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(Wired)   Virtual hallucination device used in police training. This is some good shiat   ( divider line
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2696 clicks; posted to Geek » on 21 May 2007 at 5:26 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-21 05:20:13 PM  
In three years time, regular use of this will by individuals will be either outlawed or mandatory.

I'd sign up for a trip.
2007-05-21 05:33:33 PM  
Good idea. Maybe less people with mental conditions will be tasered to death or shot.
2007-05-21 05:37:00 PM  
as a former EMT who has had to deal with EDPs this is kinda cool.
As a dude that likes his weed and mushrooms, this is kinda cool.

/never done anything harder
//pretty damn happy with the first two
///yeah i know the drug thread today is elsewhere.
2007-05-21 05:41:49 PM  
There's no way it can really emulate the real thing. It must just simply replicate the disorientation, but the thought processes and depth of perception are impossible to duplicate.

Nonetheless, it could be pretty cool, though a few Psilocybe cubensis caps might be a more thorough way to experience the symptoms of hallucinogenic drugs.
2007-05-21 05:42:27 PM  
Ooops, missed that /i
2007-05-21 05:43:47 PM  
"It's very effective," says Margaret Stout, executive director of the Alliance of the Mentally Ill of Iowa, who's tried it herself. "It really allows you to feel like your mind is just not working well."
Unless formerly mentally ill people testify to its similarity, I'm skeptical. And it'd likely be irresponsible to let a recovered patient test it.
2007-05-21 05:44:56 PM
2007-05-21 05:49:47 PM  
Mr. Bungle At Work, the term prefered now is "psychedelic" (mind manifesting). The older "hallucinogen" fell out of favor, as actual hallucinations under the influence of psilocybin, LSD, etc. are rather rare.

Even further back, they were called "psychotomimetics" when it was thought they might mimic aspects of psychosis... a theory nobody (except perhaps the DEA) takes seriously any more.

/reading PiHKAL presently
2007-05-21 05:58:22 PM  
Do the police then have to set up surveillance on themselves?
2007-05-21 06:07:01 PM  
And what does it mean when I try it and go "And this is different from every day of my life how?"

/Getting a kick...
2007-05-21 06:12:52 PM  
FTA: The training device, created by Janssen L.P., is a rig with earphones and goggles that plunges the wearer into the mind of a serious schizophrenic

That's quite impressive. Especially considering we don't fully understand what the mind of a schizophrenic is like.
2007-05-21 06:50:07 PM  
I once had a psychotic reaction to Promethazine that forever changed the way I thought about psychotic behavior. It was the worst farking experience of my life.

/poor crazy people
2007-05-21 07:02:44 PM  
Sounds like a glitchy Virtua Boy.
2007-05-21 07:28:41 PM  
But they only give them bad trips. I think giving them something ejoyable might help them be more understanding to the common drug user.
2007-05-21 07:45:19 PM  
Did anyone even buy the Virtua Boy?
2007-05-21 07:50:21 PM  
hmm sounds interesting.. wonder what it would be like while trippin on some shrooms and/or LSD, then slip this baby on and take it for a spin

/just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you
2007-05-21 07:58:45 PM  
What's the score of the Red Wings game?
2007-05-21 09:24:27 PM  

2007-05-21 09:25:53 PM
2007-05-21 09:36:11 PM  
A few years back the company had an early version of the "drug store" scenario on the net. It was very much like a bad trip.
2007-05-21 10:52:58 PM  
Life imitates Unnovations.
2007-05-22 12:41:23 AM  
Why don't they just force them to watch 'The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer' over and over again?

You know the one, the chili cook off episode where he eats the psychedelic peppers grown by inmates of a Guatemalan Insane Asylum.

/wish i had some screencaps from it
//but I don't
///what can i diddily-diddily-doodily dooo for you, homer?
2007-05-22 03:05:10 AM  
I know what the real thing is like. I'm a paranoid-schizoid, bi-polar, autistic (a minor form of it...the cool kind...perfect pitch, can play musical instruments by ear instantly, enhanced timing and accuracy skills...but people skills are lacking).

I'm considered disabled due to detachment from the real world. I love the Internet.

Take a walk in my world, where half-invisible old women in my peripheral vision are throwing rice at me, but the rice disintegrates before it hits my skin. That's just ONE example.

/Guess that was my coming-out as a closet geek...but I like it this way...
//if anybody would like to talk with me about what I go through, feel free to email me
2007-05-22 04:52:30 AM  
djrev - where are you getting that diagnosis?

Seems to me a paranoid wouldn't necessarily make his email address available (unless you knew that we - er!- somebody had it already).

Also seems to me that it'd be difficult to label anybody autistic if they could relate to the fact that others might be interested in them, and then actually solicited contact with them. Sounds more Charlie Parker than Charlie Babbitt.
I don't even know what that means.

I'm not calling you a liar or hypochondriac or anything, just seems (from that one post) that your behaviors are anathema to the criteria of (what I understand) paranoia/autism are.
2007-05-22 04:59:53 AM  
Also, for the record, I have attention-defic
2007-05-22 05:00:56 AM  
2007-05-22 08:06:58 PM  
I see your point...but I am on a handfull of meds to balance it all out. The diagnoses are from my doctors.
As for the email thing: that is just in case anyone wants to delve deeper into the subject.
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