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(Salon)   Judge orders Napster to stay offline   ( divider line
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818 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jul 2001 at 8:32 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-13 08:54:34 AM  
...So Microsoft can violate antitrust laws and get off scot free, but Napster, a company who has bent over backwards to appease these luddite judges, can't turn back on until it can guarantee that not one RIAA song gets traded? When will we get a justice system that understands the Internet Economy?
2001-07-13 09:11:40 AM  
Hooker with a Penis bay-bay. I love that song =)
2001-07-13 09:14:09 AM  
I can't understand why you Americans have thrown the RIAA out yet. Some things should speak fot themselves. And all this because of Metallica... They should be terminated for having produced Load, Reload, S(ymphony) & M(etallica) and Garage Inc.

Me to God "Why do you condone this?"
God to me "Nothing else matters."
2001-07-13 09:14:14 AM  
We have a legal system, not a justice system
2001-07-13 09:26:45 AM  
i dont thik this judge has ever used a computer or let alone even understands how the internet works. nothing, absolutely nothing can guarantee 100% no infringment. that's just a fact of the matter.

oh well, i feel sorrry for napster but you know what? instead of it being convenient and easy for me to get music now it takes all of about 5 minutes longer. *gasp* not that i really used napster a lot anyways when it was up and running.
2001-07-13 09:33:37 AM  
"... and STAY down!"
2001-07-13 09:57:44 AM  
Napster is a moot point. It's squashed. And guess what: five more, with better models, popped up in it's place. Want to go after Aimster, Bearshare? Fine. There'll be five more there too. Yes, you can still make a fist full of cash with the old model, but it's less than you used to be able to make, and it'll be less again tomorrow. Most of the bands I know of don't even think of major label success anymore, nor do they think twice about posting their stuff for free Internet consumption. Let Lars and the RIAA take pot shots at whomever they want. We're moving ahead without them.
2001-07-13 10:03:11 AM  
...and a nation shrugs...
2001-07-13 10:56:10 AM  
BearShare rocks. I find it faster and better than Napster was. And it's got porno!
2001-07-13 11:16:10 AM  
Nothing out currently, beats napster in swapping ability. Sure you could only trade music, but you didn't have to go through so many goddamn "pending" messages. I've tried them all: the MX one, Bearshare (god, that was horrible), IMesh, etc.. All suck compared to the ease of use that napster provided (plus, napster acutally let you download songs, not get hung up at "pending" or something simular).

We aren't going to get rid of the RIAA anytime soon, since the average joe without his own oil company usually doesn't hold very much power in this country. Plus, it wouldn't really fit the "idea of captialism" if we got rid of a fellow company that would stab their father in the back to make a quick buck :( (not that i hate capitalism... but something has to be put in place to control these companies because whatever we have in place now, isn't working). Then again, I hate these uber corps. because once they get large, they tend to stop producing superior products, or they stop listening to their customers (or both).

The RIAA isn't going to get my money, and I will support only LOCAL bands. Local bands that hold concerts, for one. I don't need a giant corp. whoring off good musicians, telling them to change their music style to appeal to the farking kids these days (ala Metallica, went more alt and left their roots. Megadeth has redeemed themselves, even though the band was made to get back at metallica :P).

Yes I'm stuborn, a prick, and I hold grudges. Especially when people try to silence competition. Of course not everyone has my same views, and will buy items from their "enemy" regardless. BAH
2001-07-13 11:24:29 AM  
Another good option is to frequent USED music shops... you can buy a Metallica CD, or any CD for that matter, and since it is USED, no money from your purchase goes to any label or any RIAA exec....

I didn't like Bearshare either... it was sluggish and I 99% of the things I tried to download failed...
2001-07-13 11:32:45 AM  
For my money, at this has the best out there, I was finding things on there that I never found on napster, and I rarely get a long download or a 'pending' message.

No pr0n tho.

Thank god they cant take away my IRC.
2001-07-13 11:33:29 AM  
I think its kind of ironic that all the interviews done before napster was dubbed "bad" always had the person say they would buy the cd if thye liked the song. Now every interview with a person after napster "failed", basically says they dont want to buy music, and are just going to continue to pirate it. Of course this could be a big media conspiracy to get ratings... but then again - what isn't

Demo makes a good point about the used music shops, but most people would probably still rather buy unused cds. I know I would... but then again, I don't buy cds anymore :) Guess its just some of the brainwashing from the RIAA still in my head :/ (I'm great at this whole 'its giant conspiracy' thing. maybe i should start my own paranoid website).
2001-07-13 11:46:02 AM  
None of this would have happened if Napster had kept it's big mouth shut and stayed low on the radar screen. The RIAA would look past some infringement, but this was getting way too popular for them to ignore. End of story.
2001-07-13 11:47:38 AM  
Nazzerov: As far as your previous post about nothing comparing to Napster in ability, have you tried Morpheus? MusicCity ran a bunch of OpenNap servers when the whole Napster going down fiasco started way back when. So when they stopped hosting the OpenNap servers, I gladly started using their program. Whatever version was available when they released it (probably 1.0, but not assuming) was quite the resource hog. Version 1.3 is out now. I've never had a connection problem or a problem finding any particular song.
2001-07-13 11:50:27 AM  
Actually. Last new CD I bought was because of Napster.

New song came on the radio. I liked it but didn't want to shell out the $13 for one song. Downloaded 2 more off Napster. Hey guess what? I liked them so I bought the album. Well not anymore.
2001-07-13 11:55:48 AM  
Nazzerov, I don't want to start a landslide of suggestions coming your way, but I was a major Napster user till they pulled the plug. I got turned on to WinMX which absolutely rocks. To me, it's the best Nap-clone out there (and tried them all man.) Small download, great service. Or your money back.

By the way, Drew, great comment, "We have a legal system, not a justice system."
2001-07-13 11:58:33 AM  
Naz, just re-read yir comment. I see you've tried MX. OK. Good luck.

2001-07-13 12:05:20 PM  
"New song came on the radio. I liked it but didn't want to shell out the $13 for one song. Downloaded 2 more off Napster. Hey guess what? I liked them so I bought the album. Well not anymore"

See thats what scares them now...back in the day, an artist could put together a shiatty album, and all we would be able to hear is what was on the radio. Now, people can actually check out more of the band to see if it is worth shcilling out up to $20-.

This means that the RIAA, has something to fear if their artists and labels are putting out crap that won't sell because it sucks.

Meanwhile, I bought more music 'because' of Napster...granted it wasn't top forty, but I was certainly able to stretch my tastes and experience what is out there.
2001-07-13 12:33:41 PM  
Kenh: I have heard of Morpheus, but haven't tried that because I thought it went subscription based. Guess not... I will have to look into it :) Thanks for the link.

Bigpeeler: I've tried MX, its not my thing. I tried Audio Galaxy just now, and that is working great. It doesn't have the selection, storage wise, that napster did... but its getting there :) Last time I ran MX, it was slow and I couldn't download anything. Thats the same story with many of the other "clones" for me :( This one seems nice, though. At first I thought it was one of the steamer sites, so I got out my audio streamer recorder. But it acutally downloads the song on your computer. Guess there is hope for us after all, eh?
2001-07-13 12:34:31 PM  
It's too bad we don't have any computer literate judges :P I wonder if any of them don't use AOL
2001-07-13 12:36:17 PM  
Fathom: you are dead-on about the fear thing. Radios aren't going to play the bad songs since people wont listen. Thus we only hear what the RIAA wants us to.

I actually didn't buy more cds because of napster... but I wasn't buying any more cds before I started using it, neither. I bought on average, about one cd every two months or so (sometimes further apart, if there were no good bands with a good cd out, that i wanted). Guess whatever ways the RIAA thinks up to "oppress" us "pirate bastards," we will figure out a way around it. :P
2001-07-13 12:38:15 PM  
yawn...and a whopping four people who actually used it at this point are sad. Boo freakin' hoo. Napster is dead, dead, dead. WinMX has arisen from its ashes!
2001-07-13 12:40:13 PM  
Heh, people just migrate to a new, better program. The RIAA kind of did them a favor, it would appear :P
2001-07-13 01:45:26 PM  
100% effectiveness.

Do the record companies also require that
all stores guarantee 100% of retail cds get
sold without being copied in a back room by

and don't music stores have cds stolen?

I know a guy who buys cds reguarly, rips
the tracks and takes them back. so farking what?

pull the plug on the retailers, they can't
guarantee 100% either.

2001-07-13 02:22:46 PM  
Well I used the napster servers on WinMx so I do miss it. Now it's the server and it's kind of slow but it gets the job done.
2001-07-13 02:36:22 PM  
I wonder if they could guarantee 100% that nobody ever records songs off of the radio and rips them into MP3 format without the label's permission as well? Songs recorded from the radio are better quality than 128kbps bitrate anyway...
2001-07-13 03:37:40 PM  
Good point Demo. I've been doing that for a while anyhoo. Smells like a double standard. They can't control that aspect of it though so they just ignore it. I'm sure though, this whole thing is SOOO big, they will never squash it completely. Kill one, another will pop up.

Long habiter les voleurs de musique!!!
2001-07-13 04:17:36 PM  
Not true, there are some freaky junk trucks that can drive through neighbor hoods and *SENSE* pirated items :P

Typical scare tactics, as usual, but this time it didnt come from the RIAA. I'm surprised the RIAA hasn't tried to make people think MP3s are really more like an .exe, and if you run one, your computer will stop working :)
2001-07-13 05:28:31 PM  
doo dah, doo dah
2001-07-13 07:22:30 PM  
Napster is dead.

Funny though, if they wouldn't have VOLUNTARILY gone down, they'd at least still have their site up.
2001-07-13 09:26:03 PM  
Download Napster Now!
Find out why Napster is the hottest application on the Net -- download it today. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our software. Check back here from time-to-time to download a new version.

ummmmm! right .. are you guys ok ?

- fark - I read it on weekends and stuff -
2001-07-13 10:45:15 PM  
I saw people talking about how they love Audiogalaxy...but you should know that while it works good, it also comes with some nasty spyware. I uninstalled it so I forgot what the name of the spyware was but if I can find it Ill post again.
2001-07-13 11:03:13 PM  
I just downloaded, installed and am presently running KaZaa. Excuse me while I unzip because boys, IT SUCKS. Large time. So far, on my cable modemed system, WinMX is the winner.

I'm open for suggestions though.
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