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(Halifax Herald)   In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women...then you get Kelloggs to add twice as much of it to Special K   ( divider line
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2007-05-06 01:41:50 PM  
an article in the British Medical Journal in 2005 warned: "Sugar is as dangerous as tobacco and, in terms of world health, far more important."

Well, if "an article warned," then I guess we should just go around repeating that as if it represents some kind of fact.
2007-05-06 04:13:05 PM  
Oh yeah, and HFCS is good for you.
2007-05-06 05:19:07 PM  
And it's not just the fancy "chocolate-covered-vanilla-strawberry-granola" cereals.

I usually have oatmeal for breakfast, but for variation I decided to get some cereal. But because I thought the fancy cereal is ridiculously expensive, and laden with sugar, I decided to go for regular rice crispies.

And what do you know; reading the ingredients I noticed that even rice crispies has high fructose corn syrup in it! And so does corn flakes.
2007-05-06 05:36:47 PM  
Um... is that headline a Lauryn Hill reference?
2007-05-06 05:57:24 PM  
Sugar-Frosted Electrogynosoylent Crispies?
2007-05-06 06:05:08 PM  
Why is this British article talking about British brands on a Canadian news site? They're not going to be familiar with Hovis, Sainsbury or Waitrose (unless these brands are in Canada too - might be - I don't know).
2007-05-06 06:10:49 PM  
So I need to get the sugar to get the women. I thought I was doing something wrong.
2007-05-06 06:13:46 PM  
Until that sneaky british guy nips it when you turn your back for one split second.
2007-05-06 06:13:55 PM  
apple jacks FTW!!

/ the milk after a bowl is the BEST
// sugarry goodness
2007-05-06 06:13:59 PM  
No. It's a Scarface reference
Swing and a miss neapoi
2007-05-06 06:14:43 PM  
End the corn subsidies and out goes the HFCS. No regulation needed. I am sick of the US paying 3 billion to farmers to grow a low yielding crop such as corn.

Some other farker quote that for truth for me.
2007-05-06 06:16:07 PM  
You get the power and the women. . .but only until the bees come.

Ow. OW! They're defending themselves somehow!
2007-05-06 06:16:25 PM  
Charming_Man: End the corn subsidies and out goes the HFCS.

2007-05-06 06:19:01 PM  
I would much rather eat sugar in ANYTHING rather than High Frusctose Corn Syrup or worse, Donald Rumsfeld's Aspertame.

/Lives in corn country ...
2007-05-06 06:19:01 PM  
Freaking MORONS..
They are using actual sugar INSTEAD of high fructose corn syrup. Therefore, the amount of sugar has not changed just the variation of it's form. refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the WORST sugars for you. So if they are adding non refined sugar to my cereal.. I am probably gonna eat it.
Freaking morons.
/should know there is an organic craze going on before DOING a test...
2007-05-06 06:19:21 PM  
2007-05-06 06:20:29 PM  
"It's hard to think of a more irresponsible policy than cutting the price of sugar in the middle of an obesity epidemic. It means manufacturers will be putting more of it in their products, not less," he said.

Good thing Milton Friedman is dead.
2007-05-06 06:20:55 PM  
Honey Comb's big. Yeah yeah YEAH!

It's not small. No no NO!

/I love aspartame.
//I love saccharin more.
2007-05-06 06:21:04 PM  
WTF?!? There is more that enough sugar in cereal. I don't even eat Honey Nut Cheerios strait up. I usually mix them with regular Cheerios.
2007-05-06 06:21:52 PM  

I wish I could find that pic of FARK spelled out in lines of cocaine. It was from 2003 or so. It would probably get deleted now.
2007-05-06 06:22:12 PM  
Special K comes with extra women? Wha?
2007-05-06 06:23:24 PM  
neapoi and the BeeKeeper:

Scarface: "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."

Simpsons ("Lisa's Rival"): "First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women"

Lauryn Hill ("Final Hour"): "You could get the money / You could get the power / But keep your eyes on the final hour"

Hope this clears things up. Personally I was reading it as a Simpsons reference; nice one subby.
2007-05-06 06:23:47 PM  
Find the least sugared cereal you can. Place a bowl of sugar and a spoon next to it.

The kid will never manually put as much sugar on it as comes in the sugared cereals.

...ok..mostly never.

Sugar content of common foods
Sugar Smacks/Apple Jacks/Fruit Loops...50%+ sugar by weight. 1/2 the box is raw sugar
2007-05-06 06:24:13 PM  
Let's take Mr. Burns' yacht to the island of San Glucose!
2007-05-06 06:24:37 PM  
you know... life is not about denial and minimum fun and enjoyment to possibly add some time at the end when you are decrepit and will not be enjoying it as much.

life is to be enjoyed. we all die. all things pass. and we are not coming back. if you are religious, then you'll simply be getting on to your just rewards faster. :) so embrace.

unless your religion is all about self denial. if so, get the fark out of my breakfast cereal you fundie!
2007-05-06 06:24:41 PM  
Corn subsidies will never, ever die, unfortunately. Way too much money to be made, and people can push the fear of some return to dustbowl style depression. They really should be gotten rid of; we'd have very good prices on import because most countries (nearly 50% of EU expenditures are on agricultural subsidies!)

It all strikes me as some quaint throwback to some time when we had a family farm. I love seeing the farmers squirm when they somehow have to reconcile why competition and the free market is good...except for them, of course.
2007-05-06 06:25:30 PM  
The BeeKeeper: No. It's a Scarface reference

I think it's more of a Homer Simpson reference of Scarface.
2007-05-06 06:25:38 PM  
"First they came for the smokers, and I said nothing, for I was not a smoker."

Really, I don't smoke and I hate the stuff, but I can see how some of the overzealous laws there are going to start being used as wedges against things like sugar as well.

I'm one of the .007% or whatver it is that doesn't taste artificial sweeteners as sweet. Diet soda is disgustingly bitter. Saccharin and Aspartamine are both horrible. Stevia wasn't any better either. I can tolerate some but not if it's the primary sweetener and overdosed like they do in diet soda.

The only non-sugar sweetener that I've even found sweet was Splenda (Sucralose). Tried eating the packets of it a couple times, it tastes a bit like a mouthful of chlorine for about 1/4 second and then like regular sugar.
2007-05-06 06:27:23 PM  
Just tried buying ****ing whole grain bread ($3.29 a loaf) at Kroger, had to search for one that did not add HONEY. I don't consider bread to be something that must have honey IN it.

/i spread my own honey
//hubba hubba
2007-05-06 06:27:52 PM  
High Fructose Corn Syrup is the government's way of killing off the poor people faster.

Huey Freeman told me so.

/Did i even get that reference right?
//Or is the TV Show so obscure for farkers, let alone asking which episode thats from.
2007-05-06 06:28:38 PM  
See? It's not my fault that I am fat.
2007-05-06 06:28:53 PM  
It's two parts something to one part baking soda.

/I know I have that recipe around here somewhere...
2007-05-06 06:30:02 PM  
Chung Mee: Opium is my business. The bridge mean more traffic. More traffic mean more money. More money mean more power.

Lawrence Bourne III: Yeah, well, before I commit any of that to memory, would there be anything in this for me?

Chung Mee: Speed is important in business. Time is money.

Lawrence Bourne III: You said opium was money.

Chung Mee: Money is Money.

Lawrence Bourne III: Well then, what is time again?
2007-05-06 06:31:21 PM  
hogans: Money is Money.

lol... great movie. the underrated early work of mr hanks.
2007-05-06 06:31:55 PM  
Rational Exuberance

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE subsidies. Just not for us. The EU can pay it's farmers to grow shiat all they want. It just means that the goods are cheaper for us (assuming no export restrictions).

You get a net cost by imposeing tariffs to protect industry. The industry is saved, but costs rise overall to a point above where it offsets the drain from lost jobs.

Subsidies, similarly, save industry but lower prices across the board, to be made up for in taxes. The tax cost is always higher overall than the benefit of having the industry.
2007-05-06 06:33:37 PM  
Jiminy Christmas! Its a simpsons reference.
2007-05-06 06:33:41 PM  
Referencing the Simpsons who were refrencing Scarface.

2007-05-06 06:34:45 PM  
As a diabetic I gave up breakfast cereals long ago. Even plain old shredded wheat will spike my blood glucose reading!
I can't figure our how they farked that up but they did!!
2007-05-06 06:35:41 PM  
Um... is that headline a Lauryn Hill reference?

i thought it was a simpsons reference.
2007-05-06 06:36:33 PM  
2007-05-06 06:39:57 PM  
Ian Tokelove, a spokesman for the Food Commission in the United Kingdom

With a name like I'm sure he likes sweet treats, and lots of them.
2007-05-06 06:41:59 PM  
Special K is women!
2007-05-06 06:42:50 PM  
First we get jobs. Then we get the khakis, then we get the girls.
2007-05-06 06:47:22 PM  
We don't have a sweet tooth. We have an addiction to a substance that is cleverly used by multi-billion dollar companies to keep us hooked. No better or worse than a tobacco company.

And then they go complain when we want to sniff powders up our nose.
2007-05-06 06:53:57 PM  
End the corn subsidies and out goes the HFCS. No regulation needed. I am sick of the US paying 3 billion to farmers to grow a low yielding crop such as corn.

Some other farker quote that for truth for me.

Don't forget the tariffs that protect those corn farms from that awful Brazilian sugar cane that can be used to create ethanol fuel.

2007-05-06 06:56:05 PM  
TheSwissNavy: Just tried buying ****ing whole grain bread ($3.29 a loaf) at Kroger, had to search for one that did not add HONEY. I don't consider bread to be something that must have honey IN it.

The amount of honey may be trivial. I tend to add less than a tablespoon per load when I bake it. Yeast need something to eat, and there is less digestible stuff in whole wheat flour than "regular" flour. It does add some flavor as well.

On the other hand some things have way too much sugar (and yes, HFCS is sugar). I bought some raisin-bran last week and it is way sweeter than I remember it from years ago.
2007-05-06 06:56:20 PM  
sugar is a conspiracy of the running dog capitalist pigs!
2007-05-06 06:57:41 PM  
First we get jobs. Then we get the khakis, then we get the girls.

It's a Baseketball reference!
2007-05-06 07:03:54 PM  
"If you put enough sugar in this stuff it tastes just like ginger ale." -- Fozzie Bear
2007-05-06 07:09:00 PM  
It gets really old having overweight people blame their eating issues on something else other then their overeating habits....this is just another article to put the blame off on others instead of themselves....
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