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(WSB-TV)   It's one thing for your child to be bullied by another student. It's a whole different story when the bully is a teacher   ( divider line
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2007-05-29 09:26:02 PM  
had a teacher like that in grade 4. My parents suspected something was up when I didn't want to go to school and started to have behavioural around the house. At the same time, my friends started to complain to their parents about it as well. She continued this behaviour until Christmas break. When we got back from break we had a new teacher, and were told the other one had an accident and couldn't work anymore. I found out later (high school) that she was fired because of her treatment of me (she used to call me dumb, stupid ect because I had problems with math (even though I did well in every other subject). I guess such quick action was taken because my parents were teachers, along with half of my family (my aunt was the school secretary. Come to think of it, my aunt worked at every school I went to). Oh yeah, the teacher in question was a nun.
2007-05-29 09:26:46 PM  
What the hell...
2007-05-29 09:26:59 PM  
There was a teacher whom my friends had in 5th grade who was very overweight. She used to do "The Conrad Crunch," where she would sit on students.

/Sorry, all I got.
2007-05-29 09:28:22 PM  
'Asnip is retiring. Her last day is Wednesday.'

Way to go Asshat U.S.D. Now this fat hag gets to ride the full retirement train.It may not be much but it's more than the retirement plan she would have gotten flipping burgers.That district had 30 years of opportunities to sniff this rat out and shiat-can her. Now she slides out easy and will probably get some kind of plaque.

Everyone who read that article has an anecdote about some failed abortion of a teacher who ruined a year for them. It pissed me off then and it pisses me off now that this fat douche-nozzle will sit at bingo and talk about her life in the school system doing her part to shape young peoples lives.
2007-05-29 09:28:58 PM  

What the hell...

It's just a glitch in the Matrix. Nothing to worry about.
2007-05-29 09:29:07 PM  
Ms Van Daalen. Dahlen? Daalan?

What a biatch. It was in high school, too. She was a miserable person.
2007-05-29 09:29:11 PM  
I had the psycho gym teacher when I was a freshman. We were playing some game and my glasses were knocked off my head. My eyes are worse than a nearsighted mole, so I had to get my glasses to keep playing. When I stopped, the teacher ran over to me, grabbed me by the neck and knocked my head against the wall several times.

When my parents complained, (that was the only time they stuck up for me in school) he told them he was tired of my smart-ass comments about him being a washed up baseball player. I still remember my dad saying, "Ed, you were mediocre in high school. You rode the bench in college. I think you need to be good at some point to be considered washed up."

He swung at my dad. Somehow, that was also his last day of teaching.
2007-05-29 09:29:25 PM  
30 years? Think about how many kiddies had to face her shiat over three decades. This woman and/or the school are probably gonna be overwhelmed by lawsuits.
2007-05-29 09:29:47 PM  
2007-05-29 09:37:24 PM  

2007-05-29 09:38:10 PM  
poss because miss assgrab er Assnip sorry Asnip was the butt of a lot of jokes.

/obviously she was reared wrong in the first place
2007-05-29 09:39:59 PM  
I'm an abusive, psychopathic teacher and getting a kick out of these comments!
2007-05-29 09:41:07 PM  
Score another point for unionized labor!!!
2007-05-29 09:43:59 PM  
I was lucky enough to have mostly decent teachers. A few wackjobs but no bullies.

But I did make a teacher cry by saying she had hairy arms. I mean my friend and I had been acting like asses all period. She rightfully fussed at me and I blurted out under my breath "Gee you have hairy arms". I was not trying to get at her, it has just popped into my head and then out my mouth. I still remember it was almost like an observation of a lab specimen. I meant no malice, it was just as if I was seeing her burly man arms for the first.

She went off crying. I truly felt remorse and sincerely apologized.

We still raised hell in her class.
2007-05-29 09:50:40 PM  
There are some real loons out there teaching school. I had a teacher in third grade and one in high school who were spinsters, and completely crazy. Another situation where it went on for decades and nobody ever did anything about it.

I did run into my third grade teacher when she was working in a hardware store years later, heh.
2007-05-29 10:00:04 PM  
I went to a very small school (60 students total), and I am not boasting but I was by far the best in the class. It wasn't that I was particularly smart - just the other kids had grown up in working class homes where knowledge was more often mocked than sought. I had a teacher in 8th grade who was also the school principal. He picked on me no end, and would make snide remarks to the rest of the class about me constantly. For example, he would set time limits for work in class he asked us to do, and if I finished earlier than everybody else (which I constantly did), he would go through my work, finding ridiculous things to mark me down on, and then announce to the class that I thought I was smarter than them, and that I clearly had an "attitude". Its hard to believe, looking back on it. When I eventually figured that completing work quickly was making me a target, I started trying to slow down how long I took to finish assignments. Rather than just write slowly, I tried to improve the standard of my work - paying closer attention to spelling/maths etc. This however just earned me more derision, and this jerk just started commenting insultingly on this to the class about that aswell. He was intentionally trying to make me an outcast in the class - boosting his own ego and playing mind games with me.

The previous year, I also had a sub-teacher who worked in the school. A few months after he left, the police arrived at the school and it was revealed that the guy was wanted in connection with an international pedophilia ring in Ireland and Australia, and that he had fled the country. All the kids in the school were interviewed to make sure none had been interfered with by this sicko, and thankfully none were. That guy didn't bully me, so sorry if I'm off-topic. I just thought it might fit in with the general theme of "stories about bad teachers" :)
2007-05-29 10:02:26 PM  
TrickFarker: Well that was dumb, you should know the rules...
2007-05-29 10:03:19 PM  
I can't tell you how many asshole teachers I had as a kid.
2007-05-29 10:03:59 PM  
I had a mad biatch in Primary School.

Miss Thompson. One of those spinster teachers - dowdy, no sex, angry at the world type. One half of twins. Yeah, The Thompson Twins. The other one used to come by the school at the end of the day and drive off with her sister. Middle aged dentical twins. Weird.

Anyway, she used to get angry if we couldn't answer some of her questions and she used to walk towards the person who couldn't answer and sneakily grab their hair from behind and pull the head back forcibly, then ask us the question again.

No, farking shiat that was mad. She used to do this all the time.

If we know what we know now, we should have reported the farking biatch.
2007-05-29 10:04:01 PM  
Way back in grade school, we had a real jock of a teacher who was a grade-A bully. He yelled at students, demeaned them, even smacked a few of us around. The entire class once witnessed him drag a mentally retarded student from his chair, out the door and into the hallway. He dragged that kid like he was a limp rag doll. Nothing ever came of it, though.

But hey, we got over it.
2007-05-29 10:07:32 PM  
Sally Aspin...

anagram: Ass Pin Ally

I don't know why I felt it necessary to point that out.
2007-05-29 10:08:15 PM  
lol d23, i thought the same exact thing when i first saw her picture
2007-05-29 10:12:30 PM  
oh oh oh I have a better one!

Sally Aspin = Sips Anally

I kind of want to email these to her, as a "happy retirement" message.
2007-05-29 10:14:44 PM  
Hax0r_Jim_Duggan: I'll do you one better.

Absolutely wonderful.
2007-05-29 10:15:27 PM  
I got a substitute canned in 8th grade. Well, as canned as you can get when you're a sub... We were in the trailers that year, so the PA wasn't always working properly. As a result, a handful of us ended up staying something like 5 minutes past the bell in a study hall. When the teacher noticed the time, she shooed us off to math class. None of us realized we were late (in fact, we thought we were early), so we stood outside the door, waiting for the rest of the kids. Eventually someone left the room for a pee break, and we all rushed in, realizing we were late. Amidst the chaos, I leaned over to ask a friend just how long class had been going on for, and the biatch sub snapped. She made me leave my seat, and go stand in the corner - in the farking corner! - for a good 10 minutes. Eventually she "allowed" me to take the seat right by her desk. I don't remember exactly what she said, but I spent the rest of the block sobbing.

About a week later, I was taken up to the principal's office by a group of my friends, who had reported the incident. I am very glad that they did. At the time, I was still under the impression that teacher > student, and as such, figured that running off to tattle would only get me into deeper trouble. I explained what had happened, and I was promised that she would never get a job in the school district again. Victory!
2007-05-29 10:16:39 PM  
When I was in middle school I had two teachers, Mr. Barbarosa (art/home econ) and Mrs. Gay (english), who were pure farking evil. I actually got into a brawl with Mr. Barbarosa when he started teasing this girl (that I was sweet on) because her art project wasn't very good and made her cry. He and I got in a fist fight, and then I hit him with a chair and laid him out. I got suspended, but he quit shortly afterwards because suddenly nobody was scared of him, and started calling him Mr. Barasoapa to his face. He wasn't a half bad teacher actually, I took both his art class and his home econ, and learned how to frost mirrors and make a mean frittata, he was just really mean to the girls who didn't kiss up to him a lot. I've heard rumors that he might have gotten shiatcanned for something sex related.

Mrs. Gay simply hated everything everyone ever did. She was just mean and spiteful, and made the kids who weren't so hot at reading/writing feel stupid by discussing how horrible they were in front of the class. She would make examples out of people who failed tests and humiliate them in front of class (I was a 4.0 student, so I was spared most of it). I had her for seventh and eight grade, but she was gone during the last quarter of seventh because of a surgery, and we had a substitute -- a real cutie junior teacher. We had to do this final paper on a famous American hero, and I wrote my paper on Batman (with permission, got an A+). The next year I spaced that Mrs. Gay hadn't been the one who graded that paper and mentioned it to her, and she ripped into me telling me that I should have failed the class, that I was a cheater, that the sub was a (no joke) "moronic c*nt," and that a bunch of other really awful things. Hated that biatch ever since. Wish she'd died on the operating table and we got to keep the hottie sub.
2007-05-29 10:17:18 PM  
somebody needs to contact her somehow and send her the link to this page/website and let her check it out. maybe she will have a good retirement.

//prolly bi-polar
/just saying
2007-05-29 10:18:44 PM  
My 4th grade teacher was Mrs. Terry in Will Rogers Elementary School in Stillwater, OK. Thin, blonde, Ann Coulter type. She repeatedly threatened the to beat up anyone in the entire class--by taking them to "Fist City." She was literally a dangerous person, and I pretty much hope she's smoking a fat turd in Hell. If I came across a dark alley and saw someone being mugged, normally I'd try to think of a way to personally help or intervene. But she, along with my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Millington, is on a short list of people I would smile evily at and wave goodbye to instead, before skipping along with a jaunty look on my face.
2007-05-29 10:20:40 PM  
What a horrible biatch. I hope she gets hers eventually. I hate reading all these sad stories about mean teachers, esp from elementary school.

I had a sub in 1st grade that taped the mouths of a couple of the kids shut.
2007-05-29 10:24:46 PM  
I was bullied by a teacher in high school. It might have been because I was gay but I didn't know that at the time. Dude had tenure and no one did anything.
2007-05-29 10:26:13 PM  
heh.. I went to a school were corporate punishment was not only allowed but encouraged. Some of those farking teachers were downright sadistic... but creative! One of them had you beat yourself up by striking your shin with a wooden stick. Kids got wise and they hid newspaper in their socks. Trick was that you had to do hit yourself hard enough or else he'd do it for you. That motherfarker went through a ton of metre sticks throughout his career there. The vice principal, quite the charmer, threw me to the ground one time by grabbing me by the hair and tossing me like a crash test dummy. Why? because I'd walked between him and another student who were talking. I never told my parents because it was pretty much accepted. OH how I would love to have a drink with him, and have a nice chat.
2007-05-29 10:26:37 PM  
My 2nd-grade teacher was mean and stupid. She berated me in front of the class for not "knowing" that clouds didn't really move through the sky because the wind blew them - it only looked that way, see, 'cuz the earth was turning under them. I kid you not.

Oh, yeah, clouds are made of dust, not water droplets.
2007-05-29 10:27:03 PM  
Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!
2007-05-29 10:27:04 PM  
I was stuck living in the shiattiest shiat end of Kentucky all through my school years, and I'd say 50% of my teachers and 90% of the administrators during my school years were tenure-riding bullies like this coont. The only subhuman pieces of shiat who deserve a worse punishment than these kind of teachers are child pornographers and child rapists.
2007-05-29 10:28:42 PM  
No Such Agency........Shhhhhhhhh.

Some rules need breakin sometimes.
2007-05-29 10:35:06 PM  
Here's my mean teacher story.

Second grade, Crescent, Oklahoma. Mrs. Rogers. Known for being a mean teacher, kids reported that they could hear her yelling from the hallways, etc. I hope this biatch isn't still teaching.

Some farktard kid next to me threatened to copy my math, so I hunched down and covered my paper with my arm. Suddenly, the teacher came over, grabbed a handful of my hair in the back, and yanked me upright. She snarled, "Sit up straight!"

Naturally, I told my mother, who went to the principal, who hauled in Mrs. Psycho...who claimed that her wristwatch had gotten caught in my hair. The principal bought the story, and nothing was done.

In addition to screaming at me in class, she also "locked" me in the bathroom by standing guard at the door. She caused me so much stress that I started to exhibit what I later learned were the same symptoms as abused children. My lips dried up from the stress, so I constantly licked them and wore out the skin. I also began pulling out my hair in class, and I was so fearful of getting up to throw it in the trash that I started secretly stuffing it inside my desk. She caught me doing that one day, and made me stand up and clean my desk out while the other children stared.

I grew up and fortunately, she didn't triumph over me.
2007-05-29 10:40:15 PM  
My 6th grade class got a sub canned. We were doing world history and he asked us a question about Mesopotamia, which we hadn't covered yet. A classmate pointed out to him that we hadn't gotten to that chapter yet, but he ignored her and asked the question again. No one answered because no one knew the answer, so he said, "Come on, you stupid class!" The school got a bunch of phone calls from parents, so the next day, he was banned from teaching in our school district again.
2007-05-29 10:41:21 PM  
Whoa a teacher story not involving sex? I think I might read this.
2007-05-29 10:47:00 PM  
Said before but I'll say it again.

Huh huh

They said "Asnip".

Huh huh
huh huh
2007-05-29 10:48:25 PM  
The thought that every teacher currently employed should be forced to read this
thread so they are aware of what they are doing to kids just come to mind.

Just seems people need a little "eye-opening" sometimes
to realize what the hell they're doing sometimes.
2007-05-29 10:50:25 PM  
I went to a little rural school in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (that's Appalachia, ya'll) for first and second grade. The principal and most of the teachers were in their 60's and believed in doing thing the "traditional" way. It was grim, silent, and demoralizing. Laughter? That's a paddlin'. Running? That's a paddlin'. Don't even ask about the school canoe. Maybe it wouldn't have been strange in 1968, but this was 1985. I think it broke Mrs. Brown's heart when they outlawed corporal punishment. She didn't take her paddle home though, just stuck it in the window. She kept threatening us with it too, until my parents told me it was illegal for her to use it. I heard she died of throat cancer. Couldn't happen to a nicer lady.
2007-05-29 10:51:17 PM  
I had a math teacher in 8th grade that tried to fail me for putting a slash through zeros (puts onion on belt) because back then in the days of the Pet 2000 computer you learned to write code out that way.

Teacher didn't like it when I had the principal call the Computer Teacher in to vouch for me being right.

What is it about Math teachers that makes them all crazy? I think it's the dancing numbers in their dreams.
2007-05-29 10:54:10 PM  
Teachers bullying students? I pretty much thought this was commonplace. I bet almost everyone can think of 1 teacher in their lives that bullied themselves or one of their classmates. I witnessed my kindergarten teacher slam a kid's head into a wall more than once.
2007-05-29 10:59:43 PM  
In 8th grade I had a teacher threaten me. And it wasn't a measly "sit down or I'll send you to the office" threat. Actually, it wasn't even a threat, it was a promise. He pulled me aside after school was over and told me that he would get his revenge on me (I think those were the words, I can't remember exactly). All because I didn't tell on someone for sneaking into a waterpark. That conversation was successfully used as a bargaining chip a few days later when they tried to suspend me for the same reason. I'm still mad about that whole ordeal.
2007-05-29 11:02:30 PM
Mr. Hand stole my pizza one time.
2007-05-29 11:13:45 PM  
To change the pace a bit, I've had my fair share of being an evil teacher moments, the worst one being my first year (which all current and former teachers will tell you is hell no matter how well prepared you are or think you are).

My first class ever: 9th grade World Geography. Things were going surprisingly well for the first 3-4 weeks, I knew it had to be good to be true. In general I have a quiet and calm personality and a laid-back but quick paced way of running the classroom, which is great when all the students are attentive because they want to be, or feel that they should.

However about 5 weeks in, there was a group of 3 or so that began to act up, talk all the time, and started challenging me in different ways (none of the good intellectual ways, if you know what I mean). Being a newbie I failed to realize what this could mean, and eventually I wound up with a completely unattentive, disrespectful, and uncaring class of 23.

Long story short, near the end of the year I couldn't take it anymore, so Mr. 5'8" 120lbs calm-nice-funny teacher man became Mr. threw a desk clear across the room, yelled SHUT UP for about too long, and proceed to tell the class how I "come to work every day dreading the hell that is this class". Yeah I'm not too proud of that moment, and in hindsight with more years of experience I know plenty of ways I could have fixed the situation with ease.

I can see maybe letting a 1st year/new teacher slide a bit on something like this, but repeated problems over 30 years like this woman... yeah that's a bit much.
2007-05-29 11:18:18 PM  
HM_Murdock, I guess the difference is that you snapped because the kids were giving you a hard time. You took it out on the desk and raved. That's more likely to send kids home going, "Woah. Mr Murdock sure lost it today," (hopefully with a little bit of fear in their hearts) than it is to cause emotional (and physical!) trauma.
2007-05-29 11:18:59 PM  
We're going through this now with my son's 4th grade teacher. She's constantly nagging at him, hollering at him, she even once told him that 'wherever there's trouble, you're there'.

A boy that has bullied him since kindergarten got in trouble for saying that he wished my son had been at Virginia Tech. This teacher's response? 'You taunt BullyBoy, that's why he's so mean to you.'

Just recently, she grabbed him by the arm and drug him over to her desk to holler at him. That left two nice bruises on his upper arm that we obviously took photos of and gave to the principal. But we've been told by the principal that because it's a personnel issue and the union will be involved they will not be able to discuss any kind of consequences with us. She's currently still teaching and not missed a day that I know of.
2007-05-29 11:20:45 PM  
ya know what i dont wanna the stupid board of education when a parent goes overboard and comes to the school and takes matters into his or her hands....30 years....youve got be kidding me
2007-05-29 11:27:58 PM  

Both my brother and I went to McClesky Middle School back in the early 90's. She was my math teacher one year and was famous for giving detention for bullshiat reasons. One kid got detention for answering roll "here" instead of present. I got detention for putting my foot up on the book rack below the chair in front of me. She made one girl cry for being "too stupid" to get an answer right when reviewing homework.

I wouldn't call her a bully as much as I would call her cucking funt.
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