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(NYPost)   Opie and Anthony fired over stupid church stunt.   ( divider line
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12455 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2002 at 6:31 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-23 06:33:52 AM  
Hey, what a coincidence, it's MY last day of work today too!
2002-08-23 06:34:26 AM  
HAHAHA i love the article, but think there should be a spiffy tag on it. These two dj's are jackasses.
2002-08-23 06:37:16 AM  
"The listeners, Loretta Lynn Harper, 35, and Brian Florence, 37, were taken to the storied church by one of the show's employees, Paul Mercurio, who gave Gregg "Opie" Hughes, Anthony Cumia and their listeners a live blow-by-blow of the sacrilegious sex act."

Well hell, if it was only a bunch of blow jobs one after the other, then it wasn't really sex was it? No cigars involved either? I believe they are wayyyyyy overreacting.
2002-08-23 06:37:39 AM  
Whoah, hang on a minute.... there was live commentary while this was going on?

Man, there are some weird people out there.
2002-08-23 06:37:56 AM  
It's a start. Now if they'd get rid of Stern, Leykis and Limbaugh we'd really be getting somewhere.
2002-08-23 06:48:08 AM  
What's really sad about this is that WNEW was once a truly great rock station back in the 70's. If they lose their license, a long history goes down the tubes. Such is the state of commercial FM radio these days. They don't play music anymore. They are just vehicles for the likes of these no-talent scumbags. Talk dirty on the air. Whoa. That's real innovative.

Bah, I'm going back to NPR.
2002-08-23 06:52:00 AM  
Can't wait to see the rube in my thread from a couple of days ago..the one who insisted over and over that Opie and Anthony wouldn't be fired..he had 'inside' information...tool.
2002-08-23 06:52:04 AM  
Actually, they were cancelled, not fired. Slight difference...

They're still under contract, and Infinity Broadcasting can pay them to keep them off the air unless O&A have a loophole in their agreement.

Or Infinity can just keep them out of sight, out of mind until it all blows over and bring them back.
2002-08-23 06:54:48 AM  
....These guys got fired over this? Hell, even priests don't even get fired for having sex in the church...
2002-08-23 06:55:04 AM  
Good riddance. They suck.
2002-08-23 06:57:03 AM  
Mullethead waits for the lightning bolt
2002-08-23 07:01:10 AM  
Too bad. They were quite funny. Now I have to go back to listening to Howie Carr again.
2002-08-23 07:01:20 AM  
Ironically this makes me firmly believe that there is indeed a God since these two annoying a-holes are now out of a job. Getting them blackballed from the industry would put me in heaven.
2002-08-23 07:02:36 AM  
Semantics..they were fired; the'll get some kind of buyout, and be on the air again somewhere else within 6 months.
2002-08-23 07:05:35 AM  
Yeah, they were fired. Amazing what Catholics get in an uproar about. Their priests molest boys in the church, but cry for O&A's head when two people act like they were having sex in the church.

What's ironic, WNEW hires them to do things that *could* get them fired, then they get fired.

They'll be back and thanks to this, more popular than ever.
2002-08-23 07:08:27 AM  
It's amazing how many people on fark are laughing their asses off at something posted here yet call these guys no talent jerks when its on the radio for using the same kind of humor. Well I gotta go here comes the bandwagon!
2002-08-23 07:08:54 AM  
who? what?
2002-08-23 07:08:59 AM  
Tigsnort : add to the list the Mancow idiot from chicago and it'll be a good start.

What do I know, I'm just a pinko, leftist, NPR listening, treehugging namby-pamby.
2002-08-23 07:09:38 AM  
As a Catholic; no way I condone what some priests have done to children. But to compare it to this is just ridiculous. Not only was it a Holy Day and people were at Mass; they were in one of the more historic churches in the country.
If Opie and Anthony had a couple boinking in your grandmother's house while she was watching her soaps, would you and your family call for their ouster?
2002-08-23 07:10:55 AM  
i used to listen to them when NPR would get into thier farrakhan-style white people bashing.
they were funny sometimes. they weren't as good as howard, but better than listening to how f*cked up i am because i am white.
2002-08-23 07:12:21 AM  
Tmwes: If Opie and Anthony had a couple boinking in your grandmother's house while she was watching her soaps, would you and your family call for their ouster?

Nope. Considering my grandma's age and onset of alzheimers she would just think it was part of "Passions".

2002-08-23 07:14:59 AM  
This sucks...
2002-08-23 07:15:03 AM  
Im just going to miss all of their boobies contest links on Fark.

Now if they could just get the Greaseman to take their place. New York would be set. If you dont know about the Greaseman, he was the one who had his sindicated show cancelled because he made the statement "Lets kill four more and take the whole week off!" on Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Now that is balls and comedy!
2002-08-23 07:15:15 AM  
No doubt they'll be back, and with a headline like this behind them, bigger than ever. I've only heard them once, nothing special, but why would they get fired for doing what they're paid to do?
2002-08-23 07:16:47 AM  
I think this was my article, but if anyone from WNEW is listening

I have a degree in radio
and I wont wont WONT tell people to have sex in a church OR temple.

Just tell me where to mail my resume

2002-08-23 07:18:14 AM  
It's not semantics until a buyout happens (and is publicly known).

Infinity may just want to hold on to one of their cash cows in the hopes of salvaging it while getting the heat off their back. People are lazy and forget things after a while.

These are things we just don't know for sure.
2002-08-23 07:21:32 AM  
I agree with Close2TheEdge. NPR is great radio. It's been my main staple for many years.

Sadly, this is just part of the media's slow spin toward oblivion. All the media is fresh out of ideas...not just Hollywood. There's nothing left for them but pushing the envelope...and this was just the next logical step. My previous "favorite" was a jock from a local station (Columbus, OH) taking a dump from a helicopter in mid-air over the University of Michigan's football stadium. Pretty innovative stuff, eh?

And, of course, these guys will be re-employed elsewhere in the next few weeks. And we'll hear all about how intolerant we are of free speech. *yawn*

Just another logical consequence of unlimited freedom without personal character.
2002-08-23 07:23:59 AM  
Chemmie: "Lets kill four more and take the whole week off!" on Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Now that is balls and comedy!

No its not. It's just ignorant drivel. Took a look at your bio:
"aka Chemmie the Racist"...

2002-08-23 07:25:46 AM  
Now what are all the mullet-wearing guys with stickers of calvin pissing on a ford/chevy on their truck window going to listen to???

We need 100cc's of Billy Ray Cyrus, STAT!

2002-08-23 07:27:01 AM  
This is kind of ridiculous. I think Opie and Anthony are morons. They just aren't funny. But I wonder if as much would have been made of this if they were caught doing it in a McDonalds or the Guggenheim something.

WNEW has every right to cancel them, but i think it would have been interesting (and still might be) once the FCC starts on this.

Its a church. Some people think its a 'holy' place. Others do not. They have been runnning this 'sex in dangerous places' thing for a while now, but the outrage and, most importantly, government intervention only happens after they do it over at Jebus's. I don't see what the big deal is. They had sex. Oh My God! No, not that!

I think it would have/would be an interesting seperation of church and state issue if the FCC does something about it, yet ignores the other sex they've broadcast from non-blessed places.

Either way, they won't be missed.
2002-08-23 07:31:08 AM  
I wonder if as much would have been made of this if they were caught doing it in a McDonalds or the Guggenheim something.

No it wouldn't, for the same reason they wouldn't do something as (relatively) tame as that on their show.
2002-08-23 07:33:04 AM  
2002-08-23 07:39:46 AM  
Tmwes: I can't beleive you are more outraged about this incident then the priests molesting children!

HELLO!!! Children for pete's sake! Priests molesting CHILDREN in the CHURCH!!! And you think this incident is worse!?!?! Unbeleivable.

It is just another example as to how Catholics are turning a blind eye to internal rot.

What a bunch of Hypocrites!

I am glad I am not a Catholic anymore.
2002-08-23 07:42:42 AM  
I don't believe that there is such a thing a sacrelige, but I do believe there is such a thing as unfunny loser DJ's who deserve to be fired.
2002-08-23 07:45:29 AM  
Chanle51 There is nothing wrong with Howie Carr - he's usually pretty entertaining.

Satchmo If you are indeed serious, look on WNEW's web site under employment. They have openings for on-air personalities.
2002-08-23 07:46:23 AM  
They were entertaining
2002-08-23 07:49:01 AM  
That's wonderful.

Now maybe wnew will get back to playing some decent music in the morning instead of trying entertain me with idiots.

If I wanted to listen to people talking, I'd put on a talk station. NYC radio in the mornings sucks. Bring back music!
2002-08-23 07:52:20 AM  
THe Catholic League had a big hand in getting them canned. I find it so typical to be hypocritical by witchunting O&A over this when they hid from the priest molestation scandel. I hope they get to the pearly gates and God kicks every last one of them in the ass right down to hell.
2002-08-23 07:52:21 AM  
NPR sucks. It's for people who are into reading and recycling and stupid crap like that.
2002-08-23 07:53:32 AM  
Too bad they aren't actually fired, just cancelled in NYC. I'm sure some other NYC station will soon be lowering IQ's with their moronic show soon.
2002-08-23 07:54:33 AM  
In soviet america, religion farks you!
2002-08-23 07:55:58 AM  
Apparantly, I'm in a minority here, actually LIKING O&A...and this just sucks. (No, I'm not a 12 year old boy, and no, I do not have a mullet.)
And I can't get onto their website or Foundry music, I havent't heard anything about this from them...
2002-08-23 07:56:19 AM  
Close2TheEdge, Chug: Concur wholeheartedly. Here in the DC area DC101 used to be halfway decent and went the way of the lowest common denominator (dumbed down for the masses). WHFS used to be good but no more. I don't listen to anything but NPR anymore and I love it.
2002-08-23 07:57:36 AM  

Its a church. Some people think its a 'holy' place. Others do not.

They crossed a line. Suppose they decided to target your mothers funeral for their next stunt?
2002-08-23 08:00:08 AM  
My main beef with Opie & Anthony was that the best hard rock/metal station in town took four hours (or whatever) out of its afternoon drive slot to play their schlock.

Call me crazy, but when I listen to the radio I want to hear MUSIC.
2002-08-23 08:00:59 AM  
It's funny how many people blindly bash the O&A radio show.

Sure, it may be childish humor for the most part, but if you don't like it, don't listen to it. Sure, the Sex for Sam contest is a bit over the top. However, whether the couple was arrested in St. Pat's church or in the back of a porno theater, it shouldn't make one bit of difference. I really don't think it's all that big of a deal, nor do I think O&A deserves to be cancelled.

(Granted, my personal views are that the FCC needs to be disbanded for the fascist rules they push on everyone.)
2002-08-23 08:02:59 AM  
What is Howard Sterns opinion on this? ? ? ?

I live in a redneck hellhole where two cackling rednecks dominate the morning radio. It really SUCKS here!
2002-08-23 08:03:38 AM  
Chemmie: "Lets kill four more and take the whole week off!" on Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Now that is balls and comedy!

No its not. It's just ignorant drivel. Took a look at your bio:
"aka Chemmie the Racist"...


blah blah blah blah... your a racist... blah blah blah blah.


farking wankers. Europeans suck. I think I am more racist or whatever you want to call it towards Europeans than anybody else. More than Jews, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Rednecks, Canadians, Indians, Muslims, Samoans... etc.

Dont you English realize we won the American Revolutionary War and saved your ass in WW2? now bugger off wankers.
2002-08-23 08:03:49 AM  
Whether or not you like Howard Stern, he's right about 1 thing:

"The FCC Sucks"

You can't have accountability from them for Morals/Ethics, they just enforce their policies arbitrarily. There at least should be a referendum, tribunal, review board...some sort of process, not just unilateral heavy-handed bloated burearacies like the FCC. Broadcasters should not answer to them, they should answer to the public and the FCC should enforce the will of the public.
2002-08-23 08:05:16 AM  
Hey Bevets again! There is a difference. A mother's funeral is where a wonderful woman, loved by many, is put to her final rest. A catholic church is where delusional 'holier than thou' losers devote their lives to something that does not exist. From time to time there's the odd alterboy rape to cover up as well.

Why should priests be the only ones having sex in churches? I guess it is okay if it unconsenting gay sex with a minor, but God really frowns upon consentual straight sex between adults.
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