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(London Times)   Guy pays $2500 to sniff Lady Diana's bike seat   ( divider line
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5137 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 May 2007 at 4:38 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-19 04:39:52 AM  
2007-05-19 04:41:24 AM  
Doesn't he known that if you're light on your feet, you can get the panties for free?

2007-05-19 04:41:47 AM  
Damn. what a deal. Does the aroma last this long? I don't know. Damn woman keeps making me wash my fingers.
2007-05-19 04:51:04 AM  
FTFA: Alan Goldsmith......bought the Tracker bike, and said he was prepared to bid up to £10,000 "because I believe Diana was the biggest celebrity icon of the last century." The auctioneer said that the Princess used the bike in the 1970s when she lived at Althorp, Northamptonshire.

Prepared to pay £10,000 for a bike she used when her ass wasn't even Royalty?

What's he hoping for? Some DNA samples?
2007-05-19 04:53:07 AM  
He runs a toy museum. He may not be a total kook.

Then again, he runs a toy museum.
2007-05-19 04:55:03 AM  
Yagottabechittinme Does the aroma last this long?

If it did, then it's nothing you'd want to be sniffing in the first place.
2007-05-19 05:01:13 AM  
Didn't pretty much everyone get to smell her bicycle seat? Wasn't she pretty much the Welsh village bicycle?
2007-05-19 05:03:28 AM  
tokyogirl79: If it did, then it's nothing you'd want to be sniffing in the first place.

Oooh, snarky and true!
2007-05-19 05:11:17 AM  
I've got a bike - you can ride it if you'd like.
It's got a basket, a bell that rings, and Diana rode it before she died.
2007-05-19 05:37:01 AM  
When one is royalty, ones queefs smell of caviar.
2007-05-19 05:46:19 AM  
My friend let me sniff Angelina Jolie's BMW seat for free.
2007-05-19 06:46:41 AM  
Creepy tag trumps silly tag (DNRTFA)
2007-05-19 06:52:38 AM

I'd sniff it!

2007-05-19 07:30:34 AM  
What an ass!
2007-05-19 08:17:15 AM  

I have a clan of ginger bread men!
2007-05-19 09:04:09 AM  
Well Diana was born 1961. If this bike was used "in the 70s" then it was when she was a young teen.

Shouldn't that guy go on a list somewhere?
2007-05-19 10:20:48 AM  
zerkalo: Elderberries

...and CREAM?
2007-05-19 11:47:38 AM  
He probably thougt it was a good idea until he figured out she might have had a tampon jammed up her snatch last time she sat on it.
2007-05-19 12:02:09 PM  
DasBeast 2007-05-19 10:20:48 AM
zerkalo: Elderberries

...and CREAM?


I would have loved to heard the ad agents first pitch on that theme...
2007-05-19 12:17:30 PM  

I was at a concert a couple of years when she did that thing where she straddled the bench and played the organ and the piano at the same time.

That was ridiculous. And awesome.
2007-05-19 02:10:35 PM  
thats silly - he could have found like 100 guys that would let him sniff there units to get dinans scent
2007-05-19 03:37:38 PM  
Was it this guy......?
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