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(BBC)   As God is my witness, I didn't know frozen chickens could fly   ( divider line
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9635 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 May 2007 at 1:14 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-30 12:23:33 AM  
Mr. Carlson......if I may say........That was the most brilliant marketing ploy Ive ever seen
2007-05-30 12:54:22 AM  
Was Less Nessman on the scene?
2007-05-30 01:21:22 AM  
Australian police are investigating how and why homes near Sydney have been bombarded by dead chickens.

Well, jeez, could it be that they were askin for it?
2007-05-30 01:21:27 AM  
I genuflect in the glow of subby's sheer awesomeness.

/No, I'm not intoxicated.
//My nakedness?
///I have no explanation...
2007-05-30 01:21:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wanted for questioning...
2007-05-30 01:23:16 AM  
When chicken trebuchets are outlawed . . .
2007-05-30 01:23:21 AM  
Is it an air cannon or a trebuchet.
2007-05-30 01:23:58 AM  
Wonderful reference subby. I'd +1 you, but I'm not sure I've earned the right...

/fark it
2007-05-30 01:23:59 AM  
Chicken-Gun reported missing on set of Mythbusters.

.....yes beaten to it by Zeppelininthesky but worth saying anyway.
2007-05-30 01:25:37 AM  
odisae, you cannot say "trebuchet" as fast as I can!

2007-05-30 01:27:04 AM  
Well either that or they're interstellar chickens deep-frozen in space crash-landing into Aussie homes.

/I got this feeling that just aint right though.
2007-05-30 01:28:17 AM  
Alice: "What the hell did I know? hell it had feathers, it looked like a bird....."
2007-05-30 01:28:47 AM  
So even the real think pieces on chicken chucking are sensationalized now?

[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-30 01:29:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-30 01:29:58 AM  
Oh, the humanity!
2007-05-30 01:33:14 AM  
"So even the real think pieces on chicken chucking are sensationalized now? "

Hey now, I FOUND that debris in NO, and that silly black guy LOOTED it. Media picture captions are fark-accurate, amirite? :P

Don't forget the AP muslim woman who ostensibly got bombed out...6 times in Israel? :o
2007-05-30 01:52:06 AM  
my rofl chicken goes bokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbokbok mah cock!
2007-05-30 01:53:52 AM  
Why can't anyone use the phrase correctly?

With God as my witness, I (something something)...

Just read it as it was written, and it makes no sense...

2007-05-30 01:56:19 AM  
and this, Folks, is why I moved from NYC to Florida. The tags, they just write themselves. All this entertainment and Disney too.

/was held up at a Winn Dixie for $10.
//Never mugged in New York.
///yee haw.
2007-05-30 02:05:05 AM  
I like the stock photo of a chicken, in case you were wondering what they look like.
2007-05-30 02:06:18 AM  
"Residents in the city of Newcastle believe the birds may have fallen from an aircraft or been fired by pranksters using a slingshot."

Whaaaa? Last time I checked Dennis the Menace wasn't totin' around no 2 foot tall slingshot...
2007-05-30 02:10:49 AM  
I'm waiting for the EU to tell America that Mythbusters is bad and we should all just behave.

/if you're going to pick a fight, go large, and go long.
2007-05-30 02:33:59 AM  
Believe it or not, they got it right on this one. You're thinking of when people say "as god as", which is definitely wrong. But "as god is" is just fine. More accurate than "with god as" too.

Yeah. And while we're on annoying things, it's "just deserts", too. And "god's sake". And "couldn't care less". And so on.
2007-05-30 02:36:46 AM  
2007-05-30 02:52:37 AM  
Really thought that I would be the Weeners the MythBusters reference in here.
2007-05-30 03:01:08 AM  

I touché your trebuchet

I had to look to see about the proper spelling
2007-05-30 03:06:35 AM  
Just came to say that Jan Smithers was the hot one on WKRP.

/Still think that episode is one of the top 5 moments in TV sitcom history.
2007-05-30 03:39:29 AM  
Smithers rang my bell!
2007-05-30 04:31:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Topper Harley wanted for questioning.

Is there some reason we'd send our top covert special forces dude to Australia?
2007-05-30 04:31:43 AM  
In case anyone's interested:
2007-05-30 05:02:50 AM  
Gilligan_Buddy 2007-05-30 03:06:35 AM

/Still think that episode is one of the top 5 moments in TV sitcom history.

Here are a few more candidates. It's hard to pick only 4.
2007-05-30 06:50:50 AM  

omfg.. i cant breath.. are you trying to kill me? that was amazing! old comedy shows rock.
2007-05-30 07:16:18 AM  
"most people thought it had fallen from a low-flying aircraft"

Really? As if any aircraft would open a DOOR and lob out one, let alone TWO frozen chickens. In fact, as if any airline uses whole chickens as part of the in-flight menu's all prepackaged stuff to reheat 'n' eat.

Some guys have upgraded their spud cannon by the looks of things...

And pluerick, yep, the definition of several as I understand it is 'a number greater than two, but less than seven', but then journos aren't the most widely read grammar experts are they.

Being truculent tonight, I've had a crap day
2007-05-30 08:46:18 AM  
It's a sad day when this headline elicits more Mythbusters references than WKRP references, which, I'm assuming, was Subby's intent.
2007-05-30 09:21:14 AM  
but its true, everybody knows frozen chicken fly, it's been on tv

the boy says "fly chicken, fly!" and the pay off is "chicken so fresh they seem to be alive"
2007-05-30 09:49:13 AM  
I love the side bar headline from another paper - "It's Raining Hen!"

Sweet Jesus, that was funny!
2007-05-30 09:51:13 AM  
Let's just get this out of the way....

Baily was hotter.
2007-05-30 09:53:31 AM  
It's just a little airborne...It's still good! It's still good!
2007-05-30 10:17:39 AM  
"...Yeah. And while we're on annoying things, it's "just deserts", too. And "god's sake". And "couldn't care less". And so on."

Grammatically speaking "As God is my witness.." doesn't make any sense. I would try to google it for usage, but I would probably find +billion hits of it being spoken wrong.....

You made a lot of other good points. I award you +1

/Fark On, Farker
2007-05-30 10:19:50 AM  
I want pics of the 'very squashed chickens'. None of these fresh from the grocer chickens, I want to see the accual chicken and what it looks like after hitting the house. I mean, come on.
2007-05-30 10:39:15 AM  
Hmmm, I retract my previous statement.
I just went to (sucks but provides a hit count)and there are roughly 9 times more instances of "As God..."

Guess I grew up in a grammar "weird" house.

2007-05-30 11:43:26 AM  
The use of proper grammar here doesn't really matter as the headline is adapted from a quote.
2007-05-30 12:35:53 PM  
Your right pounddog.
/Chie Chie Rodrugez
2007-05-30 01:03:43 PM  
I miss Lester.

[image from too old to be available]

Oh, Bailey was teh hawt!!

[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-30 04:11:26 PM  
"Excellent, Smithers..."
2007-05-30 06:47:12 PM  
Classic. + a gazillion, subby.

Les Nessman's breathless reporting slays me.

"It's a helicopter, and it's coming this way. It's flying something behind it, I can't quite make it out, it's a large banner and it says, uh - Happy... Thaaaaanksss... giving! ... From ... W ... K ... R... P!! No parachutes yet. Can't be skydivers... I can't tell just yet what they are, but - Oh my God, they're turkeys!! Johnny, can you get this? Oh, they're plunging to the earth right in front of our eyes! One just went through the windshield of a parked car! Oh, the humanity! The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement! Not since the Hindenburg tragedy has there been anything like this!"
2007-05-30 09:57:35 PM  
This is two years old
2007-05-30 10:07:15 PM  
Poultry in motion!

/And all the other great flying chicken puns from Chicken Run too...
2007-05-30 10:08:10 PM  
There's a jet-engine testing angle in here somewhere, but the 3rd period is just about to start....
2007-05-30 10:59:29 PM  
Mmmmmm....Bailey! Tasty!
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