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(ABC News)   DC Madam story goes limp, claims this has never happened before   ( divider line
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13456 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2007 at 11:35 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-05 06:16:20 PM  
Sharkface217 2007-05-05 11:53:17 AM
Zarkin Frood

+1 what? You're not a TFer


Ha ha. He got sponsored and you didn't. Pwnt.
2007-05-05 06:17:19 PM  
bobfo rapples:

She should have sent a copy to The Smoking Gun and one to Drudge. The Main SWtream Media is an agenda driven whore, that would never kill the golden goose. The rich adn powerful can easily intimidate ABC. The intertubes don't care--this is where true democracy lives.

Does anyone know if the names can or will still be released? Does the Madam have copies that she can still give to, say, bloggers and other who arent afraid to publish the names like the MSM is?

I would hate to see these scumbags kill yet another scandal. The American people have a right to know. We have a right to know if the politicians working for us are criminals. Wouldn't you say?
2007-05-05 06:24:55 PM  
Holly_Wight: You may not find her attractive, pleasant, or worth remembering in your memoirs, but as I'm so often told by the least graceful among you, we all basically feel the same on the inside

While I'm not disputing that some man think that sort of thing, to feature that so prominently in a defense of prostitution pretty much douchebags an otherwise interesting and substantive point.

/not surprised the thread has gone to debating over reasons for sponsoring 'hawt' lite-farkers.
//as a man, men bug me a lot sometimes
///slashies never do
2007-05-05 06:38:37 PM  
2007-05-05 06:46:57 PM  
America got a bad case of blue balls
2007-05-05 07:03:00 PM  
hrricne: I have no problem with her being a Madame, (should be legal) but how does she "have more balls than most of ya'll"? She got busted doing something illegal and now she's trying to name names to cover her ass.

That's that's exactly what I was thinking.

/Some folks have a weird idea of what it means to have balls.
2007-05-05 07:08:38 PM  
Petey4335: The ethanol thing was left "open." The "experts" they had on were horrible. It was very tilted towards a one person interview where he was against ethanol made from corn. They didn't even mention ethanol made from sugar and how brazil is working wonders it. It was just "corn is bad. we use alot of energy making ethanol out of corn."

Except ethanol from corn *is* what is being subsidized in this country. Florida and Hawaii are the only states where sugar is harvested in this country. What makes you think we could grow significantly more sugar in the U.S.?

/Unless you're thinking global warming would allow that
2007-05-05 07:14:28 PM  
If she really wanted to turn her info over to the media in order to reveal some names she should have tried the National Enquirer or a real investigative journalist/muckraker. Not ABC News.
2007-05-05 07:52:13 PM  
Goodfella: I would hate to see these scumbags kill yet another scandal. The American people have a right to know. We have a right to know if the politicians working for us are criminals. Wouldn't you say?

Of course.

But you do not have a right to know if some joe schmoe guy in DC who you've never met, and has absolutely nothing to do with you or your government, bought an escort once and now his name is out in public and he can never get a farking job.

If the madame only released select names, public officials or societal.. umm.. people-you-look-up-to's AND could prove it (because if she just says so, I dont buy it. Shes got a vendetta) then yeah let her rip.

But some unknown guy who doesnt have any piece in this mess - leave him the fark alone, keep his business as his business.
2007-05-05 07:58:57 PM  
Isnt working at *any* job pretty much the same as prostitution?
2007-05-05 09:02:04 PM  
I got so owned by the TFers in this thread. Whoever sponsored her for TF is a genius.

//congrats, Zarkin Frood
///one perk of being a girl
////still would rather be a dude
2007-05-05 10:43:16 PM  
mongbiohazard2007-05-05 04:17:09 PM

But actually selling/renting human flesh itself? It is an unequivocal step backwards for human dignity. Women, and a few enlightened men, spent a lot of time and effort moving society forward to the point where women are viewed as whole human beings. Proponents of prostitution are telling us to go backwards and view them like rental cars.

What an apt analogy. And in that same vein, how are we to view taxi drivers, who accompany us and do our bidding for a set period in exchange for cash?

Nobody is buying or renting human flesh -- or, if they are, so is anyone who hires a personal trainer, or a masseur, or a home-care nurse. (Now, those debased individuals who donate blood plasma for money -- THEY are selling their bodies.)

People can legally engage in a huge range of activities for money. Some involve close physical contact (massage therapist), or the risk of physical injury (construction, drug trials), or the risk of catching a disease (sanitation work, health-care). Why should prostitution be treated differently?
2007-05-05 10:47:11 PM  
"oh no! you've discovered prostitution czar's one weakness: prostitutes!"
2007-05-05 11:47:11 PM

Will someone please teach that woman what a farking lip-line is? That cupid's-bow-cat-sphincter-paint-lipstick might get the DC-feline-buggerers hot, but I think it looks retarded.
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