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5553 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Aug 2002 at 8:04 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-24 05:30:45 PM  
So does this mean that mobsters are gonna be breaking some priest's bones ?
2002-08-24 08:08:47 PM  
2002-08-24 08:09:01 PM  
Discuss the lawsuit that will prove irrefutably that Jesus Christ never existed.

heh. Oh yeah, this one's a no brainer.
2002-08-24 08:09:09 PM  
Oh..what a way to prove another religion wrong...write a book and sell it for lots of money to other idiots that believe you...
2002-08-24 08:12:25 PM  
I'm not exactly religious, but I got two problems with this. 1) Why is it that people always say Catholic instead of Christian and 2) how is it heroic to attack a belief?
2002-08-24 08:12:48 PM  
In the words of Johnny Storm...
2002-08-24 08:13:25 PM  
2002-08-24 08:14:16 PM  
Right, this'll work. Next, he plans to sue God for nonexistence.
2002-08-24 08:14:27 PM  
This should be more of a class action suit. I prefer to use the term "godfag" when referring to followers of any imaginary diety.
2002-08-24 08:15:54 PM  
Nope, too late, he is suing Jesus.
2002-08-24 08:16:52 PM  
NO hero more like sick devil.

Remember Fatima!!
2002-08-24 08:16:54 PM  
Chunk, you are absolutely correct. I disagree with pretty much every religion or superstition out there but it is not in any way heroic to attack other's belief. I'm not sure what this guy is really trying to do here. Probably just boost the sales of his book.
also, how the hell can you possibly preach atheism. they have no good sales pitch. why would anybody want the "trugth" when you could have buttloads of virgins when you die.
2002-08-24 08:17:12 PM  
its not so much that god may not exist but that religion is far too centralized
2002-08-24 08:17:56 PM  
BTW, in terms of hard evidence, it is not really possible to prove that anything didn't happen or that any individual didn't exist.

The lack of proof for an individual's existence is not proof of that individual's nonexistence.

And, no, I am not religious. I don't even believe in Jeebus.
2002-08-24 08:17:58 PM  
That has got to take some serious balls. I do believe that this asshat will be floating downstream somewhere in the near future. You shouldn't fark with the Catholic chruch. not because they're right but because they scare me.
2002-08-24 08:17:59 PM  
This guy should just leave well enough alone. If you believe good. If you don't, then good. I do believe. Yea me. Some people don't believe. Yea them. We'll all find out who's right and wrong at some point, correct? If I'm right, then I've got a happy eternity, if not, what harm has come from my believing while alive? None at all. To quote the wise Rodney King: "Can't well all just get along???"

*let the flamewar begin!*
2002-08-24 08:19:36 PM  
1) Why is it that people always say Catholic instead of Christian and 2) how is it heroic to attack a belief?

1) because catholicism is the largest denomination within christianity and has a lot of cash and power
2) maybe it is heroic b/c you are doing something as an individual against a large institution that you believe is a fraud, kinda like Socrates against Athens
2002-08-24 08:21:21 PM  
Well said Pope old boy. Anyone that can bring Socrates into an argument r0x0rs
2002-08-24 08:22:48 PM  
Leaving--predicts that at 2 or 3 am when I return this link will have 200+ comments....glad I got mine in early.
2002-08-24 08:22:57 PM  
Now if I could only find a way to bring Spinoza into this
2002-08-24 08:26:09 PM  
Looking at that link, I got an overwhelming sense of humility about the Internet. You could spend an eternity getting lost in pages like that, and they would become very, very real I bet. I dunno what I'm wanting to relay here, but I'll tell you this: I've got the shivers.
2002-08-24 08:28:32 PM  
I'm going to sue the color blue.
2002-08-24 08:29:02 PM  
I wonder how much he paid Fark for this ad?

I agree that God/Jesus/etc. is just Santa Claus for grownup's who need direction to be good but does this deserve a hero tag?
2002-08-24 08:33:26 PM  
I guess he didn't hear about Opie and Anthony. You just DON'T around with the Vatican!
2002-08-24 08:36:40 PM  
A lawsuit against Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church... and proof that Jesus Christ never existed.

I think I'll sue the Easter Bunny then.
2002-08-24 08:38:29 PM  
Hero? More like asinine. This is stupider than Saudi Arabia suing the US for 9/11.
2002-08-24 08:38:48 PM  
This guy can be arrested. Seriously, Italy still has blasphemy laws. I remember because someone who had a blasphemous website was arrested while vacationing in Italy.
2002-08-24 08:38:49 PM  
HERO? Who the hell let's these things through?
I, for one, am sick of the religion bashing here on Fark. The FUNDIE ATHIESTS should just shut the hell up.
2002-08-24 08:39:44 PM  
He's sueing the Roman Catholic church 'cause he's in Italy, that's THE church. It would be f'n hilarious if he won, think of all of the protests...ah...a boy can dream...of course it won't get anywhere.
Compare and contrast this with the bible beaters putting stickers on text books. Europe is lookin' better and better!
2002-08-24 08:39:49 PM  
"Dear Luigi Cascioli,
I have read your book "The Fable of Christ" which I received from the GA.MA.DI association.
At last someone has demonstrated the irrefutable inexistence of Christ. The creation of this figure was one of the most convenient and profitable inventions."

-a satisfied customer-

it sounds like an ad from an infomercial to get people to believe him... did it seem like that to anyone else?

"Dear Christian-hater-guy,
your book r0x0rz. ever since i bought it, i have been running around telling everyone to BUY THIS BOOK. No longer do i need to argue with people, i just show them this book since it is absolutely true. Thanks Alot!"
-Masta Blasta-
2002-08-24 08:40:20 PM  
"1) Why is it that people always say Catholic instead of Christian"

In addition to what someone mentioned above, a lot of people (like Jack Chick) don't consider Catholics to be Christians.
2002-08-24 08:40:21 PM  
In order to reach this conclusion, so there will no longer be any doubt about his conclusions, the author carried out a rational exegesis not only on the sacred scriptures but also on all documents concerning pagan religions and their cult of mystery of which Christianity is a perfect reproduction.

So, in other words, his "irrefutable proof" is nothing more than his "expert" interpretation of old texts?

Someone explain to me how, if the Bible is in doubt, these "documents concerning pagan religions" are any more credible.

No doubt, this guy's only in it for the money.
2002-08-24 08:41:13 PM  
Some people have too much time on their hands.
2002-08-24 08:42:14 PM  
Living, you spelled fundy wrong, and you spelled atheist wrong too.

Sorry for pointing that out, don't mean to be a spelling nazi.

Oh and by the way, we have freedom of speech. Sorry if bashing religion gets you mad, but see, we have something called freedom of speech, and our country has separation of church and state. If you feel otherwise, take it up with the Supreme Court, I'm sure they'd enjoy the debate.

Feel free to stay out of the kitchen.
2002-08-24 08:44:10 PM  
Hmm... only two outcomes here.

A). The court finds Jesus to be a myth. Christians complain, sue the court, and bawl in their Cheerios. Atheists applaud the "brave" decision and thumb their noses at Christians.

B). The court finds Jesus to be factual. Atheists complain, sue the court, and bawl in their Cheerios. Christians applaud the "brave" decision and thumb their noses at the Atheists.
2002-08-24 08:44:27 PM  
I don't get the logic. I can't imagine that the pope is sitting in some golden throne somewhere surrounded by a pile of money and dozens of strippers cackling about how stupid everyone is. So it's not as if they've straight up conned people (assuming that jesus didn't exist and they ((whoever they is)) know that he didn't). So what's the point?

-RYan o_O
2002-08-24 08:46:19 PM  
Steveo, I think anyone who really cares about 2000 year old papyrus scrolls about a Hebrew deity that were written by desert nomads needs to have their head checked. Christians and atheists included.

I'm an atheist, but I'm waaaaayy past my 'constant rebellion against religion' phase. I don't need to justify my beliefs by writing a huge book about them. I'm quite comfortable with them.
2002-08-24 08:46:52 PM  
"Living, you spelled fundy wrong, and you spelled atheist wrong too.

Sorry for pointing that out, don't mean to be a spelling nazi.

Oh and by the way, we have freedom of speech. Sorry if bashing religion gets you mad, but see, we have something called freedom of speech, and our country has separation of church and state. If you feel otherwise, take it up with the Supreme Court, I'm sure they'd enjoy the debate."

I wouldn't bash his spelling when you can't help but to repeat the same thing two sentences in a row.
2002-08-24 08:46:53 PM  
"Remember Fatima!!"

er...was this the Catholic Alamo?
2002-08-24 08:47:15 PM  
Steveo - It's pointless and stupid either way, isn't it?
2002-08-24 08:49:07 PM  
*shrugs* Good for you then, Bbcrackmonkey. I believe what some people are pissed about is the fact that there are alot of people who believe that anyone with any sort of spirituality is an idiot, etc. And you know what? They're just as bad as the fundie christians...
2002-08-24 08:49:22 PM  
Misterhappy0, the pope is sitting in a huge mansion surrounded by gold everything and the finest works of art in the world, but he's celibate so strippers are quite out of the question. But yes, it isn't as though they've conned anyone. Donations given within the past century or so have all been voluntary.

Also I'd like to point out the fact that the Vatican and the Catholic Church actually believe what they have been telling people all this time, so there is no lying involved.
2002-08-24 08:49:35 PM  
I don't understand how anybody can say beyond a doubt that "god" does or does not exist. If he/she does exist, he/she seems to be absent, but since it's impossible to "prove" that something like a "god" doesn't exist, being absolutely certain that he/she doesn't exist isn't logical, nor is being certain that that he/she does exist.
2002-08-24 08:49:53 PM  
Bbcrackmonkey, I think he just meant that alot of farkers are being hypocrites by bashing bible-thumbing fundies, when infact they are being atheist fundies.
2002-08-24 08:51:11 PM  

Well said.

I myself am born a third time, and while there's no love lost between myself and the church, I've known plenty of religious people who lead good lives and who don't bomb abortion clinics and don't try to "brainwash" school children.

The "atheist fundies" are just as annoying as the bible-thumpers, but neither group represents in any way the majority of the people they claim to speak for.
2002-08-24 08:51:22 PM  
John 10.37 "If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me; 38 but if I do them, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in Me, and I in the Father."

I Corinthians 15:3 For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, 5 and that He appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. 6 After that He appeared to more than five hundred brethren at one time, most of whom remain until now, but some have fallen asleep; 7 then He appeared to James, then to all the apostles;
2002-08-24 08:52:38 PM  
Huzzah for the agnostics. The Vulcans of the spiritual world. "Captain, religion and atheism are...highly illogical." ::raises eyebrow::
2002-08-24 08:53:42 PM  
Sorry if I spelled atheist wrong, I didn't notice it was an exception to the "I before E" rule. Fundy (or fundie) is slang, and I just spell it differently than you.

As far as freedom of speech... Yes, we all have it and that is why I voiced my opinion. My opinion is that the atheists around here are always knocking religion, so I just knock them back.
2002-08-24 08:53:47 PM  
Whoohoo! Lets all jump on the anti-christain bandwagon.
2002-08-24 08:55:03 PM  
Last I checked, there aren't any historians worth anything on earthy who still don't believe that Jesus ever existed. It's pretty well proven as firmly as the existance of Aristotle, Alexander the Great, and Columbus. Now, as to whether or not he was a diety... that's obviously debatable.
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