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15131 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jun 2007 at 7:04 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-14 03:17:58 PM  

all that matters it that it is there, and it doesn't collide with anything that affects us.

/the article about the 37 year old cat was much more interesting
2007-06-14 03:23:44 PM  
In your face, Pluto!
2007-06-14 03:24:45 PM  
it might as well be. as far as planets go, pluto fails at being interesting.
2007-06-14 03:32:11 PM  
Nice to see that Eris is living up to her name.
2007-06-14 03:35:48 PM  
Goofy is gonna be pissed.

Goofy: "Um, hello there, I'd like to register a complaint, uh yuk!"
(Mikey doesn't respond)
Goofy: "Hello, miss?"
Mikey: "Miss?"
Goofy: "Sorry, I have a cold, uh huh huh huh HUUUHHH!"
Mikey: "Uh, huh huh! We're closing for lunch."
Goofy: "Well, nevermind that, I wish to complain about this dog I purchased not half hour ago from this very boutique!"
Mikey: "Oh yes, uh, Pluto! Wonderful dog, very loyal! What's, um, wrong with it?"
Goofy: Well, I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my lad, its a rock!"
Mikey: "Oh no! He's just pretending to be a rock! Wonderful dog, very loyal! Never runs away!"
Goofy: "Loyalty doesn't factor into it, my good man, its got no f*ckin legs!"

/smacks Mikey in the head with the rock
2007-06-14 03:41:11 PM  
next week: pluto doesn't exsist at all! it was a mirage sorry...
2007-06-14 03:56:15 PM
But Mickey is still smoking PCP.
2007-06-14 04:00:56 PM Man dumps Pluto out of his shoe after walk on beach
2007-06-14 04:01:50 PM  
fark it. I'm still going to teach my kid Pluto's a planet.
2007-06-14 04:19:57 PM  
Screw 'em. Pluto's a planet, and so's Eris and the other TNOs.

I subscribe to a SANE definition of planet that can be applied universally, like science is supposed to do.

1- Hydrostatic
2- Orbits a star
3- Isn't a star

If that means we have 900 planets in our system, so be it. If the IAU wants to come up with weird definitions whereby planets only exist around "the sun" and "aren't farther than Neptune," what the hell do I call the thousands of other giant round balls of rock and gas in the universe now?

/is an astronomy geek with thosands of dollars worth of telescope and viewing equipment
2007-06-14 04:54:31 PM  
If Mickey is a Mouse and Pluto is a rock what does that make Goofy?
2007-06-14 05:03:46 PM
2007-06-14 05:28:52 PM  
At least they didn't name it "Dwayne".
2007-06-14 06:52:39 PM
Actual space photo of Pluto.
(Courtesy NASA)
2007-06-14 07:09:00 PM  
I got nothing to say but..

what a horribly annoying unclose-able flyover ad.
2007-06-14 07:16:25 PM  
I'm no big city scientist. I don't even know how a telescope works, but my studies show that Pluto is the fifth biggest planet. It's tied with a bunch of others after the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Planet of the Apes.
2007-06-14 07:17:03 PM  

///new one
2007-06-14 07:17:08 PM  
The crater was unremarkable.
2007-06-14 07:18:37 PM  
My Very Educated Mother Just Said Uh-oh No Pl...

Oh shiat... never mind.
2007-06-14 07:18:48 PM  

it's like being promoted to "mr."

2007-06-14 07:18:58 PM  
Tabatha Static I LOL'D
2007-06-14 07:21:01 PM  
Jupiter called, it wants all of those insignificant rocks to get off of its lawn.

/Especially that earth, it's the ringleader of the gang.
2007-06-14 07:21:17 PM  
what the hell do I call the thousands of other giant round balls of rock and gas in the universe now?

Congress, the United Nations, Parliament...
2007-06-14 07:21:52 PM
2007-06-14 07:23:01 PM  
Rocks! thats absurd, Pluto Nash Sucked!
2007-06-14 07:23:59 PM  
In other news, Neptune upgraded to Brutus the Barber Beefcake.
2007-06-14 07:24:10 PM  
Rock, RabidCanary, not stoned...
2007-06-14 07:24:35 PM
2007-06-14 07:26:58 PM
is pissed off.
2007-06-14 07:27:10 PM  
Enough with the Pluto bashing...

Mark it down as another U.F. O.
Bluejay 4 returning to base.
Approaching second beaming, Captain.
Bridge to transporter room,
prepare to energize.
Past Pluto, sir.
What's our reading, Mr. Spock?
Approaching our century, Captain.
Braking should begin...
Bridge to engineering.
Begin full braking power.
Pulling away from the sun weakened them, sir.
They may blow apart if I reverse.
No choice, Mr. Scott.
Aye, sir.

There it is, right there in the 23rd Century...
2007-06-14 07:27:57 PM  
Who are you calling a rock?
2007-06-14 07:28:29 PM  
I think anything with a moon is a planet even Rosie and her pettie lover
2007-06-14 07:29:39 PM

Done had enough of them east-coast astronomys tryin' to take away er' Pluto!!
2007-06-14 07:29:42 PM  
Pluto is a rock....Earth throws paper...EARTH WINS!
2007-06-14 07:34:17 PM  
wtf... they keep doing this shiat. first its a planet, then uh oh no... we were wrong.. its just a rock. but wait, maybe its a planet? nuh uh.. its a rock.

2007-06-14 07:36:58 PM  
to think in second grade I wasted all that time memorizing a stupid rock. Clearly this isn't worth my time as the universe is subject to change at whim of NASA.
2007-06-14 07:38:05 PM
Nawww Holmes, this is some rock right here.
2007-06-14 07:39:36 PM  
well, 'rock' is better than 'country' any day.
2007-06-14 07:39:38 PM  
I wonder how many people you pass on the street could name the order of the planets, or even name all the planets?
2007-06-14 07:41:41 PM  
This makes plutonium sound a whole lot weaker.

got nothin'
2007-06-14 07:41:44 PM  
So now it's Pluto, Paper, Scissors?

Well ok, I guess.

/throws Pluto
//defeated by *sniffle* paper
2007-06-14 07:43:00 PM  
Wasn't Pluto considered a not-a-planet because it wasn't completely solid, or am I thinking of something different?
2007-06-14 07:43:14 PM  
Those astronomers can suck my Keck.
2007-06-14 07:44:37 PM

Hopefully our president doesn't think it is A-rock or we will be off to pluto to free those poor A-rockies from thier oppressive leader...
2007-06-14 07:45:07 PM

The hidden joke in this pic only an astronomy geek would get: Uranus is tilted on its side, just like it is in real life in repect to the other planets.
2007-06-14 07:45:18 PM  
When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.
2007-06-14 07:49:43 PM  
There! Are! NINE! Planets!

(imagine picture of Picard here. too lazy.)
2007-06-14 07:50:25 PM  
Yeah right. Next thing they'll be telling us the earth is warming, LOL!!!!
2007-06-14 07:51:49 PM  
The hidden joke in this pic only an astronomy geek would get: Uranus is tilted on its side, just like it is in real life in repect to the other planets.

I was just chuckling about that and didn't really think about the implication until you mentioned it. I guess most people wouldn't get that joke.

/not an astronomy geek, just a geek
//watches too much science channel though
///damn you, Carl Sagan
2007-06-14 07:52:25 PM  
FTA: Pluto itself has been described as a ball of rock and ice just bigger than Texas.

Can someone explain this to me - when comparing a 2D object (Texas) with a 3D object (Pluto) how does that work? Does it mean that Pluto's surface area is about the same as Texas, or does it mean Pluto has a circumference about the same size as Texas' border? Or are we talking about a volume equivalent to the wedge shape formed by Texas at the outside converging down to the center of the earth?

Also, anyone else notice that Texas is to size comparisons as chicken is to tastes - everything is "about the size of Texas" the same way that everything "tastes like chicken"
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