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4259 clicks; posted to Video » on 20 Apr 2007 at 3:41 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-20 03:56:52 AM  
Jumpin' gigawatts!

Great Scott!

/headline fails to mention the 3 buckets and 2 metallic toobs
2007-04-20 04:12:55 AM  
any way to save static electricity?
2007-04-20 04:13:02 AM  
That's almost as cool as when I watched it a couple of weeks ago. On Fark.

Has anyone seen Zombocom yet? It, too, is excitingly new to the internet!
2007-04-20 05:29:22 AM  
Off topic but here's some corn starch with some strange properites. It's alive...
2007-04-20 05:30:13 AM  
They also forget to mention that voltage ain't power.

So what if it redistributes charge a little? That in no way makes it a "battery" -- or a "cell" for that matter. it is NOT am energy source.

Did I hear correctly that the audience paid to be there? I smell a scam.
2007-04-20 06:57:32 AM

'nuff said.
2007-04-20 08:11:19 AM  
He said "look at the two balls" a little too comfortably.
2007-04-20 08:44:54 AM  
I'm sure the audience paid to be there. It's called tuition.
2007-04-20 08:57:00 AM  
Methinks the link is Farked. Anyone else not getting the video?
2007-04-20 09:03:25 AM  
Link works fine for me. I found it pretty interesting, thanks subby
2007-04-20 09:46:22 AM  
Well, I still only get a "This blog can't be found!" type message. If anyone else has that problem, here's the video on YouTube.
2007-04-20 09:48:14 AM  
Interesting, but wasteful. You're throwing away all the potential energy of the higher bucket for the occasional spark. I suspect a water wheel-powered generator would be more efficient.
2007-04-20 09:54:53 AM  
Using water to make electricity? Hmmmm...
Give back the bukket.
2007-04-20 10:50:56 AM  
The only interesting part of this was the hot chick it switched to in the middle.
2007-04-20 10:50:59 AM  
About as interesting as when it was greenlit several weeks ago.
2007-04-20 10:51:39 AM  
Or, what Yamasu said. (Srry.)
2007-04-20 11:06:52 AM  
You're like all zee others!

You zink I'm mad too!

Vell, I'll show YOU!

I'll show zem ALL!!!
2007-04-20 11:07:21 AM  
Stavr0: Give back the bukket.

2007-04-21 02:14:02 AM  
Moonbat, this is a rechargeable battery. Add a voltage reducing circuit and a capacitor and you could power a small LED clock with this type of generator. When the top bucket runs out, just dump the water from the lower buckets back in. Viola, you just recharged the battery!
2007-04-21 02:28:25 AM  
Well, apart from this being a repeat...

This is a nifty way to make high voltage, but it has appallingly low current. That's why you can't just put a load in circuit, it's producing just too few coloumbs of charge.
2007-04-21 11:37:52 PM  
wildcardjack: This is a nifty way to make high voltage, but it has appallingly low current. That's why you can't just put a load in circuit, it's producing just too few coloumbs of charge.

you could probably run a liquid crystal display from it, and some cmos logic, so you've got your clock.
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