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(CNN)   Russia finds Kyoto too much to swallow as well   ( divider line
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4817 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Aug 2002 at 9:11 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-31 07:56:10 AM  
They probably don't have the money to be able to afford to make the changes, unlike certain other countries that decided not to ratify it.
2002-08-31 09:13:43 AM  
politics is short term
2002-08-31 09:21:20 AM  
Too much to swallow? Who is this Kyoto? Sounds kinda....
2002-08-31 09:21:35 AM  
We already send all of our industry to developing nations so that we can pay smaller wages. Now we're supposed to send more industry to avoid pollution controls. Then we pollute even more to ship it back to us for consumption!

Get a grip!
2002-08-31 09:22:48 AM  
If greenhouse gases were any dort of global threat.. i might care.
2002-08-31 09:23:23 AM  
WEEE dort dort dort dort.
2002-08-31 09:37:38 AM  
Yup. We send tech support jobs to India (pay a college student 12 bucks an hour? HA! Give an Indian 2 bucks a DAY and he's happy) and manufacturing jobs to the Asian rim. All in a feeble attempt to bump stock prices up a quarter of a point so the latest CEO fukr can cash out a year earlier and promote a new leech.

Screw Kyoto.
2002-08-31 09:40:08 AM  
I suspect that most European countries would flee from the Kyoto Treaty if the US decided to sign it. It's much safer to be for it, economically, if you're sure it will never be adopted.
2002-08-31 09:41:24 AM  
You would care if you lived on a small island in the pacific.
2002-08-31 09:41:40 AM  

The thing you're forgetting is that half of the Indian/Asian population that see's the nifty American money ends up coming to this country anyway, and making more money. So in effect, the big businesses are helping America grow. Or something. I just like your pants.

2002-08-31 09:47:47 AM  
Why save the earth if you can make money by abusing it
2002-08-31 09:52:06 AM  
I love Russia's excuse for supporting the treaty : we would gain money from it.
2002-08-31 09:52:56 AM  
If only Russia would take billions of dollars from the United States, the US could continue to pollute and Tuvalu would not sink into the ocean. Makes sense to me.
2002-08-31 10:05:06 AM  
I just know some wingnut is going to come in and claim that no other countries have ratified the Kyoto protocol... after all, that's what Rush says.

So before he does, I'm just gonna post a URL of the document listing the ratification status for all signatory nations, so when he comes in and babbles without even reading the thread he'll look an even bigger idiot.
2002-08-31 10:08:15 AM  
good to see some old familiar names here..
2002-08-31 10:10:19 AM  
If we're just big evil polluters, then why is the brown smog cloud of death hanging over asia, not North America? I don't have ANY breathing problems.
2002-08-31 10:14:38 AM  

your kids might when they grow up, or their kids
2002-08-31 10:19:05 AM  
Fark headline: "Russia finds Kyoto too much to swallow as well"

CNN headline: "Russia balks at Kyoto pact"

Article content:
So far, he believed, there was not sufficient reason to refuse ratify: "Today, on the basis of all the material gathered, I can say there is for the time being no reason for Russia to be against the Kyoto Protocol."

nice how headline writers turn "Russia finds Kyoto not as great as it used to be" into "Russia agrees with US that Kyoto is a lot of t0ss."
2002-08-31 10:20:52 AM  
In So.viet Rus.sia, Kyoto swallows YOU
2002-08-31 10:21:51 AM  
Kyoto treaty has got to be the most harmful peace of subvertive legislation ever written. It's all about giving control to Internationalist movement, because 'countries' as such are evil, and centralized planning is best... "Beh! Forget your constitution!". Kyoto treaty has nothing to do with protecting the environment, and everything to do with the western world cutting down on consumption and giving more to the third world. Almost no one other than Europe want to ratify Kyoto, and that's about half the world, outside of the U.S. It's great to blame America for everything, but it's responsible for only some 30% of all polution in the world, let the 70% cut down if they're so keen on the idea.
2002-08-31 10:22:47 AM  
Cbunny - yes I love Fark, but I find its slant ignorant and unpallatable at times...

Begin asinine "love-it-or-leave-it" flames in 3...2...1
2002-08-31 10:24:09 AM  
Oh, and fark European Union.. the most brutal regime on the face of the earth... hundreds of thousands are already dead and more will follow.
2002-08-31 10:24:17 AM  
Duhhh... LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT fagg0tz
2002-08-31 10:24:53 AM  
2002-08-31 10:25:30 AM  

You're too right. My parents have lived in the same house in CA for 30 years now, and for 27 years had the same neighbors to the right of them - GREAT neighbors who kept their house in good shape, the lawn was beautiful, etc.

Three years ago, some Indian/Pakistani family moved in (9 people, not including babies) and that house has gone to shiate. If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. My dad actually had to TELL them to stop throwing their garbage on the front lawn because it was attracting birds, stray dogs, and monkeys named Earl. I took a look over the fence in their backyard and it LITERALLY is covered in what look like square bales of HAY. WHAT THE HELL?
Not to mention they are running some kind of manufacturing in the garage 12 hours a day (loud hammering and sawing sounds, blowtorch lighting up the evening sky) in a residential zone that is clearly NOT zoned for that kind of activity.

Since I'm going to get that house when my parents pass on, I definately want the values to stay up. Won't happen until the Indian farks move out, I suppose. But who will buy it from em? The smell....argh.
2002-08-31 10:28:41 AM  

I take it you're going for your advanced trolling certificate? :o)
2002-08-31 10:29:52 AM  
Well, sorry about Earl. It is sad that people don't respect things. Earl means no harm.
2002-08-31 10:40:04 AM  
Cbunny, hardly. Aparantly you've not read the actual texts of the Kyoto treaty and what it proposes. You must have missed what it's authors's are all about. And EU is brutal, unelected, unchecked, they have supreme power and answer to no one. EU has banned GM corn, the same kind that millions of Americans eat daily and told African countries not to accept it as well. This corn is perfectly safe, yet thousands will die of starving because of EU's half-baked regulations.
2002-08-31 10:41:06 AM  
"It's great to blame America for everything, but it's responsible for only some 30% of all polution in the world,"

do you work hard to try and live up to the stereotypical image of a retarded, know nothing, greedy, corporate cock sucking American or does it come naturally?
2002-08-31 10:42:29 AM  
err.. starvation. And I'm European, not American, so your picture of me as some kind of a redneck hick troll is innacurate. I'm not a freeper.
2002-08-31 10:45:49 AM  
Nice anecdote Nicepants.
All indians must be evil, and immigration must be stopped.

Please god say you left out the /ignorance tag
2002-08-31 10:48:29 AM  
It's great to blame America for everything, but it's responsible for only some 30% of all polution in the world, let the 70% cut down if they're so keen on the idea.

That's assuming that 30% is even correct. What exactly do they count in that number? CO2? If so, do they subtract the amount of CO2 that we consume due to our high vegetation? Probably not.

I worked in an automotive factory for 5 yrs, and the runoff from that huge plant was cleaner than the city water. That is American industry at work, clean and efficient.
2002-08-31 10:49:25 AM  
The strange thing is is that Russia has very little to do to comply with the treaty.... I think Bush has convinced Putin not to sign it so the US doesn't wind up being the only one not in it.

It looks like Canada will sign despite the treaty having significant economic impact. They are facing heavy pressure from Alberta not to.
2002-08-31 10:50:39 AM  
do you work hard to try and live up to the stereotypical image of a retarded, know nothing, greedy, corporate cock sucking American or does it come naturally?

Huh? Great, call me a cocksucker and run. Yeah, and call me American as well.. great job, don't argue on merits. Did you ever wonder why America must ratify Kyoto? And why Russia, China and the rest of the world must not? China is the most harmful polluter on the face of the earth, and in some 20-30 years will release more carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, from coal burning, than the United States, Japan, and Canada combined.
2002-08-31 10:51:49 AM  
The treaty is nothing more than a jealousy tax on the western world. It's not about the environment, just like most of the environmental movement.
2002-08-31 10:52:33 AM  
See, Podzdorf, now you're just showing your ignorance. America are the "bad guys" in the zimbabwe corn story, if they only paid a little extra to have the corn milled, then there'd be no conflict, and zimbabwe would be able to export it's crops in the future, thus they have a potential to trade crops in future, not fark themselves up for good now.
Story here
ugh... it's too early for trolls....
2002-08-31 10:52:55 AM  
ChadManMn - I was just getting the highest figure I can think of, off the top of my head. The real figures are probably a lot smaller, but I'd have to look it up in Lomborgs book.
2002-08-31 10:55:00 AM  
Clean and efficient?

Ever seen the Hudson? Most of coastal New Jersey? How about a paper mill, ever had to live a few blocks from those?

We've had pollution dumped into the environment that was so bad within the last ten years that RIVERS were BURNING. Water supplies in a lot of small towns near mills have problems thanks to runoff, and need constant filtration, and even then the residents don't dare drink it. And how about LA's smog situation?

We're not as bad as we used to be, but unless they're forced, American industry will -never- be clean unless it turns a profit. And efficient? Puh-leeze. If we were so damn efficient, we wouldn't be having Mexicans and Chinese do all the work.
2002-08-31 10:56:20 AM  
Roboplege, why doesn't Zimbabwe do as they please?
2002-08-31 10:58:04 AM  
actually it says "Moscow plans to ratify the treaty" in your article. READ BEFORE MAKING YOUR SNAZZY HEADLINE.
all it says is that the Russian economy is in the shiatter and that they aren't sure if it will have an adverse effect, but they intend to ratify it.
2002-08-31 10:58:19 AM  
Roboplege - Yes, bad guys. They're starving, and they want to choose. The ammount of corn that's being supplied, it's not practical to mill it, the size of it and so on, even if the US wanted to. And this proves that it's all about control, Europe's ideology about organic food is totally wrong. It's ok to eat GM corn, not grow it. US is evil because it gives free corn to starving people and EU is good because it just doesn't want the corn to grow.
2002-08-31 11:02:13 AM  
TellarHK, sure there are messes, but public pressure forces those companies to clean up. There are lawsuits filed every day. Sure paper mills stink, as do cereal mills and a lot of other manufacturing, but is SMELL pollution?

And yes, we are efficient, the most efficient in the world. That is why we have a high standard of living. As far as exporting work, so what? That is how the world has functioned since the beginning of time. That is the essence of trade and specialization of labor.

Too bad we're so evil, we should just pull everything back here, and then those poor exploited Chinese could go back to the rice patties full of pig shiat where they were much happier.
2002-08-31 11:04:59 AM  
well this whole corn thread was done to death here a few weeks ago, so i'm not gonna redo all those arguments..
so yeah, i'll just stick with US evil, Europe good. Ahhhh the joy of not getting baited....!
2002-08-31 11:05:46 AM  
2002-08-31 11:07:08 AM  
TellarHK - Water pollution is actually not that bad, if you consider the oceans and such it's non existant. As Chad has said, public attention brings these companies to clean up. And it's not like 'well, we get some, but most go un-noticed', everyone's monitored, and some times people make up stories to blame evil corporate companies for their pollution. Love Canal is a good example, so much attention has been given and yet no evidence exists.
2002-08-31 11:08:21 AM  
Hyes Xian has a genital fixation
2002-08-31 11:09:14 AM  

While I give you a point for effort, I gotta take away 3 because you've got your head up your arse.

Immigration must be controlled, and while I'm sure there are some great Indian/Pakistani's out there, they're probably the young Americanized ones, because the older ones have no clue.

If /ignorance is not throwing your garbage on your front lawn every morning, and keeping your home in good condition, then yeah, sign me up.
2002-08-31 11:09:54 AM  
I would really like to understand where these "Corporate America is evil" people come from. It's like some freaky cult or something.
2002-08-31 11:14:32 AM  
Hey Nicepants-
The same thing happened to my parents. In their case though it was white trash. I wonder, though, did the Indians have a penchant for dog breeding? Those white trash sure do. Oops Im being prejudiced! It sure is easy to be ignorant.
2002-08-31 11:15:07 AM  
I work with a lot of Indians and Pakistanis in the software industry and they are Americanized, and they're great people. I also have Mong/Chinese neighbors on my street, and yes they have A LOT of people in their homes, lol, but they are great people as well. It's a little amusing to see them "manage the garage" since they have like six cars, but we have no problems with them.

It's all about what Nicepants said, AMERICANIZED. If immigrants adapt to our culture there are no problems.
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