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(New York Post)   The cost of a hitman in Russia? Six sacks of potatoes   ( divider line
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1539 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jul 2001 at 2:18 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-11 02:33:29 PM  
Six sacks of potatos and a pair of boobies......
2001-07-11 02:33:37 PM  
Did Dan Quayle write the summary?
2001-07-11 02:34:00 PM  
I ripped my pants. And when I went to have them fixed, f!rst p0$t fixed them.
2001-07-11 02:40:10 PM  
My new grocery shopping song:

I've got a little list
I've got a little list
Of certian individuals
who never would be missed

tum ta ta tum te tum

2001-07-11 02:42:28 PM  
Do you think I could get some knees broken for a crumbcake?
2001-07-11 02:51:21 PM  
I'll give somebody the finger for a beer.
2001-07-11 03:01:20 PM  
A desperate Russian mom (Horny biatch) hired a hit man (guy with a long hard thing) to kill her son (leach) - and then paid the executioner with six sacks (scrotums) of potatoes, cops say (doughnuts and coffee).
Police (dickheads) claim the 36-year-old mother (HominaHominiaHomina) decided times were so hard (no vodka), that she could no longer afford to take care of her jobless (druggie), 19-year-old son (leach).

The killer bludgeoned his victim to death (with a sharp object) and buried him in a cornfield (fertilizer).

He was then rewarded with the potatoes because the woman (slut) had no money (russian trash), Moscow authorities (commies) say.

Both the mother (whore) and alleged hit man (boyfriend) are in custody and could face the death penalty if found guilty of murder (did us a favor).
2001-07-11 03:04:45 PM  
Luccavich Brazzikov sleeps with the ears.
2001-07-11 03:22:41 PM  
I wrote the summary. Potatoes looks stupid. Sorry.
2001-07-11 03:23:59 PM  
That's farking depressing.
2001-07-11 03:35:28 PM  
Bassett: kickass!
2001-07-11 03:43:11 PM  
Hrmmm. Five Backdoor Boys at six sacks of potatoes a piece.... =)
2001-07-11 03:44:34 PM  
Your good taste in judging humor is always appreciated.
2001-07-11 03:50:43 PM  
would he have crippleed the guy for 5?...
2001-07-11 03:55:32 PM  
I wonder if I should send this link to my Manager and then come to work with some potatoes. Do you think I would get that raise I deserve?
2001-07-11 04:17:16 PM  
That's okay, Froggy, so does Dan Quayle.

Form before function, that's what I always say!
2001-07-11 04:17:54 PM  
The little girl. How many sacks of potatos for the little girl?
2001-07-11 04:26:57 PM  
Clearly, condoms cost more assassins in Russia.
2001-07-11 04:27:46 PM  
More than assassins, I should say.
2001-07-11 04:56:34 PM  
Gary Condit: "I paid Spuds McKenzieovich six bags to get rid of the girl".
2001-07-11 06:44:28 PM  
Sad? Damn, I wish hitmen were that cheap over here... we could really clean this place out.
2001-07-11 06:47:26 PM  
Wow I wonder if I can pay some Russian hitman 6 sacks of potatoes and air fair to come and here and knock off a couple annoying trolls.
2001-07-11 07:40:59 PM  
What's stupid about potatoes? That's how you spell the plural of potato -- there's an 'es' on the end.
Quayle spelled the singular with an 'e' which earned him a lot of flack.
2001-07-11 09:50:05 PM  
Good to know...
2001-07-11 11:57:58 PM  
Here's twelve bags. Kill my ex twice.
2001-07-12 02:20:25 AM  
All I have to say is....That's pretty damn funny! huh,

Only if she wanted to save money....I mean potatoes.....she could've just beat her worthless son to death with the sack of potatoes herself and kept her precious spuds to cook up and eat in celebration of her recent loss of a dependant.

And if this kind of hitman would travel, I pay in mashed!
2001-07-12 03:21:39 AM  
Uuh, six sacks of patatoes at $1,50 a piece makes $9,- a person. Now this is a nice rate for killing peeps. I currently have $1800,- That will make up for 200 people. I think i'll start making a list asap.
2001-07-12 06:17:40 AM  
Kinda´ give a good perspective of values of things in Russia. It´s cheeper to kill and eat a human than getting some sacks of potatoes. To bad they weren´t cannibals, or are they?
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