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(CNN)   Newspaper articles from 1823 describe national pastime years before it was thought to exist   ( divider line
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2001-07-09 08:15:38 AM  
Absolute Proof that Baseball is a Gay Mans Game -
The Paper at the time, that the article was written in, was called "The National Advocate" in NYC... Today, the Advocate in NYC is a gay / alternative sexuality paper.
This quote also confirms it -
"The writer, calling himself "A Spectator," told of being "much pleased in witnessing a company of active young men playing the manly and athletic game" and said another contest was to be held on the same field a week hence."
A spectator witnessing Active Young Men ion Manly play... Me thinks he was prolly writing with one hand and rubbing with the other...
Proof Positive that Baseball is the sport of the gay lifestyle.
2001-07-09 08:53:27 AM  
George Carlin said it all when it comes to baseball. Those who know, know.
2001-07-09 09:34:42 AM  
So you hate Howard Stern for being a "scumbag" but everyone who likes or plays baseball is gay.

Oh yeah. You've got credibility.
2001-07-09 09:48:10 AM  
No... Everyone who plays isn't gay but the sport IS. I never claimed to have credibility, in fact I am completly "In-Credible"...
Dancing is a Gay Mans pastime but straight men dance.
An activity can be gay but that doesn't mean that all the participants are...
2001-07-09 10:22:54 AM  
In settling caveman disputes, I think more of wrestling or boxing would come into play, than baseball. 8-)
2001-07-09 10:50:23 AM  
Look at the sport's theme song, "Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd".
2001-07-09 10:57:03 AM  
Stetch... Good point!
Look at the most popular food at the game!
Weiners and Nuts!
2001-07-09 01:14:11 PM  
Maybe women invented it then. I was never udner the impression that there were a large amount of gay men back in the 1800s.
2001-07-09 01:48:06 PM  
Woo hoo! My boobiesed submission.

Er on the gay thing, better not tell Albert Bell.
2001-07-09 02:46:27 PM  
Frksamor, takes one to know one. Calling the national past time gay is communist. Weiners and nuts are better than tuna tacos anytime.
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