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(Anchorage Daily news)   Oil company CEO to corrupt Alaskan politician "I own your ass" "I got you a job now get me a pipeline"   ( divider line
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1586 clicks; posted to Politics » on 04 May 2007 at 8:36 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-05-04 07:24:19 PM  
Damn how many indictments a day does this party average?
2007-05-04 07:53:14 PM  
Justice won't be served until Sen. Ted Stevens is in prison.
2007-05-04 07:57:15 PM  
Hobodeluxe: Damn how many indictments a day does this party average?

not enough
2007-05-04 08:09:14 PM  
BP was also just indicted, AGAIN.

They ought to be kicked out of the U.S., and take Exxon with them.
2007-05-04 08:18:28 PM  
wonder how long until the apologists show up?
Love to see how they spin this one.
2007-05-04 08:20:04 PM  
Is there video of this ass ownership action?
2007-05-04 08:37:47 PM  
And what's with the redirect?
2007-05-04 08:51:07 PM  
Ha, Ted Stevens's son.
2007-05-04 08:53:27 PM  
Let me guess the politician is an R?
2007-05-04 08:58:33 PM  
How is Ted Stevens even smart enough to fark?
2007-05-04 09:04:47 PM  

I know that's gonna come up sometime in the next 20 posts, so just wanted to get it out of the way.
2007-05-04 09:05:29 PM  
this is how government should work. promoting business helps us all. next step: ban unions.
2007-05-04 09:08:24 PM  
Hobodeluxe: wonder how long until the apologists show up?
Love to see how they spin this one.

Okay in case they don't show up I'll be representing the part of Republican apologist in this thread:

*clears throat*

Oh like this matters, the democrats are just as bad! If the democrats were in charge the same thing would've happened. I'm so sick of politics and republicrats.
2007-05-04 09:12:36 PM  
Come on dems, both parties are corrupt. The reps have had 19 people reisgn or be convicted in the past year and the dems have had a guy with money in his freezer. So you see both parties are corrupt.
2007-05-04 09:23:17 PM  
2007-05-04 09:25:35 PM  
ConBeGone: Let me guess the politician is an R?

It shouldn't matter what he is. Just that they actually do something about it.
2007-05-04 09:28:40 PM  
I'm going to give Louisiana the benefit of the doubt on this one but... You just haven't seen a pack of sleazy shiatbags like our Alaskan politicians.

/It really is a frontier mentality up here
2007-05-04 09:45:37 PM  
Is Ted Stevens the one who refused to allow the oil executives to be sworn in when they testified and was a total dick about it?
2007-05-04 09:48:20 PM  
Time for the GOP apologists to blame Bill Clinton.
2007-05-04 09:55:01 PM  
He doesn't need a pipeline. He only needs a big truck.
2007-05-04 11:04:42 PM  
Election fraud, bribery, and abuse of office should all be subsections of the law against treason. Any public servant guilty of it should have everything he owns seized, have his citizenship stripped, be kicked in the balls by every one of his constituents, and be hanged by the neck until dead.
2007-05-04 11:19:11 PM  
Mugato: Is Ted Stevens the one who refused to allow the oil executives to be sworn in when they testified and was a total dick about it?

Why yes, that would be the guy.
2007-05-04 11:23:27 PM  
Fun Game Time: Construct Your Own Neocon Comback!
Directions: Arrange the following words in the order of your choosing while filling the spaces between them with various characteristic redneck terms and misspelled/grammatically incorrect words.

Clinton, Leftist, Defeatocrats, Libtards, Satan, Illegal Mexicans, Reagan, traditional family values, Islamofascists, Pelosi, founded on Christian principles, the Gay Agenda, baby killers, Islamists, moral majority, the End Times, demoralize the troops, embolden the enemy, Jane Fonda, freest nation on earth, militant atheism, kill all hippies, prayer in schools, when Jesus comes back, The Terrorists will win, etc.

Feel free to add your own and see what wacky combinations you can come up with!
2007-05-05 12:33:09 AM  
corrupt Alaskan politician

Care to narrow that down a little?
2007-05-05 01:32:54 AM  
Oh Republicans and their Pro-Business stance...
What these political whores won't do for money...
The price of a soul has never been so cheap.
2007-05-05 02:07:41 AM  
How do you expect Corporatism to function if you keep indicting the Gauleiters? Sheesh.
2007-05-05 08:13:20 AM  
Heh, haven't seen any republican apologists yet, but the democratic apologists are in full force.
2007-05-05 09:53:34 AM  
Corrupt Alaskan politician to Oil Company CEO; "Thanks for the soft money ATM machine that is my job and wait for my 6-figure book deal."

Wishful thinking.
2007-05-05 11:35:46 AM  
I wish I had a lawyer, I was involved in a court case with pete kott where "In my Belief" he pulled strings with a judge to change the outcome of the case. He was on the state judicary committee at one point. And was faxing what appeared to me to be fake documents to the judges office from his legislative office the day before a hearing to show cause, there was a lot more than that but not enough room here to put it all down. I just hope that he goes down like the rat he is. (If you know a lawyer who would like to help post it Thanks)
2007-05-05 03:07:34 PM  
At the risk of making (D) toolist's head axplode - may I propose that (assuming the facts ARE as stated) most of us (R)s would have no problem with a little jail-time for any Alaskan legislaturists caught going all quid-pro-quo with an oil company in Alaska?

//Or we could just assign them to the (Alaskan) Homeland Security commitee as a reward for not getting indicted yet...........
2007-05-05 03:23:18 PM  
Non-Story. The criminalization of illegal behaviour. This is just another smokescreen by the Dems in order to taint the one pure christian party!

Wake up sheeple. Vote out morons who do stuff like this on both sides. If someone breaks the law, then you should toss them out even if it means putting the other party in for a cycle.
2007-05-05 08:28:14 PM  

/knows most of these clowns
//has been farked personally and professionally by the political acts of one of the indicted (unrelated to current indictement).
///will be off dancing in the woods naked for a couple of days....
2007-05-05 10:02:17 PM  
No different from standard practice in the Beltway.

Billy Tauzin, former US Representative who was a major player in the drug benefit passing, and in making sure the provision against negotiating lower prices was part of the bill...guess what his job is now? Lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies.
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