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(UPI)   An Italian salami can rev up sex life. Ok, I'll take your word for it   ( divider line
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2007-06-03 02:36:03 AM  
Q: How else can an Italian salami rev up sex life?

A: ask rugbyjock
2007-06-03 02:38:31 AM  
I have a feeling they are not eating them.
2007-06-03 02:39:37 AM  
But where do you hide it?
2007-06-03 02:44:06 AM  
Like a salami thrown down a hallway.
2007-06-03 02:50:54 AM  
Oh, you're supposed to eat the salami.

/thought it was something else entirely.
2007-06-03 02:52:50 AM  
if the salami you just purchased vibrates, it's not a salami
2007-06-03 02:57:02 AM  
first GIS hit for 'eating sausage':

or perhaps this is what they had in mind?:

/cream, chocolate, and a cherry
//"sausage" trifecta
2007-06-03 03:02:38 AM  
Wanna go play hide the salami?
/couldn't find a good source pic in the grocery
2007-06-03 03:13:06 AM  
Have some Italian salami in ya? Want to?
2007-06-03 03:21:35 AM  
No thanks. I've got a nice German rotundweisswurst attached to the fiance, thank you very much.

/Red and white sausage
//he's mostly German, but he's got enough Choctaw in him to enroll
2007-06-03 03:47:25 AM  
this goes in the "slow news day" hall of fame
2007-06-03 03:56:57 AM  
Pastrami is better, after all it is the most sensual of the salted cured meats.
2007-06-03 04:36:50 AM
2007-06-03 04:48:26 AM  
2007-06-03 05:38:15 AM  
2007-06-03 05:41:24 AM  
Dang it, too late to make the pastrami reference :)
2007-06-03 05:57:10 AM  
Please, somebody post a screencap of the grandma from "Beerfest" warming up the brat.

/so disturbing, I laughed my arse off!
2007-06-03 08:11:50 AM

What about pumpkins?
2007-06-03 08:36:53 AM  
the todd says he's got an italian salami for you.
2007-06-03 08:38:03 AM  
I tell my gf this all the time.
2007-06-03 09:06:05 AM  
HempHead's cartoon says (roughly) "Keep complaining and I'll ship you to New Orleans".
2007-06-03 09:25:23 AM  
What about a mortadella, then?
2007-06-03 09:38:50 AM

2007-06-03 09:40:20 AM  
My favorite new palindrome?

Go hang a salami. I'm a lasagna hog.
2007-06-03 10:37:36 AM  
Well, THIS would explain why I'm always having to fight off my italian-sub-eating husband...guess I should start eating those myself.
2007-06-03 10:46:55 AM  
opioid and hormonal elements in animal products
2007-06-03 11:44:52 AM
2007-06-03 12:29:57 PM  
It's true what they say about Italian sausage.

My favourite italian sausage

2007-06-03 12:34:35 PM  
It's all in where you put it.
2007-06-03 12:59:24 PM  
thickslab --- NSFSM. :(

2007-06-03 01:04:46 PM  

Great shot.
Is she thinking what I think she's thinking?
2007-06-03 02:13:30 PM  
"I find the pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted cured meats."
2007-06-03 02:15:52 PM  
dammit ucrmage how did i miss your post

/i suck at teh intertubes
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