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(Yahoo)   Michael Waltrip Racing may release Dale Jarrett, forcing him to find a team that doesn't suck   ( divider line
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710 clicks; posted to Sports » on 11 Jun 2007 at 5:05 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-11 04:50:33 PM  
The damn UPS truck'd whoops those Camrys anyway.
2007-06-11 05:13:45 PM  
I've got a feeling this has more to do with DJ wanting to not suck than they're letting on to. Jarrett's plenty capable of driving for a team that has their act together (Bill Davis maybe?), but probably doesn't have it in him to get MWR off the ground like it's needing.

Rough weekend for Toyota all around this past weekend, I don't think they had a single car finish in the top 35.
2007-06-11 05:16:35 PM  
Who gives a fark?

/racing = ghey
2007-06-11 05:16:39 PM  
Why don't they release Micheal Waltrip from Micheal Waltrip Racing? Up until the Dover race last week, I had more driver's points than he did.

/Give it up Mikey. Just give it up
//Jarret should move to Bill Davis Racing and replace Jeremy Mayfield.
2007-06-11 05:17:34 PM  
Yeah, cuz jarrett is the weak link on that team
2007-06-11 05:19:43 PM  
WTF? Releasing Mikey would make more sense. Kind of interesting this bit comes from
2007-06-11 05:22:38 PM  
Jarrett has sucked for a solid five years now. He fell off the cliff after 2002. Time ctaches up with some people suddenly like that.
2007-06-11 05:25:54 PM  
the biggest redneck here

You're telling me that DJ is suckier than Waltrip? The same Waltrip who couldn't win a race unless Dale Jr. was pushing him across the line? THAT Waltrip?!

That said, it's Waltrip's team, he can do what he wants, but really, he might want to find someone else to drive the thing.

Personally, I'm enjoying Chad McCumbee in the 45. The Pettys better not let him outta their sights, as he'll be good for the future of Petty Enterprises.
2007-06-11 05:26:29 PM  
If MW hadn't spent so much of the season sucking down funds that could have gone to his other drivers, DJ & Reutimann could be doing a lot better in the standings.
2007-06-11 05:28:51 PM  
Kyle PEtty made the right choice. He stepped aside and handed the reigns over to a driver with a bright future. McCumbee looks like he'll be around for a while.
2007-06-11 05:29:24 PM  

How do you figure? NOBODY out of MWR has done "well", with Reutimann barely beating out the other two. If anything the whole team's a wash right now, regardless of where the money went. Hell, Toyota in general has to be irate. When Dave Blaney's your beacon of hope, perhaps you should look to spending more money in F1 or wherever they're pissing away money now, 'cause it's sure not in Nascar.
2007-06-11 05:31:03 PM  
Go Fast Turn Left - That's my point. If MW hadn't spent so much money on his futile attempts to qualify, he could have funded his other teams better. They may not have been able to drive any better, but good equipment means a lot in NASCAR.
2007-06-11 05:31:13 PM  

You *do* know McCumbee is only in there for like 5 races this year. He'll be running mostly ARCA and Late Models otherwise. Hopefully next year they'll have him in a 3rd ride (Buckshot's old team)
2007-06-11 05:37:34 PM  
Go Fast - That's what they say. I think Chad's got a future with Petty. He ran a respectable race on Sunday, and I think he'll be with the team long-term.
2007-06-11 05:41:24 PM  

Well on top of that, he won the ARCA race, and has won at Myrtle Beach (which isn't easy, ever), and won a championship in the Allison Legacys (Legacies?). If you haven't seen the Allison Legacy Series, it's well worth the watch, usually on tour w/ the Hooters Pro Cup.

In short, I agree, McCumbee's going to do quite well, and I can't wait. I grew up a Petty fan, and it'd make me happy as hell to see the 43 or 45 running up front.
2007-06-11 05:46:12 PM  
No, noone sucks worse than Mikey. But Jarrett hasn't been competitive in quite a while now.

Vickers is ten times better than Blaney, the 83 has run up front several times and with some added consistency could compete for The Chase in '08 and certainly by '09.
2007-06-11 05:51:20 PM  
the biggest redneck here
Vickers is ten times better than Blaney, the 83 has run up front several times and with some added consistency could compete for The Chase in '08 and certainly by '09.

Blaney has the ability to get into the race and tread water once there. Vickers could win a race, but has just as good of a chance of wrecking in qualifying and screwing the whole thing up. Proof is in the points:

Drivers Points as of Pocono:
37 DAVE BLANEY 873 12 0 0 0 $1,334,924
38 BRIAN VICKERS 783 8 0 1 2 874,495

Vickers has been better when he gets into the race, but missing 6 of 14 won't get anyone but Mark Martin in the Chase.
2007-06-11 06:09:37 PM  
Vickers' team is brand new, Blaney's just switched manufacturers. Hence, you get the inconsistency. Blaney has peaked, Vickers' ceiling is WAAAAAAY higher than Blaney's ever has been or ever will be. Both Toyota and Red Bull have a long history of really stepping things up in year 2. '08 and '09 will be very interesting, as we'll see just what the combo of Vickers, Toyota, and Red Bull really has.

For the sake of clarity, I've always been a big Vickers fan and am very interested to see what he's got away from the 25.

[image from too old to be available]

/from a couple years ago
//holding on to it in the slim chance Junior is driving the 25 next year
2007-06-11 06:17:22 PM  
the biggest redneck here

My brain hurts after seeing that plate. You have the handle "the biggest redneck here", yet you picked a "Friends of Tibet" tag over any of the Virginia Wildlife series, the Tobacco Heritage plate, or Steam engine one?!

So confused. So very, very confused.
2007-06-11 06:21:20 PM  
Hey, shiat happens.

/ it confuses a lot of people
// gotta admit it's pretty unique
2007-06-11 06:25:41 PM  
the biggest redneck here

I think a good litmus test is going to be how Mears does for the rest of the year in the 25. If the dude can win again and put together a solid season, he might be off the hook.

I personally was hoping for JR to head over to the 04 team and run that full time. The force of Ward and Dale would be unstoppable.

/only half kidding. Anyone who says "Halifax County, VA" on the radio broadcast for their 'hometown' rules.
//besides, Dale Jr. has no grandstand named after him. South Boston Speedway FTW.
2007-06-11 06:29:23 PM  
The 25 camp as a whole is vastly improved now, with a total new fleet of cars, an improved pit team, one of the best young crew chiefs in the garage (Darian Grubb), and so on. But yet Mears is sucking it up BAD (fuel wins are bullshiat). Vickers might not have ever run at the front of the pack all the time, but Mears is bringing up the rear every farking week that fuel and/or goofy strategy don't come into play.

/think it's mor elikely that Junior will take over the 5 if he comes to Hendrick
2007-06-11 06:45:41 PM  
Toyota didnt exactly set themselves up for success. The only established team that switched over was the 22, and they've sucked since Ward left.
2007-06-11 07:43:10 PM  
And the article's source is MWR has some loose lips aboard that sinking ship, or Ford is trying to put Toyota in a negative light in any way possible...
2007-06-11 07:58:35 PM  
He may have no choice but to drive the truck. Dale Jarrett is down from his peak skill but he is still a servicable driver that can get you top 25s if he had decent equipment. Of course a monkey could probably get you a top 25 if you had Hendrick equipment. Given the amount of time and money UPS has spent, if the article is true, I would expect some team to pick up Dale Jarrett at least so long as his sponsorship deal is present. I think Dale Jarrett was a fine driver, but its obvious he is on the downside of his career. He probably has a year or two left to where he can be productive if he moves back to an established team.

Toyota obviously needs to do some work with its NASCAR package. That's not to say them jumping in this year was a bad move since they need track time to experiment and learn the aerodynamics. It's just been rough on the poor souls forced to drive Toyota. They should be better next year.
2007-06-11 08:42:44 PM  
Given all of those Toyota top 10 finishes this year in NC, i think they got their one and only in coca cola 600, it wouldn't matter who was driving right now, the cars aren't competitive enough.

In fairness to Toyota (i feel dirty already) under a different set of qualifying rules where you had more than 8 places decided in qualifying they would have made more races this year. Waltrip was 22nd fastest a few weeks back and didn't qualify.

The top 35 can show up and qualify in race trim, the remaining 8 spots are decided by teams which have to qualify in a setup that isn't condusive to racing.

If Nascar really wants more interest in qualifying, only give the top 15 automatic qualification. Or, even better, go in 4 race cycles where in week 1, 1-10 auto qualify, then in week 2 its 11-21, then 22-33 and then 34-43. So even some of those lower in the points can qualify in a race trim.

/chevy fan
2007-06-11 08:52:28 PM  
jbernie: If Nascar really wants more interest in qualifying, only give the top 15 automatic qualification. Or, even better, go in 4 race cycles where in week 1, 1-10 auto qualify, then in week 2 its 11-21, then 22-33 and then 34-43. So even some of those lower in the points can qualify in a race trim.

Or how about going back to the old system where everybody has to race in on time?
2007-06-11 09:18:27 PM  
Good, DJ needs to get the hell out of there. Sure, the last few years haven't been that great for him, but at least up until this point he'd been qualifying for the farking races. I think he could be competitive again if he got back on a decent team.
2007-06-11 09:27:52 PM  
I still have few 88 DJ shirts that I havn't ripped up and thrown away, maybe I'll hold on to them for another week or two.But then I'm STILL p.o.'d that DJ left RYR.

Why did Roush get so much better with RYR engines, but RYR got seemingly no better getting technology Roush?
2007-06-11 09:30:31 PM  

Because Roush has better drivers, more funds and more testing?
2007-06-11 10:13:31 PM  
That, and all Roush was lacking was a little horsepower. And NOBODY makes horsepower like Doug Yates (just look at the qualifyng results from the past five years on the plate tracks). Yates was and still is missing a lot of pieces. Roush was just lacking a few horsepower, and they got it by having Doug Yates keep them 6 months behind his work (but still 6 months ahead of everyone except Hendrick).
2007-06-12 03:43:46 AM  
I don't know why Toyota chose MWR to be their front line team. I mean even ol' DW's team back in the early-mid 90's turned out to be a failure. They had one or two wins in '92 and then fell off big time. Towards the end of his career DW was having to use his past champion's provisional every week to get into the races running his own team.

Then Dale Earnhardt put him in his DEI #1 Pennzoil car driven by the injured Steve Park in '97 for a few races and ol' DW almost won Michigan and ran in the top 5.

It just goes to show how important equipment is. Dale Jarrett didn't qualify for the Darlington race this past spring. Yet he flat out dominated the 2001 Darlington Southern 500 and won pulling away. His last win at Talladega in '05 was taken by being patient and smart and jumping at his opportunity. We are talking about a former Winston Cup Champion here. He has not forgotten how to drive or win.

fototime.comView Full Size

For pete's sake people Wyler Racing runs Jack Sprauge and Johnny Benson in the Truck Series. In their first Nextel Cup race they ever showed up for they qualified for the show at Richmond last month when Michael Waltrip and Dale Jarrett both went home. That tells you something right there about the team and equipment Jarrett is driving. Wyler is also quite underfunded compared to the MWR team's NAPA and UPS sponsors.

If he does leave I hope he takes his UPS 'ball' and goes somewhere that will put him in a decent car.

More sim racing goodness. OH NOES TEEHY CAN TURN RITE TOO!?!

Locked em up going into 1..
fototime.comView Full Size

fototime.comView Full Size

fototime.comView Full Size

Sideways off 11 spinning both wheels. Posi traction FTW!
fototime.comView Full Size
2007-06-12 09:49:35 AM  
the biggest redneck here

Jarrett has sucked for a solid five years now. He fell off the cliff after 2002. Time ctaches up with some people suddenly like that.

Ummmmmm, no. Your not even close to being right. He left RYR and the guy who took over for him, another veteran driver but a little younger, has done slightly worse but not appreciably so. RYR has fallen off a cliff since 2002.

So for a big payday he moves to Toyota who knows it could struggle and figures they could use Jarrett's Championship provisionals stash as a backup. Yes thats the stupidity of this team - they specifically paid him for this situation and now are wanting to can him for it.

he's the 3rd highest ranked Toyota driver and the highest in MWR. Jarrett drove off a cliff eh? Looks like its only because the car didnt have any brakes.
2007-06-12 01:46:54 PM  
I'd like to make a statement:

David Gilliland is overrated.
2007-06-12 02:22:29 PM  
Actually, I'm dead on. Jarrett hasn't been any good in years and has made (I think) only two races on time. He'd easily be the worst of the bad were it not for the provisionals, and it's really saying something to be the only person running any worse than Mikey.
2007-06-12 02:31:48 PM  
Correction, Ward Burton won the 2001 Southern 500. It was the March race DJ came back to win.
2007-06-12 05:20:10 PM  
I thought that they should have added qualifying into the Chase.

Instead of top 12 - leave the top 10 but add 2 wildcards.

11th spot to the winningest driver (wins, top 5s, top 10s) regardless of points position (so a Kahne or a Busch or someone gets in even with 5-6 DNFs)

12th spot to the most poles.

Think about races 17-26.... you would have dudes going crazy on Fridays to get poles. Thsat would be a lot of fun to watch (and I think 5 points for the pole is interesting too)

And then the races... you'd have a ton of guys with qual set ups at the front dropping to the back after the green flag. Would make that first 100 miles a lot more interesing.

but back on topic... I think its pretty lame they used up DJs provisionals and then he gets kicked to the curb.
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