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(Some Guy)   Add this to your list of reasons to never swim in the Congo River: The Goliath Tigerfish   ( divider line
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5960 clicks; posted to Geek » on 05 Apr 2007 at 10:52 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-04-05 08:32:14 AM  
geeeugh. Scary fish.
2007-04-05 08:52:06 AM
2007-04-05 09:44:04 AM  
Well, he's got a pretty aggressive name, but looking at the picture, you can tell he's just a sweetie, deep down. Either that, or that's his small far back does that mouth *go* anyway?

/Someone needs to 'shop the kneeling-at-the-pool Ric Romero into that third picture.
2007-04-05 10:59:08 AM  
Farked already.
2007-04-05 11:17:37 AM  
freaky, but I make a point to know everything that could be in the water before I go swimming.
2007-04-05 11:34:16 AM  
I'd like to see someone try and noodle this.
2007-04-05 11:50:25 AM  
Can you believe you aren't allowed to have these in Florida?
2007-04-05 11:57:41 AM
2007-04-05 12:09:40 PM  
2007-04-05 12:23:53 PM

This is the actual image from the site so you don't have to visit it
2007-04-05 12:24:35 PM  
Yeah, sure, it's scary and all. But everybody is forgetting the really important question:

Is it delicious?
2007-04-05 12:25:10 PM  
Not farked. Just slow.

God damn, though. The comments on that were actually very funny.
2007-04-05 01:32:39 PM  
I got knee deep in the Nile River at it's source in Jinja, Uganda. I felt something brushing my legs a few times and decided to get out. Once out I got stung by a friggin' wasp. I was safer in the water with the piranhas or whatever the hell they were. That sting hurt for at least a week.
2007-04-05 02:35:03 PM  
looks like a really mean carp:)
2007-04-05 03:03:50 PM  
Could be worse. Search for 'candiru'. Then run screaming.
2007-04-05 03:24:06 PM  
SLADE looks like a really mean carp:)

2007-04-05 03:46:58 PM  
Fidel Castro's Colstomy Bag: CARPE DIEM !

Seize the carp?
2007-04-05 04:33:23 PM  
Jektal: Seize the carp?

Fish the Day.
2007-04-05 04:42:28 PM  
damn. That is one serious fish.
2007-04-05 05:09:11 PM  
Oh my ever lovin' lord. That's just farkin scary.
2007-04-05 05:11:46 PM  
Korovyov: Could be worse. Search for 'candiru'. Then run screaming.

Never peeing in the river again. Ever. Ever. Ever.
2007-04-06 10:18:10 AM  
Korovyov: Could be worse. Search for 'candiru'. Then run screaming.
"I approve!!"
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