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2002-08-29 04:18:37 PM
With all the crap on TV, Buffy got a thumbs down from the Fundies because of "the occult." What a load...
2002-08-29 04:18:39 PM
I like me some Buffy
And Willow
2002-08-29 04:21:03 PM
long live...oh..wait all of TV sux
2002-08-29 04:21:03 PM
I think Buffy is a good show. I don't feel sorry for myself.
2002-08-29 04:21:13 PM
Most of my friends are obsessed with "Buffy." I watched it a few times and didn't see what the big deal was. They even get together every Tuesday night to watch it together...mind you, we are talking about people in their 30's with big important jobs...

It all annoys and perturbs me a bit, because they talk about the show ALL THE TIME. It's just a TV show, for chrissakes! I mean, I love TV, but I don't go getting all obsessive about it or anything...
2002-08-29 04:21:42 PM
"if anyone thinks buffy is a good show then i feel sorry for you"

The writing's good, inventive.. it's a nice little action-soap opera. Not my favorite show, but I can see why it's well regarded.
2002-08-29 04:22:53 PM
lets not forget about that piece of shiat show Smallville
2002-08-29 04:23:34 PM

I think Buffy is one of the best written shows on the tube.

You may now proceed with your sympathy.
2002-08-29 04:24:07 PM
"Right-wing psychos hate Buffy, love Billy Ray Cyrus"
Well, just don't tell my heart, my acky - breaky heart: I just don't think it'll understand.
2002-08-29 04:24:54 PM
wait i found a show....LONG LIVE "24"!!!!!
2002-08-29 04:26:20 PM
about Billy Ray Cyrus, he actualy has his own TV show, i guesse it is clean cut, except for his mullet, but I've never seen it, just the commercials
2002-08-29 04:26:22 PM
I've only seen Buffy once in my life, but how can it be worse than any reality show, or anything from the "When animals attack" or "World's scariest food fights" genre is beyond me.
2002-08-29 04:26:34 PM
"The PTC instead want to see more of a TV shows like Doc, which is about a country doctor living in the city."

I've never heard of it. Sounds exciting though. Does it have that irrepressable Ted Danson?
2002-08-29 04:27:22 PM
BUFFY SUX!!! there someone had to say it
2002-08-29 04:27:30 PM
So let me get this straight. Ass-kicking hotties = Bad
Boring, mullet-headed hicks = good.

Well, I can't argue with that logic.
2002-08-29 04:28:24 PM
The PTC instead want to see more of a TV shows like Doc, which is about a country doctor living in the city.

How about a show about a country doctor who gets banged by a hot blonde, and then she drives a stake through his achey breaky heart? Now THAT'S entertainment!
2002-08-29 04:29:30 PM
Anyone see Billy Ray in the movie Mullholland Drive? Wonder what the Right-Wingers and Jesus-Crispies would think of that movie. I had to watch it three Time before I really got it.
2002-08-29 04:30:58 PM
Well, the show does suck.
2002-08-29 04:30:58 PM
Bill Hicks on Billy Ray Cyrus and his appeal to women:

"farking homunculus mongoloid...no wonder this country's turning into Dogpatch if that's who you want to rut with."
2002-08-29 04:31:59 PM
Left-wing psychos hate Ann Coulter, love Anna-Nicole Smith!
2002-08-29 04:32:56 PM
They got not liking Buffy right, but they got the reason for hating wrong!
2002-08-29 04:32:56 PM
Gwinny: What do you obsess over?

Ahem, Good call on Willow, Jeff
2002-08-29 04:33:37 PM
The PTC instead want to see more of a TV shows like Doc, which is about a country doctor living in the city.

In other words, set the wayback machine to late 60's early 70's sitoms. I thought that was what TV Land was for.
2002-08-29 04:34:09 PM
I like Buffy, but last season kinda blew.
2002-08-29 04:34:58 PM
Buffy rocks!

Mmmmm Spike..
2002-08-29 04:36:07 PM
Ah, Bill Hicks is a God.

"There isn't a woman in here who wouldn't break her pelvis spreading her legs to let him shoot his waterhead semen into her belly"

I wish his TV show would have come into being. The world would have been a better place.
2002-08-29 04:39:14 PM
The show was so much better before it became a silly soap-opera primarily about Buffy and her romantic entanglements. There's way too much emphasis on who she's sleeping with and not enough on the well balanced character/plot-driven drama like earlier seasons.
2002-08-29 04:40:02 PM
Right wingers love BRC? I wish he would go back to the hole he came from.

And what's wrong with Buffy? Not that I watch it, I've only seen one or two shows. "Silence", I think is the one I most remember, really slick looking dudes floating around not saying anything.
2002-08-29 04:40:27 PM
DBCooper: I agree.

A question for the Buffy haters: why do you dislike it?
2002-08-29 04:43:27 PM
I hate it when people hate something for all the wrong reasons.
2002-08-29 04:46:04 PM
Bass555: nothing much anymore. I guess the closest I would come to obsession would be my undying love for David Bowie, but I'm not, like, following him around the world, collecting all the bios ever written on him, etc. I just think he's great and try to catch him every time he plays NYC.

I guess "obsession" is a very fluid, subjective term...I just happen to be of the opinion that having strong feelings towards TV shows is somehow less valid than having them towards music genres/artists. Even with fantastic shows like "Six Feet Under," it's one thing to catch the shows and enjoy them, and quite another to organize one's entire social schedule around airings, buying merchandise, talking incessantly about it...see what I'm sayin'?
2002-08-29 04:47:25 PM
If I had to watch shows like "Doc" and "Touched by and Angel", I'd gouge out my eye with a rusty fork.
2002-08-29 04:50:57 PM
Thorn, Danho:
This week on celebrity hunting, we track and kill Billy Ray Cyrus...
2002-08-29 05:01:51 PM
Gwinny: I'm with ya...I will, however, confess that I am obsessive with regard to my own music...

Ok, folks, Have a great weekend!
2002-08-29 05:02:23 PM
Hmm.. I guess they missed the episode of 'Doc' with the
four-way zoophile gangbang..
2002-08-29 05:05:55 PM
When will people figure out that money runs this country, and not Jesus?

I'd prefer that neither of them did, but let's be realistic here.
2002-08-29 05:07:46 PM
Repoman: We meet again, its been a long time stargate defender.
2002-08-29 05:13:14 PM
I'm a right-winger, but--

Sarah Michelle Gellar... I'd hit it
Billy Ray Cyrus... I'd punch it
2002-08-29 05:15:44 PM
Buffy is pretty much the only show I watch, and one of the best shows on teevee. That's not such a great accomplishment, but hey, would you rather watch mind-numbing garbage like Survivor or the Anna Nicole Fatbody show?

Christ, it's got Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, and Eliza Dushku. The only thing better than the three of them would be the three of them together...completely naked...writhing...mmm..

*fap fap fap fap fap fap*
2002-08-29 05:15:44 PM
Gwinny--I don't know, i was pretty obsessed with the xfiles for a while. even had a website. gave me something to do when i was unemployed. if it makes ya happy...
2002-08-29 05:16:30 PM
Ash216: Now THAT was a good show. "Indeed it has, Dave."
2002-08-29 05:23:46 PM
Er, referring to the NewsRadio quote...
2002-08-29 05:35:53 PM
Alyson Hannigan makes me want to wank my todger down to a bloodied stump.
2002-08-29 05:43:22 PM
If being touched by an angel is like being touched by a preist, i want none of it.

I never got into Buffy. I love the original flick with Kristy Swanson and Donald Sutherland, though. Great B movie.

But I would easily watch Buffy over 'Doc' any day of the week.

Damn fundies! Go back to your churches, you loons!
2002-08-29 05:48:58 PM
"Doc" is noting but a big ripoff of this show anyways:

Only with a doctor, not a cop.
2002-08-29 05:50:16 PM
WTF are they thinking? What about Fear Factor? Do they prefer a show about rectum-eating to a show about defeating evil? I wonder what Bevets thinks of this.
2002-08-29 05:53:55 PM
I believe that all the nations of the world should band together in order to, by any means nescessary (including the use of lethal force) to prevent Billy Ray Cyrus form unleasing another song like Achy Breaky heart on the mainstream American listening public.
2002-08-29 05:56:25 PM
Anyways, the only way they'd get me to watch Touched by an Angel is if they replaced the current cast with the Sports by Brooks girls, who'd do a lot of touching.... of each other... in the shower.... Ummm.... yeahhhh....

I think I have to go to the bathroom now.

*fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*
2002-08-29 06:04:24 PM
I was reading the PTC's website about this list. They were really loading praise on the WB for green lighing so many "Family Friendly" shows. What the WB is really doing is just bracing themselves for the day when they have to take 7th Heaven out behind the barn and shoot it like the lame horse it is. Face it, 7th Heaven 's days are numbered because Barry Watson (the guy who plays Matt) has left the series for good due to Hodgkin's disease, Jessica (I'd hit it) Beil (who plays Mary) is for all intents and purposes not going to be a regular anymore, and the show is getting old and they are running out of show ideas pretty damn quick.
2002-08-29 06:16:23 PM
Actually, you guys, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (loaded with plenty of magic and occultish things) makes their top ten family friendly shows list, while Buffy gets slammed for the use of the occult.

These guys are noting more than farking hypocrites

However the idea of Jessica Beil, Mellisa-Joan Hart and Sarah Michelle Gellar in a hot three-way.........

I think I have to go to the bathroom again!

*fap fap fap fap fap fap*
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