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(   Girl charged with murder after friend 'accidentally' walks into knife during fight   ( divider line
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2425 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jul 2001 at 1:47 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-09 01:54:53 PM  
How the hell does someone ""Accidentaly walk into a knife"".
2001-07-09 01:55:17 PM  
I swear officer. She walked into the knife. 5 times. It wasn't me!

Sheesh.. Stupid people who give a piss poor excuse like this actually think they'll get away with that and people will believe them?
2001-07-09 01:57:48 PM  
Don't run with sissors.
Don't romp with knifes.
2001-07-09 02:02:46 PM  
Is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
2001-07-09 02:14:06 PM  
I'm gonna stand over here and slash the air with this knife. If you happen to walk into it, it's your own fault.
2001-07-09 02:25:41 PM  
I guess it's sort of like falling onto bullets, very, very fast?
2001-07-09 02:30:07 PM  
Now, if you were fighting, would you have a knife out if you it was a friend whom you did not want to kill or wound? Knives are good instruments to prevent a fight (if your opponent had a knife, you might accidently walk into it and die,) but if the fight begins, it would probably be a good idea to NOT carry a knife. If your opponent walks into it and dies, you could get charged with murder, or you might be sued if he is just wounded.

Basically, the only reasons to carry a knife into a confrontation is to avoid a fight or to KILL. You don't fight with a knife unless your intentions are grim.
2001-07-09 02:32:42 PM  
if you don't want to kill, aim for the achilles tendon.
2001-07-09 02:34:18 PM  
aim for the nutsack
2001-07-09 02:38:43 PM  
2001-07-09 02:42:36 PM  
Stupid kids, with their stupid excuses. Children aren't complete idiots, though. They know that an instrument of destruction is used to KILL, not to play with. This biatch knew what she was doing, she knew the consequences. I think they should also test her for drugs, since she must have been all hopped up on goofballs when she came up with this story. I don't think a kid would be stupid enough to "walk" into a knife which was/is long enough to fatally penetrate them, without knowing it was there.
2001-07-09 03:11:49 PM  
Charge 'er as an adult! ALthough I think Nazz is wrong about these kids not being "total idiots"...
2001-07-09 03:12:18 PM  
sorry..."complete idiots"... same thing
2001-07-09 03:12:58 PM  
Ok, I can't resist this one....

See, now a spanking would be an acceptable punishment for that kind of action.
*ducks and runs away*
2001-07-09 03:24:13 PM  
I'd hope you are wrong, aggrop, and that kids do know that pointy things long enough to reach the heart of liver, are BAD for their health. Then again, the Darwin awards are amusing... hmmm...
2001-07-09 03:35:51 PM  
knives don't kill people... pyscho biatches do
2001-07-09 03:38:41 PM  
It's all fun and games until someone looses a kidney.
2001-07-09 03:51:14 PM  
so, you were fighting yet he just walked into it? and why did you have a knife anway?
of course i wasnt there, so i dont really know what happened, but jeez...likely story...
and why the hell didnt he SEE it?
2001-07-09 03:55:29 PM  
My ex-girlfriend stabbed somebody accidentally. She was trying to get a knife away from somebody and he let go of it while she was still pulling--she stabbed a friend of hers who was standing too close. Didn't die though.
2001-07-09 04:01:30 PM  

This reminds me of an old Benny Hill routine where Benny is the cockney ne'er-do-well being questioned for killing a cop.

"Nah," he explains, "I was just mindin' me own business, standing in that dark alley, cleaning my fingernails with my shiv, when the officer accidentally backed up into the point of the knife. Seventeen times."

2001-07-09 04:09:18 PM  

Dahaka: Carrying a knife with the intent of preventing a fight is a bad idea. It's a stupid idea because even if you don't end up impaling yourself accidentally, it makes it a whole lot easier for the other person to pull out their gun and shoot you in self defense.

If you're going to carry a weapon, you should be properly trained in how to use it (martial arts lessons and/or time on the practice range). And any weapons training worth listening to will tell you that you don't draw that weapon unless you fully intend to use it.

2001-07-09 04:43:28 PM  
You don't reveal a gun unless you wish to boom-stick something, and you don't reveal a knife unless you intended to gouge out eyeballs. Pfft, weak generation. When I was a kid, eye gouging was done with thumbs.
2001-07-09 05:32:45 PM  
That sounds like something Hitler would say.
2001-07-09 06:42:48 PM  
Nazz, OK, you're right, these kids prolly know a knife is dangerous, but doesn't stabbing your friend and calling it an accident necessarily make you an idiot?
2001-07-09 07:15:15 PM  
Honest mom, I don't know how she pregnant... I didn't do anything. She fell on it.
2001-07-09 08:55:30 PM  
my ex-girlfriend impregnated somebody accidentally. She was trying to get me away from somebody and i let go of it while she was still pulling--she poked a friend of hers who was standing too close. Didn't die though.
2001-07-09 10:30:33 PM  
Who does she think she is, Angelina Jolie?
2001-07-10 12:13:14 AM  
knives don't kill people, morons kill people
2001-07-10 07:37:42 AM  
Proof that positive parenting methodology doesn"t work and can actually kill....
These kids were emulating the "You were bad but we'll hug instead of spank" as popularized by the little Dr. Spock-ettes" of the world.
Hugging Kills!
2001-07-10 09:17:22 AM  
This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Tis would have never happened if both of these spoiled brats had gotten their asses beat on a regular basis when they were younger.

Instead, it was, "Oh sure baby, you can play with the knives. Oh sure, no pressure. Be your own person baby. What? You want to have a little friend over to play knives? Sure thing Angel."

(Sarcasm to the troglodytes who are already firing off rebuttals. Chill.)
2001-07-10 01:59:23 PM  
This is why all public schools have banned those little plastic knives and now only give you spoons.. if you accidentally walk into a flailing plastic spoon...

2001-07-10 02:00:58 PM  
PS to Big Peeler - beating your kids is counter-productive.. you wind up with more psychos running around with knives when they've been beaten themselves ;)
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