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(JSOnline)   Muslim woman pulled over for speeding who shouted, "I am a warrior for Allah, at war with the U.S." has been convicted of "menacing."   ( divider line
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2002-08-29 09:23:11 AM  
Say it, don't spray it... ( >< ) "I hate you, Kenny"
2002-08-29 10:31:22 AM  
This is all just so wrong, for so many reasons.
2002-08-29 12:29:07 PM  
Not just "menacing," but "aggravated menacing."

I'm sure that deserves a much harsher punishment. Pfft.
2002-08-29 01:53:54 PM  
She's lucky she didn't get felony taunt.

Same story, different topic: What's with the asshats that called 911 because they saw someone wearing mid-east attire?
2002-08-29 02:18:26 PM  
She's lucky she didn't get turned into a bloodstain.
2002-08-29 02:18:40 PM  
Give her the same punishment she would get in a muslim country -stone her! that way she'll learn to love the United States... well if she lives
2002-08-29 02:19:11 PM  
Thoughtcrime: report to room 101 in the Ministry of Truth.
2002-08-29 02:19:28 PM  
Just let her go. But disclose her address and phone number in the newspaper...
2002-08-29 02:19:49 PM  
....and people are DEFENDING her against this arrest? Right.
2002-08-29 02:20:53 PM  
She should have said: "I fart in your general direction, American pig-dogs! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!"
2002-08-29 02:21:14 PM  
She's lucky she didn't get turned into a bloodstain.

I dunno, when muslim yells "I am a warrior for Allah, at war with the U.S." , I pretty much expect them to splatter all over something.
2002-08-29 02:21:14 PM  
The national office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said it would announce plans Thursday to assist Ali in appealing the conviction.

Judge: You're off free. I'm sentancing you to 180 days, waiving them all except for time served.
2002-08-29 02:22:18 PM  
During her trial, Ali called the officers "bullish . . . "

Shoulda bought stocks instead of yelling.
2002-08-29 02:22:19 PM  

"ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio - A Muslim woman has been convicted of threatening sheriff's deputies during a clash on an eastern Ohio highway just hours after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."

[image from too old to be available]

2002-08-29 02:22:22 PM  
During her trial, Ali called the officers ``bullish and aggressive'' and said she feared for her life.

Sounds like she's describing the opposite of the current stock market.

2002-08-29 02:22:43 PM  
If she was speeding, she should get a ticket. If her screaming caused her to drive recklessly, she should get in trouble for that. But being convicted for 'menacing?!' I never even heard of that. That's just stupid.
2002-08-29 02:24:12 PM  
Don't speed in Mr. Wilson's neighborhood.
2002-08-29 02:24:19 PM  
She said she was at war with the US. Make her a POW.
2002-08-29 02:24:41 PM  
Seriously, she was using a "deadly wepon" (car), and she was shouting all this gihad nonsense and what not. She should be shipped to Guantanamo with the rest of the terrorists. The only difference is that her car did not explode.
2002-08-29 02:25:19 PM  
If she is at war with the U.S. why is sher still here
2002-08-29 02:25:31 PM  
Why in the hell would someone shout "I am a warrior for Allah, at war with the U.S." hours after the 9/11 attacks? Perhaps she was looking for a beat-down from the cops?
2002-08-29 02:26:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-29 02:26:10 PM  
warrior for Allah, and at war with the U.S.''

she should have gotten life in prision.
2002-08-29 02:26:54 PM  
Impaler: Let's see, returning to Baltimore, home of many Muslims, from visiting Detriot and Chicago, which have some of the largest Muslim population in the US. They got pulled over in St. Clairsville, Ohio, which apparently has a high
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2002-08-29 02:26:55 PM  
Because, of course, anyone wearing funny clothes should have 911 called on them.
2002-08-29 02:26:56 PM  
Anyone see any mention of her speeding?
2002-08-29 02:27:20 PM  
Any person that claims to be at war with the United States should be treated as such. Love it, or leave it... seriously, I don't understand these people that go on, and on, and on, about how much they hate the states... yet LIVE here. If you hate us THAT much, then get the hell out. Don't let the door hit you, where the good lord split you biatch.
2002-08-29 02:27:48 PM  
I get the feeling that if the woman had been a white man and said 'I am a Warrior for God, at war with disbelievers', the same people who are defending her would be clamoring for 2 years in for 'menacing'.
2002-08-29 02:29:24 PM  
I'd be interested to see if she and her two relatives denied ever making that statement.
Cops are allowed, legally, to lie their asses off on the stand so long as they are not testifying about something they are materially involved with. (Ok, it's still technically illegal for them to do so, but they are immune from purgury charges and civil action when they do so.)
(Materially involved means that the testimony is about something they actually did, as opposed to something they witnessed or merely acted as law enforcement in. So, for instance, when the cops out in Montana opened fire on a family for no reason other than they refused to come out of their home (they weren't actually the people they were looking for, as it turned out), and then testified that they were fired on first (resulting in some jail time for the father before it was sorted out, I believe), they COULD be sued by the family because they lied about their own actions.)
2002-08-29 02:29:24 PM  
The dumb rag heads deserve it...
[image from too old to be available]

... biatch..

i hate people that make trouble..

2002-08-29 02:31:40 PM  
Remember "My Cousin Viny":
"I said, 'did you kill him' and he said, 'I killed him'".

Oh how the written qoute can be so different from the actual spoken phrase. Makes one wonder how, "I am a warrior for Allah, at war with the U.S" actually sounded when spoken.
2002-08-29 02:32:02 PM  
Just read the article a second time... Where does it say they were stopped for speeding? I'd say they have a case against deputies for being put in jail for looking Middle Eastern (aka: Menacing).

And they were in jail for EIGHT days! I'd soil myself if I had to be in jail for eight hours.
2002-08-29 02:33:15 PM  
Shagadog banned & post deleted in 5... 4... 3... 2...
2002-08-29 02:33:18 PM  
TheWhiteDragon: So what you're saying is that you hold your country as a defender of rights and freedoms, as long as they don't use those rights to say bad things about your country? That's not how it works. Either people are free to say and believe anything they want or they're not.

Now with that having been said, to say you're at war with a country upon whose soil you happen to be standing is just plain stupid. Does the US not have a law prohibiting declarations of war against them?
2002-08-29 02:34:07 PM  
That's good thinking there Sheeba.
Next time go to Harlem and scream the N word.
2002-08-29 02:34:22 PM  
Truth be told, if she yelled this at an officer, I would hope the officer held for psychiatric counseling

...and revoked her license
2002-08-29 02:34:27 PM  
Shagdog--Speak the truth!!!
2002-08-29 02:36:24 PM  
Flakeloaf People are in fact able to say, and believe what they want. And I'm not saying that they should go to jail for what they said. I was merely stating that if you hate the USA so much, then why are you here? To say that you are at WAR with us, is not a simple protest... it's a reference to a violent act. And if you have the need to commit violent acts against the USA, then yes, you should be jailed.
2002-08-29 02:37:17 PM  
seriously, I don't understand these people that go on, and on, and on, about how much they hate the states... yet LIVE here. If you hate us THAT much...

This is why I don't buy it. Why would anyone live here who hates it, coupled with saying "at war with the U.S." on 9/11? It just smacks of "cops covering own ass".
2002-08-29 02:37:45 PM  
*Insert turkey call*
2002-08-29 02:37:46 PM  
TheWhiteDragon--Don't try to explain yourself. People like Flakeloaf will never understand real logic.
2002-08-29 02:38:25 PM  
declaring war on a country and free speech are two seperate things, besides yell your loudest in a public place that you want to k*ll the pres and see what happens.
2002-08-29 02:38:34 PM  
Oh... I missed the '/lies' part. I take back my earlier prediction. My new prediction is that this thread turns into a massive flame war.
2002-08-29 02:39:45 PM  

I don't currently have the funds to sail/fly overseas. Otherwise, I most certainly would. I believe many other people are in the same position.

I'm here against my will.
2002-08-29 02:39:51 PM  

People like you are the reason why many Arab countries, and other hate America. Thanks for your myopic, isolated views, I think its time for you to move some applainces onto your front yard.

2002-08-29 02:39:53 PM  

Because people are stupid. Why would the cops need to "cover" their asses? I forgot, this is Fark, where cops are automatically hated for doing their jobs.
2002-08-29 02:40:21 PM  
Come on everyone chant with me.

2002-08-29 02:40:29 PM  
The article failed to mention how she had just stolen a six-pack from my garage.

2002-08-29 02:40:30 PM  

True story:

We used to live a couple of houses down from this old nutcase who'd sit out in his yard in his strappy tee-shirt, boxer shorts, and hunting boots with a rifle across his knees. He'd begin drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniels, and pretty soon he'd be shouting about how the US government was due for a fall, how he'd be more than happy to shoot a couple of government men, etc. Sooner or later the cops would show up, arrest his dumb ass for drunk and disorderly, and divest of him of his (unloaded) rifle. A week or so later it would happen again. He wasn't arrested for his drunken sloganeering; if he'd left the rifle in the house, he could have sat out there all the live-long day tossing insults at the US Government.

You are free to be as obnoxious as you wish, as long as it doesn't put other people in danger or infringe on their rights of free expression.
2002-08-29 02:41:13 PM  
Just to turn this situation around a bit. What do you think would happen if an American or Jewish women said "I am a warrior for Jesus/Jehovah, I am at war with Saudi Arabia" when approached by Saudi police?
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