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(Some Guy)   Coolest picture of the Milky Way as seen from Death Valley you will see today   ( divider line
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41988 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 May 2007 at 12:31 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-10 12:33:46 AM  
2007-05-10 12:34:18 AM  
There's nothing cooler than a bunch of lights in the sky. Boy could the universe be more boring?
2007-05-10 12:34:37 AM  
My god.

It's full of stars.
2007-05-10 12:34:47 AM  
Well it's the coolest I've seen so far, but we're only a half-hour in.

I'll let you know later if it stands.
2007-05-10 12:34:52 AM  
New background.
2007-05-10 12:34:59 AM  
It's like a rainbow of stars...
2007-05-10 12:36:42 AM  

© Grieg
2007-05-10 12:36:56 AM  
I prefer Snickers, personally...
2007-05-10 12:38:04 AM  
2007-05-10 12:38:49 AM  

Woot for the Last Starfighter reference
2007-05-10 12:38:55 AM  
You know what's just as awesome? Adding the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop to that image! That way, you can see the galaxy from a less distorted view! Totally freaking awesome!

[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-10 12:39:43 AM  
I suspect the people who don't feel awed by something like that don't really get what it is they are looking at.

/buncha lights
2007-05-10 12:42:31 AM  
It makes me sad that there are so few dark places left in the US. Just for once I'd like to be able to go outside at night and see lights in the sky that aren't pollution or other planets.
2007-05-10 12:43:25 AM  
You know what's just as awesome? Adding the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop to that image! That way, you can see the galaxy from a less distorted view! Totally freaking awesome!

You are awesome. I bow to your awesomeness for posting that. Here's a humble photo I took of the moon with a point-and-shoot digital held up to a telescope:

[image from too old to be available]

From where I am (eastern MA), it's tough to see anything else due to the light pollution.
2007-05-10 12:43:58 AM  
it's a lamp post
2007-05-10 12:44:35 AM  
That really is farking nice. It makes me miss Big Bend even more than I usually do.

/I know they are two different places.
2007-05-10 12:45:50 AM  

Enlighten me.

/slightly awed
//at least that's what they tell me
2007-05-10 12:46:10 AM  
I've seen better.
2007-05-10 12:46:36 AM  
I'd forgotten there were so many stars out there. I miss living out in the sticks....

/feelin' nostalgic
//suburbia sucks
2007-05-10 12:48:15 AM  
I live in Wisconsin, I thought this was the dark place in the US, but I guess I was wrong...

Caught the meteor showers two weeks ago, they were awesome. There was one that was so bright, I even heard a sonic boom.
2007-05-10 12:49:04 AM  
Greg Rebellion

interesting, nice find. EVERYONE GO WATCH THE VIDEO!
if I were from that side of the country I would probably love that site
2007-05-10 12:52:11 AM  
2007-05-10 12:53:23 AM  
That is very beautiful. I liked the snowflake one as well. Very cool site.

wippit - That was interesting and sad. Thanks for showing.
2007-05-10 12:54:29 AM  
Tis' better in the southern hemisphere. The south pole points more toward the centre of the galaxy so there are more stars in that direction. With less people here and sheep not producing too much light, New Zealand is a great place to just look at the sky.
2007-05-10 12:54:29 AM  
Better spots yet: Mauna Kea (In Hilo the street lights are a certain type to where they dont cause light pollution for the high power telescopes)

North Cascades in the summer at about 5-6 thousand feet. Truly amazing, there is no light pollution up there.
2007-05-10 12:55:32 AM  
No matter how much we colonize the land and make it all full of light and ruin the views, we will thankfully be able to travel to the poles and the middle of the ocean if we really desperately need them. So it sucks that it's going away but thankfully it's not possible, in the foreseeable future, to be completely destroyed.

/annoyingly optimistic lately
2007-05-10 12:55:45 AM  
On an average night in Tokyo you can only see a handful of stars, as there is considerable light and air pollution. When I went back to the USA last year, I spent a lot of time gazing skyward at night. I miss seeing more stars than I can count, and this picture certainly reminded me of that fact. Hmmm, maybe I should schedule a trip to rural Hokkaido...
2007-05-10 12:56:21 AM  
I'm a massive galaxy that gets photographed from Death Valley, so I'm really getting a kick out of these replies.
2007-05-10 12:58:12 AM  
sorry, should add the photo is still amazing
2007-05-10 12:59:31 AM  
aargh. The only time I've ever had a really good chance to miss out on light pollution was roadtripping last year across northern NM and AZ... and it worked out that we did it all during the day, so I never got the chance. :( It doesn't work so well even on clear nights here in DC.

"Fark Earth, I want to live on Mars somewhat closer to the stars
And farther away from dumb civilization..."
Deltron 3030
2007-05-10 12:59:43 AM  
I suppose I could just climb Mt. Fuji again. The stars were wicked from up there (3777m). Nah... too much work.
2007-05-10 01:03:07 AM  
If you don't understand what you're looking at and Spaztique's post doesn't illuminate you, please remember the following:

That's a panoramic picture you're staring at. That 'rainbow' stretches from the horizon in front of you to the horizon behind.

Even more fantastic.. the blobby dark bits in the middle of the arc? There are stars BEHIND that which can only be seen in the infrared and radio spectrums. It's a thick interstellar cloud millions of times larger than our entire solar-system.
2007-05-10 01:03:53 AM  
Cool pic.

I still find it disturbing that the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) at 2.5 million light years away, occupies a larger angular space than our full moon.
That farking frightens me, and I don't know why.

/Feeling kind of small
//Coming to a galaxy near you
2007-05-10 01:05:31 AM  
Why can't streetlights all turn off at 1 am every night? Anyone roaming around that late is up to no good anyway.
//works late
//up to no good?
//rather see stars that orange yuck city glow
2007-05-10 01:09:59 AM  
wow, first approved submission

I do wish I had a higher-res monitor though
2007-05-10 01:10:07 AM  
From Talk about feeling small:
[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-10 01:12:18 AM  
Every time I see images like this it makes me sad to think that I'll probably never get to see outer space from outer space.

2007-05-10 01:14:06 AM  
CaesarSneezy: Enlighten me.
/slightly awed
//at least that's what they tell me

That you're looking at an ocean of suns - thousands of millions of them. Not special effects or movie crap, but completely real and spread out in front of you across tens of thousands of light years.

There are probably tens of billions of planets just within the bit of the galaxy you can see right there (which is only a portion of it, the rest mostly fading out through dust and distance).

When I started seeing it from that perspective on a regular basis it made *me* feel pretty dizzy, at least.

Getting the orientation right (core over there, looking down along the Cygnus arm over here, etc) just adds to it.
2007-05-10 01:16:31 AM  
I used to live at 7000' in southwestern Colorado. The skies at night were just like that, full of stars. Gawd, I miss it.

/now live 10 miles out of a city
//in an area with high humidity
///which sucketh much
2007-05-10 01:16:55 AM  
I made a larger-res version of Spaztique's polar coordinate magic:

[image from too old to be available]
2007-05-10 01:18:19 AM  
I live in New Mexico. It's really farking dark here. I can see the whole moon most nights even when it's not full. Plus a base elevation of 4000 feet with mountains up to 12,000+ makes the night sky that much clearer. One night we even saw the aurora borealis.
2007-05-10 01:18:59 AM  
Southern_Fried: Talk about feeling small:

I was going to make a Steve Martin reference but I'm too busy trying to see if I can find my house in that pic...
2007-05-10 01:19:57 AM  
That's so pretty! I went on a field trip once to Death Valley. One of the teachers was really gung ho & tried to lecture everyone on sand dunes while the wind whipped all the sand into each & every part of our bodies that were exposed. The other teacher finally pulled an act of mercy & made him stop after it was made clear that even if someone could hear him over the wind, nobody was very into learning at that moment--especially when the students are having to step away from random whirlwinds of sand. Then we all learned about sand dunes (and mini sand storms) from the safety of the van. The group pothead became very popular when he passed his visene stash around.

/oddly enough, even though the trip was hell I still had a blast
2007-05-10 01:20:48 AM  

I heard that.... I grew up in Evergreen, but I now live in Huntsville, Alabama. But at least I can still see 2 or 3 stars on a good night.

/hates the bloody humidity too.
2007-05-10 01:31:15 AM  

I used to live in Socorro, NM. The nights were simply beautiful. Now I'm in Maryland, where the humidity is terrible. be in the Southwest again...
2007-05-10 01:32:02 AM  
Is that one of those bizarro sliding rocks?
2007-05-10 01:33:23 AM  
Yoyo where do you live? I too hail from NM (SF) and love our skies soooooo much. The sunsets and stars are just perfect. Makes me kind of sad that I'll be leaving for college (but then again, it's LEAVING for COLLEGE).

Anyways, that picture really makes me want to trip on mushrooms and gaze at the night sky...
2007-05-10 01:34:40 AM  
Amazing. When I was young, I used to lie on my back in the field and just look up at all the stars. It's beautiful and humbling at the same time.

Pale blue dot, indeed.
2007-05-10 01:39:31 AM  
Thats nice!

it looks like it was taken in the dry lake bed where rocks move around in odd ways and leave tracks behind them too.
2007-05-10 01:44:01 AM  
I was in Death Valley a month ago. A cool place in indeed.

I'll have to stay after dark the next time I'm there.
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