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(WFTV Orlando)   "Old People Suck" sign upsets Orlando seniors (with photos)   ( divider line
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21623 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jun 2007 at 6:48 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-08 05:17:32 PM  
And they suck even better when they remove their teeth.
2007-06-08 05:42:24 PM  
FTFA: One senior was so upset she took a picture

These seniors are really out of control. This kind of rage shall not be tolerated!
2007-06-08 05:42:26 PM  
They should have whipped up a bigger sign that said "Construction Workers Blow. Each Other"
2007-06-08 05:45:43 PM  
2007-06-08 06:47:01 PM  
Truth in advertising.
2007-06-08 06:50:14 PM  
"The next thing we knew, we looked over and he had made a sign, holding it, said 'Old People Suck,'" Taylor said.

No, unbalanced girlfriends suck.

2007-06-08 06:52:02 PM  
Norad: They should have whipped up a bigger sign that said "Construction Workers Blow. Each Other"

You mean they don't?
2007-06-08 06:52:50 PM  
Old people aren wonderful to have around:

They're full of money and easy to rob.
2007-06-08 06:54:29 PM  
The truth hurts.
2007-06-08 06:54:31 PM  
No, no, no. Old People stink.

/old people smell like old people
2007-06-08 06:55:01 PM  
"Old people suck"

But nice people swallow...
2007-06-08 06:56:04 PM  
Wosr.t atriclew.ritign.evir
2007-06-08 06:57:19 PM  
"It was a lot of laughing, pointing fingers and giggling and hoopla," said Claudia Platt.

Those construction workers, with their hoopla. Were there hijinx, too?

Twenty-three skidoo.
2007-06-08 06:57:25 PM  
You smell like grandma's house. You blow like grandma's farts.
2007-06-08 06:58:14 PM  
It's the Depends and colostomy bags they wear that makes them stink and the sponge baths with mildewed sponges. Gotta love the knee-high stockings and the drawn-on eyebrows though.

/Not really.
2007-06-08 06:58:37 PM  
I can only hope that those who think like the guy holding up the sign get old enough to realize just how cruel that thought is.
2007-06-08 07:00:09 PM  
FTA: Eyewitness News showed the picture to construction workers at the site. Some were amused.

"I'm old! I don't suck!" one said.

That sounds like all of my "old" relatives. They don't take offense to anything. If you stepped over the line you'd know it, canes hurt real bad.
2007-06-08 07:00:21 PM  
unicornrider: I can only hope that those who think like the guy holding up the sign get old enough to realize just how cruel that thought is.

After parsing your mangled syntax, I hope they don't. I know I won't.
2007-06-08 07:00:21 PM  
I immediately forwarded that article to my elderly parents. I hope they find it as funny as I do.
2007-06-08 07:00:43 PM  
Not to get too personal, but a young man standing in the middle of Orlando wearing a sign that says "I Hate Old People", is either got some serious issues, or not all his dogs are barking.

Guy yawns

Hey! I'm talking to you! Now you've got about ten seconds before those senios see you, and when they do they will kill you. Do you understand? You're about to have a very bad day.
2007-06-08 07:01:42 PM  
seniors. There, I did it myself.
2007-06-08 07:02:27 PM ?
2007-06-08 07:02:37 PM  
I liked the fact that the woman was biatching said:

"This is America. We should have the right to wave our signs and feel safe."

But because he was waving a sign that she didn't like, he loses HIS right to protest?

/get off my lawn
2007-06-08 07:03:05 PM
Happy Bunny shirts were banned from Sears at Town Center Mall after the elderly had a hissy fit and protested.
2007-06-08 07:04:48 PM  
I can't wait until I'm really old.

/STFU you lil' whippersnappers!
//and get off my lawn!
2007-06-08 07:05:29 PM  
Sandra Taylor, 64, stood across the street and could feel the sign shouting at her.

Because she sure couldn't see that far.
2007-06-08 07:05:33 PM

/they can't work computers
//probably not obscure in the UK
2007-06-08 07:05:37 PM  
I feel signs shouting at me.
2007-06-08 07:06:40 PM  
"I'm old! I don't suck!" one said.

I don't know why, but that is the funniest thing I've seen all day.
2007-06-08 07:06:57 PM  
"Next up...the case of the cantankerous old geezer!"
2007-06-08 07:07:00 PM  
That's like puting a "west enders suck" sign up in Liverpool.

Just dumb.
2007-06-08 07:09:12 PM  
Construction workers don't get old. Thats why they hate old people.
2007-06-08 07:09:54 PM  
"Oil purple sack?? Why, I've never heard anything so outra- zzz zzz zzz"
2007-06-08 07:10:36 PM  
This story needs to make national news. Anything we can do to keep more old people out of FL the better.

/What? They drive too slow!
2007-06-08 07:13:06 PM  
Old people suck so much they call the news to report a cardboard sign.

How many tee shirts have been printed with the phrase "boys suck" on them?
2007-06-08 07:13:13 PM  
that was the funniest thing I have watched in a long ass time.
Sorry lady, you don't have a right to not get offended and they play the "scared" card.

/grew up in the state with its own tag, old people really do suck. Go drive on US-19 in the winter time, although it makes driving interesting; because you are constantly in danger of your life.

hey dumbasses being "old" is a word you make yourself to be in your head....I say I am farking old all the time, and I am not even 25.

"old" could be anywhere from 10-115 depending on who you ask....or more importantly their age
2007-06-08 07:14:18 PM  
But old people do suck. I say we should abolish senior citizen discounts, and replace them with 10% "why aren't you dead yet?" surcharges. Grumpy whiny fossils who think they are owed something can DIAF.
2007-06-08 07:15:01 PM  

*I farking previewed that too...
2007-06-08 07:15:31 PM  

hey dumbasses being "old" is a word you make yourself to be in your head....I say I am farking old all the time, and I am not even 25.

Oh thank God. A 24 year old is here to tell us all how to deal with being old.
2007-06-08 07:15:40 PM  
Anything that pisses off old people is okay with me.
2007-06-08 07:15:58 PM  
You know what pisses off seniors more? Closed signs on the door of Country Kitchen Buffet.
2007-06-08 07:16:29 PM  
I once yelled "you suck!" to a random outside a college dorm window, some eight floors down. They actually made a complaint, and I had to retract the statement to their face, reassuring them "you don't suck" before they would go away. Who knew his grandmother lives in Florida...
2007-06-08 07:17:50 PM  
Here is a old people sucking right in here and more in here. Here is more old people sucking right in here and here.
2007-06-08 07:19:13 PM  
Dude should have just snapped a pic of Ethel's *Mexicans Suck Go home!* sign.

"Yo soy Mexicano y no el Suck!"
2007-06-08 07:20:12 PM  
Punks need to grow up.
2007-06-08 07:20:17 PM  
Of course old people suck. All the best ones are dead by then.

2007-06-08 07:20:49 PM  
Taylor and Platt were a part of a small group of seniors protesting immigration reform across the street.

I suspect there were immigrants among the construction workers. Otherwise old people in Florida (and hurricanes) keep the construction worker busy.

As an old person, I predict that the Orlando oldsters will get over it...or die first.
2007-06-08 07:22:34 PM  
I would have made my own little sign that said,
And that would have been that.
2007-06-08 07:23:36 PM  
Fluff Girl
Those construction workers, with their hoopla. Were there hijinx, too?

Worse, I heard there were shenanigans.

What, pray tell, was their old-person rally about? Did the price of the buffet at the Ponderosa go up a nickel?
2007-06-08 07:23:45 PM  
"Call this an unfair generalization if you must, but old people are no good at everything."
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