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(SFGate)   President Bush: "The baseball owners and the baseball players must understand that if there is a stoppage, a work stoppage, a lot of fans are going to be furious, and I'm one of the fannage."   ( divider line
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2002-08-16 05:58:56 PM  
Still glad I don´t have to live in a country controlled by this asshat...
2002-08-16 05:59:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-08-16 06:06:51 PM  
Hey, what an idea!
Bush threatened to send in the National Guard if the Longshoremen strike, so why not do the same if MLB goes on strike?
It would TOTALY be cool to see some guy slide in to home with an M-16 at the ready.....
2002-08-16 06:06:53 PM  
reality check: teachers in minnesota start at around 23k/year. cops at about 25.

baseball sucks. fark those whiners. let them strike and maybe baseball will stop forever. that'd serve them right.
2002-08-16 06:07:46 PM  
I love how fans of one sport feel threatened by the existence of other sports. It's sorta cute.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-08-16 06:20:45 PM  
I guess Bush (league) wasn't smart enough to be the baseball commisioner. Aren't we lucky he got into politics?

I only read this because I thought he really did say "fannage".
2002-08-16 06:24:28 PM  
Dear Mr. Pressident,

Fix the economy, stuepid!


Ye who lost money on any number of farking tech stocks
2002-08-16 06:29:53 PM  
What I find funny is why people get all mad at the players, not that they don't have reason, but don't get pissed at the rest of the people that make a killing off I guess you'd rather all your money go to the fatass owner instead?
2002-08-16 06:36:43 PM  
To all the asshats complaining about the players:

If they don't stike now the owners will lock them out in the spring. Players want the status quo or close to it. It is the owners who want drastic changes.
2002-08-16 06:39:25 PM  
How about rather than a luxury tax, the contract stipulates that for every 100,000 they make during the season, they have to work 5 hours during the off-season at a front-line social services agency. Maybe then they'd grow up a bit and figure out that they've got it better than anyone else in the world.
When my parents and my fiancee's parents met for the first time, the subject of sports naturally came up. My future father-in-law, a photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune with more awards than I can count (including a Pulitzer), said he can't stand professional sports any more. One day he'd be working on a human-interest story about some poor kid who's family is trying to raise the $100,000 needed for a surgury of some sort - spending most of the day with them, photographing their lives and getting to really know them as people. The next day some over-paid, oversexed 23 year old superstar gets what he thinks is a bad 3rd strike call and throws his bat at him (the future father in law) apparantly for taking a picture of him. He had to be restrained from running down and taking out a MLB player on live television (which he could have likely done).
Bring on College Football. Who needs baseball.

Oh, and the WNBA rocks. Particularly Ruth Riley.
2002-08-16 06:43:19 PM  
well there's plenty of pre-season football games to start going to .

so fark dem baseball players right in ear.
2002-08-16 06:50:42 PM  
Fark MLB and everyone involved with it. I am tired of these overpaid players and owners whining about more money. I could care less if basebally does strike or doesn't strike. The only time I really watched baseball was the playoffs anyways, so I won't be missing a single thing. NFL will be here before you know it...
2002-08-16 06:54:31 PM  
I really like that "fannage" thing! It sounds so Bush!
2002-08-16 06:56:17 PM  
I bet he doesn't care about the hockey work stoppage that you know is going to happen in 2004...

uh oh the NHL is going to fine me $100,000 now...
2002-08-16 07:00:09 PM  
Go ahead, baseball. Strike. Football and hockey are only 3 to 4 weeks away.

See if I care.
2002-08-16 07:02:03 PM  
baseball sucks, move on.
2002-08-16 07:11:27 PM  
baseball strikes out, bush cries foul, and its a win for everyone else
2002-08-16 07:16:19 PM  
Shagadog: Hmmm, let's see, you refer to baseball fans as "fags," while at the same time you post a homoerotic image. I think you have some issues, dude . . . .
2002-08-16 07:23:40 PM  
Um, excuse me, isn't there a WAR going on? A WAR? Dubya, who gives a shiat about baseball??? Worry about this war, not to mention the other one you're just itching to throw us into.
2002-08-16 07:57:55 PM  
Mustion, whether there is a war going on depends on why you are asking. Nope, no war has been declared, so I'm not bound by wartime treaties and laws. Hey, people, we're at war, you should expect to sacrifice a few priviledges (read: rights)!
Those people being detained aren't criminal suspects with rights under the constitution! They are enemy combatants! Those people being detained aren't POWs, there isn't anyone to be at war with.
wil [TotalFark]
2002-08-16 08:03:23 PM  
Maybe if Bush just threatened to declare the MLBPA a bunch of Enemy Combatants, they'd get back to work.
2002-08-16 08:15:02 PM  
Once in a while, I begin to think that it isn't possible for Shrub to be as total a farkup as I have tended to think he is and still have become president.

Then he opens his mouth and I realize that he's not. The President, that is.

What a Jackass.

No President has any business whatsoever in doing anything at all about baseball. It may be a national passtime, but it is not critical to national well being. Even in wartime.

However, I don't give a flying Philadelphia fark what Dubya and the Bush Bund say, We Are Not At War With Anyone. Only Congress can declare war. They haven't and they won't.

Therefore, in addition to the Resident's idiot dribblings about a past time passtime, all his and his rabid lapdog's insistence that rights must be suspended during this war are NONSENSICAL!
2002-08-16 08:27:01 PM  
What I think is farked is that they're complaining that the luxury tax is too much like a salary cap.

How long has the NFL had a salary cap? It's still around, doing just as well as ever. The players are still making millions, and they work eighteen times as hard as baseball players have to.

"But baseball teams play hundreds of games a season!" someone says, somewhere, in an exaggerated statement.

Yes, and just under half of the people involved in the games at any time are sitting on a bench watching the rest of them stand around, then running and throwing for a second, then standing around.

If 16% of that one guy's salary is over $3 million, then the players have absolutely nothing to biatch about. Personally, I think the owners should dissolve the league as it stands, keep the minors going, coast on the minors and film rights for about five years, then start the league with a fresh slate and a salary cap... and don't bring back ANY of the primadonnas who think they're worth more than the GNP of Afghanistan. New stars will inevitably take their places.

Only bummer is that the owners would have to eat the costs of breaking their TV contracts, like that one dude said.
2002-08-16 08:38:36 PM  
I say let them strike and destroy Major League Baseball... and good riddance to them, the greedy asshats
2002-08-16 08:42:32 PM  
TypoFlyspray: That made 0 sense.

2002-08-16 09:10:09 PM  
The person who posted the story to fark is a dumbass. He DID NOT say fannage. Quit trying to paint him in a bad light at every farking convenience and making shiat up. He did not say "fannage" Idiots
2002-08-16 09:17:32 PM  
Like MrBigglesworth said, don't misunderestimate Bush!
2002-08-16 09:38:23 PM  
Because Bush is a former owner, he is in a unique position. The players' association distrusts him.

Bush also wanted to be commissioner before he ran for governor of Texas.

-can I daddy? please.

...Sure son, now hide that mark of the beast on your head.
2002-08-16 10:00:35 PM  
TypoFlyspray: I think that post was NONSENSICAL...
2002-08-16 10:29:01 PM  
In other news Bush43 strikes Iraq... Bush41 sez "Way to go sonny... I wish I could have wagged the dog longer - maybe that'll keep their minds off the basebase strike and you will get a second term. The economy? What! Fark the economy.".
2002-08-16 10:29:33 PM  
Aaaaaaaaaand... Mr. Bigglesworth gets the "no sense of humor" award for this thread, thank you all and have a good night! If you've been drinking, please, let someone else drive.
2002-08-17 12:33:08 AM  
I think Dubya has had a little too much doobage and blowage
2002-08-17 01:32:58 AM  
All of you that are getting all worked up over the strike: SUCKERS!

The system bends over and you're all just asking "How much tongue do you want sir?"

I can't believe how much baseball fans put up with -- just start going to AAA games. I think those players might actually *enjoy* the game, instead of thinking it's interupting their free time.
2002-08-17 02:23:21 AM  
Hmmm... yet a certain ex-President introduced the world "normalcy" into the modern vocabulary, and we use that freely.

And, if baseball strikes, good riddance. I was burned once. Not again.
2002-08-17 04:45:48 AM  

As far as I can tell from my extensive five minutes of Google research, Harding did not create the word "normalcy", he just used it. One online site claimed he said "normalicity" in a speech, mispronouncing "normality", and then journalists changed it to "normalcy". "normalcy" apparently was first used in 1857 by some math dudes, according to the OED. Unfortunately I don't have the OED to verify that.
2002-08-17 07:02:43 AM  
Bush is a failed businessman at every gig he ever had. His daddy's boys bailed him out of all his dodgy schemes. AS for the Rangers--he bilked that town out of millions when he sold his piece.

I dont feel for the players, ever since the Chicago Black Sox, players have been trying to get more money out of the owners. The Owners are full of crap and putting the burden of paying players on us.

This is a plot to keep Sammy Sosa from breaking the home run record.
2002-08-17 08:39:55 AM  
I'm starting to really like the way Bush talks. Seriously. "Fannage". Heh.
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