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(CNN)   Cincinnati celebration breaks out into shooting, looting and violence   ( divider line
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2002-08-18 11:20:45 AM  
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him not burn stuff when he gets excited...or something like that.
2002-08-18 11:21:31 AM  
"Random violence sometimes has a tendency to occur when you get a large crowd of young kids together, unsupervised," Byrd said.

Key word: unsupervised
There ya go, idiot.
2002-08-18 11:21:58 AM  
might want to change this banner to "obvious"
2002-08-18 11:25:04 AM  
It's Cincinnati. What are you gonna do?
2002-08-18 11:33:24 AM  
I feel as if I am being oppressed...I'm gonna smash a window and get me a Sony to get even with the man
2002-08-18 11:38:49 AM  
It's Cincinnati, a city almost as unstable as Cleveland.

Where is the "obvious" tag?
2002-08-18 11:39:55 AM  
I think an "Obvious" tag is in order.

Maybe we should punish them by taking away thier forty acres and mule.
2002-08-18 11:42:52 AM  
Diversity is awesome! More diversity more diversity! We should be more tolerant damn it!
2002-08-18 11:48:13 AM  
things still aren't settled's a picture from my summer vacation. i used to live there...

[image from too old to be available]

but am sure glad i don't anymore.
2002-08-18 11:54:14 AM  
Man, this makes me prouder to be a Clevelander
2002-08-18 11:57:10 AM  
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Maybe if they had Venus Flytrap in attendance, they would have been farkin' the ladies, instead of farkin' the city.

Where the fark are the turkeys when you need them?
2002-08-18 11:59:07 AM  
Nothing some automatic weapons in the hands of the militia can't solve.
2002-08-18 11:59:16 AM  
According to the article, there wasn't any shooting or looting, unless you want to count some "knocked over newspaper stands." And the only violence reported was against garbage cans. Oh, and one kid got maced by the cops.
2002-08-18 12:00:25 PM  
Baby, if you've ever wondered,
Wondered whatever became of me,
I'm living on the air in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, WKRP.

Got kind of tired packing and unpacking,
Town to town and up and down the dial
Maybe you and me were never meant to be,
But baby think of me once in awhile.
2002-08-18 12:09:27 PM  
They all deserve a some good 'ol biblical spanking.
2002-08-18 12:13:50 PM  
One more city on my list of places never to visit.
2002-08-18 12:22:20 PM  
Wasn't Jerry Springer the mayor of this city?
2002-08-18 12:29:22 PM  
Where did the submitter get "shooting, looting and violence" out of that news article? It's more like "tipping, blocking, and violence".
2002-08-18 12:44:10 PM  
Just give us our reparation check of $38,000 per black person, and we'll be happy...for a week or so.
2002-08-18 12:45:44 PM  
Should be an OBVIOUS tag... didn't you ppl see this happen last year?
2002-08-18 12:46:19 PM  
He said a sudden downpouring of rain helped police control the disturbance from spreading,

"Hey, let's go riot! We'll stick it to the man! Oh,'s starting to rain. Ummm...whaddaya you guys wanna do now?"
2002-08-18 12:46:39 PM  
I hate to sound racist but this is what happens when you get a large number of downtrodden black people together.. Any word on who was playing? My guess is was the Cash Money Millionaires
2002-08-18 12:58:57 PM  
"I hate to sound racist"

no you dont.

omg a newspaper stand got knocked over and a trash can was repeatedly kicked. lets lock all dem "downtrodden black people" up asap.

where was this talk when the upper middle class white frat boys rioted at woodstock?
2002-08-18 01:00:53 PM  
oops, i forgot the rape part.
2002-08-18 01:04:02 PM  
2002-08-18 01:06:22 PM  
Yawn boring,
I live right in downtown cincy, this is way overblown. However, the "reputation" of black people in Cincinnati is going way down. They want all this free shiat just because "I be black and da white mayan bes a owin me dawg"
2002-08-18 01:07:49 PM  
img src=" pg">
2002-08-18 01:20:24 PM  
img src="​171844.j pg">

That what you're trying to do? [crosses fingers]
2002-08-18 01:21:08 PM  
Damn. Something's buggered up with the spacing.

It's a sign that says 'White Womin,' if anyone care.
2002-08-18 01:39:35 PM  
Again, the obvious tag would be more appropriate. Does anybody not expect this type of behavior from...umm...Cincinattians?
2002-08-18 01:51:04 PM  
Ensjoeski: Why can't rioters do something useful, like burn down Mike Brown's house.
2002-08-18 01:57:48 PM  
I actaully got stuck in the traffic caused by this last night. Some friends and I were heading accross the river in to Newport from the east side, and were headin right past bicentennial commons. Traffic was backed up pretty bad, and they're were cops everywhere. We could see there was a Reds game, but it didn't seem like that was the only problem.

I'm just glad I didn't go to Kinko's downtown last night with another friend, like we orginally planned. It's right on Fountain Square, just a block from Government Square, which is where everything happend.

Oh, and this is a great way for the jackasses organizing the downtown boycott to reinforce their point that the police are the probelm. I'm sure they'll somehow blame this on the cops...

Nevertheless, I still plan on moving downtown in the next few months. They are some pretty nice, new apartment down there these days made out of rehabbed factories and warehouses.
2002-08-18 02:02:38 PM  
Oh hey... Let's see.. This happens EVERY YEAR! Same with a similar festival in Columbus. I don't know about you guys, but this is SUCH a shock to me.
2002-08-18 02:14:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
This guy started it.
2002-08-18 02:33:04 PM  

I assume you're talking about 'HeritageFest'? Because we all know that it in a culture's heritage to park your cars in the middle of High St. and blast your stereos as loud as you can while jumping up and down like retards. I sure wish that was my heritage, then I'd have something to be proud of. Its pretty bad when the local news has interviews with 5 black people and one of them calls HeritageFest 'the biggest step backward in promoting a positive image of blacks in central Ohio'.
2002-08-18 02:46:18 PM  
Poor use of the 'stupid' tag, IMHO. Should have been the 'ironic' tag simply because of all the unsupervised youths at the "Regional Black Family Renunion".

Where's your mommy and daddy little boy? These kids definitely need more supervision.
2002-08-18 02:56:03 PM  
Cincy still hasn't learned how to handle crowds... New Orleans can handle a week of drunks numbering double the normal population with less fuss... and do, every year at Mardi Gras.

Maybe that's what it is... they didn't have the boobies present at Mardis Gras. Who wants to riot when you can look at boobies? Lighten up people...
2002-08-18 03:05:33 PM  
Cincinnati had the people down there in line, til last years riots. Now, the police have basically been (for lack of a better term) emasculated. God forbid the cops show any use of force or it's automatically RACISM. What a crock. You break the law, you should get a beat down.

2002-08-18 03:06:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-18 03:19:46 PM  
DerDrache: YES!!! I think. I thought it was called the "Black Out" but I'm probably wrong. A couple years ago someone got shot across the street from The Garden, that happened about an hour after I left there. Fun stuff! /sarcase
2002-08-18 03:21:36 PM  
s-a-r-c-a-s-m sorry!

Dark in the office. And boring.
2002-08-18 03:25:08 PM  
Are those charged with crimes paying reparations to the city?...being how reparations is a concept they seem to understand.
2002-08-18 03:39:50 PM  
Waaaait a minute, this is a trick headline...

"Cincinnati celebration..." Aha! I see the mistake...

Wtf is there to 'celebrate' in Cincinnati? It get moved to California?
2002-08-18 03:52:23 PM  
... And the racists come out of the woodwork. The stupidity of the "average" Farker truly is astounding. Blinded by pseudo-occamies and media superficialities, they come witless and self-assured by the dozens to bring us ... sadly ignorant and unfunny comments. Why am I still affected by this?
2002-08-18 03:56:44 PM  
Greenhornet: What's racist? The call for the "obvious" tag? I want examples, cos I think you're a little full of it right now!
2002-08-18 03:57:13 PM  
I believe our fair city(I FORTUNATELY live across the river in the lovely hills of No. KY-ah suburbian life...)anyway, I believe our CRAPPY city deserves its own tag, a la Florida.....
The comment Lt Kurt Byrd was quoted as saying, "Random violence sometimes has a tendency to occur when you get a large crowd of young kids together, unsupervised,", is not what I believe he wanted to say, and I'll ammend it for him....
"when you get a large crowd of young BLACK kids together, unsupervised".
Another quote by Byrd, concerning the rain that dispersed the crowd..."There is a God.". No freakin' doubt....
And by the way, shots were fired, but no one was hurt.
2002-08-18 03:57:32 PM  
Pack Wins!!!!!!!
2002-08-18 04:02:18 PM  
i would tend to agree with the above that police kept the blacks "in line" in cincinnati. during the time i lived there, that's pretty much how they felt, too.

and indeed, a fun thing to do on saturday night in cincinnati is go to kinko's. (see above)

(rolls eyes)

greenhornet, i wonder, too, but understand please that cincinnati is like no other place in the united states, sociologically speaking. nobody thinks normally there. i had to get away to figure it out.
2002-08-18 04:08:51 PM  
Oh, by the way, BiggieFred, it may not be a full scale riot, but for crying out loud, when the buses can't leave, does that give the throng the right to tip trash cans, knock over newspaper stands, and throw bottles and whatever else they could get their hands on at the buses? What kind of behaviour is that? Certainly not civilized, but it's par for the course for downtown Cincy....
2002-08-18 04:13:17 PM  
Guy Incognito:

I've never had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing Cincinnati, so I guess I'm out of the loop. Still, doesn't change the fact that quite a few of the above comments were unwarranted and ... well, GDMF stupid. To wit:

08-18-02 11:33:24 AM Rancher
I feel as if I am being oppressed...I'm gonna smash a window and get me a Sony to get even with the man

08-18-02 11:39:55 AM Phisherman
I think an "Obvious" tag is in order.

Maybe we should punish them by taking away thier forty acres and mule.

08-18-02 11:59:07 AM Obbop
Nothing some automatic weapons in the hands of the militia can't solve.

Just a few for you, AnnieSavoy. Somebody needs an intro sociology refresher course.
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