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38808 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 May 2007 at 10:27 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-13 07:57:40 PM  
Just when you think bottom feeding TV producers can't POSSIBLY go any lower....
2007-05-13 08:25:55 PM  
Everyone involved: Sick, pathetic creatures
2007-05-13 08:37:23 PM  
Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?
2007-05-13 09:25:46 PM  

Simply awesome!

I think the next great idea for a TV show would be to find someone whose spouse just died, dig up their corpse, and keep offering them money to engage in sexual activities with the corpse.

Preferably, find some old pensioner who can barely afford to keep the heat on. Someone who'd be real desperate for money.

Christ, that would bring in the ratings.
2007-05-13 09:31:55 PM  
Say what you want to about Howard Stern's show, but his sidekick Artie called David Creep out, to his face, the other day. "Hey we might be part of the problem, but you're the scumbag making it happen."
2007-05-13 10:30:30 PM  
Aren't these peoples' 15 minutes of fame up already?
2007-05-13 10:30:53 PM  
Um, what the fark?
2007-05-13 10:31:11 PM  
At dinner... will the hostess or the waiter get shot in the face...? Too close to tell.
2007-05-13 10:32:20 PM  
Didn't finish RTFA. My only thought is simply "The guy who dreamed this show up should be hung by his danglers until death".

Seeing as how I don't think that alone would allow that person to die, it should be a very slow and painful lifetime of begging for death.
2007-05-13 10:32:47 PM  
You can't respect a guy who couldn't take an ass whipping from a girl and had to resort to cheating. Yes I'm talking about the Chyna vs Joey celebrity boxing match....

The guy fought dirty when he was fighting a girl no less.
He's a washed up Guido.
2007-05-13 10:32:51 PM  

And Buttafuoco has a long history of having a bit of an anger management problem. Train wreck in the planning stages...
2007-05-13 10:33:37 PM  
Joey's kids later called into the Howard Stern Show and expressed their feelings about their dad "dating" the woman that shot their mom in the face. It wasn't very positive.

And is Mother's Day too.....
2007-05-13 10:34:31 PM  
I thought the bottom of the barrel was scraped when they put on that "who wants to marry a millionare"... they found a whole new bottom.
I do love your idea Schling Fo, I can't believe it has not been put on the air...It will be on next season "Look who wants to Fark a dead guy"
2007-05-13 10:34:38 PM  
Finished with 15 mins of fame, ready for 15 days of lame.

We need a "public-service homicide" here.
2007-05-13 10:35:04 PM  
Let's hope it ends with a bang?
2007-05-13 10:35:23 PM  
Would this be a good time to pitch my "Illegal Aliens duel to the death for a gree card" sitcom?
2007-05-13 10:36:02 PM
Nobody better lay a finger on my Buttafuoco.
2007-05-13 10:36:19 PM  
sararenne: I do love your idea Schling Fo, I can't believe it has not been put on the air...It will be on next season "Look who wants to Fark a dead guy"

I think it's solid gold :)
2007-05-13 10:36:49 PM  
GTFO! I can't believe how shameless these people are. I hope this gets shut down like OJs 'If I Did It' book.
2007-05-13 10:37:02 PM  
Why are these people famous?

And I thought Paris Hilton was an inexplicable celebrity.
2007-05-13 10:38:02 PM  
Why can't these two idiots just die and leave the rest of us in peace ???
2007-05-13 10:38:05 PM  
SchlingFo: I think the next great idea for a TV show would be to...

/You know you'd watch...
//Don't watch reality TV...
///But would probably watch either of these.
2007-05-13 10:38:22 PM  
/doesn't actually condone homicide
//unless it's really, really necessary
///as determined by Nielsen survey
2007-05-13 10:40:41 PM  
Forget 15 minutes of fame. Hasn't it been 15 years now?
2007-05-13 10:41:00 PM  
"We've secretly switched Joey and Amy's original waiter with Chyna from the WWE. Let's see what happens..."
2007-05-13 10:41:25 PM  
we need to form a group to work with Tivo. What we do is Tivo tells us who regularly Tivos this program and our group finds these people and kick them off the mortal coil.

after that, we go after Jerry Springer fans...
2007-05-13 10:42:00 PM  

That seriously made me spray snot on myself.

2007-05-13 10:43:23 PM  
Please ignore this crap, completely.

/that is all
2007-05-13 10:43:55 PM  
Hey, she puts out right? Good for him.
2007-05-13 10:44:20 PM  

Great post. The long walk was great indeed.
2007-05-13 10:45:47 PM  
2007-05-13 10:47:29 PM  
This the perp?
2007-05-13 10:48:06 PM  
The saddest part? It will probably be a big hit. Americans are stupid and pathetic enough to actually consider this entertainment.

//Embarassed American
2007-05-13 10:48:45 PM  
Great Janitor
we need to form a group to work with Tivo. What we do is Tivo tells us who regularly Tivos this program and our group finds these people and kick them off the mortal coil

Hold on I'll just get my camera...
2007-05-13 10:49:37 PM  
MATTHEW: Butt-Ah-Foo-Koh.

JIMMY: Buttafuoco to you too, Matthew.
2007-05-13 10:50:02 PM  
buzzvert: Nobody better lay a finger on my Buttafuoco.

I'm going to hell for laughing at that aren't I?

/most excellent play on an old candy bar slogan I've seen all day! Would definitely laugh again
2007-05-13 10:56:25 PM  
Nah, they can go lower than that. Why not dig up JonBenet Ramsey and have a double-date with her rotting corpse and Michael Jackson?
Oh, wait. Michael only dates boys. Dammit! I'll never make it as a television executive!
But wait...wait...I've got it!! Amy and Joey can dig up JonBenet's rotting corpse and take it to Disneyland! Perfect! Sort of a "happy family" angle. maybe they can find a boyfriend for her there. Let's see if Corey Feldman is available...
2007-05-13 10:56:41 PM  
I always wanted to see "Rage" done as a movie.
A "Breakfast Club" era Judd Nelson would have been great as Charlie.

No possibility of it ever happening in this post-Columbine world.
2007-05-13 10:58:28 PM  
Isn't Amy Fisher married with two kids these days?

Oh, teh drama!
2007-05-13 10:58:46 PM  
Couldn't be any worse than the other reality shiat already on network T.V.

/might be entertaining
2007-05-13 10:59:00 PM  
Thus ending any debate that America's appetite for shiat is indeed boundless.
2007-05-13 11:02:08 PM  
In a tasteless situation, one can only hope for humor . . . like this quote from Nassau County prosecutor Fred Clein when they got to the rape case against Joey (Amy was underage):

"With Joey Buttafuoco going to jail, we can finally put this case to bed."
2007-05-13 11:02:50 PM  
Can objective reality jump the shark?
2007-05-13 11:08:26 PM  
Thus ending any debate that America's appetite for shiat is indeed boundless.

It's not that we have an appetite for it (I for one don't), it's shiat like this being crammed down our throats by people so far out of touch of the common man/woman that they think we want to watch trash like this.

That and pandering to the lowest common demoninator...
2007-05-13 11:09:29 PM  
Best use of the SICK tag in a long time.
2007-05-13 11:09:30 PM  
Both Amy Fisher and Dick Cheney shot somebody in the face.

/Amy is more competent in matters of foreign policy though.
2007-05-13 11:09:43 PM  
I've Got Issues

According to TFA, she's getting divorced. Her husband is leaving her because of this ongoing nonsense.
2007-05-13 11:12:56 PM  
I'm gaging and vomitting at the same time...

I'm gavomitting!
2007-05-13 11:21:21 PM  
Remember when Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano were so down on their luck that they had to resort to playing Amy Fisher in two equally pathetic made-for-TV movies? Ah, those were the days.
2007-05-13 11:21:41 PM  

//Embarassed American

There's a cure for that, it's called renouncing your American citizenship and moving to another country, I highly suggest you do just that.

Anyone who is embarrassed to be an American is a loser.

/and don't let the door hit you in the arse on your way out
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