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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Chicago Police Dept. has new high-tech helicopter with night vision and a radiation detector. Now, if only they can keep the pilot from landing it in front of a freight train   ( divider line
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2007-06-01 02:42:45 PM  
So, since when does a Jet-Ranger count as high tech? Cause those are pretty outdated helicopters... If they had an A-Star or something, then I might consider it high tech.
2007-06-01 02:49:30 PM  
It's a fully tricked out Robinson R-22 Beta.
2007-06-01 02:49:39 PM  
sarcastic664: If they had an A-Star or something, then I might consider it high tech.

Eh, A-Star is French so that loses major cool points.
2007-06-01 03:04:27 PM  

Yup, according to IMDB, we was in an accident that broke his neck, and they damaged his vocal cords putting a breathing tube down his throat. Currently living in Redwood, Mississippi, at a secluded horse ranch.


Not so much anymore. Saw her on Port Charles a couple of years ago, and she's now about two and a half Jean Bruce Scotts.
2007-06-01 03:06:27 PM  
Golden_Eternity:Eh, A-Star is French so that loses major cool points.

Dude, the copter from the film WAS French. Read the wiki entry.
2007-06-01 03:11:12 PM  
"The helicopter belongs to Cook County Sheriff Dept. and not the CPD."

What's the difference? Chicago makes up the majority of Cook County. If you said that to Daily he would probably do a Judge Dredd and yell: Cook County! I am Cook County!
2007-06-01 03:12:49 PM  
Did I say Daily, I meant Daley. I should be at home...
2007-06-01 03:16:16 PM  
Nobody can loop a Huey.

/or eat 60 eggs.
2007-06-01 03:29:11 PM  
I seem to remember one Airwolf episode where they flew up so high...the engine went out or something and they actually re-entered the atmosphere with all the heat & whatnot that entails. Of course they recovered just before hitting the ground.

Single most retarded thing I've ever seen - first a helicopter that can reach an altitude of, what, 25 miles, then it has a reentry heat shield...

As I said - farking retarded.

Of course, I was 10 at the time, so my memory might not be correct - but even at that age I knew something was REALLY implausible.
2007-06-01 03:31:03 PM
2007-06-01 03:34:52 PM  
I found out what JAFO means!
2007-06-01 03:37:19 PM  
sarcastic664: If they had an A-Star or something, then I might consider it high tech.

Back in the early '90s the LAPD pilots refused to fly them after two or three crashed in a one month period. If I remember correctly they all lost power.
2007-06-01 03:38:53 PM  
I loved Blue Thunder - but Airwolf was much better than the crappy Blue Thunder TV series.
2007-06-01 03:50:44 PM  
Kickin' it old school, Subby!
2007-06-01 03:52:28 PM  
Fark Jan-Michael Vincent. Because of his dumbass we only had three seasons of the real Airwolf. That Canadian stuff that came on USA doesn't count to me.

He was always on the sauce. It got so bad that sometimes they would have to hold him up for some of the interior Airwolf shots. No one knew if he would be able to get his lines out he was always so sloshed.

/1st season FTW
2007-06-01 04:00:33 PM  

Yes like I said 1st season FTW. Much darker, cold war espionage type episodes. The one I really enjoyed was "Moffit's Ghost" which was a computer virus that took pilot control and attacked civilian aircraft etc.

/Wow that was srsly nerdy.
2007-06-01 04:15:30 PM  
Farking Sweet

The Wolf goes back to the womb with a boom.
2007-06-01 04:34:25 PM  
If you said that to Daily [Daley] he would probably do a Judge Dredd and yell: Cook County! I am Cook County!

I can totally picture him doing that too.
2007-06-01 04:40:33 PM  
Bwahahaha subby, dislodged some cobwebs in my memory bank with that one.

/Funny I was timing myself coming out of the parking garage too...
2007-06-01 04:48:46 PM  
When you're walking on eggs... don't hop.

2007-06-01 06:12:32 PM  
Farking Sweet

"Moffett's Ghost" was 2nd season.

/also srsly nrdy
2007-06-01 06:12:35 PM  
the government had the ultimate weapon...but murphy stole their thunder...

/love this movie
//warren oates FTW
2007-06-01 06:43:58 PM  
Son, I had twenty years in this outfit when your idea of a good time was sittin' in front of the TV tube, watchin' Bugs Bunny, and gnawin' on your fudgesickle.
2007-06-01 07:34:12 PM  
I had an associate professor who (back in the day) became one of the first Afro-American police superintendents for the Chicago Police. He taught a class on Organizational Administration, but one day he fielded a few questions about the CPD. Being the hardware geek I was at the time I asked why the CPD didn't have any helicopters and why the officers didn't carry Glocks. His answer was that they tried the helicopter thing, but stopped mainly because they kept crashing(!) and on the Glocks that they were getting too many jams (stovepipes and failure to extract) on Glocks back in the 80's. When I suggested that they may have been having problems regarding "limp wristing" while shooting (you have to keep your wrist firm when rapid firing Glock pistols or they tend to jam for some reason) he jokingly asked me if that was a technical term...
2007-06-01 08:13:07 PM  
Oooh, a searchlight.
2007-06-01 09:27:36 PM  
Lift man up, look out window/

It's still that way actually.
2007-06-01 10:12:18 PM  
I, for one wouldn't trust the Chicago PD with a high tech chopper...
They can't even take care of their own cars!
2007-06-01 10:36:46 PM  
I see your "Blue Thunder" and "Airwolf" and raise you a...


/My obscure-fu is awesome to behold, indeed.
2007-06-01 10:53:54 PM  
Riptide was a fun show at the time with the Mimi and all. I recently got it and Mangnum PI from Netflix(I loves me some old school netflix tv)

The Magnum is still cool, the show is just very well done. Riptide did not hold up as well. Not neerly as entertaining as I remember as a kid

Btw, knowing Airwolf and Bluethunder does not make us cool or nerds. It makes us old!
2007-06-01 11:19:40 PM  

'Obscure-fu' FTW! Just became a permanent part of my personal lexicon.
2007-06-02 09:42:19 AM

Love Ernie, but Warren is da man's man.
2007-06-02 08:58:17 PM  
Uncle Hulka?
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