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(MovieGuy)   It's a known fact that Farkers love watching movies. So tell us then, 'What stupid, sad, girly, sappy movie is YOUR guilty pleasure? Ever cry at a movie? Which one?   ( divider line
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3651 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Aug 2002 at 5:15 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-20 03:51:10 PM  
Agreed, Bigpeeler. If it was you that submitted this, thanks.

And did anyone else find Seven sad? I haven't had as strong an emotional reaction to the end of a movie in a while.
That movie wrecked me, but sadness was only one of the emotions involved. I admired the hell out of it, swore that I would never watch it again, and haven't.

I've seen a couple of cool postings about books. When I was a kid, I built a model of the Hunchback, and then decided to tackle Hugo's novel. It ends with a street-excavation or some-such many years after the story itself. The dig is halted by the discovery of two skeletons in a
grave. One is a young woman with indications of being an executed gypsy. Lying beside her, embracing her, were the bones of a man with a grotesquely curved spine. I can still remember bawling, unable to stop, in our shady back yard. Forever I wanted that horrible feeling to go away, and became a sucker for a good sad story in the process.
2002-08-20 03:52:19 PM  
Edward Scissorhands. For some reason the part I cried most at was when he went on that talk show and was about to name the 'special' girl in his life, then he shocks himself and falls backwards and everyone's laughing at him. (Oh, and also the beginning when they show that neighborhood they live in..but I think those are a different type of tears, like the crying Indian in those old PSA commercials.)

Breakfast at Tiffany's when she throws Cat out of the cab. And when she goes back for him, I cry tears of joy.

I'm a sap. Sue me.
2002-08-20 03:52:37 PM  
In Saving Private Ryan, there's a part when the jewish character is being slowly killed by a german soldier. All the while, that farking puss is sitting on the stairs listening to his fellow soldier screem his name and he does nothing. Eventually, the jewish guy is killed and the german soldier walks right past our fearless hero who is covertly crouching in the *fecal* position obviously eyeing out the situation.

I cry out of anger and usually kick whatever is close by. Fark the Farking Farkers

2002-08-20 03:53:25 PM  
I'm a real sap for the melodrama...
Titanic: Rose's dream sequence at the end
Armageddon: Bruce Willis says goodbye to Ben Affleck
Saving Private Ryan: The end scene in the cemetary
Road to Perdition: Tom Hanks' death scene
2002-08-20 03:54:51 PM  
If you're looking for sad, sad songs go listen to something by Black Lab. Something like Gates of the Country. There's a song that will mist me up.
2002-08-20 03:56:51 PM  

Se7en absolutely ruined me for a couple of days. No other movie has ever disturbed me as much as that one. Like Hytes Xian said, I'm glad I saw it, but I don't want to see it again.

And good call to whoever mentioned Scent of a Woman.

2002-08-20 04:01:00 PM  
Also forgot E.T...probably the mother of all choke ups in the end.
2002-08-20 04:01:04 PM  
I feel like such a pussy for saying this, but The Iron Giant gets me every time. I don't know why; maybe because Vin Diesel is in it.

2002-08-20 04:06:39 PM  
Crap, I am a bigger sap than I realized. After reading through here, I realized I forgot:

Dead Poet's Society
The Iron Giant

As for music, many Chopin pieces make me cry--the preludes and one particular sonata are especially strong.
The weirdest song that gets me maudlin is 'Softly' by the Soup Dragons. I don't know why and I never even listened to them much but it still gets me.
2002-08-20 04:07:24 PM  
I cried during Bambi. poor little deer. Of course, I haven't seen it since I was six, but I remember being sad.
2002-08-20 04:08:50 PM  
I just thought of another movie that made me cry: the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee honeymoon video. Those that have watched it, know that if you could harness their combined brain power, you might be able to toast a piece of bread...lightly. Minus the 7 minutes of actual sex, it was like watching a marathon of The Best of Springer: Special Trailer Park Extravaganza.
2002-08-20 04:10:32 PM  
Roman Holiday
2002-08-20 04:15:54 PM  
The most depressing song I ever heard I don't even know the name of, nor the artist. Maybe one of you Farkers can identify it.

In 1992 or thereabouts, I had a girlfriend going to Mary Baldwin in Staunton, Virginia. We spent a lot of time together, much of it in and around Staunton. Anyway, there is this odd little place on the main drag (Greenville Avenue) called Harry's Lunch. We had never been in there before, so we stopped in, expecting your usual small town diner. Well, it's not like that at all. We step inside, and it's almost like you're in someone's home. There is a regular kitchen, complete with normal sized refrigerator and stove with some pots cooking on them. There's an air conditioning unit hanging in a window, and a ceiling fan. There is a doorway with a flowery curtain hanging in it, which we are unable to see beyond. A battered jukebox stands in the corner, moaning plaintively. There are a few booths, some of which are occupied by what are clearly regulars, looking like they may have just stepped off the set of Deliverance.
[image from too old to be available]
Our opening the door caused a bell to jingle, so they stare at us college kids as we walk in. We clearly do not belong here. There are no menus for us to look at and it is unclear who is working here and who is a customer, so we stand there trying to figure out how to interact with these people. Just then, a man emerges from behind the curtain, and asks if he can help us.
[image from too old to be available]
I was a little caught off guard by the situation in general, so I think I said something like "We'd like to get something to eat." to which he responded "Well, what do you want?" I glance around at some of the other diners' dishes but don't see anything readily identifiable or appetizing, so I'm not at all sure what it is that I want. I should ask for something simple. "A hamburger," I guess. Nope, no hamburgers. Apparently, the right answer is beef stew.
[image from too old to be available]
So we both order stew and have a seat in one of the booths. We marvel at the splintering paneling and the faded gingham tabletop. I glance past my girlfriend at the occupant of the booth next to us, and squinting back at me is a caricature of an old man. He must be 100 years old, with a bushy nest of white facial hair. The first thing to pop into my head is the "ancient mariner" of Coleridge's poem.
[image from too old to be available]
I now have an opportunity to listen more carefully to the mournful song coming out of the jukebox. It's a lament in many verses, country style, about a man who drove drunk, killing his son, and about how sorry he is, and about how he wishes he could undo it and woe is him. I can hardly believe my ears, but much to my chagrin, the next song on the jukebox is THE EXACT SAME SONG. I endure this horror, only to have it repeat again. And again. Thankfully, the beef stew had already been cooking on the stove, so our food arrived quickly. During the meal, I checked out the jukebox, and it contained mostly country, Roy Acuff, Johnny Cash, and the like. But one song stood out from the rest. I put in my quarters, and made my choice. Four times. As we were paying for our meal, the raucous strains of the Right Said Fred dance club hit ring out:
I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love
Love's going to leave me

[image from too old to be available]
We did not stick around long enough to realize the full hilarity that may have ensued.
2002-08-20 04:18:15 PM  
I have to say as much as I hate the movie, The Patriot always gets me...

I'll say anything you want Daddy, just don't go.

Also, ET, and Dead Man Walking get me everytime.

2002-08-20 04:20:47 PM  
The only movie that made me tear is Grave of the fireflies, to bad I saw it with my girlfriend because she was crying and felt sad. I felt sad too at the end of the night when I didn't get none.
2002-08-20 04:31:34 PM  
Ok anime called berserk got me cuz you get so freaking attached and then well dig up a copy. Also nukie,manos the hands of fate, and where brodie is talking about spooning in mallrats ok all a joke but berserk
2002-08-20 04:31:54 PM  
My Weeners- Ciderhouse Rules.
I'm an idiot.
2002-08-20 04:38:02 PM  

Wow, someone besides me has seen "Grave of the Fireflies"...and good call on "The Real Folk Blues".
2002-08-20 04:39:30 PM  
Man... some 400 replies and not a single person has mentioned "The Big Chill." Wow. That one had me crying at the end.

I tend to get weepier over books than movies. Most of the other usual suspect movies have been mentioned ("Dead Poets' Society," "Shawshank Redemption," "What Dreams May Come.") And of course Spock's death in "Star Trek II." But try some books:

The Green Mile. I cried through most of the last book and a half. (I read it all at once). Actually, The Stand made me cry as well.

Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.

Time Enough for Love and Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. Also the short story "Requiem."

Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov--at the end where Hari Seldon dies.

In the realm of comics, Sluggy Freelance has made me cry several times. So did the final Calvin and Hobbes strip.
2002-08-20 04:40:36 PM  
Brian's Song, first time I saw it on TV I was about 12 and cried my eyes out. My 15 yo daughter loses it everytime Bruce Willis tells his daughter he isn't coming back in Armageddon.
2002-08-20 04:41:48 PM  
"Applehouse Rules".....nyuk nyuk.

I need to read Shawshank. Is it a full Stephen King novel or a short story?
2002-08-20 04:43:08 PM  
Coming out of semi-lurkdom for this one.
Some of mine are:
1.What dreams may come: Glad I was alone, I cried like a baby, blubbering heaving sobs,had a bad headache when it was over. Everytime I see it since, I still cry. Beautiful, sad movie!
2.Stand by me
3.Steel Magnolias; That funeral scene had me bawling.
4.Armageddon: The ending had me crying my eyes out.
5.Powder: CanNOT stand to see someone persecuted for being different...arrrgh!
6.The green mile:yeah, an obvious one
......manymany more, I love a good heart tuggin-movie
2002-08-20 04:44:03 PM  
1. Silent Running
2. Blade Runner
3. My Name is Joe
4. Kes
5. Dead Poets Society

For tears of laughter...'Withnail & I'
2002-08-20 04:47:55 PM  
Only two movies have ever made me cry
City of Angels
there has been the occasional choke here ans there but no tears. I'm man, a real man.. er...... time to go!
2002-08-20 04:51:24 PM  
I cried when watching Project X(Matthew Broderick) when i was a kid. Those poor monkeys.

I actually got a little misty at the end of The Green Mile. That poor huge guy.

Young Einstein always gets me. Poor Yahoo.
2002-08-20 04:52:29 PM  
The storm at the airport scene in L.A. Story.
Several scenes in Grand Canyon.
Same for Men Don't Leave, but especially the scene where Chris O'Donnell is trying to convince his mom's boyfriend to come back.
When Orlando is in the park with his/her child at the end of the film.
2002-08-20 04:52:58 PM  
Oh, yeah, Dead Poets Society.

Oh captian, my captian!

Excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye.
2002-08-20 04:54:21 PM  
I got cried during Dude, Where's My Car when I realized that I just wasted $15 to see a really bad movie and expensive ass snacks at the movie theater.

Haven't really gotten choked up during movies at all, just watching movies with heavy themes doesn't really get to me., but I still enjoy them. Heavy themed movies such as: Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Spaceballs, and actually a book did it to me, Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, one of the best books ever.
2002-08-20 04:57:03 PM  
Oh my farking GOD

I think I may have discovered the artists who did the song that was repeating on the jukebox at Harry's Lunch.

I think it was "The Price of the Bottle (Is Just a Down Payment)" by the Louvin Brothers.

The Louvin Brothers. The ones who brought us THIS album.

[image from too old to be available]

There are people out there who enjoy this shiat.
I have met them.
I have eaten their food.
2002-08-20 04:59:45 PM  
I thought about saying the Big Chill but figured I'd said too much already. Wasn't that soundtrack one of the turning points for 'Classic Rock' radio stations?
Speaking of dead people, what about Four Weddings and a Funeral? OK, no tears for me, either.

On a sad note, I went to my movie theater last night to take the kids to see Lilo and Stitch again, and it's already gone (the movie, not the theater). The DVD can't be released fast enough for me.

"Oh, good. My dog found the chainsaw." - Lilo
2002-08-20 05:01:08 PM  
Winger999 - Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption is a short story in Different Seasons. A great read, the whole collection..........enjoy!
2002-08-20 05:02:11 PM  
I want to kick my ass for this, but I cried when tiny tim dies in the Muppet Christmas Carrol, even though I knew he wasn't really gonna die (an no other version of this movie does that to me).

My wife and I went to toy story 2 with a powerlifter buddy of ours, and he started BAWLING during the cowboy song, then started to laugh at himself crying. Two rows over some chick said "what an insensitive jerk, he's laughing at this."
2002-08-20 05:04:01 PM  
I completely forgot about Boyz 'N' The Hood, when Ricky gets it.
2002-08-20 05:15:21 PM  
As far as music goes;
Whenever I'm blue I like to further punish myself by listening to
Rickie Lee Jones - Last Chance Texaco, Rainbow Sleeves, Rodeo Girl, Skeletons, and Atlas Marker.

Tom Waits - Downtown Train, Who are You.

Prefab Sprout - Knock on Wood (not the Knock on Wood you're thinking) Cars and Girls, Mercy on Me.

The soundtrack to, The Sweethere After. It makes me just sit and mope.
2002-08-20 05:17:21 PM  
Ok, I could make a long list of movies that made me cry, but when I was little I went to see Bambi and I boo hooed so loud that it started the whole theater boo hooing.
2002-08-20 05:18:59 PM  
Okay - I read every single comment and NO one has said "Jack Knife" with Robert De Niro and Ed Harris...Holy shiat, you wanna cry? Rent it. An emotional masterpiece.
2002-08-20 05:20:50 PM  
Rickie Lee Jones
Girl at Her Volcano (1983)
Rainbow Sleeves

You used to dream yourself away each night
To places that you'd never been
On wings made of wishes
That you whispered to yourself
Back when every night the moon and you
Would sweep away to places
That you knew
Where you would never get the blues

Well now, whiskey gives you wings
To carry
Each one of your dreams
And the moon does not belong to you
But I believe
That your heart keeps young dreams
Well, I've been told
To keep from ever growing old
And a heart that has been broken
Will be stronger when it mends

Don't let the blues stop you singing
Darling, you've only got a broken wing
Hey, you just hang on to my rainbow
Hang on to my rainbow
Hang on to my rainbow sleeves
2002-08-20 05:31:07 PM  
I thought Meet Joe Black was a sad movie.
2002-08-20 05:47:09 PM  
The last one to get me teary-eyed was Shallow Hal. My most romantic would be Casablanca or Gone With The Wind. Also any of the John Hughes movies, I love Molly. I also love Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood, and Natalie Portman! I agree with a lot of what the others said, i.e. the patriotic movies, like "Ryan" and "Patriot".
2002-08-20 05:48:27 PM  
As for music, a real guilty pleasure of mine is ABBA!
2002-08-20 05:51:03 PM  
Ok, this will prolly sound stoopid to some, but the scene in "Grounhog's Day" where Bill Murray's character finally does good by the old bum and the old guy dies everytime.
So hopeless, yet so good to know the old guy died after being helped finally.
2002-08-20 05:57:39 PM  

You mention that it wrecked you for awhile. Those are the exact words that I would use to describe what Castaway did to me. Not that it was a great flick, but I swear to God I felt like crap for like 3 or 4 days after watching that one. He was only gone for like 4 years!

Hytes Xian-

Thank you for giving me a reason not to even try reading that book. Just hearing a description of that ending is enough to make me stay far away.

I don't know if I got the same feeling but reading The Stand made me so depressed I had to stop halfway through. Especially the chapter about the miscellaneous survivors of the plague that end up dying anyway from freak things. The part about the little boy whose family dies and he ends up surviving like a week before falling into a well still chokes me up.
2002-08-20 06:03:04 PM  
Vanilla Sky left me crying like a baby thinking about my ex in a lonely dorm room at UF. I still have not gotten over it.
2002-08-20 06:27:57 PM  
When Rudy finally gets accepted to Notre Dame... sniff
2002-08-20 06:40:45 PM  
The only time I remember crying during a movie was when I first saw the transformer movie. Man Optimus Prime dying was one of the most devistating things that ever happened to me. Otherwise, I'm dead inside so I don't know........
2002-08-20 06:46:53 PM  
Whomever said Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright, which makes the guy who did the Shrek version sound like he was hawking up rodents while singing. It's glorious.

Suburbia - Matthew Good
Well, any of his slow's like he's trying to make you feel like you've been beaten with a hanger. He's amazing

Into the West made me cry as a movie, but then the Muppets Christmas Carol made me cry. I'll sob at anything soft and sad looking downtrodden.

Lord of The Rings, and Clockwatchers are sniff-workers. That movie is so true to life, when she doesn't get the job...ugh, Toni Collette is great in that.

Oh yah, and The Unbelieveable Truth/Trust combo. 10 years old, no budget but Adrienne Shelly is just tragic.
2002-08-20 06:52:14 PM  
Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption - the novella, is much better than the movie... To be truthful, I felt that the movie could have been made much better...
Anyone seen the TV movie "After the promise"? Its about a family that separates when the mom dies and all the children end up in an mental asylum. That had me tearing up.
And Titanic.
2002-08-20 07:08:36 PM  
Shallow Hal: when he sees little girl Candace the second time.

Last American Virgin; Final scene {a tough lesson about human nature and male/female relationships that 99% men went through).

and of course field of dreams, E.T. and the sleeper My life(michael Keaton).

Sleeper 2/ Heaven can wait
2002-08-20 07:11:57 PM  
The only movie that made me cry was Cool Runnings at the end when their bobsled crashes and they carry it across the finish line. Probably have something to do with the fact that it was about 6 in the morning and I haddn't slept for aobut 36 hours and I was piss drunk.
2002-08-20 07:17:39 PM  
I get all misty at the end of

Schindler's List
A Summer to Remember (a Soviet film)
Bang the Drum Slowly
The Irony of Fate (another Soviet film, sort of their answer to "It's a Wonderful Life"-it plays alot during the holidays)

On the other hand, I laughed my ass off at the end of Love Story and Titanic.
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