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(MovieGuy)   It's a known fact that Farkers love watching movies. So tell us then, 'What stupid, sad, girly, sappy movie is YOUR guilty pleasure? Ever cry at a movie? Which one?   ( divider line
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3651 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Aug 2002 at 5:15 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-20 11:28:24 AM  
I don't think anyone has mentioned this one yet but Mask.. Not the Jim Carrey movie, but the one about the kid with facial deformities and starred Cher.... If that movie doesn't get to you then you have the emotions of a paramecium
2002-08-20 11:28:50 AM  
08-20-02 10:55:21 AM Jello2028
I don't think anyone else has said this yet... Almost Famous

i mentioned all film written by Cameron Crowe so I did.. I love his sappy mind.
2002-08-20 11:30:40 AM  

OK Stebain you got me there! I realize now how dumb that sounds...I guess I was all misty from thinking about that song and how my dad is gone forever and how much I miss him.

/goes off to sob in the ladies room
2002-08-20 11:31:01 AM  
There have only been two movies that have made me sob:
The elephant man: when he finally lies down to sleep
Tenchi Muyo 2: The Daughter of Darkeness: When Mayuka dies and when she is given another chance.
2002-08-20 11:32:30 AM  

Without You - Harry Nilsson
I Need You - America
2002-08-20 11:33:57 AM  
dammit, I'm an asshole.
2002-08-20 11:34:10 AM  
Alright, I'm hopping in rather late on this thread, but I'll throw in my choices...

The Shawshank Redemption
Field of Dreams
What Dreams May Come
Old Yeller
Life as a House
Saving Private Ryan
Top Gun
(oh come on, who didn't get a little misty when Goose died?? Why do they insist on playing that damn sad music there too??)
Mr. Holland's Opus
Higher Learning (am I the only one who got kind of choked up)
(Everytime I watch that movie the room gets a little "dusty")

Alrighty, let me go find my testicles now.
2002-08-20 11:34:12 AM  
Oh, let's just get it all out in the open....

Songs that Make Me Cry:

Starting Over
All Those Years Ago
(If You Were) Here Today
Empty Garden
2002-08-20 11:36:21 AM  
Stebain: In all honesty, I hadn't even read up that far! So you can't call me a plagerist!! :P

Why Me: I am so the same way. I can't watch Animal Planet's Pet ER show either. And any stories about Rescue the WTC and any other disaster scene? I think I need a tissue now.
2002-08-20 11:37:05 AM  
Life As A House is pretty powerful. I cried quite hard at that one.

Personally, I love movies that make me cry. To become that emotionally vested in a story, or a character... That's when the movie's really done it's job, taken you away from your everyday life for a period of time.
2002-08-20 11:38:10 AM  
For me anything by Bruce Springsteen makes me cry. Thunder Road especially
2002-08-20 11:38:39 AM  
I nearly cried at the end of "Autumn in New York," but that was from joy that the horrible piece of shiat was finally over.
2002-08-20 11:39:01 AM  
Al34Ever: Nilsson! Harry Nilsson was a genius.


I really need to get some work done at some point today.
This is, like, the ultimate bonding thread. I'm just so happy to be here with you all; each and every one of you.

[sobs uncontrollably]
2002-08-20 11:39:46 AM  
Songs that make me cry:

The Rose (played at my sorority sister's funeral)

Little Star (Madonna wrote it for her daughter...last song on the Ray of Light's me and my Mom's song...)

She's Got A Way (the song that I WILL dance with my dad when (if?) I ever get married...)
2002-08-20 11:39:48 AM  
but my wife loves that movie... it's ok, I read Fark while she watches it.
2002-08-20 11:40:00 AM  
Watchman, songs don't usually get to me all that often..but there are a few...

Tears In Heaven
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo)

Dammit...somebody hand me a freakin' Kleenex
2002-08-20 11:40:45 AM  
speaking of laughing so hard it made you cry:
CABLE GUY- that part when Jim Carey and Mathew B. were at Medieval Times fighting each other and Carey sings quoting Star Trek : DA DA DA DA DA DA done done done done done OOOWAH! OOOWAH!! Farking hilarious!!
2002-08-20 11:41:26 AM  
Songs now too?

Silver Spring - Fleetwood Mac
Imagine - John Lennon
Yesterday - The Beatles
Wonderful Tonight - Clapton

and of course

Tears in Heaven
2002-08-20 11:42:24 AM  
I need to read posts more...Watchman wasn't nearly the first one to start mentioning songs..didn't mean to single you out there..
2002-08-20 11:42:24 AM  
Shreen, the Garfield Christmas special made me cry the first few times I saw it. Seriously.

A lot of these have already been said, obviously:

Babe... Field of Dreams (like a little girl)... Schindler's List... Titanic... Brian's Song... E.T... Dead Poet's Society... Forrest Gump... Rudy.

(We once did the "O Captain, My Captain" thing from DPS for the best damn English teacher our high school ever had. I almost cried doing that. I know he did.)

I didn't cry during Saving Pvt. Ryan. I was too shocked to muster even a tear. It was almost as though I was beyond crying after watching that movie.

American Beauty made me cry, but not because of any specific scene. It was just that it was that damn good of a movie, and I was amazed by it. Since I know what to expect now, I don't cry at it anymore. I just smile.

And, finally, A.I. My name is David, and I saw this movie when I was in a boring town, terribly, terribly homesick, one day after the girl I thought I was going to marry someday broke up with me. I had tears streaming down my face, with my entire lower jaw quivering, for the last 15 minutes of that movie. I bought it not too long ago, and have yet to work up the gumption to watch it again.
2002-08-20 11:42:36 AM  
We Were Soldiers Once... even more when you realize the full title of the book is We Were Soldiers Once, And Young

Still get choked up on Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Field of Dreams

...and Steel Magnolias
2002-08-20 11:42:41 AM  
Oh...and Landslide...either Stevie Nicks or Smashing Pumpkins' versions...either way...I bawl.
2002-08-20 11:42:47 AM  
Little Wymin aggrivated allergies for male spouses throughout the theater.
2002-08-20 11:42:56 AM  
Homer: OMG

The fellow in the next cubicle is playing Kamakawiwo's "Over The Rainbow" as I read your post.

2002-08-20 11:43:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-20 11:45:33 AM  
Nah, Stebain, you're not. Its good to remember and cry and I think someone mentioned being emotionally vested in songs and characters and the like. Its good to remember that I am human and not some sort of robot. Its all good, dear!
2002-08-20 11:47:32 AM  
The movie "After the Promise", starring Mark Harmon. During the Depression, his wife dies and four kids get taken away by the authorities and are subsequently abused. Then he gets them back. Just a made for TV movie, but so sad.

That, and the scene in This is Spinal Tap when Nigel rejoins the band. I don't know why that chokes me up.
2002-08-20 11:47:33 AM  
Long December - Counting Crows
2002-08-20 11:47:41 AM  
Doesn't exactly make me cry, but there is a tear or two, "My Dog Skip". Especially when watching it with my kids, who are bawling like crazy. It's a nice, sad movie.
2002-08-20 11:48:53 AM  
"A Beautiful Mind"
Cried a lot during that movie.

"My Girl"
I was 11 when I first saw it and refuse to watch the whole thing again.
2002-08-20 11:49:08 AM  
Watchman, that's rather coincidental. Everytime I hear that song I think of Finding Forrester, a rather sad movie in itself (at the end), and also the episode of ER when Dr. Greene died. They played the song in both of those...very sad.
2002-08-20 11:49:27 AM  
"All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand Enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first...

they must catch you."
2002-08-20 11:50:55 AM  
A real tear-jerket: The Cure. If anyone's seen it without weeping, you're dead inside. When that kid sends the shoe up the river... Excuse me... *sniffles*
2002-08-20 11:56:00 AM  
Song: Proud To Be An American (God Bless the USA)

Dad was a 1 star Brigadeer and he believed this song was written for him. So do I.
2002-08-20 11:59:48 AM  
"I am NOT a gun."
2002-08-20 12:01:34 PM  
Saddest songs:
The River-Bruce Springsteen
Kentucky Avenue-Tom Waits
Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah (sic?)
There is a Light- The Smiths
and South of heaven by Slayer

"Ghost World" is a great bittersweet movie
2002-08-20 12:04:25 PM  
[no offense] I think that is a really poor song.

Plus, Lee Greenwood was to come perform at a 'Remember the
Troops' event at an arena I worked at. He decided not to
come after the war ended a week earlier. Schmuck.
2002-08-20 12:04:32 PM  
Lachanz-grab a kleenex, clear your eyes, and notice that the box has 'ciderhouse rules' on it and not 'applehouse rules.' i didn't really liek that movie, but theron was pretty cute in it.
2002-08-20 12:05:35 PM  
Song that can get me weepy:

Dispatch - "Out Loud"
2002-08-20 12:08:27 PM  
Recently: A Walk to Remember (with Mandy Moore)

My 9 year old daughter was sitting next to me bawling, esp. at the scene where the guy goes back & forgives his dad...I was already choking up, & the image of her crying just made me lose it...we had a good cry.

great movie, if you haven't seen it
2002-08-20 12:11:48 PM  
*passes around box of Puffs Plus*

And here I thought we were all a bunch of heartless bastards. Good to know otherwise.
2002-08-20 12:12:46 PM  
Saving Private Ryan got me choked up, too, but not as much in the final scene as in the scene near the beginning of the movie when a General (?) "justifies" the search for Private Ryan by reading a letter purported to be written by Abraham Lincoln to a woman who lost 4 sons in the Civil War. Even if it wasn't a genuine letter Lincoln wrote, the words were still quite moving.

"Forever Young" by Rod Stewart
"In the Living Years" by Mike & the Mecahnics (?)
Both of those get me chiked up because I'm getting to the age where the parents are getting real old and a lot of the family members around me when I was a kid are gone. I'm getting sappy in middle age.

Also, I get emotional hearing really great speeches. King's "I Have a Dream" (of course) and speeches by Churchill (Battle of Britain) and Roosevelt during WWII.
2002-08-20 12:12:47 PM  
I thought I could go away but find it impossible.....

Don't think anyone mentioned "Midnight Cowboy", especially at the end when Dustin Hoffman finally makes it to FL with Jon Voight, only.........(won't spoil it). Makes you choke up everytime you hear Harry Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin".

Also, I may be showing my age, but for those Spencer Tracy fans out there - how about "A Guy Named Joe" and especially "Captains Courageous" with Freddie Bartholomew. My father insisted I see them when I was young and I've done the same with my boys.

Almost forgot "A Bridge on the River Kwai" w/ Alec Guinness
2002-08-20 12:13:34 PM  
I wept like a small girl-child when I first watched Joy Luck Club because it reminded me so much of my family (I'm Chinese).

Just about any movie with serious parent-child drama can kick me in the emotional nads--One particular instance was when Haley Joel Osment is telling Toni Colette that grandma is proud of her "every day" in Sixth Sense.
2002-08-20 12:13:54 PM  
I'm glad someone reminded me of Contact; specifically the scene in which Jodie Foster is trying to describe what she's seeing outside the little pod-dealie; "They should have sent...a poet."
And now that I know, I will not be watching "My Dog Skip", since I cry like a little biatch whenever I see an animal (especially dogs and cats) in pain, whether it's real or not.
2002-08-20 12:15:56 PM  
You guys are all gay, and a disgrace to men everywhere. I pray for your forgiveness.
2002-08-20 12:16:35 PM  
Grace is Gone - Dave Matthews Band
Teriaki put it on in the car on the way back from the city a couple of weekends ago and I had never heard it before. Thank god I was alone in the back seat.
Only in Dreams - Weezer
That song is so bittersweet. Wonderful. Makes oatmeal in my tummy.
Anna Begins - Counting Crows
Years later it still makes a lump in my throat.
Shatter - Liz Phair
Rediscovered this album the other day and this song just stuck with me.
Say Yes - Elliot Smith
I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
who's still around the morning after
2002-08-20 12:17:07 PM  
Erczilla I love Jeff Buckley songs! And just about any Smiths or Morrissey song does it for me. Ironically, Jeff Buckley's dad penned the Song to the Siren I mentioned earlier, but it doesn't sound half as heart wrenching as when the Cocteau Twins do it.
2002-08-20 01:25:26 PM  
This creeps me out... (spoilers for Untamed Heart)

The GLOML* and I once watched Untamed Heart together, and she cried rivers at the end.

A good six to seven years later, after she broke up with me and got married to someone else, he died of a sudden heart attack while she was 7-8 months pregnant with their first child.

I can't watch that movie anymore.

* Great Love of My Life
2002-08-20 01:33:45 PM  
The only movie I can say for certain I have cried at was Where the Red Fern Grows. That movie, and the book for that matter, was one of the saddest I have ever seen.
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