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(Yahoo)   New sexual health museum opened in Sri Lanka built to help youth's answer tough sexual questions. Across room, brides must still stain their bridal gown with their blood to prove virginity or suffer misery from their husbands, families and in-laws.   ( divider line
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2002-08-20 01:21:22 PM  
Eh, better than using goat's blood, I'd say.
2002-08-20 01:21:24 PM  
Sex ed at its best
2002-08-20 01:27:39 PM  
remember girls, dont bathe during your period or it makes you go insane!
2002-08-20 01:30:18 PM  
That's nothing. Did you know that in Evul America, some christians might tell you that you may go to hell for not obeying your husband?
2002-08-20 01:30:19 PM  
Do any posters know how to use the apostrophe?
2002-08-20 01:31:58 PM  
fark! i am sooo glad i wasn't born there. reminds me of 'chronicles of a death foretold' by gabriel garcia marquez where the bride refused to play the pig's blood trick, and she lost her new husband and was exiled form her village. bleh.
2002-08-20 01:32:52 PM  
Do any posters know what Irony is?
2002-08-20 01:33:03 PM  
"Some think masturbation, which is a natural pastime among many boys, weakens the brain because it drains essential fluids"

purity of essence?
2002-08-20 01:35:33 PM  
I need more information from this headline. Are there footnotes available?
2002-08-20 01:36:21 PM  
This would be a cool reality show.
Blood and bodilt fluids strewn about. THAT is entertainment.
2002-08-20 01:36:30 PM  
Why the hang up over virginity? Are the guys so lacking in bedroom skillz they're afraid their wives will always unfavorably compare them to previous lovers?
2002-08-20 01:38:26 PM  
WTF, this is the worst headline I've ever seen. This is the complete opposite of ironic, and the entire second part is wrong. "Across room, brides must still stain their bridal gown with their blood to prove virginity or suffer misery from their husbands, families and in-laws." No, across room there is a mannequin on display. A mannequin meant to educate, which is exactly the intended purpose. I would murder whoever wrote this headline if given half the chance.
2002-08-20 01:40:30 PM  
sticky mojo: isn't that a region on the coast of Italy?

Ok, first off, masturbation is NOT a pastime for boys. It is a mandate. It's not like *looks at watch* hmmm, what to do today? I know!....Unless you're George Costanza.

Sounds like there's a good market there for squib packs too (those things they use in special effects when somebody got shot)....they should put an add for those in the Sri Lankan Modern Bride magazine.
2002-08-20 01:41:44 PM  
Dear Teen Health FX,
Will masturbation weaken my brain by draining essential fluids?
2002-08-20 01:47:19 PM  
You know, before I drained all those essential fluids, I must of been a farking genius.

Lately, I can only bend minds with my spoon. However, I think that fish crunchy bits of salami, my new red hippie noodle. Naked pool frogs?
2002-08-20 01:47:58 PM  
Highlights include a computer loaded with software calling out tongue-twisting Latin names of reproductive parts at the touch of a cursor and "Maggie's apron," which is lowered over the head of a volunteer to show the placement of female sex organs.

Apron? Will someone explain how this works?
2002-08-20 01:48:16 PM  
"I want to know if masturbation is bad for my health,"

Does it matter? I eat candy, knowing full well it's bad for my health.

"Some think masturbation, which is a natural pastime among many boys,"

Oh yeah, and girls just "soak" in the tub for three hours.
2002-08-20 01:48:17 PM  
StopArrestingMe: exactly. The mannequin is there to tell them that girls DONT have to bleed on their wedding night. There is nothing ironic about this article.
2002-08-20 01:50:36 PM  
"Others think bathing during a girl's period causes insanity."
I'm not sure about the bathing but the insanity part seems right.
2002-08-20 01:56:51 PM  
'which is a natural pastime among many boys'

2002-08-20 01:57:32 PM  
Longest headline. Ever.
2002-08-20 01:58:50 PM  
GIS on "Maggie's apron":

[image from too old to be available]

Sounded kinda sexy, like "beef curtains".

So much ignorance, so little time...
2002-08-20 02:01:52 PM  
Will masturbation weaken my brain by draining essential fluids?

I think the opposite is true, if I am not drained of essential fluids for a few days, I get real aggressive.
2002-08-20 02:03:43 PM  
These patriarchal cultures & their virginity hang-ups. The Christians in the west, the Eastern Orthodox, the Muslims, now we hear the Buddhists have to see that wedding night stain, too.

Wait, Jews are matrilineal. Perhaps this practical outlook spared Jewish women, at least, the necessity of discreetly bloodying the sheets to simulate a ruptured hymen.
2002-08-20 02:06:01 PM  
Limboman: That was possibly the best FARK thread ever....
2002-08-20 02:14:32 PM  
"I want to know if masturbation is bad for my health,"
No. Doctors have proven that quality of life is not affected by blindness or hairy palms.
2002-08-20 02:25:59 PM  
Dammit, someone stole the TeenHealthFX joke. That was a classic.
2002-08-20 02:27:06 PM  
can anybody tell what that is on the computer in the pic?
2002-08-20 02:33:52 PM  
"Some think masturbation, which is a natural pastime among many boys, weakens the brain because it drains essential fluids"

I think someone took the whole "men think with their d*cks" thing a little too literally
2002-08-20 02:55:44 PM  
The headline would have been ironic, if it were correct. The irony is that on one side of the room, they are trying to teach the kids about sexual health and such, yet on the other they are still teaching an ancient custom that women must bleed on their wedding nights or they are obviously not virgins and must face hell from their husbands and families forever. But that's not what the article says. They are trying to educate people about this, trying to prove that in most cases it isn't true. So, basically we get stuck with a really long, unfunny, sort of ironic headline that doesnt really describe the article very well. And, you get my really long somewhat pointless comment.
2002-08-20 03:11:00 PM  
Heh heh, I'm gonna leave a stain on my wedding night.
2002-08-20 03:23:38 PM  
Not read the rest of the comments, maybe someone said so already.

The article clearly states that the exhibit is critical of the ancient traditions, and explains why it's a bunch of BS, and the problems it creates.

Do people read these things before submitting them? Do the mods check first to see if this stuff matches before pushing a link thru?

Get it together folks.
2002-08-20 03:27:51 PM  
The predominantly Buddhist Indian Ocean island owes its low birth rate of one percent in 2000, compared to 1.5 percent for India and 2.6 percent for Pakistan, to relatively high rates of literacy and contraceptive use among women.

There's the irony you're looking for: while Sri Lankan women are highly educated and use contraception, the old virgin myth somehow stubbornly holds on. Must be the men who are still behind the times there.
2002-08-20 03:35:05 PM  
What would a homosexual man have to stain his bridal gown/ tux with?

Just curious.
2002-08-20 04:17:46 PM  
Back-Ass Countries! I hate-em.

When women over there are put ahead of the local live-stock I'll take back that opinion.
2002-08-20 04:42:16 PM  
Mistress Rowena Yes, but in that matrilineal culture (Judaism)they came up with the idea of ritually whacking part of the penis off.
2002-08-20 05:09:42 PM  
Why do matrilineal cultures feel the need to mutilate men? Every single one I've read about has some ritual involving cutting a guy up.
2002-08-20 05:16:45 PM  
Here's a better question, Andrewfish: Why do some patriarchal cultures feel the need to mutilate little girls? There's are still over 2 dozen countries (last I hear don the subject) that still practice removal of the clitoris via glass/razor blade/knife in girls 6 years old. Without anesthetic.

I'm calling for worldwide orgies in protest of sexual oppression. Grab a friend or two,e veryone, and share the love! Make it multi-racial, and let's get this breed segregation thing into the past.
2002-08-20 08:15:30 PM  
Wow, what backwards people! Let's send some Christian missionaries over there so they can learn some good Christian values!
2002-08-20 11:55:57 PM  
The thing about circumcision ,though, is that it's healthier really for men. Uncircumcised men are more prone to staph infections and other nasty little buggers that like to camp out underneath the foreskin. Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) serves no purpose other than assuring that a woman will never have pleasure during sex. See? Matrilineal cultures are trying to help!!!!
2002-08-21 01:45:57 AM  
"Youths! Youths! Youths!"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-21 10:29:05 AM  
Shame this didn't happen in France or we could make jokes about Crunchy Frog.
2002-08-27 04:57:38 PM  
∞ v

[image from too old to be available]
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