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(Science News)   A web of spider's silk two centimeters thick "could stop a jumbo jet in midflight". Here comes the science   ( divider line
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2007-04-16 08:40:10 PM  
Science, indeed! Check this out...

"The best industrial fibers, such as Kevlar, don't absorb as much kinetic energy as spider silk does. Their manufacture, moreover, is not environmentally friendly because it requires organic solvents and high temperatures and pressures.

In contrast, natural spider silk is produced at room temperature with water as a solvent, says Chris Holland, a zoologist at the University of Oxford in England. "It's made in the spider, and with the spider eating flies. That produces a fiber that we can't even come close to." "
2007-04-16 08:42:38 PM  
nice jet Mr. Crackspider.
2007-04-16 08:48:14 PM  
Um, wouldn't this depend a lot on what the spider web was attached to?
2007-04-16 08:48:33 PM  
And spider silk is nothing compared to hagfish snot.
2007-04-16 08:51:49 PM  
Couldn't a spider big enough to shoot 2 cm thick web just farking jump up and eat the plane?
2007-04-16 08:54:14 PM  
crunch-o-matic :

Couldn't a spider big enough to shoot 2 cm thick web just farking jump up and eat the plane?

Yeah, but then it would have to get its fangs through that aluminum sheath, and then spew sufficient enzymatic proteinaceous liquid compounds so as to dissolve the passengers for ingestion.

Come ON, man!
2007-04-16 08:58:42 PM  
"If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings!"
2007-04-16 09:01:24 PM  
So we can blame the success of the 9/11 attacks on our lack of giant spiders?
2007-04-16 09:03:19 PM  
Come ON, man!

Apparently you don't subscribe to Evil Science Quarterly.

They mass marketed replacement titanium chelicerae in the early 90's.
2007-04-16 09:22:35 PM  
crunch-o-matic: Couldn't a spider big enough to shoot 2 cm thick web just farking jump up and eat the plane?

Just what we need, a giant spider. Our wives would make us smash it too, you know.
2007-04-16 09:29:29 PM  
Quick1: Just what we need, a giant spider. Our wives would make us smash it too, you know.

I just came in here to post that. But I'll finish the job.


/Creepy crawly
//Creepy crawly
///Creepy creepy crawly crawly
////Creepy creepy crawly crawly
2007-04-16 09:42:54 PM  
elchip: ////Creepy creepy crawly crawly

Where's he gone now I can't see-hee
2007-04-16 09:48:53 PM  
It's a trap...
2007-04-16 09:49:40 PM  
We would only need like 20 billion spiders to make it too.
2007-04-16 09:49:58 PM  

kill all spiders. they are gross as hell.
2007-04-16 09:51:21 PM  
HeartlessLibertarian: We would only need like 20 billion spiders to make it too.

Or one Rape Spider.
2007-04-16 09:51:27 PM  
...........yeah!.......but is it as strong as 'Nappy-Hair'?
2007-04-16 09:51:39 PM  
That's nothing, I'll bet 5 gallons of baby batter would gum up the jet engine and stop the plane cold.

/You could probably get that from farkers keyboards

2007-04-16 09:51:42 PM  
Joey, you ever have spiders in your underwear?
2007-04-16 09:51:47 PM  
The spiders in my house are so tough,
they shoot carbon nanotubes out of their asses.
2007-04-16 09:51:57 PM  
elchip: Or one Rape Spider.

Disturbingly arousing.
2007-04-16 09:52:50 PM  

WTF did you do to remove that spider? shotgun?

/i would have moved out immediately
2007-04-16 09:52:54 PM
2007-04-16 09:53:30 PM  
too bad you cant find any that thick...
can you?
2007-04-16 09:53:33 PM  
Webs stopped an out of countrol subway train once.

I seed it.
2007-04-16 09:53:59 PM  
Boris unavailable for comment
2007-04-16 09:54:46 PM  
my god elchip, where did you get that??
2007-04-16 09:54:58 PM  
dear God, a rape spider?/???

who thinks of sh*t like that?
2007-04-16 09:55:15 PM  

AFAIK, that picture of a... spider? Wasn't it really a whip scorpion or something?... is fairly old. Creepy as all get-out, but old.
2007-04-16 09:57:20 PM  
Oi... spiders freak me out. I just got bitten by a brown recluse again a few weeks back. The first time my arm turned yellow, purple... nasty.
2007-04-16 09:57:44 PM  
whip sco- It's a Huntsman spider. You can tell it's not a "whip scorpion" because of the distinct lack of a farking whip on its ass.

At least Google it before you say it, sheesh.
2007-04-16 09:57:51 PM  
Force = Mass * Acceleration..

Yes spider spindles can help stop a bullet in its track. But that's because a bullet has a small mass but high velocity,

Now a jet plane, that's high velocity and high mass. So you would need A LOT more spider fibers to stop that.

Its like the old school debate.

If you had to be punched, who would you rather have punch you?

1. Bruce Lee?
2. Bob Sapp?

// Me chooses bob sapp, more area of damage but less internal bleeding.
2007-04-16 09:58:36 PM  
2007-04-16 09:58:42 PM  
space elevator!
2007-04-16 10:01:30 PM  
A great time to revisit spiders on drugs...
2007-04-16 10:04:52 PM  

That would be a huntsman spider.

Not very dangerous, but intimidating as hell.
2007-04-16 10:04:52 PM  
Well, duh!!!

That's why he's The Man™
2007-04-16 10:05:19 PM  
Do not Click - Spider bite​r-part-2 .html
2007-04-16 10:05:43 PM  
Lolth must be pleased.
2007-04-16 10:05:47 PM  
Spider silk is stronger than kevlar, but water soluble? So it can stop a bullet but not a squirt gun?
2007-04-16 10:05:48 PM  
janks369: Its an anti-AIDS compain somewhere from europe. Notice the AIDS logo in the corner. They have several pictures like this. The implication is having sex with someone with AIDS is like having sex with a spider or scorpian or whatever..Disturbing really.
2007-04-16 10:06:04 PM

Peter Parker has known this for years now.
2007-04-16 10:08:05 PM  
Sarah Jessica Farker
"If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings!"

FTW! :)
2007-04-16 10:08:28 PM  
it isn't a huntsman either ... it is a camel spider
2007-04-16 10:09:24 PM  
Lane83, the next one down is a picture of the spider without the clock covering it. I think it's a huntsman spider.. or something like that.
2007-04-16 10:10:07 PM  
janks369 who thinks of sh*t like that?

It's from (french?) STD adverts... along with this little gem.

the crab spider!
2007-04-16 10:13:20 PM  
rape spider is seriously scarring my psyche. Unclocked Clocky is too. I think the gv't should spend more r&d into spider silk bulletproof vests, thats where the future is.
//proud of it.
2007-04-16 10:13:54 PM  
I just came into this thread to mention that someone was doing research after watching CSI Wednesday...

Then I remembered that I am arachnophobic.. and ran like hell
2007-04-16 10:14:54 PM  
there is a French AIDS add that has an oily dude screwing a scorpion too. Just google "AIDS spider" and enjoy the nightmares
2007-04-16 10:15:35 PM  
jingks - omfg! stab it with hammers!
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