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(Guardian)   A miracle happens in Georgia as whites and blacks are set to attend the same prom. Next thing you know they'll be using the same bathrooms and water fountains   (guardian.co.uk) divider line 387
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2007-04-10 09:12:48 AM  
And, the whites are the minority in the school.

It's good to see that they're finally making some progress.

*pats Georgia on the head*
2007-04-10 09:17:58 AM  
*pats Georgia on the head*

What? No biscuit? We are totally bringing Jim Crow back if we don't get a biscuit.
2007-04-10 09:20:09 AM  
This is a sad reality in many small Southern towns. Following integration, many towns began to hold "private prom", invitation, ie Whites Only. Of course, this was not sponsored or endorsed by the school, but by parents (kind of like a private Senior Party). This dance was usually a lot nicer than the school sponsored prom, and kids would usually just go to one, not both.

Unfortunately, this still survives today. Some part tradition, some part outright racism, mostly classism / elitism. The sad thing is, people view it like they would a country club, or a back-yard BBQ, that is "We have the right to invite whoever we please, we're paying for it". While techincally (and legally) correct, it certainly sends a divisive message to the other 50% of the town.
2007-04-10 09:21:10 AM  
Code_Archeologist: What? No biscuit? We are totally bringing Jim Crow back if we don't get a biscuit.

I'll tell you what:

I'll give you a bucket of Church's with two biscuits!!
2007-04-10 09:22:58 AM  

the coons wanna go to school with us? when the racoons get in the garbage cans on our porch momma just chases them away with a broom.
2007-04-10 09:24:23 AM  
Would you settle for a cracker?
2007-04-10 09:26:31 AM  
Marcus Aurelius: Would you settle for a cracker?

Nah... we already have too many of those.
2007-04-10 09:27:03 AM  
Well there goes the neighborhood!
2007-04-10 09:29:34 AM  
They should have it at the Dexter Lake Club.
2007-04-10 09:33:13 AM  
Maybe they can get Ice-T and Body Count to be the band for the evening too.
2007-04-10 09:36:29 AM  
mr_bunny They should have it at the Dexter Lake Club.


2007-04-10 09:43:12 AM  
Great. I'm sure this will have all kinds of positive impact on their previously-ruined lives.
2007-04-10 09:44:10 AM  
A high school in Maryland was having a 50 year reunion, and people complained that it was an all white reunion.

At the time though, the high school was all white, so how could the reunion not be?
2007-04-10 09:58:16 AM  
No biscuits, but they got hush puppies.
2007-04-10 10:00:30 AM  
mr_bunny: They should have it at the Dexter Lake Club.

Do you mind if we dance wit yo dates?
2007-04-10 10:11:25 AM  
The last time I was in Georgia, I got arrested for being a ni**er on a sunny day.

The worst part is I was guilty, too.

/old joke
2007-04-10 10:18:58 AM  
May we dance with your dates?
2007-04-10 10:19:54 AM  

I moved to Montgomery, AL in 1994 (in high school) and learned all about those "special dances". But I never once heard anyone talking about them as anything more than elitist get-togethers...they weren't held in lieu of prom, they were just like any other country club-style function.

The same exact thing happens all over the country, it's just more convenient to package it here as part of the "Southern racist tradition".
2007-04-10 10:44:21 AM  
Sheesh. Shortly before I got into high school, there was a year where the homecoming court election turned so racially tense, that just that year, they had a black and a white queen.

/never voted for homecoming or prom court
2007-04-10 10:44:27 AM  
I took a black girl to my junior prom. My family gave me so much shiat about it ... because they're racist bastards. Her family gave her just as much shiat ... because they're racist bastards too.

// Just sayin'
2007-04-10 10:45:33 AM  
Followup: Dateline April 21, 2007

Massive violence breaks out at GA prom. More at eleven.
2007-04-10 10:45:47 AM  
If only the Union had done the job right the first time.

//aisle seat
2007-04-10 10:46:01 AM  
Imus to the resque.
2007-04-10 10:46:47 AM  
And this is happening in the 21st Century. America has a loooooon way to go.
2007-04-10 10:47:47 AM  
MOBRO4000's pet peeve #736423:
when people say "are you going to prom?"

it's THE prom people!!! THEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHHH THE THE THE prom. THE! THE! THE! pronouced "THUH"
2007-04-10 10:48:07 AM  
It's a nappy headed hoe-down!

/couldn't resist
//seriously, nothing but love for y'all...
///burn the media heretic!!
2007-04-10 10:48:35 AM  
Steven Tuller, a 17-year-old white junior who doesn't plan to attend either event because he wants to wait until he's a senior he has a WoW raid scheduled that night.
2007-04-10 10:48:37 AM  
Atomic_Puppy: America has a loooooon way to go.

I don't think it is fair to blame a species of waterfowl for the civil injustices of a world power.
2007-04-10 10:49:48 AM  
NikolaiFarkoff The same exact thing happens all over the country, it's just more convenient to package it here as part of the "Southern racist tradition".

I agree somewhat, but there is a pretty big distinction. Instead of divisions among class / wealth alone, there is a clear racial / religious division. In know this happens everwhere, but at least here it really does make it a Black prom (public) and a White prom (Private). Elitism is implied, but there are plenty of poor white kids at the private prom, and wealthy black kids at the public prom.

This small southern town is roughly 50% white, 50% black, and the town is divided quite visibly (train tracks), politically (city council, school board), socially, and economically. The private / public prom just further instills this division among teenagers. Sure, they already know the town is divided, but these dances and parties basically sanction this as "the norm", when it clearly should not be.
2007-04-10 10:51:05 AM  
Jungle Fever cannot be far behind.
2007-04-10 10:51:18 AM  
*polishes img.fark.com in preparation for 'drunken frat boy lets fly with racist tirade...*
2007-04-10 10:51:39 AM  
I'm surprised this is still an issue, I graduated in high school in 1979 here in GA and a separated prom was never even a consideration.

Of course I may be naive about it, when I was a little kid I got in trouble for using the "colored" water fountain.
I wanted to see what color the water was.
Stupid kid, I should have been taught to hate early!!

/had parents that believed everyone is the same color if you put them in a blender
//I still do
2007-04-10 10:52:30 AM  
MOBRO4000's pet peeve #736423:
when people say "are you going to prom?"

Look! Moose on wall speak!

/obscurity test
2007-04-10 10:52:43 AM  
i am really glad that this act of desegregation is something that the kids want to do, rather than something forced by the courts.

it shows that there is, on some level, REAL progress being made.
2007-04-10 10:52:55 AM  
Next thing you know, they'll be cuttin' footloose.
2007-04-10 10:53:59 AM  
I love how people used the "its a tradition" defense.
Yeah well your tradition was stupid, plain and simple.
I hate people that use the, "well we always did it, so we should continue doing it" line of thought
2007-04-10 10:54:34 AM  
mark12A: It's a nappy headed hoe-down!

2007-04-10 10:55:30 AM  
Ok, let's make with the "ghetto prom" pics.
2007-04-10 10:56:52 AM  
As long as they're not Gypsies or Jews.

Oh, it's Georgia not Kazakhstan.
2007-04-10 10:57:14 AM  
I love how people used the "its a tradition" defense.
Yeah well your tradition was stupid, plain and simple.
I hate people that use the, "well we always did it, so we should continue doing it" line of thought

Follow such a person into a fine dining establishment and fart on their steak, tweekster. It's tradition.
2007-04-10 10:57:26 AM  
Why is it a jungle themed prom?

/Just askin
2007-04-10 10:58:28 AM  
At some universities they have segregated graduation ceremonies.
2007-04-10 10:58:39 AM  
Tickets to your town's first multi-racial prom: $25.

Three bottles of Boone's farm to drink on the way to prom: $10.

Room at the Motel 6 for post-prom celebrations: $29.

Telling mom and dad that the father of your soon-to-be-born child isn't white: priceless.

/or black
2007-04-10 10:58:54 AM  
Just force the south to secede, I'm so tired of it. Cut the anchor that's draggin the whole country and therefore a large part of the world down.

They still have the damn confederate flag flying everywhere, and half of them think the South won the Civil War anyway. It's not like they'd be opposed.

/Yes I'm serious.
2007-04-10 10:59:06 AM  
glad I live in the midwest

I'm white, my son has gone to school with hispanics, blacks, whites, Indians (not Native American), Asians, whatever.

When he sees a kid (of any color) at a playground/library/etc he just refers to them as kids

very refreshing

I'm not saying racial issues are NOT present in the Midwest (bigotry and ignorance comes in all climates) but I can tell you it was NOT
2007-04-10 10:59:21 AM  
``People still think of how life was 20, 30 years ago,'' said Keith Massey, a 1990 graduate who now runs the popular Keith-A-Que restaurant in town, about 75 miles south of Macon. ``And life's got to move on.''

You mean in racially segregated 1987?
2007-04-10 11:00:36 AM  
Ok, let's make with the "ghetto prom" pics.

/ stands shoulder to shoulder with DeltaPunch
// weee shaaall ovverrrcooomme....
2007-04-10 11:00:38 AM  
Where all the white women at?
2007-04-10 11:01:14 AM  
error 303,

You mean in racially segregated 1987?

Actually, yeah.

There is a town called Crewe, VA that still had black and white sections of restaurants up until the late 80s/early 90s.
2007-04-10 11:01:17 AM  
a normal part of my upbringing
and I'm originally from a small town that was 99% white and yes, there were some racist mofos for sure, but when they'd make a statement, they usually got looks of disbelief and disgust instead of nods of approval

/now, if we could do something about this farking cold weather!!!!!
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