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(The Phoenix)   Donald Trump tops list of 100 unsexiest men. Oddly, Chuck Klosterman was 17th and The Sports Guy didn't make it   ( divider line
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14013 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2007 at 6:02 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-12 03:16:06 PM  
I thought women liked power and money.

/dont give me that sense of humor shiat.
2007-04-12 03:24:26 PM  
I've met Chuck Klosterman, and I think he's sexy.
2007-04-12 03:39:49 PM  

Honorary member of the rodded gender thanks to a conspicuous Adam's apple and complementary set of brass balls.

I think he qualifies for the top ten...
2007-04-12 03:41:55 PM  
Next week it's the 100 nappiest...

/nope, ain't going there
2007-04-12 06:05:53 PM  
So these people have a gauge on what constitutes an unsexy male cartoon? I would have loved to sit on that meeting and hear the Carl supporters argue in his favor.
2007-04-12 06:09:37 PM

With a mug like that?
2007-04-12 06:09:57 PM  
Solty Dog: I would have loved to sit on that meeting and hear the Carl supporters argue in his favor.

not mine, from a post yesterday, but just fantastic:
2007-04-12 06:10:41 PM  
where's eric peppers on that list?
2007-04-12 06:11:43 PM  
2007-04-12 06:12:23 PM  
Read the whole thing. Very enjoyable.
2007-04-12 06:13:08 PM  
I must've made 101...
2007-04-12 06:14:18 PM  
had to be done
2007-04-12 06:14:57 PM  
If Sam "Alien" Cassell isn't #1, it simply isn't a list.
2007-04-12 06:15:40 PM  

Was Ponch. Now Paunch.

/I get it!! ha!!
//actually was a pretty funny list
2007-04-12 06:17:17 PM  
I don't care how much money Trump has - he gives me the creeps. Reptilian. There are a lot of women who can close their eyes and think of the money. Not me.

//bleech bleech
///Also, I'm shallow - so money means nothing, but looks count.
2007-04-12 06:17:39 PM  
Donald Trump looks like Dennis Hopper having a bad day.
2007-04-12 06:17:53 PM  
chuck klosterman rules
2007-04-12 06:18:36 PM  
Flavor crystals

2007-04-12 06:20:31 PM  
Surprized that Geddy Lee of the rock band Rush wasn't on the list. Or that nobody mentioned him yet in the thread.
That dude plays a mean bass guitar, but dude....
(cue picture of mid 80's Geddy with the big hair).
("Big hair goes around the world... etc.")
Or what about Steve Howe of Yes. Or Bill Bruford.

By the way, it seems like the article judges "sexiness" based on looks AND reputation for most of the included people (ie. Mel Gibson, etc., etc., etc.,).

P.S WHAT does a "nappy headed ho" even MEAN?! I'm completely clueless. I know that Mr. Imus said it, but it's driving me a bit nuts...
2007-04-12 06:21:04 PM  
Neil Young should have been on the list.
2007-04-12 06:22:40 PM  
Sheldon Williams
2007-04-12 06:23:27 PM  
"Whaddya think, we got another 'no case' case?"
2007-04-12 06:24:55 PM  
pic of jesse and al removed from post.
2007-04-12 06:26:52 PM  

2007-04-12 06:27:45 PM  

And sucking on a straw with a three inch diameter...

I agree with most of it, some of those emo boys should have been higher up in the degree of unsexiness. I think to qualify as a "man" your balls have to have dropped, right?

/guys with long hair, not bad
//emo guys with long hair, bad
///thinks a few Motorhead records could do a lot of people good and not just Patrick Stump
2007-04-12 06:28:25 PM  
I'm not on there anywhere?

2007-04-12 06:31:16 PM  
I'm just relieved I didn't make the list this year.
2007-04-12 06:34:51 PM  
How did Larry David avoid the list?
2007-04-12 06:35:51 PM  

Apparently they haven't ever met me. My ex- would agree that this list is incomplete without me.
2007-04-12 06:40:42 PM

Corey Feldman -------------- Chuck Klosterman

/have no idea of the vast majority of the people on that list
//where's woody allen?
2007-04-12 06:40:52 PM  
Good lord....I know y'all can't be as bad as Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons---

2007-04-12 06:41:32 PM  
They obviously haven't seen my ugly mug.

My mother never breast fed me. She said she only wanted to be friends!

/sorry Rodney Dangerfield
2007-04-12 06:45:24 PM  
Are Greg Oden or Joakim Noah on the list? It'd be worthless without those guys.
2007-04-12 06:50:47 PM  
Most of those guys are getting laid way more then me, and by some smoking hot ladies. So, I guess the fact that they are "unsexy" doesn't mean much. OR, I'm really, really, unsexy.
2007-04-12 06:51:05 PM  
I'm sick of people saying Romney flipflops on gay rights. He supports domestic partnerships (slightly weaker than a civil union); he always supported domestic partnerships. The only thing that's changed is that that's gone from far left to far right.

/Abortion, on the other hand, might have a case.
2007-04-12 06:52:01 PM  
Gonna check this list for Gilbert Gottfried...
2007-04-12 06:53:21 PM  
Did the Mustard guy make the list?
2007-04-12 06:54:54 PM  

Too bad the same thing doesn't work for women. :(
2007-04-12 07:00:54 PM  
I can't believe Devendra Banhart was on that list.

I'm only 5% gay, but still.

He's a handsome fellow.
2007-04-12 07:09:30 PM  
Chuck Klosterfark got his start at the local paper here in Fargo N.D.

He actually wrote an article asking why we needed water towers when the pumps that fill them should be able to handle the water demand.
He was an ego inflated idiot here. I had no idea he had become well known enough to even rate a list like this.
2007-04-12 07:09:49 PM  
I would soooooo fark Chuck Klosterman.

Trump, not so much.
2007-04-12 07:11:30 PM  
Truly one of the most bizarre sights ever...
2007-04-12 07:14:33 PM  
"Good lord....I know y'all can't be as bad as Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons--- "

Simmons probably has had more tail than the other 99
put together. Groupie tail, but tail is tail.
2007-04-12 07:17:34 PM  
Although I agree with that choice, I can't believe he outranks Gilbert Gottfried
2007-04-12 07:19:49 PM  
Boris S. Wort

Don King approves.


It's not so much the aesthetics, but the personality of the guys on the list that goes for unsexiness. I'm sure there are plenty of celebrities that are less pleasing to the female (or gay male) eye, but they do more with what they've got.

I mean 50 Cent? yech. I'm no goddess, but, hell no.
2007-04-12 07:20:11 PM  
Chuck Klosterman is an ego inflated idiot, but he is also pretty funny.
2007-04-12 07:25:31 PM  

Maybe he's gotten more tail and that works to impress guys, but that doesn't stop him from being disgusting.

Like I've said, I'm no prize, but blech.
2007-04-12 07:27:02 PM  
I read TFA. Waste of time.
2007-04-12 07:28:10 PM  
This list is crap. They have Bob Saget on the list with their funny blurb saying that he is only a dirty comic because he is trying to make up for his TV shows... hey asshats... he was crude before he got the shows.

Just seems like the trend of `lets make a top 100 list to get national exposure to our lame site'.

/trust me here... if Bob is performing near you buy a ticket...
//100% money back guarantee you'll like it...
2007-04-12 07:29:45 PM  
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