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(Some Guy)   Cow falls on mans head   ( divider line
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2419 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jul 2001 at 8:46 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-12 08:55:39 AM  
That's nothing - I was once chased by a badger!
2001-07-12 08:58:49 AM  
submitters are lazy... this is from canoe, which fark has a graphic for.
2001-07-12 09:02:22 AM  
Big deal, i live in Vermont...cows fall on peoples heads all the time here.
2001-07-12 09:04:29 AM  
hmmm... Turkey...
2001-07-12 09:06:28 AM  
i seem to remember working on a game about this once...
2001-07-12 09:11:09 AM  
Thank god the cow was OK. We wouldn't want to get those PETA folks up in arms.
2001-07-12 09:19:06 AM  
Fusillade762: beat me to it...

on a different note:

"Big-Boy Porterhouse, extra-Rare, coming up for the table in the corner!"
2001-07-12 09:26:00 AM  
Make mine a double latt...WHUMP!!
2001-07-12 09:30:21 AM  
Does this mean he'll be closer to jeebus? (or whatever it is in turkey)

I mean, whew, if he'd have been sitting 1 inch to the left, bam, squashed testicles, explain that to the wife

-its not my fault I can't understand you, ya fuzzy foreigner
2001-07-12 09:44:25 AM  
Cafes in Turkey are usually very pleasant places, I swear.
2001-07-12 09:56:57 AM  
Miss, oh miss, could I have some milk for my coffee?

This sounds like a Monty Python sketch ;)
2001-07-12 10:26:44 AM  
Phillyguy, did you submit this you Turkeyphile.
2001-07-12 10:33:16 AM  
It's the Apocalypse! "And the Lord smote them with falling cows, and grieved them sorely."
2001-07-12 10:34:28 AM  
Actually, I was expecting the old Polish joke - "How did the Pollack (sp?) die drinking milk...?"
2001-07-12 10:45:46 AM  
BunnyBir, that's Turcophile, and although I read this offline and was scrambling to find it to submit, someone beat me to it. Dirty Hapsburg-Lover :p
2001-07-12 10:59:10 AM  
This probably won't help thier chances much of getting in the E.U.
2001-07-12 11:03:43 AM  
I don't know, one article that doesn't mention Kurds, Islam, human rights, or economic meltdown might work in their favor.
2001-07-12 11:50:11 AM  
Anybody else remember the running joke from EarthWorm Jim?
2001-07-12 12:16:06 PM  
injured man sues cow, cow's owner, owner of coffee house, coffee house roofer, etc.
...settles out of court.
gets $25,000 in turkish money;
lawyers get $25,000 in turkish money;
insurance rates for cow, cow owner, and coffee house owners go up..., even in a county named turkey
thank Allah the guy wasn't killed...
2001-07-12 01:46:56 PM  
wow, what a moooooving story!


hey, don't have a cow about it! DOH! haaa haa haaa!

I kill me!
Wait, what's that noise? aaaargh!
2001-07-12 01:50:41 PM  
Jeeesus Christ! Run Away! Run Away!
2001-07-12 01:53:44 PM  
Here's one my brother sent me although I don't know where the original article is.

Falling Cow

THIS IS AN ACTUAL ARTICLE TAKEN FROM A JAPANESE NEWSPAPER: On Friday, March 14, the Japanese Coast Guard responded to an SOS call from a sinking ship in the middle of the Sea of Japan. When the rescue effort arrived, they found the crew of a trawler clinging to the hull of their overturned ship. After returning to land, each member of the crew and the officers were all questioned about the events causing the accident, but after the interviews, the men were placed in confinement for suspicion of sabotage.

Every man claimed that their boat had been struck by a large cow that had fallen out of the cloudless sky, leading the authorities to suspect the story had been concocted to cover up foul play.

The men remained in confinement for a week until a call came in from the Russian Air Force, who had heard of the incident. After the call, all of the men were released.

On the same day that the ship sank, a Russian cargo plane was preparing to take off from an airfield in far eastern Russia. Before takeoff, the crew of the plane noticed a cow grazing beside the runway. Hungry for the expensive meat, they dragged the cow into the cargo hold and took off, intending to have a feast at their destination. Once in the air, the disoriented cow went berserk, thrashing and kicking at anything and anyone within reach. Before the cow could do any serious damage, the crew opened the cargo hatch an pushed the cow out at 30,000 feet overthe Sea of Japan.
2001-07-12 02:16:32 PM  
yeah well, thats strange
2001-07-12 02:18:16 PM  
I'm surprised Jubei hasn't posted a "cow's revenge" comment on this story. Ah.... but the day is young.
2001-07-12 03:46:35 PM  

Actually it's probably the same guy who was caught yesterday enjoying the company of a cow.

(Probably the aforementioned bovines buddy)

2001-07-12 04:17:21 PM  
2001-07-12 07:02:18 PM  
2001-07-12 09:46:49 PM  
2001-07-12 10:06:31 PM  
The Dangers of Cow Launching.
2001-07-12 11:32:19 PM  
I got bit in the ass by a dog once.
2001-07-13 12:02:58 AM  
It was the farmer's fault. He saw the marks on the ground, he know people were tipping his cows but he did nothing. Sue the bastard!
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