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(MSNBC)   You probably don't need to drink the full 8 glasses of water each day that you aren't drinking anyway   ( divider line
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2002-08-19 10:26:43 PM  
When I placed this on Fark I had this tagline.

No need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, Drew's 8 beers a night probably OK.

I thought it was funny and I meant no offense. Just kidding Drew. Heck I can easily down 8 beers a night. May explain my parnoid-schizophrenic-depressive-obsessive-compulsive nature though. No worries. No harm no foul.
2002-08-19 10:46:50 PM  
This water drinking thing is just like fashion. It goes in and out of style, but no one really dies from it. I remember back in the 80's we were told that we could get our daily fluids from fruit, soda, coffee, popsicles, jello. Then somewhere along the way, we were forced to drink gallons upon gallons of water, and we peed a lot to be probably started somewhere in Los Angeles. Now, the trend will be retro, just like fashion.
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-08-19 11:11:16 PM  
I like water, I'll sit down and just drink it, not for health, just because I like being filled with water. Ask #Fark, I'm constantly off peeing.
2002-08-19 11:22:26 PM  
My bong likes water.
2002-08-19 11:35:29 PM  
Fark admins substitute vodka for water, repost news article that has been posted twice before.
2002-08-20 12:14:06 AM  
REMEBER WHEN BUTTER WAS BAD AND MARGIRNIE WAS GOOD. same with water and the rest of the toxins
2002-08-20 12:14:16 AM  
The secret held so close by the Evian marketing department is finally revealed! Stock plummets!!!
2002-08-20 12:14:43 AM  
Do the admins think we have ADD?

Seriously, this is the umpteenth double post in the last month. Before then, it wasn't a problem.

What's up Drew? Not paying attention?
2002-08-20 12:14:57 AM  
great, i'm sick of running to the bathroom every ten minutes - except at work, where i have a mug the size of a football-sideline cooler
2002-08-20 12:15:04 AM  
In all honest, while water in that quantity isnt NEEDED... what can it hurt? It does flush your kidneys, that's for sure. If taken in that quantity it probably helps keep your body ready for it. Clearly, you can tell it expels what it doesnt need.

So no harm no foul if you like drinking water. I do. Its neat.
2002-08-20 12:15:24 AM  
I'ved counted three old-news/repeats in two days!
2002-08-20 12:17:15 AM  
Matrix must be stuck. Must have been built on Microsoft code.
2002-08-20 12:17:23 AM  
This is way old news. Two weeks ago they had the same thing. Oh well.
2002-08-20 12:17:43 AM  
I read somewhere that it's healthy to keep your pee clear, because that means you've flushed out the excess sodium in your body.. but then you would think the yellow pee is doing that too. Anything good about clear pee?
2002-08-20 12:18:15 AM  
Possibly Jeff has decided another "Cougar" experiment! If so, kudos!

Pre-emptive for those who may say "Mods stop posting repeats!"

From the FArQ:

6. Why are there sometimes duplicate articles?
We work in different offices. We have full time jobs. We also often are not paying attention.

21.What's the difference between an admin and a moderator, anyway?
Admins deal with posting new articles/links, mods deal with lame comments made about those articles. Admins are mods, but mods are not admins; mods can't control what links are posted. (Subtle but important difference.) We'll say it again: Mods don't pick the articles. Admins do. There will be a test on this later.
2002-08-20 12:19:36 AM  
i hate clear pee, it just means that i'm going to be peeing again soon.
2002-08-20 12:20:34 AM  
I hope the test is multiple choice.
2002-08-20 12:20:42 AM  
Spince: I would guess that it tastes better, if you're stuck somewhere where you're forced to "recycle."
2002-08-20 12:20:56 AM  
wow... eecchhoo....
2002-08-20 12:21:08 AM  
In other news, Farkers do not require 8 repeats per day, either. (some moaning to go with the pi$$ing)
2002-08-20 12:21:46 AM  
They just repeated it to make sure everyone knows.
2002-08-20 12:22:41 AM  
Jesus ate my neighbors.
2002-08-20 12:22:49 AM  
OK Cappy, that was totally uncalled for.
2002-08-20 12:23:20 AM  
Since I've been perusing this here Entarweb, I've learned that a "recent study" can find most anything to be true. Just depends on the agenda of the person doing the study.
2002-08-20 12:23:21 AM  
It really depends. I used to be a big Coca cola drinker... that is until i passed a kidney stone. Let me drop the knowledge and say that that was NO FUN. It was a direct result of drinking too much coke and not enough water. Please do yourself a favor and drink water.
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-08-20 12:23:25 AM  
Let's get the University of Oklahoma to give an elephant 3000 glasses of water a day and see what happens.
2002-08-20 12:23:28 AM  
I have to pee
2002-08-20 12:23:59 AM  
Off topic, kinda.

Put some drops of that fish tank dye, Mentholatum Blue (I think that is what it's called. Anyone know? On second thought, kinda sounds like a cheap after shave..) in somebodies cola of preference. They pee GREEN for like, two days.


ps. I in NO WAY endorse this kind of behaviour! Shame on you for thinking of doing it!
2002-08-20 12:24:24 AM  
I agree, double posts are unnecessary. I realize they're in different spaces, so if I see a double post on the same day, I can understand, but I've seen many double posts weeks apart lately, like they're not even paying attention. If they try to limit the link numbers, it could at least be new stuff. I love Fark, but this makes me feel like the admins don't care what goes out.
2002-08-20 12:24:36 AM  
** as long as its a normal yellow color **
oh man ...mines green , now what ??
2002-08-20 12:25:03 AM  
A recent study claims people who whine about repeats need to get a life.
2002-08-20 12:25:25 AM  
Ahhh, CappyGoat. The shades of Black Adder finally reveal themselves......
/obscure reference
2002-08-20 12:25:55 AM  
Ronald Jeremiah - I hear you, man. I've had thirteen of them so far. I've started a keen little collection. Think they'd sell on ebay?
2002-08-20 12:26:34 AM  
Maybe you Negative Nellys would like to find a better site, or make one yourselves. Die whiners.
2002-08-20 12:27:09 AM  
Actually, clearer pee means you have less toxins. If your pee is yellow, those are the toxins leaving your body. If its red, call the doctor. This has been a public service annoucment, in case of a real..... nevermind.
2002-08-20 12:27:15 AM  
08-20-02 12:24:24 AM Mercy01
I agree, double posts are unnecessary. I realize they're in different spaces, so if I see a double post on the same day, I can understand, but I've seen many double posts weeks apart lately, like they're not even paying attention.

What part of this did you not understand??

6. Why are there sometimes duplicate articles?
We work in different offices. We have full time jobs. We also often are not paying attention.
2002-08-20 12:28:06 AM  
SHIAT !!! somebody slipped me fish tank dye ... now i'm scared ( mommie ?)
2002-08-20 12:28:22 AM  
if you drink water, you need to get up and go pee. when you get up and go pee, you exercise. when you exercise, you need more water. repeat until dead.
2002-08-20 12:29:58 AM  
In other news, a new study casts doubt on the usefulness of oxygen for health.
2002-08-20 12:31:01 AM  
shut up about the double posts you want Drew to say * fark it * and put no new ones on again ...ever ???
2002-08-20 12:31:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I gotta pee - Forrest Gump
2002-08-20 12:31:38 AM  
I love repeats..well actually I have never read an article yet but I love repeats because people rightly complain and the Royal Defenders of Drew come to the rescue by citing the constitution. A simple solution would be to get people who payed attention..but it would cut down on the comedy of the whiner vs. aplogist
2002-08-20 12:32:28 AM  
Irascible: I confess I'm not sure which Black Adder reference I brought up!
2002-08-20 12:33:12 AM  
Try taking mega-men vitamins fron GNC, you'll piss a bright flourescent yellow/orange, it's kinda scary really.
2002-08-20 12:34:04 AM  
I piss my wetsuit to stay warm in the cold, cold, Pacific. That's one reason to drink a shiatload of water...
2002-08-20 12:34:27 AM  

YOU know...

Bob: Man Ted, I'm REAL thirsty...
Ted: Hey Bob, you want to drink from my "Black Adder"?
Ted: *WINK WINK NIDGE NUDGE nowhutimean?*
2002-08-20 12:35:18 AM  
Ok so I should drink tons of sugar + other crap instead of water?
2002-08-20 12:38:18 AM  
But drinking your own urine is still okay, right?
2002-08-20 12:38:42 AM  
Hey Aggrop they have warmer water to surf totally makes the experience more enjoyable...
2002-08-20 12:41:01 AM  
Zylon: MadTV said it was, so it must be...

Got Urine? - In this commercial parody, a man (Orlando Jones) hands a urine sample to a nurse (Nicole Sullivan) who locks it in a cupboard. The man then eats a cookie, and we see shots of the desert and of him searching for a drink and struggling to swallow the cookie. Then he looks towards the cupboard and the words "Got Urine?" appear. Very hilarious stuff. Thumbs way up.
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