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(Some guy who looks things up)   Actual list of those 10 dangerous things you shouldn't eat while driving   ( divider line
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10245 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Aug 2002 at 7:53 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-29 06:38:52 PM  
I always spill coffee driving in the morning. ALWAYS. I spilled some on the seat this morning. If I ever showed up to work without fresh coffee stains, my co-workers would be worried: they would start asking me what was wrong.
2002-08-29 07:56:01 PM  
What?!?! No puntang!!!?
2002-08-29 08:00:33 PM  
Pretty soon they are going to ban drinking beverages while operating motorcycles. Darn.
2002-08-29 08:01:16 PM  
2. Soft Drinks

That's why I drink beer.
2002-08-29 08:01:55 PM  
What about powdered donuts? They're hard to eat even if you're not driving.
2002-08-29 08:02:02 PM  
10. Coffee

What!?! They can have my coffe when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
2002-08-29 08:02:35 PM  
Is it still ok for obese women to eat with forks and knives while driving?
2002-08-29 08:04:46 PM  
Again the glorious Tang is left off the list, very difficult to eat effectively while driving eaiser to just manipulate rather then eat.. but at least there is one thing you are encoraged to play with before you eat
2002-08-29 08:08:41 PM  
Whatchu talkin bout, guys?

Pussy is mentioned. And I quote:

""if it can drip, don't eat it while you drive."

Makes me wonder what kind of pussy you boys been eating..
2002-08-29 08:09:23 PM  
"Jelly and Cream-Filled Donuts - Imagine the disaster as messy jelly oozes onto drivers' clothes and they become more focused on the spill than the highway."

damn cops

"The odds of having a food-related accident can double if the vehicle has a stick shift since eating, shifting and steering requires increased dexterity and adds one more variable to the equation"

points to 16 dex D&D score
2002-08-29 08:09:31 PM  
... dang, nuclear waste doesn't count as the most dangerous thing you could eat while driving ... not that I consume much nuclear waste but Amp comes pretty close.
2002-08-29 08:13:24 PM  
Imagine the disaster as messy jelly oozes onto drivers' clothes and they become more focused on the spill than the highway.

Joke for sale.
2002-08-29 08:15:15 PM  
Don't eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in the car, dumbasses.
2002-08-29 08:16:18 PM  
My uncle once got a speeding ticket while eating a chicken pot pie. He had it sitting on the dashboard, behind the steering wheel. The cop didn't give him a ticket for eating the pot pie, but he yelled at my uncle for a good 5 minutes about how unsafe it was to do...
2002-08-29 08:20:13 PM  
Buffalo wings. Those would be hard to eat when driving. A big steak that you need to cut with a steak knife. Also not a good idea.

Oh, and sleeping pills. Definitely avoid eating sleeping pills when driving.
2002-08-29 08:21:36 PM  
It's way more distracting to drive while being eaten =P
2002-08-29 08:23:42 PM  
Yay for BarkingKitten because that's the truth!
2002-08-29 08:27:17 PM  
Whoa! JOHNDX! Host my pic too! =D
2002-08-29 08:28:03 PM  
Well, tacos were pretty much a given...
2002-08-29 08:28:37 PM  
I must disagree BarkingKitten while it is distracting I find the calming effect to enhance the driving experience, especially on Road trips... There is precious little in this world better then Road Head..

This just in Vicadin and work do not mix well, but the migraine is now officailly gone... Same loopyness, same feeling of not being able to drive just no pain no more
2002-08-29 08:33:06 PM  
I happen to know for a fact that at least three members of theFark band will give road head upon request.

So long as they aren't driving, I see no problem with this.
2002-08-29 08:52:12 PM  
Vman: Most narcotics won't help a migraine. But a couple of shots of espresso works for me. And I get the really bad, can't move, vomiting kind of migraines.
2002-08-29 09:10:20 PM  
They did mention poon, they said tacos, didn't they?
2002-08-29 09:11:46 PM  
Ughhh. Driving with a migraine is totally trippin' man! My doctor started me on B2 and magnesium, and the migraines are rare now.
2002-08-29 09:46:02 PM  
I swear I saw some total moron eating a BOWL OF CEREAL while driving to work on the Long Island Expressway one morning. And yes, he was using a spoon...
2002-08-29 09:48:59 PM  
The other day I seen this woman steering with her knees while shoving a hoagie down her throat. It was disgusting.
2002-08-29 09:55:34 PM  
yea, there was an afternoon, i was trying to eat my cream of leek soup on my way to work....
2002-08-29 10:07:35 PM  

Lion's Choice (don't know if it's a national fast food chain or not) has the BEST cream of broccoli soup. I always eat it while driving. The real trick is dipping the roast beef sandwich in the soup and shifting down into fourth gear on the highway in an attempt to cut off some schmuck in a Lexus.
2002-08-29 10:21:40 PM  
wot about food on skewers? Nothing like a sharp and sudden stop to impale several inches of bamboo through the back of the neck.
2002-08-29 11:40:07 PM  
Oh good. I can still have my lobster on the way to work.
2002-08-29 11:51:45 PM  
"Coffee - Uncovered drinks generally are the greatest offenders..." Well, put a cover on it then, bonehead. Coffee is not inherently dangerous, it's the stupid container. And if coffee is THE WORST thing, why is not hot tea on the list at all.

I've seen some stupid top ten lists but this one is now number one on my stupid top ten list of stupid top ten lists.
2002-08-30 01:11:25 AM  

Puntang is the capitol of Malaysia or something.

*Also referred to as Poon, Tang, Pooty, Pooty-poot-poot, etc.
2002-08-30 02:10:11 AM  
Nobody mentioned smoking while driving a stick shift. Especially when you have no farking air conditioner and drive with the windows open and ash gets all over your farking car. Now THAT'S distracting.
2002-08-30 10:06:01 AM  
Pizza is not on the list. Now I can feel safe picking up a pie on the way home and eating a few slices.
2002-08-30 09:28:40 PM  
Nothin' like driving with a Coleman stove on the passenger seat, roasting marshmallows.
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