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(Yahoo)   'Socially irresponsible' mutual fund specializing in guns, liquor, and gambling offered to investors; Farker dollars flood in   ( ) divider line
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6070 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Aug 2002 at 2:37 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-16 02:27:04 AM  
Just think how much $$$ could be made if marijuana was legal? That stock would sky-rocket !
2002-08-16 02:40:23 AM  
im going to smoke marijuana in 10 mins, it might as well be legal
2002-08-16 02:41:54 AM  
SLAYERSWINE are you always farking?
2002-08-16 02:42:25 AM  
Ha-ha! If only there were publicly-traded Vegas whorehouses to round out the list.
2002-08-16 02:44:25 AM  
I'm gonna put my evil inside of you

2002-08-16 02:46:57 AM  
You'll never go broke as long as you invest in human misery.

Sheesh. Didn't mean for that to sound so freakin' heavy.

Lick me!
2002-08-16 02:48:20 AM  
That's a great band name.
2002-08-16 02:52:16 AM  
indeed, dope helps me through all my scripting nightmares - im with kenny and slayerswine
2002-08-16 02:53:56 AM  
My grandma is so addicted to gambling, and the stockmarket. She wants to get other people hooked too. If I ask her, she'll give me a thousand dollars to invest. I had better ask soon, cause she only has 1 kidney, 1 2/3 lungs, and emphysema (sp)...
2002-08-16 02:55:35 AM  
can I bang your grandma? is that rude to ask?
2002-08-16 02:55:43 AM  
if it grows out in a fiels on its own, like barley or corn, and we harvest that barley or corn, why can't marijuana be harvested???? and be legalized?? now i have to grow it in my garage...
2002-08-16 02:56:25 AM  
I wonder if there are funeral companies in this fund? People're gonna keep dyin', man.
2002-08-16 03:00:02 AM  
Dalungl: Conspiracy!

Fuzzybeard: Of course. The market is really going to take off once the baby boomers (a.k.a. the human plague and a strong case in support of mandatory neutering) start dyin'.
2002-08-16 03:00:42 AM  
Where in the hell is the war mutual fund?

I mean, if you're going to invest..invest wisely.

Don't think NASDAQ. Think IRAQ.

I better stop being sarcastic, or the NYSE may take that seriously.
2002-08-16 03:01:13 AM  
its 420
2002-08-16 03:03:02 AM  
Sweater Girl, i think you are right about investing in IRAQ, i think that market will be "booming" very soon
2002-08-16 03:04:41 AM  
"Personally, I think people should donate their time, donate money to charity," Ahrens said. "But I don't think they should vote with their investments. I think they should invest to make money, not to make a political statement."

Right. Since, after all, where you put your money has absolutely no effect on the way you influence society, especially in a capitalist nation like the United States, where wealth has zero effect on politics.
2002-08-16 03:04:47 AM  
Take the safe bet and invest in porn and bullets. Or you can purchase this bag of magic beans from me--But first you must riddle me this!
2002-08-16 03:06:36 AM  
they say you have to spend money to make money, i am ready to spend......but i ain't donating my time...cos time i ain't getting back
2002-08-16 03:07:01 AM  
Put most of my coin in the Global Titty and Beer Fund (GTB). Just blew the rest.
2002-08-16 03:09:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-16 03:10:54 AM  
Investing in just gambling without the free drinks and mafia ties. Yeah, you can make money, but most folks are pissing it away.
Too bad I cant invest in the coca leaf cause your moms is on crack.
--This makes me want to go and watch "Boiler Room" again.
2002-08-16 03:14:54 AM  
Fifth How in the hell am I supposed to wind down the evening when I'm laughing so hard?

Foo on you!
2002-08-16 03:16:48 AM  
I spent months on that card and get laughed at? Oh, my heart! My fragile ego... why didn't you hug me, daddy? You hugged the mail man!
2002-08-16 03:17:11 AM  
hey - has anybody tried that caffiene soap they advertise? does it work?
2002-08-16 03:17:57 AM  
poor Fifth, the girl of his dreams laughed at his romantic attempts
2002-08-16 03:18:41 AM  
Haven't tried it but it probably doesn't work unless you take it in.

Not orally.
2002-08-16 03:19:32 AM  
Yeah, I know! Can you believe that? I'm going to blame Grivas for that. The only way to win the love of SG is to eat Grivas' brain to gain his power.
2002-08-16 03:20:48 AM  
just don't take a shower before bed time, you won't get to sleep for hours...
2002-08-16 03:21:12 AM  
Ah yes, good old fasioned capitalism at its finest.
2002-08-16 03:22:33 AM  
Don't listen to Dalungl, he doesn't share.
2002-08-16 03:23:21 AM  
Cigarettes and coffee killed me.
2002-08-16 03:23:26 AM  
That perfect equation ad is really ruining the mood in here.
2002-08-16 03:25:06 AM  
i have lots to share.....i have a dresser full of clean socks and underwear you can have.....want a kleenex? i can share that too....and i think you will need a kleenex or 2 after being rejected like you just have :)
2002-08-16 03:26:35 AM  
Ah yes, Jerkins brand hand lotion and kleenex... accept no substitute.
2002-08-16 03:29:04 AM  
FifthColomn, you are too funny.....
2002-08-16 03:30:39 AM  
Rest assured I am, at this very moment, wracked with crippling emotional pain.
2002-08-16 03:32:00 AM  
awwwwwwwwww, if i was emotional, i'd care, but right now, i think i may snicker a bit
2002-08-16 03:32:54 AM  
2002-08-16 03:33:25 AM  
Why does everyone laugh at my pain?
2002-08-16 03:33:57 AM  
other peoples pain is funny, isn't it?
2002-08-16 03:34:26 AM  
i am not laughing, i feel for that what you wanted to hear???????????
2002-08-16 03:35:24 AM  
Yeah, I guess. It's the whole reason I send out for those "adopt an ethiopian" booklets.
2002-08-16 03:35:56 AM  
sure, works great, till the send you a tecko sports watch instead
2002-08-16 03:36:39 AM  
FifthColumn: Switch from Scientology to Catholocism. Then you can mask your pain with guilt.

Who knows, maybe it's your fault daddy hugged the mail man...
2002-08-16 03:37:22 AM  
Yeah, but the watch has so many uses!
2002-08-16 03:39:35 AM  
I tried leave to once before, but they came looking for me. Cost me two days in the hole; I was fed two kinds of beans flavored with many spices. Best meal I ever had.
2002-08-16 03:39:58 AM  
FifthColumn, may i?? if i can answer that one, scientology is proof of life, catholocism is proof of what? all them priest have done is deceived all of our grand parents in having too many babies, so they can have the boys and molest them....
2002-08-16 03:41:50 AM  
scientology is proof of life? correct me if I'm wrong, but i really don't think the existance of life needs much proving....
2002-08-16 03:42:09 AM  
Catholocism is proof that body thetans exist. But I like your spirit, Dalungl. Have you ever considered converting? You get to go to all the cool orgies.

Eventually you get to join in, too. I'm still on "clean up" crew.
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