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8101 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2002 at 8:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-15 08:20:12 AM  
99% of American teens get their information about sex from porn
2002-08-15 08:20:42 AM  
It's better than getting sex education from a sweaty ol' gym teacher.
2002-08-15 08:21:18 AM  
Well, yeah, considering it's mostly males. It's gotta be one big Village People sans costumes going on over there.
2002-08-15 08:21:21 AM  
priests also help out a selected few...
2002-08-15 08:22:04 AM  
Woah if all the chinese girls learn to deep throat.. Works for me. Institute this in the states
2002-08-15 08:23:52 AM  
"Both schools and families should set up appropriate channels and provide easy access to sex education for pubescent children,"

I agree! Schools and families should provide easy access to Playboy TV, Extasy, The Erotic Networks, and plenty of internet pr0n as well.
2002-08-15 08:26:16 AM  
It is harmfull, these poor kids watch porn and they'll start thinking men should have big cacks.
2002-08-15 08:26:31 AM  
Hey, I'm 56 years old and I learned a thing or two from porn. One thing I learned was that after 35 years of marriage, my wife still has a sense of humor. I can't believe how much time she spent looking over my shoulder and giggling.

Coupla 17 year olds in 56 year old bodies.
*grabs Geritol bottle*
2002-08-15 08:27:43 AM  
Doesn't everyone learn about sex from porn? I sure did.
2002-08-15 08:27:56 AM  
Let's blame Christianity for this.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-08-15 08:29:27 AM  
Uh Two-Tone, were you facing each other or was she behind you at the time?

Er....never mind.....
2002-08-15 08:29:29 AM  
I learned everything about sex from porn and from the small amount of information my schoolmates knew.
2002-08-15 08:29:48 AM  
Great. So they're going to learn about the magic of lovemaking from bukake films and scat fetishists?!?
2002-08-15 08:31:08 AM  
That sounds like a trustworthy source. Because they, heheh, do it, and stuff. You know, they hump, with their thingies showing, and everything.
2002-08-15 08:32:14 AM  
China additionally faces what the United Nations labelled in June a potential "AIDS catastrophe", due in part to ignorance about the spread of the HIV virus via sex.
No, there's no potential for problems there. Sheesh. Do you think Africa is bad now? Imagine a conglomorated, totalitarian whole fighting the AIDS epidemic while the populace doesn't even understand the birds and the bees in any realistic way?
2002-08-15 08:32:25 AM  
Almost everything I know about sex (that's actually good to know) I learned from my wife. Really.

Sex is one of those weird paradoxes in life - the more you focus directly on it the less satisfying it is. The more you focus on the person you love and just having fun with/being with them the better it is.

Funny old thing, life.
2002-08-15 08:33:02 AM  
I'd say a nation of over 1.4 billion people has figured it out well enough so far.
2002-08-15 08:35:29 AM  
an OBVIOUS tag would've made more sense
2002-08-15 08:38:16 AM  
Also, 70% of chinese teens get their information about pool cleaning from porn.
2002-08-15 08:42:11 AM  
This could be good.

Every porn I have seen in the last 5 years ends the same way. Pull out.. Splooge all over face, rub it around some.

Should help limit the population explosion.
2002-08-15 08:44:19 AM  
They are probably terrified by our huge American pork swords.
2002-08-15 08:49:07 AM  
TheAnusThatAteManhattan I agree. I've always said there is a big difference btw having sex and making love. hint: making love is better.
2002-08-15 08:50:40 AM  
They are probably terrified by our huge American pork swords.

clue: there is plenty of asian porn - not that I would know :o)
2002-08-15 08:53:55 AM  
Rock on, two-tone! You the man! :)
2002-08-15 08:55:11 AM  
What a coincidence! I get 70 percent of my information about Chinese teens from porn.
2002-08-15 08:56:16 AM  
as a kid i knew what farking was and that women carried babies in their tummys. when i found out that you had to fark to make babies i was horrrified. scared me for years! sex-ed is essential to avoid terrible revelations.
2002-08-15 08:58:59 AM  
What part of TATAM's statement do you agree with? The part about the paradoxes in life, or the part about his wife being good in bed?
2002-08-15 09:02:59 AM  
So chinese teen girls think that sex is:

1. strip down to white high heels
2. play with self while professing how horny they are
3. suck male member
4. cop a pounding on:
d:(All while screaming yes,yes,yes,fark me harder)
5. cop wad in the face/mouth

.....and the problem is?
2002-08-15 09:03:08 AM  
Better than getting your information on sex from a preist!
2002-08-15 09:04:54 AM  
Envision this scenario being played out in about 300 million homes and offices every day, several times a day ...

Man walks into room where woman is sitting/lying/whaever.

Woman: Hello, can I "help" you?
Man: Why, yes you can.
(bad music swells and that's not all)

No way this will be good for their population control.
2002-08-15 09:05:49 AM  
Remember this from yesterday?

She should move to China - sound like they'd love her there. Do they have washing machines and bananas in China?
2002-08-15 09:05:53 AM  
Ancient Chinese secret, huh?
2002-08-15 09:08:47 AM  

"Funny old thing, life."

Now THAT is classic. I promise to say that a few times today.
2002-08-15 09:14:13 AM  
One time, in sex ed class, a girl came into our portable because she forgot her book and after she left our sweaty gym teacher "Burger" made a lewd comment about her nice ass and the class full of young men erupted in a testosterone-fueled hetero frenzy.

Good times.
2002-08-15 09:16:03 AM  
I reckon it's a government incentive to lower population growth by encouraging the guys to ejaculate in places other than the vagina.
2002-08-15 09:18:11 AM  
that's weird, 70% of my pr0n consists of chinese teens.
2002-08-15 09:19:46 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-08-15 09:22:29 AM  
I am not sure learning from porn is a great thing, but it's not really any different than most places.

Oh yeah, and cut your cry-baby lifetime movie BS about making love somehow being a seperate act.
2002-08-15 09:25:31 AM  
Rubble: I liked your response...made me giggle like a school girl...
2002-08-15 09:26:55 AM  
fark. I still put on bad 70's pr0n music when.. erm... doing it [giggle]... having sex with mrs snuff3r.

Am I being told that i've been doing it wrong?
2002-08-15 09:30:23 AM  
Chinese Minister For Children was quoted today: "Me love you longtime, 5 dolla, me so horny"

Not my words, direct quote

2002-08-15 09:30:39 AM  
Neato. I get about 90% from the internet. The rest I get through self study, you know.... hands on?
2002-08-15 09:38:05 AM  
70% of chinese teens learn IT skills from porn surfing.
2002-08-15 09:41:10 AM  
that is scary. only 70%...

communism. what a joke.
2002-08-15 09:44:59 AM  
Silly Chinese! Still 20% behind us!
2002-08-15 09:45:53 AM  
Anyone know what the percentage is in America?

curious. I'm guessing Phxtony was joking up there....
2002-08-15 09:53:06 AM  
"Tonight, I want 69."

"You want beef with broccoli?"

(Sorry - I had to do it.)
2002-08-15 09:56:11 AM  
08-15-02 09:22:29 AM CarnalSalvation
I am not sure learning from porn is a great thing, but it's not really any different than most places.

Oh yeah, and cut your cry-baby lifetime movie BS about making love somehow being a seperate act.

Yeah, I know it sounds corny, but it's actually true. In one case you're focused on your own interests, and in the other you're focused on your partner's needs.

You know the old adage about it being better to give than to receive...well this kind of that....*cough*. Ahem.
2002-08-15 10:05:35 AM  
My girlfriend's best friend's ex-boyfriend (got that?) also learned everything about sex thru porn. Yes, he did pull out and shoot it on her face. Imagine his surprise when instead of moaning and rubbing it all over her body, she yelled at him and smacked him for getting it in her hair. It's no surprise that in the entire year or so that they were together he gave her ONE orgasm.
2002-08-15 10:25:16 AM  
as long as the japanese don't. enough said
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