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(Fox News)   After Rush sells 84,000 copies of new record in first week, columist blames it on the publics' poor taste. Submitter says it's the blame of salesmen... OF SALESMEN!   ( divider line
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2007-05-10 01:35:30 AM  
The singing in Rush and GnR songs makes me want to rip my ears out with a fork.
To each there own but IMO, Rush fans, all your taste is in your mouth.

/Gene Krupa was the best drummer ever.
//Although not the best ever, Paul McCartney would blow the snot out of any Bass player mentioned in this thread. esp. Lee
2007-05-10 01:42:00 AM  
It has really made me smile that a Rush thread had the second most posts of the day, just under Paris Hilton!

I was a huge Rush fan in HS and early college, they were my favorite. I think they helped open my ears to all kinds of music, so I strayed away from the being the big fan and started listening to a lot of other types and styles of music.

Thank you; Geddy, Alex, and Neil

I still occasionally listen to all of their work and the new album is a blast. Who would have thought that 30 plus years later after putting that "Fly By Night" album jumping around the room playing air guitar and grinning from ear to ear, that I still get a kick out this band, still interested in what they do even though my musical tastes are 180 degrees away and they still make me smile.

Red Rocks in Denver in August! Wow I have not seen them in 25 years but the date is set and I am sure I will be grinning from ear to ear.
2007-05-10 02:06:10 AM  

This one isn't Rush, but an excellent demonstration on how hard it is to play one of Geddy's basslines.

I'm not anywhere near one of the best bassists I know, but I can play YYZ without difficulty and without the need for a 6-string bass. Most competent bassists can. It's a fun tune for sure, but it's really not something I'd consider particularly difficult. Rush stuff *sounds* hard, but I've yet to find anything they've recorded that I can't play. Not boasting, just an observation. Having said that, there's plenty of Bela Fleck tunes that I won't even try - I just don't have the chops for it.

There are *so* many good players out there. Geddy is certainly a decent player, but I don't think he's anywhere near the level of someone like Tony Levin or Victor Wooten. I also don't think he aspires to be, nor does he care what others think of his ability. Unlike a great many musicians, Geddy seems to take joy in what he does, and that's the most any real musician can ask for. Well that, the money for nothing, and the chicks for free.
2007-05-10 02:26:14 AM  
Fan since '91. Roll the Bones was the first CD I ever owned. Saw the R30 tour in Houston and it was badass. Technically flawless.

Random reactions:
Not a hair band.
Not Falsetto. (there's no such thing as fake falsetto...)
Obviously not irrelevant from their record sales.
80's not irrelevant either.

Although they did depart from Prog-Rock, their output has been steady and interesting to me both lyrically and musically. If anyone thinks that they've gotten soft or less technical, listen to some of the riffs on Vapor Trails. There are very few bands around that could even touch their accuracy and polish live.

Geddy Lee is a fantastic bassist, but comparing him with Jaco is apples and oranges; they have two completely different styles and at least he's managed to avoid collisions with brick walls. I agree that Pastorius's death is one of the great tradgedies of rock music. I would've killed to see weather report. Stu Hamm is great, but he never made it into the mainstream. Victor Wooten is absolutely out of this world. Wooten may be a better bassist than Bela Fleck is a banjo player. Geddy doesn't play with lefthand pizzacatto very much, so he doesn't keep up Hamm or Wooten's speed. However, as a pure righthand bassist, Geddy leaves most of the rest of us mere mortals in the dust. Claypool and Flea are great in their own right, but the last time I checked, Rush never opened for Primus, but Primus opened for Rush on the Roll the Bones Tour. So did Eric Johnson. That must have been one hell of a show. Flea's great, but I don't know that he's any better than Lee, just different.

Peart is squeaky clean on the skins, and for what's happened to him I don't blame him for being a little bit bitter. Alex Lifeson is a hell of a solid guitarist, so I'm told by guitarists.

Working Man has a distinct Sabbath feel to me, but that's the last and only "Metal" rush track. It's also my ringtone.

Every time there's an article posted about bands like Rush, Phish, Dave Matthews, or anyone else that has made a truckload of money playing music and having a good time doing it, everybody's a critic. If you don't like Rush, don't listen to it. I don't care for the Stones, but I don't think that all Stones fans are losers, either.

/didn't read every post, but I didn't see any props for Dream Theater..... so here it is:

Props for Dream Theater

//Saw Godsmack open for Metallica on the St. Anger Tour, Sully's a huge rush fan and they broke into a pretty badass cover of the opening sequence of YYZ. In other news, Sully is a better drummer than the drummer for Godsmack. If you have a chance to see Godsmack live, take it.
2007-05-10 02:35:57 AM  
Rush kicks *ss! The new album rocks (listening to it now actually). My mind reels at the irony of Faux News Corp complaining about the public's lack of taste, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

My only gripe is the only rock radio in my town are oldies stations, they'll play "Tom Sawyer" a million times but not one note of "Far Cry". Tom Petty, Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Rush all have new albums out but you wouldn't know it by listening to FM radio around here. BTW Petty's "Highway Songs" is as good as anything he's ever done.
2007-05-10 02:43:23 AM  
and Vinnie has the added plus of not being an Ayn Rand fanboy.

My fark handle takes offense. That probably explains why Peart couldn't give a flying fark what anyone thinks. He's going to do his own thing and do it well and be happy with himself at the end of the day for it.

McCartney? please.....
2007-05-10 02:51:56 AM  
June 30 at SPAC will be my 31st show. Yeah, I'm pathetic ...

New album is great.
2007-05-10 06:29:54 AM  
Thank you all for keeping "Dream Theater" to just 3 entries in a thread of about 400-500 posts.

I'm sure Michael Vick hates it when people mention herpes when talking about him. Dream Theater=Rush's herpes.

Those no-talent, soulless hacks just won't get away from my Rush.
2007-05-10 06:48:41 AM  
I'm probably the only person in thread that would put Mark King in a list of best bass players....

/level 42 fanboy
2007-05-10 09:11:17 AM  
I was waiting for the DT

While I was a fan of thier earlier stuff, I don't really like them past Falling into Infinity. Maybe I just don't get it, but I really liked thier first three albums the best.


/adds Doug Pinnick to the list
2007-05-10 09:19:04 AM  
peter_hook: Thank you all for keeping "Dream Theater" to just 3 entries in a thread of about 400-500 posts.

I'm sure Michael Vick hates it when people mention herpes when talking about him. Dream Theater=Rush's herpes.

Those no-talent, soulless hacks just won't get away from my Rush.

Too funny, I've always thought this... love Rush but never understood Dream Theater.
2007-05-10 09:22:34 AM  
This d00d is an assclown. I'd really like to know what garbage is currently in his CD player. Probably a bunch of soulless overrated crap like Avril Lavigne, R Kelly, and Nickelback.

Anyway, fark him. Rush rocks, and the bullshiat "falsetto" argument hasn't been true in at least a decade, if not two. The lyrical layering he's done on SnA and VT is nowhere near falsetto, and Alex Lifeson can still shred a guitar. Neil, of course, is still Neil: emotionless but amazing drumming.
2007-05-10 09:33:41 AM  
EatHam: Rush is one of the very few groups that can sing about politics without being completely irritating douches.

Wanna bet?
2007-05-10 09:40:09 AM  
In other news, Rush still the only band from the 80's still with a following and STIL creating new music. You know what these means? We'll be walking caves of ice and dining on Honeydew in Xanadu for forever.

Well played, subby!
2007-05-10 09:42:37 AM  
The article makes me see red. It hurts my head.

Not blue.
2007-05-10 11:20:05 AM  
...and even when I am grey, I'll still be grey my way. Yeah!
2007-05-10 11:22:22 AM  
I saw for the first time Dec 1985. I was 12. Saw them 13 more times over the next 6 years...lost interest after that. Saw the Rio DVD and may actually go see them again after 16 years....only if 1/2 of the show is from the first 15 albums!
2007-05-10 11:23:46 AM  
After having tallied up the silly references, puns, et cetera, I have sixty Rush lyrics, two Futuramas, and one Bob & Doug Mackenzie. Good job, nerds.

For those playing the Scattergories version, points to Earguy, rocinante721, FarkingHostile, char_boy, Peaceboy, bighairyguy, JDAT, Farker Soze, gangrel_pri (I think - was that a Red Barchetta?), JinxySphinx, just_intonation, MatrixOutsider, techdrone, Twigz221, Axtuse, HagarTheHorrible, wansu, SwampOtter (two points!), and Scottybobotty.

And zrx_grim and MasterThief if you want to count albums and non-Rush songs.

/sticks a fork in it
//waves magic wand, makes everything alright
///your tax dollars at work
2007-05-10 11:25:37 AM  
Jesus, there's still people here?

Scores are thru 8a Fark Standard Time. You guys are on your own. I'm on lunch.
2007-05-10 11:35:13 AM  
Father, Son, Holy Ghost? no

Alex, Geddy, Neil? Yes

Bought a red car just so I can claim it's from a better vanished time? oh yes

Vapor Trails tour at Fiddlers on my wedding night? hell yes
2007-05-10 12:13:21 PM  
Twigz221 2007-05-09 06:18:24 PM
.-.. .-.. ..--

I see what you did there!
2007-05-10 01:13:26 PM  
David Lee Roth-Washed up

Creem Magazine-Gone

Lester Bangs-Dead

Rush-Still relevant


Rush kicks ass! Long live Geddy Lee Roth!
2007-05-10 01:33:12 PM  
Shut up, haters! Anyone who actually knows how to play knows that Rush is probably the best Canadian metal band to come along since Nickelback.
2007-05-10 02:07:03 PM  
I saw the DW Neal Peart R30 kit at Guitar Center in Austin the other day. Beautiful kit. Only 30 made.

Thirty. Thousand. Dollars.
2007-05-10 03:59:30 PM  
Why are all the "best bass players" mentioned from the 80's ?

Rush concerts in the 80's would put people to sleep. The "Rush in Rio" was great and I was surprised how much better they play to the audience now.
2007-05-10 06:00:49 PM  
I love Rush. There's a special place in my heart for any band who can play some of the best instrumentals in rock history, accompanied with some of the dorkiest lyrics in rock history.
2007-05-10 07:11:56 PM  
-And speaking of being more relevant...
Beneath, Between & Behind

Watch the cities rise
Another ship arrives
Earth's melting pot and ever growing
Fantastic dreams come true
Inventing something new
The greatest minds, and never knowing...

The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now
The principles have been betrayed
The dreams's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail
History's debt won't be repaid

Beneath the noble birth
Between the proudest words
Behind the beauty, cracks appear
Once, with heads held high
They sang out to the sky
Why do their shadows bow in fear?

/sad in a way.
2007-05-10 07:33:55 PM  
Wow, good find h3lx. Very true. I give you a +1 for obscurity.

/is cruising in prime time, soaking up the cathode rays
2007-05-10 07:44:58 PM  
That well informed review almost made me tip my chair lauging. Awsome thread! Hard to believe someone is being paid to write that bullshiat.

Gonna have to agree, Peart is an awsome tech drummer. Someone said something earlier about his restraint, and I 100% agree with that. The band themselves mention it about the song 'The Pass'.. definatley worth a re-listen to focus on hearing the restraint involved. Took me a few years hearing it before I could comprehend what was going on in that song (hey I was just a kid).

Lee, not so much best at what he does bass-wise, but considering the weight hes pulling with synth/vox on top of that, must take some incredible skill/coordnation.

/drummer 2 years, bass 10
//24, was raised on Rush and Sabbath. Hope for the future for you old farkers..
2007-05-10 10:24:10 PM  
Sorry I'm late, boss. I tried my best. But I could not resBoobiesing.

RUSH is back? When did they leave?
Big Hair? Whatever, dude.
Metal? Whatever, dude. You're clearly an experienced music critic.
RUSH made the 1980s irrelevant musically? That's preposterous. Or is that a compliment?
Low standards of the buying public? You think that RUSH sales demonstrate that?

Define standards, Mr. Clinton. What people buy is what people want. Everyone's got their own good and bad examples. Different eyes see different things.

I hate to tell the guy, but Jelly shoes are back in. As are leg-warmer looking socks. Y RLY.

And, NO, I did not create this handle on FARK to respond to this thread. I created it in 2002. Nyah.
2007-05-10 10:29:42 PM  
Neat. I guess I haven't been farking enough recently to know that "resst postng" would automatically be changed to resBoobiesing.
2007-05-10 10:35:33 PM  
Oh, and one more thing...

Suzanne Vega can do no wrong? She's releasing an album in June.

I wonder if it will be relevant.
2007-05-11 12:46:15 AM  
I'm probably getting the album sometime this summer. Along with the new Linkin Park (don't hate me!), Dragonforce, and Dream Theater albums coming out.

/huge music collection
//spans a few hundred years
2007-05-11 01:02:22 AM  
I really think Paul McCartney was one of the better pop-rock bass players. Go back and listen to those bass lines. He's not bad.

I wouldn't call him a virtuoso or anything, but he deserves some mention.

Oh, and Steve Harris wins when it comes to metal bass players.
2007-05-11 01:03:32 AM  
The latter two have such impervious coolness shields that your Linkin Park fanboyhood is safe.

...for now.
2007-05-11 01:20:06 AM  
First off, the ridiculous article doesn't mean jack-squat because the members of Rush themselves REALLY DON'T care if they're mainstream or not. In fact, I think they'd prefer not to be mainstream BECAUSE of articles such as this. There are too few unbiased critics to really take stock in mainstream music.

Secondly, I love me some Lee, but Vic Wooten owns all. Geddy Lee is a fine bassist, and can throw down some great melodies, but Vic Wooten and Stu Hamm are probably the two greatest living bassists. Much love for Claypool, too, especially in originality.

/Enduring Rush fan
2007-05-11 06:34:23 AM  
New Age Redneck 2007-05-09 08:13:58 PM
Play I wan't to rock
That's April Wine.
Then play that Diane Sawyer song.


This guy doesn't think so:

/Can't believe the lack of Bubbles here!
2007-05-11 11:06:26 AM  
In The End I am a simple Working Man Finding My Way through La Villa Strangiato.

vonster...that is one of my favorite songs!
Komerade_X...Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta ROCK. Seen and met them a few times. Great guys!

//long time rush fan.
2007-05-11 12:47:37 PM  
Best bassist?
I can't believe no one mention Kip Winger MHUAHAHAHAHAH.. Sorry, thought I could pull that off without laughing...

Lots of good players out there...
Victor Wooten is definately one of my favorites...
2007-05-11 02:51:44 PM​did=1776 42527

Rock on you talentless fools!
2007-05-11 02:52:34 PM  
Previous post should say SFW, not SFE (safe for ears)
2007-05-11 03:37:39 PM  
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