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(Some Guy)   Dr. Phil says VA Tech shooting was caused by... (wait for it)... video games   ( divider line
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26451 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Apr 2007 at 11:08 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-17 10:53:19 AM  
I like it when a submitter uses the exact right tag. I mean, since there is no "Douchbag" tag and all.
2007-04-17 10:53:25 AM  
i hate campers.
2007-04-17 10:57:38 AM  
It was a lack of games, his WoW server was no doubt down.
2007-04-17 11:00:21 AM  
Oh jeez here it comes...
2007-04-17 11:01:19 AM  
Our civilization is doomed, and it's the fault of assholes like Dr. Phil.
2007-04-17 11:01:36 AM  
Wasn't there an X-Files like this, where video games turned real?

It's really pissing me off that these farkhead news shiatheads MUST find something to blame it on, even before people are identified. They trivialize it into talking points to vomit their worthless opinion. Video games make me want to punch douchebags like this in the balls or the empty void where they should exist.
2007-04-17 11:01:45 AM  
Dr. Phil can kiss my white hairy ass,
/for those of you that know me sorry for the mental image
2007-04-17 11:01:56 AM  
Which video games? The one that has the colored bubbles that you try and stack like an upside-down tetris? Cause man, that makes me all stabby.
2007-04-17 11:04:11 AM  
dj_bigbird: Which video games?

I bet his oxen died.
2007-04-17 11:04:52 AM  

Which video games?

Well, since he was Korean, I would venture to guess it was StarCraft or WoW...
2007-04-17 11:07:03 AM  
Dr. Phil can eat a bag of dicks. Then when he's done, he can eat a bag of assholes. That way he can go fark himself.
2007-04-17 11:08:10 AM  
Is it wrong to wish that Jack Thompson and Dr. Phil would have been in that building yesterday?
2007-04-17 11:10:01 AM  
Quick1: Is it wrong to wish that Jack Thompson and Dr. Phil would have been in that building yesterday?

Thompson was on his soapbox before they even figured out who the shooter was. I hope he DIAF.
2007-04-17 11:10:57 AM  
Five hundred years ago the evil were "possessed by the devil" now they're "influenced by video games".

Why can't you deal with the fact that some people are just really nasty.
2007-04-17 11:11:39 AM  
Dr. Phil = Big Fat Retard.
2007-04-17 11:11:58 AM  
And if all those Germans hadn't been playing Wolfenstein, WWI and WWII would have never happened.
2007-04-17 11:11:59 AM  


2007-04-17 11:12:17 AM  
I think it was caused by one person wanting to kill people bad enough to actually do it. do I win a cookie now?
2007-04-17 11:12:32 AM  
Stupid Canadians. They don't even have video games.
2007-04-17 11:12:46 AM  
Dr. Phil makes me go on killing sprees. Or at least kill TVs.
2007-04-17 11:12:53 AM  
Blame shiatstorm to go as follows:

Video Games > Marilyn Manson > Just about everything else > Taxday > 2nd Amendment
2007-04-17 11:12:54 AM this logic the nintendo game trauma center: second opinion will make more doctors?

/also, will paper mario make me disappear when i turn sideways?
2007-04-17 11:13:05 AM  

dj_bigbird: Which video games?

I bet his oxen died.

Oregon Trail FTW! I downloaded that last year and played it. It is shockingly short. I remember it taking SO long to get across the country, now it's like, 5 minutes. Great game.
2007-04-17 11:13:28 AM  
I thought video games caused obesity.
2007-04-17 11:13:29 AM  
I won't even justify that article by reading it.
2007-04-17 11:13:45 AM  
And if all those Germans hadn't been playing Wolfenstein, WWI and WWII would have never happened

That was actually pretty damn funny.

As a reward I will refrain from suggesting that your spouse was somehow involved in the posting of it.
2007-04-17 11:13:58 AM  
Dr. Phil and all of his ilk are what's wrong with America. I should hijack an airliner and crash it into his studio...
2007-04-17 11:14:00 AM  
blow it out your ass Phil
2007-04-17 11:14:01 AM  
Honestly, the greatest proof that videogames alone do not make someone violent is the fact that Jack Thompson is still alive. If we were really all insane killers thanks to our gaming, do you really think we'd have let him survive this long?
2007-04-17 11:14:10 AM  
Oprah's fat pseudo-intellectual is here to save us from ourselves. Oh joy.
2007-04-17 11:14:14 AM  
"Graphic violence in the media.

"Does it glamorize violence? Sure. Does it desensitize us to violence? Of course. Does it help us tolerate violence? You bet. Does it stunt out empathy for our fellow beings? Heck yes.

"Does it CAUSE violence? ... Well, that's hard to prove.

"The trick is to ask the right question. "

-- Bill Watterson, via Calvin (Feb 15, 2005)
2007-04-17 11:14:22 AM  
Meh, even failing to ford the river doesn't send me into a murderous rage ... but it really does piss me off.
2007-04-17 11:14:23 AM  
Police said Cho was studying English literature.

He never could figure out those L's and R's.

2007-04-17 11:14:42 AM  
Someone needs to go video-game-violence on Dr. Phil... on second thought, seeing as there is no connection between the two, nothing would happen. Crap! There goes my great plan of world domination via Hello Kitty MMOPRG!
2007-04-17 11:14:58 AM  
But the movies and TV shows depicting murders and other violent crimes have no effect at all of course.
2007-04-17 11:15:00 AM  
I really can't see how 'pong' caused this...

/last video game I played
//off the lawn!
2007-04-17 11:15:05 AM  
Jack Thompson said that "Super Columbine Massacre" was a "killing simulation".

Yeah...I know that SNES-quality Console RPGs with turn-based combat are simulations for real life...I mean, doesn't that happen in Iraq? Soldiers stumble upon insurgents, the screen swirls, and you get the choice to melee attack, range attack, or run? And if you hit, you'll see the number of hit points of damage you do flash above your enemies head?

Jack Thompson proved he's about as relevant as a 78RPM record with that one comment alone.
2007-04-17 11:15:07 AM  
Ahh i've been waiting for this all day. Let the games begin people. (pun intended)

First of all, if you are of the type to displace blame of a real problem by putting it on something that has weak, if any correlation, you sir can DIAF and i blame people like you for all of our troubles.
2007-04-17 11:15:07 AM  
So if the guy did it because God told him to can we ban the Bible?
2007-04-17 11:15:07 AM  
I was pissed at a co-worker yeaterday so i used my 30+ magic to defeat his 20+ shield and sent him back to Darkland Level 2.

And you people say video games are harmless.

(Brought to you by the Sarcastic People of North America)
2007-04-17 11:15:21 AM  
This child molesting hick can just shut up. Yeah, he molested underage girls he was proving services for. That is why the quack has NO LICENSE.
2007-04-17 11:15:23 AM  
Now if we can only get a professional opinion....
2007-04-17 11:15:27 AM  

Interestingly enough, ombudsman is one of only two Swedish words in the English language, the other being smorgasbord.

But more importantly, you don't know what it means.
2007-04-17 11:15:32 AM  
Oh, boy... What a tool.
2007-04-17 11:15:35 AM  
Well, another commonality is that all these insane nuts breathe air and drink water. Let's blame that!
2007-04-17 11:15:36 AM  
That's like saying people are killing kittens since they started playing with their Wii's.
2007-04-17 11:15:39 AM  
What was Charles Whitman's excuse?

[image from too old to be available]
2007-04-17 11:15:40 AM  
dumbasses with TV shows cause more shootings then video games.
2007-04-17 11:15:43 AM  
I'm going to drops bricks on people's heads and blame it on Tetris.
2007-04-17 11:15:44 AM  
The doctors of tv have gotten out of hand. Diagnosing at a distance seems to be very popular. First Frist and now Phil. Will someone revoke their ability to practice?

Anyways if he did play SC all the time how does that translate into guns? You would think he would make armies if he was a SC player and not taken it to FPS style.
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