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(   Kansas home mistakenly overvalued by more than $200,000,000. House now worth more than entire state.   ( divider line
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9096 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Aug 2002 at 3:08 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-20 08:34:37 AM  
It was appraised with a basement full of cocaine kilos.
That was why it was worth so much.
2002-08-20 11:23:21 AM  
geeze and now they have a budget shortfall....wonder if they had it before and this is just their excuse
2002-08-20 03:11:16 PM  
Boy, oh boy, that's funny stuff. Can't wait til the next article is posted.
2002-08-20 03:11:53 PM  
Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore....
2002-08-20 03:12:11 PM  
Accidental. Yep. wink ink, nudge nudge.

Bored clerks are a dangerous thing.
2002-08-20 03:12:40 PM  
Ok, VilleKing post something please!!!
2002-08-20 03:12:44 PM  
"it must have been a keystroke error"

That's what they get for bracing themselves against the keyboard while they're checkin out a B(.)(.)BIES link!
2002-08-20 03:13:28 PM  
*insert standard-I-submitted-complaint-here*
2002-08-20 03:14:24 PM  
I just posted a hilarious link and great headline but it hasnt been added. I would really like to know what the criteria is.
2002-08-20 03:14:55 PM  
"I've seen nothing exactly like this."
That's a stupid comment.
2002-08-20 03:15:36 PM  
I think they should bill the homeowner, tell him they'll jail him for tax evasion unless he pays immediately. If he complains they can say they'll look into it after he fills out 30 forms perfectly. "In the meantime sir, you owe your taxes. Everyone else in town has paid their taxes, why should you be any different?"
2002-08-20 03:15:37 PM  
They didn't even have the tax money yet and they already had it spent. Now they are short for their budget. I think my boss is going to give me a 6% raise, so I'll start spending it before I get it. Serves em right.

On another note, how would you like to get that tax bill in the mail for your trailer in hurricane alley? 2.6 Million in taxes for a mobile home is a lot of money.
2002-08-20 03:16:36 PM  
Oops, now please pay up your back property taxes. That'll be $2,000,000 Mr. Landowner

So... I didn't read the article. Was it a trailer home?
2002-08-20 03:16:42 PM  
SELECT Value, Address FROM Properties

Hmmmm, seems like we might have an outlier here...
2002-08-20 03:17:01 PM  
I add 4 extra digit's to my numbers all the time.....

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep a record of everyone who complains about not getting links posted, and then never post anything from those people.
2002-08-20 03:18:12 PM  
One way to make people feel better about themselves is to claim they are worth more than they actually are. That way, when the IRS gets after them for underpayment of taxes of $200,000, they'll think, "Wow, I really am worth a lot".
2002-08-20 03:18:43 PM  
Jayd42 lol.....could be...
2002-08-20 03:18:51 PM  
Madvoodoo and SoulSaver: They're not going to post the best articles on Fark, because Drew wants you to pay for TotalFark. I guess I shouldn't biatch about what is posted, since it's free. I guess I don't have to read it. But, I can't understand why anyone would think this is funny or worth submitting.
2002-08-20 03:19:20 PM  
I'd buy the state.. but with that house in it... a little rich for my blood
2002-08-20 03:20:25 PM  
Kind of makes that quarter mil garage in London seem cheap.
2002-08-20 03:23:27 PM  
"MANHATTAN, Kan. - A mistake that caused the property value of a home to be inflated by $200 million ...."
Toto, it looks like we can't afford to live in Kansas anymore.
2002-08-20 03:23:45 PM  
Must be a double wide with indoor/outdoor carpeting AND a skylight.

Must be nice.
2002-08-20 03:25:22 PM  
It has TWO pink flamingoes out front AND the grass has been mowed.
2002-08-20 03:25:40 PM  
"No one knows how the mistake occurred, though Schmidt has speculated it may have been a keystroke error."

I'd like to see that "keystroke"
2002-08-20 03:25:41 PM  
The sad thing is the budget shortfall. These folks saw free money and started spending looks to me. Instead of taking the reasonable approach and spending wisely like regular folks have to do so the house/car doesn't get REPOed.
2002-08-20 03:27:18 PM  
Hrmmmmmm... a $59,000 home next to a $2,000 home. Someone forgot to hit enter between the two entries? It could happen.
2002-08-20 03:27:23 PM  
I just posted a hilarious link and great headline but it hasnt been added. I would really like to know what the criteria is.

I Think you have to give Drew a BJ.... I Joined Fark like a month ago and have posted like 50 links and not a single one has gotten through. Here is an example.

Such as this
2002-08-20 03:29:49 PM  
Maybe it was Supersweet!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-20 03:31:09 PM  
They accidently appraised my house. ;)
2002-08-20 03:32:28 PM  
Man I F'ed up my Bold and Italics above. HTML can kiss my ass sometimes.
2002-08-20 03:33:45 PM  
They managed to avoid mailing out an incorrect tax statement to the homeowner, but didn't catch the error to avoid any other problems. Right.
2002-08-20 03:34:24 PM  
YOUSUCKATLIFE maybe they rejected your link because it was a repeat. That army credit card to pay for strippers story has been run before.
2002-08-20 03:35:33 PM  
Well,yousuckatlife, maybe it's because we've seen that story on here several times already.

There's nearly 50k of us now, that makes for alot of competition. Keep trying. I will.
2002-08-20 03:36:20 PM  
"The tax bill was never sent out" Ok, so that's at least TWO errors, THREE if you count the fact that they spent the money without a proper audit of the data. Glad I don't live in Kansas.
2002-08-20 03:36:29 PM  
Jormal You are right but don't tell SoulSaver that. May be Drew will get alittle action!
2002-08-20 03:44:23 PM  
This story was submitted at least a half dozen times to Fark, and since submissions are supposed to be humerous, it is reasonable to think that at least a half dozen farkers thought this was funny.

And, on the thought that the "best" links are saved in TotalFark for some reason, er, no. See, the fun is in the message threads, and those are the things that get read by more people (over 500 in the "movie that makes you cry" thread just today) which translates to people viewing ads and more opportunities to click on banners. At least that's how I see it. There are a lot of "funny" taglines that don't get posted to FARK since there just isn't room for them all. (all my submissions about the Grateful Dead Wannabe band PHISH going on tour were rejected, in spite of drop-dead funny taglines).

Links in TotalFark that are not posted to regular fark rarely see more than five or six comments posted. But in TotalFark you do get to see the same story posted multiple times from various sources. It's amazing that there were forty different posts about the baseball players setting an August 30 deadline, a story that is oh so funny.

I think for grins one day the admins ought to post ALL of the multiple posts for a story (like the baseball one) so FARK would look like one huuuge repeat board. But, alas, they never ask me what to do.

Anyway, I was wondering where all the ex-accountants from Andersen found jobs, I guess Kansas is one place.
2002-08-20 03:49:22 PM  
Hey now, I dont swing that way!! My post was about how British scientists can prove drinking beer makes the opposite sex more attractive. Now tell me thats not great journalism :)
2002-08-20 03:53:10 PM  

That was posted earlier today already....I guess we are just not fast enough for the rest of these guys.
2002-08-20 03:58:47 PM  
yeah, ALL submissions are supposed to be funny.
Consider the following:


where the fark do you get the idea that all stories are
to be funny?
They are articles of interest.
stories=articles. don't feel like editing.
2002-08-20 04:00:18 PM  
the baseball one? what do j00 mean?
2002-08-20 04:12:18 PM  
I'd like to find that auditor so I can sell him my house.

"Yeah, just look at it. It's worth 200 mil. But for you, I'll letcha have it for 180 and I'll throw in the back porch for free. How can you NOT buy it?
2002-08-20 04:12:54 PM  
where the fark do you get the idea that all stories are to be funny?

Here's a cut/paste from what you see while submitting an article to FARK. Please notice the line in bold:

Increase the chances of your submission being posted on Fark

Don't link directly to videos, link to pages where videos can be watched instead.
If you found the link on another link site or weblog etc, credit the source by putting its name in the Or: box above.
Make the tagline funny.
Make sure the submission is at least somewhat humorous.
When making taglines for photoshop or caption candidates, describe the picture.
Don't capitalize every word like news headlines, write normally.
Avoid the use of articles, just like news headlines. Instead of 'A man discovers that he has two asses' write 'Man discovers he has two asses.'
Try to make headlines have a noun and a verb. This isn't always possible.
Articles from the following sites will automatically be rejected: Geocities (can't handle the traffic), Ananova (long story) and New York Times/Chicago Tribnue/Dallas Morning News (password required to read articles).

Yes, not all stories are humorous, but as you've pointed out "plane flies into world trade center" stories don't happen every day and should be the exception instead of the rule.

I've seen lots of complaints that "my story about the kidnapped girl wasn't posted on FARK" - well, I guess somebody is making a judgement call about what kind of hard news stories will make it to FARK and which ones you'll just have to click over to CNN for. Personally I prefer the humerous. Most stories posted seem have a humorous side to a serious news story.
2002-08-20 04:13:50 PM  
I could see a 1200 sq ft home going for $200M in Manhattan. What's that? Kansas? Oh.
2002-08-20 04:21:30 PM  
Sorry you took that as a comment to you. It was more to the
top of the thread where VilleKing said
Boy, oh boy, that's funny stuff. Can't wait til the next article is posted.

The major criteria, I believe, on whether an article is worthy of being submitted is whether it would generate any
interest from farkers.

The text you posted hasn't always been there... I've kinda ignored it for a while.

Ol' Schoo' Farq criteria:

From the Farq
Who deems what's worthy?

Well, there's a few people adding to this page. The main two are Drew and Jeff, but there are a few readers who send articles in nearly every day. You can normally tell who posted things by the following:
Drew likes the word 'ass'.
Jeff likes reading the Washington Post.
Phil posts whatever he feels like, so it's hard to tell if a link is his
John posts occasionally, but most of his time is taken up correcting our typos
Any website links (rather than news links) are almost always submitted by a reader or the author of the website.
Anything sick and bizarre is almost always submitted by a reader or the author of the website.

[Again, not an issue with you. Stating where I'm coming from, thats all]
2002-08-20 04:24:40 PM  

It's cool. I'm a little jumpy after my ninth cup of coffee.

I remember the "Drew likes the word ass" bit from the Farq. Always makes me smile (ain't America great?!)

I agree that somehow they magically decide what might be interesting. Of course, it's more fun when they post repeats so we can all biatch about it being a repeat, especially if it was pretty dull to begin with.
2002-08-20 04:24:46 PM  
but, as you said, the submission HEADLINES should try to be funny. Doesn't mean the article has to be.

I'm sure your PHISH articles aren't terribly funny.

You a Phish Phanatic?
Slippy is...
2002-08-20 04:27:45 PM  
I'm not a huge Phish fan, unless we're talking about the ice cream. I don't dis-like them, though, and like some of the stuff I've heard. I understand they are releasing some live stuff that has been rather popular as bootlegs and I'm tempted to get some.

Some days nothing seems funny, other days everything does, ya know?
2002-08-20 04:27:59 PM  
[damn, just typed my whole submission into the Password box...]

here's a retype:

and while I'm casting caveats:
You are right. The general purpose is lightheartedness, but there has always been a 70-30 mix [my numbers] of goofy/odd/funny to serious of articles that make it to the list. Check the Farchives sometime.

What I like seeing, sometimes, is a list of all the failed article headlines that come in for a mass submitted article.
2002-08-20 04:30:06 PM  
Phish ice cream?

I'm not a big fan either. I have, however, seen them in concert twice [worked at an arena for *mumble* years while in college]. Those fans smoke the cheapest/harshest w33d ever. Got headaches from it. Anyway, they were always pretty entertaining in concert.
2002-08-20 04:34:50 PM  
good accountant jokes in your bio
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