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20018 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Apr 2007 at 7:53 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-25 05:52:33 PM  
On the bright side, I'll get a lot more work done if I no longer visit Fark due to the incredible visual suck.
2007-04-25 05:52:33 PM  
Simply awful.
2007-04-25 05:52:33 PM  
Oh, by the way, the font is evil ... you all smoking crack or something?
2007-04-25 05:52:33 PM  
This really is bad.

Now I'll have to find something productive to do with my time.

Guess I could write that novel...

/gay romance novel
2007-04-25 05:52:35 PM  
No good. Do not want.
2007-04-25 05:52:37 PM  
Wow, this is pretty bad. I like the old fark better.
2007-04-25 05:52:37 PM  
I don't even know if *this* can cheer me up anymore... (pops)

This is abysmal. :-/

2007-04-25 05:52:42 PM  
I'll get used to the layout - but why is it so freaking slow?
2007-04-25 05:52:45 PM  
Goddamn, this looks terrible.
2007-04-25 05:52:46 PM  
New format sucks.

/really sucks.
2007-04-25 05:52:48 PM  
I don't see a single improvement. It seems different just for the sake of being different.

You have a chance at redesign and still omit a 'log out' button. For shame.

I'll see this post in 30 minutes when it finally submits. 60 if I preview before post.

Oh, and in FF, if you hit "add comment" and cancel, the "add comment" button becomes unselectable.
2007-04-25 05:52:51 PM  
Don't allow an option for "Classic Fark".

Resistance is futile.
2007-04-25 05:52:51 PM  
i go to lunch and all hell breaks loose...
2007-04-25 05:52:52 PM  
FoxFaction 2007-04-25 05:11:39 PM

Wow there were about 3 triple simulposts :P

eightball01 2007-04-25 05:11:39 PM

Meh. I don't hate it, and it definitely could be a lot worse.

Night Train Express [TotalFark] 2007-04-25 05:11:39 PM


It Burns!!

/Seriously, I wasn't expecting this when I hit Refresh.

jolley1138 2007-04-25 05:11:39 PM


Best Quadruple post ever.
2007-04-25 05:52:53 PM  

By now all possibly opinions have been voices, but what the hell, here's mine.

Nothing got better, waah. The new version is not as easy on the eyes as the old one.

Wasted space on the comment page.

The layout breaks slightly but irritatingly if you use anything but the default font size. Doens't anyone test their stuff at +1/+2? Ctrl+middle mouse wheel, it would take just half a second.

Blocky and ugly. Reminds me of the days when all we had was tables and cell background colors to play with. Closer to HTML2.0 than Web2.0 :(
2007-04-25 05:52:55 PM  
Thank you fark for this new designe.

Better then the old one. Still it could be improved.
2007-04-25 05:53:02 PM  
No images?


/waiting for the 'site has gone downhill' comments
2007-04-25 05:53:04 PM  
Where'd the SBB girls go?
2007-04-25 05:53:06 PM  
2007-04-25 05:53:06 PM  
You'll get over it.
2007-04-25 05:53:11 PM  
...good times, good times
2007-04-25 05:53:15 PM  
It could definetly use a little more cowbell.
2007-04-25 05:53:25 PM  
This redesign breaks my mouse wheel :(

Sooo.... much..... scrolling.... so.... much.... space...
2007-04-25 05:53:31 PM  
Wow it's like being on dial up again!
Sooooo sssssssssllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!

and did they have a sale on white space?
2007-04-25 05:53:31 PM  

I too fear change.

Less is more.
2007-04-25 05:53:36 PM  
Personally, I think I'll get used to it, but my problem with it is it loads like crap on this crappy farking Time Warner Cable shiat. Boobies!

Stupid TWC, why did they have to buy Adelphia (good ISP) and turn it to mud?
2007-04-25 05:53:46 PM  
Oh hell - that's what happened. I ran 3 system scans thinking I broke the Intarwebs . . .
2007-04-25 05:53:49 PM  
Fixed width = teh suck. Also, I don't like the bars between comments, and you killed farky!
2007-04-25 05:53:56 PM  
Oh Christ, and you're USING TABLES too?

I've seen stupid articles that got greenlighted, but I figured the powers that be here would have some idea on what a bad site looks like.

Please, contact me and I'll help you design a much better site.
2007-04-25 05:53:58 PM  
chechcal: Though I think the design is not good, I'm far FAR more annoyed by the jagoffs who suddenly think all images in FARK are now disabled.

This THREAD, like many other THREADS, has images disabled. Other THREADS still allow images.

But not as annoyed by the jagoffs who suddenly can't read far enough down the thread to find out that this point has been covered already...
2007-04-25 05:54:01 PM  
Comment text is easier on the eyes (is it the brighter white background?)
Main page seems a little less chaotic

The entire right half of my screen is just gray emptyness. Too much empty space on the left also.
Comment text has a bit too much spacing above/below
Slow... so very slow
2007-04-25 05:54:01 PM  
Would also like to add that I don't like it, why is everything so small and spaced out?
2007-04-25 05:54:16 PM  
TheBigWhiteWolf 2007-04-25 05:51:14 PM

I guess someone will have to do a new "studman69" Photoshop...

What for? Can't post pics anyway.
2007-04-25 05:54:16 PM  
Seriously, has Web 2.0 really worked for 99% of anything? Apparently Web 2.0 = crap.
2007-04-25 05:54:16 PM  
I'm just pissed that all my plugins are broken. Farky, I barely knew ye.
2007-04-25 05:54:22 PM  
nice...server timeouts and local script execution timeouts.

while the layout aint exactly up my alley, the functionality is in the crapper. i could live with ugly, but ugly *and* broken?

please tell us this is just a test. or a joke. or a flashback.
2007-04-25 05:54:24 PM  
So. Much. Blue....
2007-04-25 05:54:25 PM  
it sucks. somebody fix the stylish style stat! please...

/refuses to be bombarded with ads
2007-04-25 05:54:25 PM  
It looks like crap, thats for sure. And yea, it really screws with the wide-screen.
2007-04-25 05:54:28 PM  
There are no pics IN THIS THREAD, morans.

Probably so the page doesn't take another year to load from people posting their hastily 'shopped suggestions. Gotta cut down on the thoughtcrime, donchaknow.
2007-04-25 05:54:37 PM  
Do not want.
2007-04-25 05:54:39 PM  
The off center to the left is really annoying. I want to lean over to make sure the screen isn't crooked.
2007-04-25 05:54:43 PM  
Fark! Mein Eyes! Das ist not gut!!

Why all the minimalist white space?

I thought Firefox had thrown a whoopsie.

I'm sure i'll get used to it in 6 years...just in time for Web 3.0
2007-04-25 05:54:45 PM  
Dear fark,
This new look resembles a bad haircut
2007-04-25 05:54:47 PM  
Hey... who moved my cheese?

2007-04-25 05:54:54 PM  
2007-04-25 05:54:55 PM  
No-image thread? WTF? Is that like a free-speech zone? How can we make this better if we can't post images of scantly clad females??
2007-04-25 05:54:57 PM  
Not very user-friendly. Pretty user-hostile, actually.
2007-04-25 05:55:00 PM  
I think it sucks.

Bring back the old fark.
2007-04-25 05:55:02 PM  
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