

Several months later, after making a few phone calls to the state Dept. of Transportation, and having them continue to tell me "well, there doesn't seem to be any problems... you should get it in 3-4 weeks", I gave up and went into my local DMV to apply again.

This time I told the clerk, "I never got the last one, and I keep calling them and finally they suggested I re-apply, since my application was only good for 120 days. Are you sure there isn't anything that should be keeping me from getting it?"

They verified my address, had me re-fill out the forms, and pay them the goddamned fee again (yeah, I thought that was bogus too) and they told me "you should get it in 3-4 weeks".

Now, I'm a stubborn man. I continued to do the above for FOUR FARKING YEARS, and I finally got a bit fed up with it. I called them and basically raised holy hell until I could finally talk to the one person that would tell me exactly why I had never received my license... and that person told me "your license was revoked on [some date]."

ME: "What? I didn't even HAVE a MN license then... I wasn't even in the state!"
HER: "Well, that's what your record says."
ME: "Well, were you guys going to TELL me my license was revoked?"
HER: "We sent notice to [some address]."
ME: "Ma'am... I have never lived there... I'm not even sure where that IS..."
HER: "Well, that's the address we have on file for you."

I finally got out of them that I had to pay a "re-instatement fee" and take the road test again... at this point I was pretty much sick of arguing with them, so I did so, and finally got the goddamned license.

But you know what? I'm moving soon and I'm going to have to apply for a new license with a change of address on it....

Can't wait.

So, can anybody top that for license stories?
2001-07-16 01:45:04 PM  
Georgia is a pain in the ass too. My son (18) got a ticket for 83 in a 55 and it cost...
- $200 fine
- $50 court costs
- $60 for a mandatory defensive driving course (8 hours)
- 24 hours of community service work
- $23 a month probation fee (for two months)
- 3 points on license

Some of his HS friends were caught six months ago for underage possession/consumption of alcohol. They got...
- 10 hours of community service
- write a 500 word essay on why underage kids shouldn't drink
- $50 court costs

Moral: In Georgia, it's a helluva lot cheaper to get nailed for underage drinking than it is for speeding when you're stone cold sober.
2001-07-16 01:47:32 PM  
damn. i can't find a site like this for Ohio. i'd really like to know if tickets/citations stay on your record for 2 years or 3 because i'm moving to PA in about a week and a half and i want to know how much of a biatch getting insurance and a license is going to be with points on your license. i hope to GOD i don't have the same problem as demosthenes, it's going to be hard enough getting the titles and everything switched. i thought we lived in a UNITED states. poo.
2001-07-16 01:53:01 PM  
You know what the neat thing was... even after that whole ordeal (it was actually a lot more involved than I posted), they were still never able to tell me exactly WHAT I had supposedly done to get my license revoked, or where it occurred, or what other punishment there was (usually there is a fine or something... they never ONLY revoke one's license in Minnesota).

And to this day, if my driving record is pulled it is still completely clean (I just switched insurance companies and they pulled it to make sure I didn't lie when I told them I had no tickets or infractions, etc.). WTF.
2001-07-16 02:41:00 PM  

i've heard alot of MN horror stories, personally i live in MN but keep an active ND drivers license
Dick Cheney still pretends to be Wyoming resident, probably because like ND there is no lines at the DMV
2001-07-16 02:43:38 PM  
My dad has a warrant for his arrest in CA for not paying parking tix.. The warrant thing he has is from '79 .. I wonder if it still matters...

Yeah MN DMV sucks ass.

hey we all have drews address... Time to send him beer in packages that tick MUHAHAHA
2001-07-16 02:47:11 PM  
heh, I told a couple of lady friends about the Wisconsin CCA and Milwaukee County CCA sites two years ago... they use it every time they get new boyfriends. :)
2001-07-16 02:52:09 PM  
Damn! and they just removed the lisc # from ccap records!.. we'd have drews lisc number and we'd be able to have fun w/ dat..

2001-07-16 02:55:09 PM  
your LISC was revoked because it was "unreasonable speed over".. or something like that...
2001-07-16 03:35:05 PM  
Here's my story and I'm sticking to it...
In 1990, shortly after I moved back to Ohio from Arizona, I lost my Arizona operator's license. I went to the Ohio DMV and applied for an Ohio Driver's license. They told me that because I didn't have a valid license from another state, I'd have to get a temp permit and then test again. They never told me that this temp permit was the same as when you are 16 and have to have a licensed driver in the car with you.
Skip forward 2 weeks: I was driving through a small town that, again, makes a ton of income from traffic stops. I didn't do anything wrong; however, I was pulled over. When the officer came up to my window, he asked for license and proof of insurance. I offered up my insurance card and explained that I didn't have a regular license but that I did have a temp permit that allowed me to drive until I take the test again. The cop told me that the temp permit was not valid unless I had a licensed driver in the car and that he pulled me over because he didn't see anyone in my passenger seat. I was given a ticket for driving w/out a valid operator's license (and nothing else).
Between the time that I was ticketed and the court date, I found my AZ operator's license. The lawyer that I contacted explained that the only way that the cop would have known that I was operating on a temp permit was if he ran my license plate, obtained my SSN from that run and then ran my SSN through the state database in order to determine what type of operator's permit I was driving with.
I went to court, AZ license in hand and pleaded not guilty. Because the cop was in the courtroom for another case, I was given my hearing right away. The cop admitted that he was bored and really had no reason to run my identity so thoroughly. I beat the ticket but I still had to pay the $41.50 in court costs.
2001-07-16 03:49:37 PM  
Dude... that bites that they made you pay court costs when you beat the rap....

Like in my story, after FOUR YEARS of trying to get a MN drivers license, I added up all of the various fees and crap that I ended up paying (for applying, then re-applying, then re-applying seven or eight more times, and paying for my test, and paying their goddamned 'reinstatement fees'), and I figured out that because of THEIR data entry farkup, I ended up paying around $450 for my Minnesota drivers license that I have in my wallet right now...
2001-07-16 04:08:17 PM  
I live in Wisconsin, they do arsinine things with the highways. Like they will make a highway 65mph...then add a little hidden 55mph stretch. Guess where the pork hang out?

But it could be worse. We could have to stop every 5min and pay a toll and have to root for the bears.

btw...the bears still suck.
2001-07-16 05:04:50 PM  
In Ohio, I'm pretty sure that points and tickets stay on your record for two years. However, the bastards at Progressive Insurance count them for three years. They also count whatever points you normally would get with an offense, even if you plea-bargained for no points.

This state is full of little towns that screw you over with tickets. A lot of them even like to hang out on the interstates, and go after out-of-town drivers. They do this knowing that someone who doesn't live in the area will probably just pay the fine and won't contest the ticket, which is definately easier for them.

In most cases, it's a lot better to take a ticket to court instead of just paying it (if at all possible). In almost every case, the cop must show up for the fine to stick. If he doesn't, the state has no evidence and it's usually thrown out of court. They will usually show up for court if it's one of those small towns (usually mayor's court too, which seems like a conflict of interest), but often when it's highway patrol or sheriff, they forget about it. You can also bargain with the DA a lot of the time before the trial, too- they will try to do anything to avoid it going to trial. Thge judge will also almost always give you a lower fine than the automatic one, too (but you do pay court costs).

I was caught doing 45 in 20-mph school zone a few years ago by a township cop. I took it to court. The cop was there, but before the trial, the DA approached me. He settled for 35/20 and no points. The fine was $45 and $50 in costs, instead of $250+2 points. Worth it, I say.
2001-07-16 06:33:30 PM  
I have only two confessions:
1) I was apprehended travelling at 112mph in a 60 zone across the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors (if you're not a Brit or well travelled, you will not appreciate how desolate that is).

2)2 months after getting my license back from step 1, I was caught at 138mph on a Motorway at 0330 one Monday morning.

I'm looking forward to taking my test again in December...

Moral of the story? Never try and outrun a helicopter.
2001-07-16 06:55:17 PM  
Darn...I was going to guess "sodomy" as the illegal activity. Glad to see Drew has paid his debt to society.
2001-07-16 10:17:08 PM  
hahahaha, why dont u drive in nascar or somethinh swisstony...
im not even 16 so no farkin license for me :(
2001-07-16 11:40:23 PM  
Drew...y'all come back now, heah?
2001-07-17 01:30:35 AM  

Sieve: The Bears do not suck. They're just taking their time to return to the glory of the mid-80's. I live in the far north suburbs of Chicago, about 10 miles from Wisconsin, so trips across the border are frequent. A lot of my friends are turning 18, and all of the good porno joints are just on the other side of the border.

Anyway, in southern Wisconsin, it seems like the only people you ever see getting pulled over are us Illinois drivers. A friend of mine got busted on the interstate, and they said they radared her from an airplane?! I mean, how desperate are these guys to pop speeders? On an unrelated tangent, the only ticketg that I ever got was for "backing into a public parking spot" in Highland Park, IL. bastards. The cop wrote the ticket at 2 A.M., almost 10 hours after I parked the car, in a lot with no signs about backing in. I ended up paying the ticket, because it was only 20 bucks, and it would have cost me that much in gas to drive back there and fight it.

2001-07-17 06:00:12 AM  
Flip: Of course, you are less likely to kill someone by being a bit pissed than by doing 80mph; the fines reflect the potential damage and the desire to avoid you inflicting it..
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