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(The Smoking Gun)   Actress Natasha Lyonne demands her "entertainment lawyer". A DUI charge ensues.   ( divider line
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8536 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Aug 2002 at 1:46 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-27 01:23:38 PM  
In other news, Stifler still has the aftertaste of his semen-enriched "pale ale" in his mouth.
2002-08-27 01:49:22 PM  
Holy unflattering pictures, Batman.
2002-08-27 01:49:28 PM  
...chick is wasted.
2002-08-27 01:50:56 PM  
I remember this when it happened last year.
2002-08-27 01:52:07 PM  
Looking good!
2002-08-27 01:52:13 PM  
i'd hit it
2002-08-27 01:52:36 PM  
Damn, she looks quite un-pretty there.
2002-08-27 01:54:04 PM  
Looks like someone already hit it.
2002-08-27 01:55:34 PM  
...with a bus.
2002-08-27 01:56:30 PM  
Begoggle, looks like someone hit it repeatedly, with a 2x4.
2002-08-27 01:56:48 PM  
so old, so old. of course, unless she got drunk, got pulled over, and asked for her entertainment lawyer AGAIN.
2002-08-27 01:57:05 PM  
Wow. Jeff Spicoli really let himself go.
2002-08-27 01:57:48 PM  
", this is the way all Breathalyzer tests work."
2002-08-27 01:59:00 PM  
Id hit it.

Anyone else see the vibrator scene in "Slums of Beverly Hills"?
2002-08-27 02:03:22 PM  
ok... rock paper scissors to see who hits it...
2002-08-27 02:05:56 PM  
I am 16 going on 45 I don't know where my looks we--ent
2002-08-27 02:06:22 PM  
Anyone else see her in "But I'm a Cheerleader"? It's quite bizarre, to say the least. But the guy I was watching it with seemed to enjoy the multitude of lesbian make-out scenes.
2002-08-27 02:07:16 PM  
Yes she was hot in the "slums of beverly hills" in that young and slutty kinda way. I think I like marissa tomme better though. I'd hit dem both!
2002-08-27 02:07:29 PM  

TSG is amazed Natasha didn't request that a stylist be summoned to prep her for the below mug shot--which left the poor gal looking unkempt and rather plastered. (3 pages)

I'd still hit it.
2002-08-27 02:07:49 PM  

Natasha Lyons at booking or a picture of a Sleestak from Land of the Lost ? You decide !

[image from too old to be available]

2002-08-27 02:08:47 PM  
2002-08-27 02:10:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

She's not from our world.
2002-08-27 02:10:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-08-27 02:13:37 PM  
08-27-02 02:06:22 PM Piggywiz
Anyone else see her in "But I'm a Cheerleader"? It's quite bizarre, to say the least. But the guy I was watching it with seemed to enjoy the multitude of lesbian make-out scenes.

Yep, saw that. I didn't like for the fact that it was a lesbian movie with no nudity! What gives? Just not right.
2002-08-27 02:13:45 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-27 02:15:02 PM  
Yes, it is old news, but it is TSG's doc of the day. And, more importantly it is my first submission ever posted. Yep, lost my cherry ;-)
2002-08-27 02:17:57 PM  
She should join Fark and fill in her entry for best drunk story about the time she smashed up her rental car and then asked for her entertainment lawyer.
2002-08-27 02:18:38 PM  
Congrats, Vetbridge, you are now gay.
2002-08-27 02:20:14 PM  
DUI and mugshot aside (btw sould have been worse..have you ever looked in the mirror when you are that drunk?? *shudder*)...
hot Lyonne
Considering her hollywood demographic includes Spears, Aguiliera, S.M. Gellar, Shannon Elizabeth, J. Love-Hewitt etc etc..
It's nice to see an actress with her own sense of style.
2002-08-27 02:20:54 PM  
2002-08-27 02:25:09 PM  
I liked "But I'm a Cheerleader". Then again, I watch a lot of movies at 3 in the morning, so what do I know.

And I'd hit it doggie style
2002-08-27 02:30:22 PM  
Congrats vetbridge, you are one third as gay as Adrock.
2002-08-27 02:35:42 PM  
Haha.. I remember that.. 44th & Collins That's right by my Apt... damn a year already!
2002-08-27 02:37:18 PM  
Thanks Adrock and Jormal. I suppose a little gayness {gheyness?} never hurt anybody. I guess.
2002-08-27 02:50:32 PM  
Natasha Lyonne totally rocks. The end.
2002-08-27 03:01:53 PM  
un-model-like good looks + that voice = hotness
I dig it.
2002-08-27 03:02:09 PM  
She's not goodlooking at all.
2002-08-27 03:25:56 PM  
I'd hit it repeatedly. Interesting that she keeps being cast as a lesbian.

Although I have to say that I prefered Clea Duvall in But I'm A Cheerleader (and Girl, Interrupted for that matter). The two of the together in the flesh..Mmmm....

2002-08-27 03:36:35 PM  
3horn: I couldn't explain who Clea Duvall was to my brother until I described her as "that goth chick". It may not have helped that I started with mentioning her bit on Buffy, in which you barely saw her
2002-08-27 03:37:24 PM  
Then: New Hotness
Now: Old and Busted
2002-08-27 04:50:37 PM  
slow news day on FARK. this story has been repeated AT LEAST 3 times.
2002-08-27 05:54:40 PM  
Um, I thought the article was about her DRUNK DRIVING folks. Who gives a crap whether she is hot or not? She broke the law and must pay-simple....

*heads to the kitchen for some Motrin
2002-08-27 06:53:04 PM  
Funny I should read this article so soon after reading about schadenfreude.
2002-08-27 09:47:10 PM  
Oh, it's the ugly star who has less than 20 minutes in both movies. Yay!
2002-08-27 10:22:43 PM  
who hasn't gotten drunk and stupid in their life? I've always liked Lyonne. But I'm A Cheerleader was great.
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