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(The Sun)   Star Trek nerd who spent £30,000 turning his flat into the Voyagers flight deck has sold it for five times its market value. Still can't get laid   ( divider line
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19432 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 May 2007 at 8:42 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-12 08:34:04 AM  
Hey, I sure wouldn't mind getting me some more of that Arcturian poontang!
2007-05-12 08:45:02 AM  
Who's laughing now?
2007-05-12 08:47:03 AM  
Who's laughing now?

We still are.
2007-05-12 08:47:23 AM  
he got pounded!

2007-05-12 08:48:36 AM  
Right under the picture of his toilet, it says "Captain's log".

No kidding.
2007-05-12 08:51:21 AM  
Tony put his up for sale on eBay a month ago with a guide price of £130,000.

Five fellow Trekkies began a bidding war - and he finally accepted the £425,000 offer from a Birmingham businessman, who wants to remain anonymous.

Que Ogre.
2007-05-12 08:53:53 AM  
The crapper is hilarious. Wonder what his model was for that. They really don't cover that part in the shows.
2007-05-12 08:55:19 AM  
Huh. He's apparently parlayed this into an interior design business(p).

Well, good on him. That takes some moxie.
2007-05-12 08:59:47 AM  
My place looks more like the Enterprise NX-01.

/after a battle
//lost battle
2007-05-12 09:01:10 AM  
EURO 425,000 - EURO 27,000 - EURO 30,000 = EURO 368,000 profit.

EURO 368,000 / (8 * 365 * 2) = EURO 63.01 / hour.

... not bad.
2007-05-12 09:05:26 AM  
ZzeusS: The crapper is hilarious. Wonder what his model was for that. They really don't cover that part in the shows.

Something something klingons something.

I would have thought toilets of the future would be a bit more hi-tech. I don't see Spock shiatting at all, actually.
2007-05-12 09:12:30 AM  
For about a $60000 investment the guy made roughly $300000. So getting laid shouldn't be a problem.

Money can't buy love but it will rent you a whole lot of affection.
2007-05-12 09:15:15 AM  
Well, yes, voyager would not be my choice.....I'd like my apartment to look like the interior of a Borg cube......that would be cool. Pretty sure THEY don;t have a bathroom though.
2007-05-12 09:17:00 AM  
Whoops DRTFA. He made almost $900000 dollars so I guess he can rent higher class affection and a lot more of it
2007-05-12 09:19:08 AM  
Wow, he finally sold it? I recall that he'd been trying to offload that thing for several years.
2007-05-12 09:19:45 AM  
He chose the wrong ship to model his apartment on. He could have chosen the original Enterprise (and by original, I mean the NCC-1701 of The Original Series), the D, or the E and been better.

/Yes, I'm a Trekkie.
//Probably why I can't get laid.
2007-05-12 09:23:28 AM  
I turned my house into a Borg cube replica. But I keep falling down when I go to sleep.
2007-05-12 09:24:07 AM  
LaughingGremlin: You could put that Borg "Docking" station in the bathroom.

Personally, I want to give a business sized space the Geiger treatment.

On that note, I just looked at his web sites jewelry line... Woah...

Mildly NSFW:
2007-05-12 09:26:58 AM  
Vorgon: On that note, I just looked at his web sites jewelry line... Woah...

I think I just found my next wedding gift.
2007-05-12 09:28:57 AM  
Hey, as Klyde points out, he made about 900K in US dollars. That's only $100,000 away from two chicks at the same time!

Of course it's been a few years since Office Space. I wonder if that's still the going rate?
2007-05-12 09:39:45 AM  
I'm an urban outdoorsman and I've decored my surroundings like Bucky Fuller's Spaceship Earth. It is very subtle so you might not notice my fine attention to detail.
2007-05-12 09:47:26 AM  
Who needs a toilet when you could just BEAM it out... eer up... down.
2007-05-12 09:47:27 AM  
His name is.... Tony Alleyne ... I think that's pronounced, "ALIEN".
2007-05-12 09:47:41 AM  
Do you ever leave The Asylum, lelio?

/If you're watching: Hi, Wonko!
2007-05-12 09:47:55 AM  
Actually my apartment DOES look like the borg cube, but only because I have computers and other tech crap strewn randomly about. Not through any conscious decision.
2007-05-12 09:59:16 AM  
exaltare 2007-05-12 09:01:10 AM

EURO 425,000 - EURO 27,000 - EURO 30,000 = EURO 368,000 profit.

EURO 368,000 / (8 * 365 * 2) = EURO 63.01 / hour.

... not bad.

£ not €
2007-05-12 10:11:49 AM  
I can't help but think "He should've made the shower the transporter room."
2007-05-12 10:21:08 AM  
Cool. I've been working on converting one of my bedrooms into a "Starship Officers Stateroom" since December, I'm about 95% done. Spent less than 2K. Gawd, I'd really go for a Green Orion Slave Girl. I hear they're like animals!

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-12 10:29:16 AM  
mark, you've lost the game. you've lost the game of life.
2007-05-12 10:33:32 AM  

You must live such a lonely life (I'm just kidding here).

But that doesn't take away the awesomeness of that room!.
2007-05-12 10:36:54 AM  
I noticed you have a very small bed.
Where would the Green Orion Slave Girl sleep?
2007-05-12 10:37:58 AM  
Why do StarTrek walls always have extra little surfaces on them? Painting a blank picture frame white and hanging it on the wall shouldn't make it look like you're from the future, but for some reason it does....
2007-05-12 10:38:04 AM  
So Mark.

I'm just wondering how you convinced your parents to let you tear your room apart like that?
2007-05-12 10:44:16 AM  
You have to admit, its a great way to get a girl to come back to your place.

"Want to go back to my place?"
"Well, I don't know.....we just met...."
"My apartment looks like the set of star trek"

In retrospect, maybe it won't.
2007-05-12 10:46:22 AM  
mark12A: I'm about 95% done

That's pretty gosh-darned cool, man. Very clever.
2007-05-12 11:28:10 AM  
I noticed you have a very small bed.
Where would the Green Orion Slave Girl sleep?

On top?
2007-05-12 12:07:27 PM  
Yeah, but does he have the biatchin TOS Captain's chair for a toilet?

[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-12 12:19:09 PM  
I LOL'd at the story
2007-05-12 12:22:57 PM  
So cool on so many levels.
2007-05-12 12:23:31 PM  
Mark... Why?
2007-05-12 12:24:11 PM  
I've given a lot of thought to science fiction home decor, as a modern outgrowth of the Mod/Space Age/Googie architecture of the 1960s. Back then, though they had great design, it suffered because it was low quality. They were very limited in the materials they could use.

If you really want to do it up right, it would help to use both the futuristic fashions and hairstyles they used as part of the whole motif. The two TV shows that really had the best of these were Star Trek TOS and the British show U.F.O.

Other elements that would complement the design and dress would be sound effects in the decor, think Star Trek TOS again, and "household art", a combination of modern art and scientific phenomenon art.

By the latter, I mean things that can be as simple as an ultrasonic fog maker in an indoor fountain highlighting a modern art statue; casual musical oddities in art; optical illusions and paint schemes; and crafty use of space such as flat panel wall TVs and monitors, along with other hidden electronics.

An apartment or house might be optimized for Roombas, for easy cleaning, and different rooms may have entirely different design schemes.
2007-05-12 12:32:13 PM  
very creative and damn cool.... more power to him
2007-05-12 12:41:40 PM  
"You can lose money chasing a woman but you won't lose women chasing money"
2007-05-12 01:12:51 PM  
TNG > Voyager
2007-05-12 01:30:49 PM  
Voyager = Illegitimate bastard child of TNG and DS9

/self-avowed laid numerous times...still hated Voyager
//never earned the right to be called "Star Trek" by any stretch of the imagination
///too many trips to the "deus ex machina" well
////slashies are getting drunk on Saurian Brandy
2007-05-12 01:39:45 PM  
So how exactly does something sell for more than its market value? If it sells for a price isn't that by definition its "market value"?
2007-05-12 02:10:37 PM  
What's with the disco ball in the kitchen?
2007-05-12 02:14:50 PM  
But.. Voyager sucks.
2007-05-12 02:41:25 PM  
Nice, but no way is that a zero gravity toilet. And I bet that the consoles either don't work or don't fully implement Star Fleet diagnostic protocols.

Of course I am a stickler for detail. This is Star Fleet, damnit!
2007-05-12 03:21:59 PM  
Still can't get laid

Wanna bet? The man has a million dollars (well, almost).
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