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(ABC News)   Concert prices continue to rise, sales do not follow   ( divider line
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1546 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jul 2001 at 12:09 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-10 12:26:15 PM  
YAWN! I rock! I am first! Yea..I am lame yea!!
2001-07-10 12:28:56 PM  
I skip large shows because of this. Hooray for bands that perform in smaller venues which I can by tickets directly from at a reasonable price without paying a tax to ticket master.
2001-07-10 12:36:23 PM  
Seeing concerts isn't a "luxury". Most of the groups touring today hold no interest for me. I'd much rather catch a concert of a local group or act. I'll have a much better time, hear much better music.

Support your local music scene!
2001-07-10 12:39:04 PM  
Mojo hit the nail on the head--forget Microsoft, Ticketmaster is the evil monopoly that plagues this country. I just saw Radiohead a few weeks ago (fantastic show, BTW), tickets were $40. Not bad, could be cheaper but not bad. Freakin' Ticketmaster tacks on an $8 "convenience fee". Yep, that's what they called it. $8 for what? Printing out a ticket? All these big venues are dominated by TM. Even Pearl Jam couldn't stop the bastards.
2001-07-10 12:40:59 PM  
If you pay $350 to see farin' Madonna, you get what you deserve. Don't misunderstand- True Blue was the first album I ever bought. I'm not proud of that, but I've learned to live with it.
2001-07-10 12:46:37 PM  
I saw Depeche Mode a few weeks back, and the tickets we got were about $42.50. And that was just to get on the lawns (ie, farthest from the stage, and no seats).

I could kind of understand the service charge if it had to cover employee costs. But the whole system is computerized! Isn't the point of using computers to ELIMINATE such costs??
2001-07-10 12:48:27 PM  
1) pearl jam are whores for money
2) 60 bucks for a shiatty lineup at ozzfest, fark that
2001-07-10 12:51:36 PM  
Commercial greed is the result of marketers gone wild and consumers to farking stupid not to breath water.

Kill the marketing departments!
2001-07-10 12:52:00 PM  
convenience charge when you order online... they no longer have to have employees there to field your questions or place your order in a totally computerized environment. So they get $8 and savings on what an employee would cost them. Plus a 43% price jump in 3 years!

Actually, as easy as a DDoS is these days, I am surprised it doesn't happen to ticket bastard all the time by people trying to lock others out of buying tickets via the web for a show. Cuts out some of the competition on front row seats...
2001-07-10 01:02:04 PM  
I just don't get the whole going-to-a-concert-thing. It's almost as stupid as going to a baseball/football game and forking over hard-earned cash for the privilege of paying inflated salaries to those idiots. I mean, unless you're at the first couple of rows of a concert, save the cash, invite 50 of your best friends over, pack 'em in the living room, and pop in the CD. The music experience will be better.
2001-07-10 01:17:36 PM  
I like U2, but not enough to fork out over $80 to see them in an arena -- I passed on that chance recently. At that point it's just a few famous microscopic specs standing still on the stage playing a CD-perfect rendition of something...

Instead I paid $6 to see a local band (Supafuzz) in a smallish bar that same night, and they just blew everyone away. They don't stand still, they don't play CD-perfect anything, their intensity is amazing... and the music's decent too. And you can hang out and chat with 'em before/after the show too.

Local bands in small venues... that's what the whole going-to-a-concert thing is about.
2001-07-10 01:35:25 PM  
my favorite band to see live and locally is The Clarks.
They rock.

That being said, I'm going to the Barenaked Ladies concert this coming Monday.
2001-07-10 01:59:56 PM  
I'd have to agree with mike. I'm not much of a concert goer, but I've seen a few local bands, and I find them much more entertaining then most of the big bands. One thing I do hate to see is local bands playing all pop music from the radio. One of them I have seen a couple times rarely plays anything original, which kind of sucks.
2001-07-10 02:02:54 PM  
I haven't been to a rock concert in a couple of years. Unfortually the prices of other entertainment is high too. Earlier this year I wanted to go to a motocross and the price for two tickets were $60. What a ripoff.
2001-07-10 02:09:45 PM  
There's a reason they have Bono on there- representative of all that is crappy, yet expensive. These major bands are generally worthless. I'm with Froggy, Mike and Everest! Just go see the local shows for cheap. I happen to live in one of the best places in the States for local Indie shows, but there is good music everywhere.
2001-07-10 02:18:37 PM  
Alright you youngsters. I hate to sound like the grandpa that used to walk to school in 3 feet of snow, but...

This whole price thing has been bugging me for awhile. My first concert was Boston with Sammy HAgar opening. Yes, 1977 I believe it was. That concert was expensive at $6.50!! Now before anybody starts in with that "yes but bread was 5 cents a loaf" crap, figure this: I was working a minumum wage job as a teenager making $2.35/hr. That menas I had to work 3 hours to buy that concert ticket. Minimum wage today is what, $5.75? So a $40 concert takes just under 7 hours of work. That means that even in adjusted dollars a concert now costs more than twice as much as it did twenty years ago.

I applaud you younger guys who aren't pissing away your money. My favorite band as a kid was Black Sabbath. When they had their reunion last year I was psyched, but then found out that the cheap tickets were $65. FARK THAT! For $100 a ticket I expect to see the Beatles, and that's only because I wanna see how they bring Lennon back to life!!
2001-07-10 02:24:30 PM  
Agreeing with Froggy, Mike, Everest and Aggrop. Check out local music. Also, there are plenty of acts that play local clubs and ampitheaters with the ticket price in the $20 and under range. Last year I saw Cracker, The Catherine Wheel, Matthew Sweet, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Afghan Whigs (1 1/2 ago) all under $20 dollars. All better shows than being packed like sardines into an arena, and all played better music than whats on top 40 radio. The minute an act charges over $30 for a ticket is the minute I lose interest in seeing them perform, no matter how good they are (Ben Harper recently crossed the threshold, for instance... oh well).

God bless Fugazi, $6 concerts in this day and age? It can be done.
2001-07-10 02:26:47 PM  
Hisey: See you at BNL.

I'm seeing Poe at the Rock Hall tomorrow. mmmmm. poe.
2001-07-10 02:27:34 PM  
davex: the catherine wheel rules. saw them once for 45 minutes. it was the best thing ever.
2001-07-10 02:29:55 PM  
I agree with you kgf. My first concert was Billy Idol back in '84. I paid $12 for it. It was gen. admin. so I got pretty close to the stage.
I quit listening to mainstream acts a long time ago. I like to see shows in smaller venues. When I lived in Panama City, I saw the Violent Femmes and Matthew Sweet at Spinnaker. The place was packed but there were only a few thousand people there. I got in free because I handled their local advertising, but the tix were under $20 for both shows and there's not a bad seat in the house there. Arenas suck.
2001-07-10 03:08:27 PM  
at least black sabbath has appeal! anthrax played in san francisco last week for $50! hahahaha! the long awaited reunion tour! I wouldn't even be interested in those guys for $10, but $50 just shows what saps are promoting concerts these days. although I'm sure somebody was dumb enough to go...

support local music! homogeny will be the death of us all!
2001-07-10 03:57:11 PM  
Pearl Jam is not a whore for money. When they 1st came out with TEN I was in Jr.high and was a total fan them and all the Seattle scene bands (Soundgarden AIC, Nirvana)...After awhile my interest in them dropped and i moved on to newer and different bands.

But once i heard they are Recording every single one of there live shows for there tour and selling them on CDs for only 10 bucks a piece (at their website) my respect and admiration of them sky rocketed.

I remember when i was buying bootleg albums for over 60 bucks at record trade shows and local stores that got bootlegs in.

Yeah maybe there fight with Tickmaster didn't accomplish anything but at least they farking did something about something for there fans.

If there is one band in this horseshiat of a Record Industry I truly respect. It would be Pearl Jam.
2001-07-10 03:59:07 PM  
Torquemada, I don't feel listening to the CD with my friends is at all the same experience. I go for the atmosphere for one, but mainly to hear the differences in live versions, cover songs, new material, etc. At small shows you can meet the bands as well. And the bands make more revenue from concerts than CD sales, if I remember correctly, so I like to support good music.

But people have different tastes...
2001-07-10 04:26:48 PM  
Another one for the fogeys: There was a Bloom County strip way back when that was still popular (OK - it's evergreen), poking fun at Michael Jackson's tour management. The words were in the vein of
- "Tee shirt - $5. Make it $10. Tickets - $40."
- "$50!"
- "$50? Tee-shirts $20. Tickets $80."
- "Make it $100!"

I don't have it on hand, but I think the prices used in jest were lower than the ones in this article.
(yeah, inflation yadda yadda)
2001-07-10 06:26:11 PM  
Hey, how else are we gonna pay for AJ's rehab??

"I want it...that way. On the rocks. Ain't nothin' but a mixed drink. On the rocks. I like to drink till I stink. On the rocks. It's rehab I need, I think. I want it that way."
2001-07-10 07:02:22 PM  
Just another vote of support for giving the mega-stadium acts the shove and supporting your local scene as well.

The last show I went to was three funk/hip-hop bands for $8. Two of them were pretty good, and nothing beats getting 20-30 hot sweaty people jammed into a tiny little club, dancing and letting off steam on a Friday night.

Other advantages: no "convenience fee", no parking hassles, no getting frisked entering the club, no lines, no human sea of cattle, no trouble standing 3 feet from the stage, and when it was over I was only a ten minute cab ride away from bed.

I'm pretty sure the last stadium-ey event I went to was Lollapalooza back in 94 or 95; I haven't missed them a damned bit.

2001-07-10 07:19:57 PM  
i would like to see that video, "Marketeers Gone Wild"
2001-07-10 07:35:10 PM  
Gee, you mean raising the price of something causes the demand to drop? How about that.
2001-07-10 08:46:55 PM  
davex: fugazi? the last time i saw them (and i do mean the last time, ever!) i had to buy the tickets from ticketmassa around ten bucks, i believe. and it was a lousy show, too. don't get me wrong. back in the day, those boys could whip a camel's ass, but they just don't do it for me anymore.
2001-07-10 08:49:14 PM  
Support local music? I did... the Verve Pipe. Look what happend to them (2 number one hits, rarely come back to Grand Rapids for concerts anymore). The RIAA is evil. Not the lovable evil that makes us love the super villians of the world -- the bad kind. If anything is wrong with capitalism, it would be the RIAA.

Guess you should just enjoy the music you can, while it is possible. Because once big business gets their hands on them, they will whoring your favorite bands until they have nothing left to squeeze.
2001-07-10 08:50:51 PM  
I know what some of you are saying; "verve pipe? They suck!" well the lead singer has hair bigger than your head. that warrents a small amount of respect, atleast :)

There are no good indie bands in grand rapids anymore. Wish I was in the UK so I could get my hands on some Blind Guardian c.d.s :( (even though they aren't indie per se)
2001-07-10 09:33:59 PM  
I respect Fugazi in the same way I respected the Clash, (The only band that matters) and here's why.

The String Cheese Incident, (Girlfriend went not me. I hate Hippie Jam Bands!! If I want improvisation I'll see Jazz not Grateful Dead hack music that wonders aimlessly) played in Omaha Monday and Tuesday. It was an overnight camping commune hippie thing. 25 bucks a night or huge savings of 45 bucks for both nights and all the free patchouli you can absorb. Ok this is Omaha, the hippies can't even buy a bar of soap let alone a 45 dollar ticket. I was told by GF that there was only around a 1,000 people there. HAW HAW HAW.
You gotta know your audience. If my music is about social injustice and not fitting in, chances are my core fans are not about to pay nor can afford 25, 30 dollars a ticket.

Reminds me of what some of the French football (soccer) players said during the 1998 World Cup held in France.
Only CEO's, foreign dignitaries, and corporate sponsers could afford tickets. Not your average blue collar football fans. Anyhoo, the members of the team said "We need fans not spectators."

That one band, Brian Eno and the four lads from Ireland are selling to spectators. Just like the Elton Joke and Billy Blow Hole gayfest.

A couple of months ago I saw Fugazi, it was like 6 bucks.
The Clash's Sandinista a 3 record album (1 record to long in my opinion) sold for the price of less than a double lp. They understood thier audience and practiced what they preached.

Boo Hoo Napster cutting into our profits. It's complete and total Bull shiat.
Thier revenue is going up astronomicaly every year.
Going to a bar later that has a juke box or plays the radio? That bar is paying ASCAP to do that. Which in return the RIAA gets a piece of those "dues". Do you have a song on you're answering machine? If you do, it's illegal. You could be sued if they find out you have a lot of money.

Whew! ok must stop.
Drive safely.
2001-07-10 09:57:29 PM  
Isn't 311 from Omaha?

Pink Floyd's the only stadium act I'd still go see at this point. Although I vaguely wish I'd seen Kiss on their farewall tour... Still though, I've seen local bands that were every bit as good musicians as Pink Floyd.

ASCAP/BMI royalties do pop up in weird places. Learned about that in college radio. (They get money off of radio plays of course. Elevator music even.)
2001-07-10 10:33:44 PM  
Mike: Yes they are, and they are also my favorite band. Their new CD is amazingly good, one of their best, even though everything they put out is good...except for transistor which sort of sucked.
2001-07-10 10:36:12 PM  
I like going to local punk shows because they are always 10-20 bucks and the shows are always great and high energy. Plus all the venues I am close to aren't big, except for the PNC arts center, which blows goats.
2001-07-10 10:58:36 PM  
I just saw Pantera/Slayer for $50.00 in Chicago on 7-3.Not bad,but it was $42.00 plus $8.00 for those cocksuckers at Ticketmaster.I hate being a Ticketslave but sometimes you gotta pay those pimps.
I remember Led-Zeppelin tickets going on sale 21 years ago at $20.00 a piece and thought that was expensive.


2001-07-10 11:26:31 PM  
pearl jam are whores because:
they put out like a hundred live cds and they sell em for the same price as other cds.
a live cd? ok cool.
a double cd? ok cool.
a hundred collect-em-all cds with the same songs on each one with little to no production costs and no studio time?
they dont even put the cds in a regular case they put em in farkin cheap cardboard sleeve things. any money they make off the cds is pure profit.
they were going to play all those shows wether they recorded or not, they just ran all the cables into a big ol cd maker doodad.

i dont care for pj
2001-07-11 12:04:08 AM  
ROCK ON, local band fans, wherever you reside! Excellent!

'Stick It To The Man' never applied more than to the ream-job that is Ticketmaster, and i'm glad to see so much support for local acts.

Keep it up and maybe, just maybe, these corporate jerk-offs will realize everybody is farking sick of $50 'cheap seats'
2001-07-11 12:10:21 AM  
I live in Austin and the live music is great. Never more than $5 at the door. Some of these acts are the best bands you will never get to hear. Thats the real shame. Real bands that play actual instruments.
2001-07-11 12:20:06 AM  
If you want to hear a guy that is awsome, try Jack Johnson. Sorta like Ben Harper. He's from Hawaii and Santa Barbara and has been playing a couple years now. He was originally, and still does, film surfing videos. Great music and the concert I saw was free so thats the best price going.
2001-07-11 04:39:32 AM  
One of the first concerts I went to was Rollins Band in 1992... It was in the basement of a pub and there was no fence separating the crowd from the stage, while crowd surfing I got dumped literally on Henry Rollins feet... now that is a concert
2001-07-11 10:05:42 AM  
Barbra. Now there's a concert. When she sings, and if she looks at you, Oh God. It's like seeing God himself. That voice. Well worth the $175,780,000.00 I paid to get in. Sigh.
2001-07-11 06:08:36 PM  
Mojo Nixon!

(...who reads Fark, and who's playing tonight in Lexington KY)
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