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(Helsinki News)   Donald Duck hotter in Finland than in the United States, reaching over a million readers. Now if the perv would just put on some pants   ( divider line
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2007-04-12 04:03:09 PM  
I have no idea who the guy in TFA is, but next to Disney himself the one true Donald Duck artist is "Keno" Don Rosa.

/huge Captain Kentucky fan
2007-04-12 04:05:35 PM  
Donald tried to buy pants but they just put them on his bill.

2007-04-12 04:06:33 PM

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

Still from "Don of Finland's: Huey, Luey, and Do-me."
2007-04-12 06:08:45 PM  
Has Rick Dees heard of this phenomenon yet? He could become the Hasselhoff of Finland.
2007-04-12 07:33:21 PM  
brap, I hate myself for getting your joke.
2007-04-12 07:34:49 PM  
Crazy Scandinavians with their loose morals...
2007-04-12 07:44:10 PM  
Pants? Pshaw.

I think Donald is being pretty darned modest by wearing a shirt. Most ducks I know go around stark-farking-naked.
2007-04-12 07:44:49 PM  
Gol-darned nitwit.
2007-04-12 07:46:34 PM
2007-04-12 07:47:30 PM  
Back when woolly mammoths roamed the earth, I always enjoyed the DD comics because he and the boys actually had real adventures that would take up the whole comic. None of that everything is rosy Mickey Mouse crap!
2007-04-12 07:47:32 PM  
This is farking Goofy.
2007-04-12 07:50:50 PM  
Is it alright to not wear pants if you don't have genitals? Just asking.
2007-04-12 07:50:51 PM  
Also, why does Bugs Bunny wear gloves?

No pants, no underwear, no shirt...but he's always got the gloves.
2007-04-12 07:52:20 PM
2007-04-12 07:52:24 PM  
The "No Pants = Banned" thing was just an urban legend, in case anyone was wondering.
2007-04-12 07:56:40 PM
2007-04-12 07:56:48 PM  
Daffy Duck might be the first ordained Catholic duck, but I'm not quite sure. There may have been others.
2007-04-12 08:02:55 PM  
I can't believe someone wrote that much about Donald Duck.
2007-04-12 08:08:09 PM  
Cartoon-ish Donald trifecta in play.
2007-04-12 08:12:21 PM  
Carl Barks and Don Rosa are the best!
2007-04-12 08:17:05 PM  
At least he has a personality, unlike that boring stupid mickey mouse. or should I say personality disorder.

Bugs wears gloves so he doesn't leave fingerprints. duh
2007-04-12 08:24:22 PM  
Listen to this (poppy). An oldie but a goodie....
2007-04-12 08:29:46 PM  
Minnie used to go around topless until the religious groups in the mid 1930's told Walt they didn't like her flashing her non-existant mousekatits!
2007-04-12 08:31:27 PM  
But are you forgetting? He wore a towel around his waist when he got out of the shower!!! The Disney website actually has a response to this, to the disappointment of many hackneyed comedians. Their answer is disturbingly sensible.

"Donald puts a towel when he gets out of the shower to dry off! When he gets out of the shower he's pretty wet and doesn't want to drip water all over the bathroom floor. Seriously, Donald Duck was created as a human-like character. He reacts to many situations the same way that a man would. Since a man would normally wrap a towel around his waist when stepping out of the shower, so does Donald."

No poppy, I lack html skillz.
2007-04-12 08:44:24 PM  
Life and Times of SCrooge McDuck FTW!
2007-04-12 08:44:54 PM  
Doink_Boink, that is the most disturbing ride I have ever seen. Is that real? I don't even want to imagine what it looks like in motion.
2007-04-12 08:47:12 PM
2007-04-12 08:51:08 PM  
Doink_Boink you beat me to it. Thumbs up!
2007-04-12 08:56:31 PM  
Doink_Boink, who the Fark designed that thing?
2007-04-12 09:03:42 PM  
Macho-Macho Duck.

Any other kids of the era who had the Mickey Mouse Disco album circa 1979 or so?
2007-04-12 09:05:06 PM  
Donald doesn't wear pants? The HELL you say! (pops) (a little NSFW)
2007-04-12 09:23:36 PM
2007-04-12 09:25:35 PM  
Don Rosa is a hack compared to Barks.
2007-04-12 09:31:38 PM  
Some chick at a club once told me that the kids where she is from write in ballot Donald Duck when there is no one good to vote for.

I can't remember where she was from. She might have been Danish. It was in response to me telling her I wrote in balloted, "no one good enough."

I've been to a club maybe 5 times in my life, by the way.
2007-04-12 09:32:02 PM  
I had the Mickey Mouse disco album!
I've always heard that Donald is more popular than Mickey south of the border. Maybe it's his Latin temperament, or maybe it was all the goodwill missions down south in his movies "Hola, Amigos" and "Los tres caballeros"...
Seriously, Disney made these films to foster hemispheric goodwill, and they worked!

/Until Ariel Dorfman wrote "How to Read Donald Duck"!!
//and then Chile had a coup and put Dorfman on a list
///Where did renowned scholar/writer Dorfman end up?
////WTF? Duke sucks!
2007-04-12 09:43:20 PM  

Agreed. Barks was the best.
2007-04-12 09:47:41 PM  
Is Abe Vegoda on the list?
2007-04-12 09:55:10 PM  
Google trends tells another story. (pops)
2007-04-12 09:57:41 PM  
Disney comics are more popular over in Scandihoovia?

No shiat. They've been publishing color volumes of translated disney comics (much like manga volumes have become popular over here) for well over 15 years.

And they have freaking amazing adventures. I have a couple volumes I got in Norway in 1993 with Mickey going to an alternate dimension through one if the Giza pyramids and fighting an evil wizard, or something; and Scrooge McDuck and company traveling to the moon to help this little rock-creature get back to his home.

/damn, now I want to read them again!
2007-04-12 10:02:57 PM  

It's good to see another fan of "the good artist" out there! I'm sure there are many more. It's expensive, but you can get the entire Carl Barks collection, every story he ever wrote, in volume form. Sadly, i think the collection is out of print and hard to come by.

/grew up on Barks, loved Ducktales, still hates any new duck stories.
2007-04-12 10:20:30 PM  
Donald Duck Dunn still owns America
2007-04-12 10:21:43 PM

Do NOT fark with Donald Duck...
2007-04-12 10:36:14 PM  
"Donald Duck doesn't wear pants, yet when he gets out of the shower, he wraps a towel around himself."

//Not likely.
2007-04-12 11:28:23 PM  
Finnish Ducktales!

/Your arms are broken!
2007-04-12 11:52:15 PM  
2007-04-12 11:57:55 PM  
When I was there (Finland, that is), you could go into the local supermarket and find the Donald Duck comics on the magazine rack right next to Hustler and the rest of teh pr0n. Pretty common, actually.

/Finland isn't part of Scandinavia
2007-04-13 12:13:50 AM  
Lurch_E_bean FTW.

I'm on the fence when considering that Donald Duck thread doesn't break out on Fark...on the one hand, Disney is pure evil, has been for a long time, and doesn't deserve mindspace anymore. On the other, Donald Duck has such a wide mean streak I can't believe that Fark started with a squirrel.
2007-04-13 12:48:28 AM  
I'm of Finnish descent, so I'm really getting a kick outta these replies!
2007-04-13 01:24:54 AM  
Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy.
2007-04-13 02:45:08 AM  
Disco Duck?
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